“When I’m at an airport at 4 in the morning and I see somebody with a carry-on and they open it with a hundred items of everyone and they’re bothering everybody to get an autograph, and I see it on eBay - that’s not okay to me.” (Source Cagesideseats) 

On one hand, that’s Sasha’s mentality for fans approaching her at an airport setting. Clearly, she isn’t the biggest advocate. However, views differentiate, take Bubba Dudley’s comments;

“Never worry about fans waiting at an airport at 5am asking for your autograph. Worry when they're NOT there at 5am asking for your autograph.” (Source Sportskeeda)

Wrestlers have different mentalities when it comes to meeting fans at airports. That’s on full display in this article as we feature those you should approach and those that it might be best to avoid for a later date. Now those that shouldn’t be approached aren’t mean people, instead, they just appreciate their privacy more than the others. For the most part, they're more comfortable with organized meetups.

On the flip side, we’ll include both wrestlers that traveled for decades and those that are new to the business – both from the past and present these 13 are regarded as the biggest class acts and wrestlers that are easy to approach in candid settings like the airport.

From John Cena to the Bellas to The Shield, we feature 12 wrestlers you should avoid approaching at airports and 13 that are class acts. Enjoy and like always be sure to share the article. Let’s get started!

23 Avoid - Sasha Banks

Sasha is pretty darn ruthless when it comes to fans approaching her at airports. She won’t smile in a photo and you better not make mention of the interaction via Twitter. Banks is known for bashing fans that post photos of her at the airport. Take this fan who thanked Sasha for taking a picture with her son. Although it seemed like a nice gesture Banks was having none of it;

“No, thank you for being an airport creeper! Those are my fav.” (Source Twitter)

It should be noted that Banks appreciates fan interactions when it’s during an organized event. However, at airports, don’t approach her!

22 Class Act - Alexa Bliss

This one might be surprising to some WWE fans as Alexa Bliss plays the role of a mean villain on-screen. However, it’s all just an act. Bliss admits that she takes motivation from people that annoy her, she sprinkles those traits into her character.

Off-screen she lives a quiet life. Residing in Orlando she’s in and out of airports quite frequently as a touring act for the Raw show. She’s really easy to approach and always such a class act with the fans. Rarely does she turn down a photo and Bliss normally does so with a smile from ear to ear.

21 Avoid - Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio doesn’t have the best reputation with the fans. He is known for being quite the hot head at times. Who can forget his verbal altercation with Paige during the summer of 2017 that took place at the airport? Onlookers caught the verbal dispute and the footage went completely viral once TMZ got their hands on the audio tape.

He doesn’t always have the best things to say about the fans and given his temper tantrums in the past it might be best to avoid Del Rio at an airport setting. To his credit, he’s improving his social interactions since splitting up with Paige.

20 Class Act - Finn Balor

Not only is Finn Balor a class act away from the ring but chances are he’ll even make conversation with you. This fan recalls the time he met Finn Balor at the train station in Brooklyn;

“I introduced myself, we shook hands, took a selfie, and I figured that’d be it. A minute later, he asked me how long I’ve lived in NYC. He told me about living in Florida, saying it was ok but he might prefer Brooklyn someday when it’d be easier to relocate (he was still in NXT at the time). When my stop came, we shook hands again (he remembered my name after about 10 minutes of chatting!) and parted ways.” (Source Reddit)

19 Class Act - The Miz

This might be another misconception due to his character on-screen. Miz plays the role of an arrogant and entitled A-lister. This might lead fans to believe that he’s a jerk off-screen as well.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Miz has several airport photos with fans and he doesn’t avoid signing candid autographs either. Miz admits that he always appreciated meeting wrestlers and some of his other idols as a kid. Therefore, he makes it a purpose to give out his time knowing how much it’ll mean to the fans.

Miz and Maryse are traveling a little further these days. They recently moved from LA to Austin, Texas due to security issues because of a stalker.

18 Avoid - Kevin Nash

At the very least Kevin Nash admits that a big reason for entering the world of pro wrestling has less to do with passion and more so with money. He carried around this mentality throughout his years in the business – this made him less popular with the fans.

His passion is especially evident during the meet and greets. Nash is known for being uninterested and barely acknowledging fans. This would be understandable in a real-life scenario but seriously at an actual meet up? That’s pushing it.

Nash still travels actively these days – if you see him at the airport don’t expect much from the former WWE and WCW Champion.

17 Avoid – Scott Hall

We can’t discuss Kevin Nash without making mention of Scott Hall. The WWE Hall of Famer comes off as arrogant at times with both his peers and the fans. He also made the headlines for all the wrong reasons back in 2016 for starting an argument at a T.G.I Fridays in the Atlanta airport. After consuming some drinks Hall got into a disagreement with the bartender which caused him to get kicked out. This was especially alarming due to Hall being sober at the time.

He isn’t the most unapproachable wrestler on the list but it still might be wise to take a pass regardless given his troubling history.

16 Class Act - The Bellas

They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, these twins are among the biggest class acts outside of the ring. There’s a reason the twins have such a massive fan base away from the WWE. Although reality television has a lot to do with that fact that they’re genuine and sweet out of the ring also helps a great deal.

Nikki has made a purpose in the past to sign autographs for fans waiting outside in the parking lot area. This isn’t all that common as most wrestlers just stroll right in without acknowledging the fans. Nikki is also known for making conversation as well. During the recent trip to Australia, both twins were part of a select few to actually acknowledge the fans at the airport.

15 Avoid - Randy Orton

This one definitely depends on Randy’s mood. He’s no stranger to airport photos taking various pictures throughout his career. However, he doesn’t look all that pleased in a lot of the photos. Like some others on the list, Orton has also taken exception to the way fans approach him. Along with the airport, speaking to Randy at a gym setting during a training session might not be the best idea either.

Orton went on a Twitter rant last year calling out a fan for approaching him during a workout exercise. Orton turned down the request but the fan ended of snapping a photo a little later from a distance regardless. As you might imagine, he wasn’t very happy.

14 Class Act - Braun Strowman

On the outside, Strowman looks like one of the most intimidating wrestler’s in WWE history. On-screen, the Monster Among Men plays a similar role. However, behind the scenes, Braun is one of the most fun-loving WWE Superstars there is. Most of his peers describe him as a teddy bear that loves to laugh and have a good time.

Given how he is in real life, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that he’s extremely genuine and kind to fans. Strowman admits to loving interaction with the younger fans.

Although he is nice to fans Strowman was none too pleased with his recent flight to Australia. Braun underwent a protein powder explosion - the result, power all over his clothes inside the luggage.

13 Avoid - CM Punk

CM Punk might have a lot of fans that worship him, however, that doesn’t mean Punk is going to be nice to you. In fact, Punk is known for not only snubbing fans at airports but ripping them via social media afterward similar to Sasha Banks and Seth Rollins.

When he’s at the airport Punk typically covers up with his hood while wearing a pair of earphones. This still doesn’t stop fans who nonetheless tap him on the shoulder to get a word. Punk has called out lots of fans for doing this. He’s also none too pleased when approached for the purpose of signing an autograph at the airport – that most likely means the fan planned the airport altercation which he despises.

12 Class Act - Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan knows a thing or two when it comes to traveling. The popular WWE Superstar began touring the world as a professional wrestling way back in 1999. Bryan briefly joined the WWE in 2000 traveling to Memphis, WWE’s old territory. He would move on to Japan, Ring of Honor and various other stops on the independent scene.

These days the traveling continues as he’s now back in the ring as a performer with SmackDown Live. Bryan is a really cool dude outside of the ring and a kind soul to his fans even if it’s at an airport setting. He might not chat as much as you might expect but he’ll agree to a photo.

11 Avoid – Baron Corbin

“They sit there and boo you and tell you they hate you, but then they are the first person in the airport waiting in line at 5am waiting for you to sign an Action Figure. Half of these people print something off of a computer because they don’t want to buy your merchandise, and they want to go and sell it because they want to avoid getting a real job.”

Clearly, Baron Corbin isn’t amused one bit by finds that try to lure him into signing 8x10s. Corbin plays the role of a villain on-screen and he’s eerily similar off camera. The WWE star doesn’t like to be bothered. It might be best to steer clear.

10 Class Act - Charlotte Flair

Yes, she is a Flair however her success has a lot to do with actual in-ring talent matched with her genuineness outside of the ring. Even when playing the role of a heel Charlotte was one of the nicest WWE stars outside of the ring - she rarely turns down a photo or autograph.

Believe it or not, she usually comes off as shy and reserved when meeting fans, though she is said to quite the sweetheart rarely turning down any photo requests at airport settings. You can find Charlotte at various gyms all over the world. After reaching the destination she usually searches for a gym immediately.

9 Avoid - Scott Steiner

This one goes out to the hardcore wrestling fans. Scott Steiner is a wrestler that grew to popularity during the 90s. He doesn’t wrestle as frequently these days however he isn’t shy when it comes to speaking his mind. He’s one of the few wrestlers to continuously speak ill about the WWE.

These days Steiner continues to travel for the purposes of meet and greets along with independent wrestling promotion appearances. Like Nash and Hall earlier, Steiner isn’t known for making conversation and he’s rumored to be motivated by financial gains when taking part in such fan interactions. He’s also a hot head so don’t expect much if you meet the former WWE star at the airport.

8 Class Act - Dean Ambrose

Unlike his other Shield brothers, Dean Ambrose tends to be the most approachable member of the group. He won’t be overly enthusiastic as Ambrose likes to maintain a low profile away from the ring. However, that doesn’t mean that he won’t oblige to a photo request.

Among the current crop of talent, Ambrose is right up there for most airport photos, that’s unlike his partners Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. His wife Renee Young is equally as approachable, she’s a class act outside of her WWE commentating gig. The couple does a lot of traveling. Unlike most WWE stars that return home to Florida, the couple travels extra miles to their Nevada home.

7 Avoid - Lana

Both Lana and her real-life partner Rusev travel back to Nashville, Tennessee once they’re off the road. Unlike most traveling couples the two aren’t the most talkative. Rusev has a slew of candid airport photos and although he accepts the requests he looks none too pleased when taking a photo. Perhaps he’s just trying to keep that serious demeanor? Maybe he’s changed since the development of Rusev day?

Lana enjoys fan interactions when it takes place at a scheduled event, this is similar to Sasha Banks. However, she isn’t the biggest advocate for random airport talk. Lana prefers her privacy so it might be best to back off.

6 Class Act - Ronda Rousey

“I really was not expecting it at all,” Rousey said to the associated press of the support she’s received from wrestling fans. “The WWE universe is very protective of their love and their art and they don’t want people flippantly coming in and disrespecting it and trying to capitalize off of it.”

Rousey admits being stunned by the reaction of the WWE fans following her debut. This reaction continues these days with Rousey as the face of the women’s division. Ronda is grateful for all the praise and that shows with her humble fan interactions. Rousey is all smiles when talking to the fans.

Following her Royal Rumble debut, Rousey was in a great mood talking to TMZ at the LAX airport. She also gladly took photo requests and signed numerous autographs. This is much different compared to her final UFC days.

5 Class Act - John Cena

It really doesn’t get any classier than John Cena. The WWE Superstar has a heart of gold granting the most Make-A-Wish requests out of any other athlete or celebrity. He’s always willing to give up some of his precious time for the fans.

He proved to be a class act once again during the WWE’s recent Australia show. Most of the wrestlers were pretty quiet and unapproachable when walking through the airport. Cena however, was more than willing to stop for a couple of photos while interacting with a couple of the fans briefly. Clearly, despite all of his fame John Cena remains the biggest class act in the entire company.

4 Avoid - Roman Reigns

Roman might be one of the WWE’s top stars but he isn’t the top star when it comes to interacting with fans in candid situations. In fact, Reigns recently went on a rant for a fan approaching him while he was spending some rare family time. He explained the situation in this tweet;

“It was a grown man that approached me while I was feeding my sons' breakfast and talking to my daughter. B4 I could finish saying “I’m sorry but I don’t get much time with my family”, he stormed off calling me a “sell out”. That’s the truth. Get your gossip right.”

He still poses for airport photos however it all depends on his mood. At times he’s slightly smiling but most of the time he looks as though he wants nothing to do with the photo.