Founded in 1940, it was Richard and Maurice McDonald that started the popular franchise. In 1955, Ray Kroc would take the fast-food chain to the next level. He envisioned McDonald’s all around the world. His vision is a reality these days with 37,241 locations opened worldwide.

The fast-food chain continues to ramp things up constantly updating their menu. Just days ago it was announced that McDonald’s plans on introducing cheesy bacon fries. A new Reindeer McFlurry is also set to launch during the holiday season. As we’ve seen in the past, lots of their items are either a complete miss or delicious hit.

Not all McDonald’s menu items are the same around the world. Take India for example, the country puts their own spin on menu items. This has created a larger demand with costumes a lot more comfortable in ordering an item their familiar with. However, with familiarity also comes unappetizing meal options, especially for US consumers. In this article, we’ll feature 12 menu items we wouldn’t even consider choosing. On the flip side, we also feature unique burgers and desserts we would want to see in the US. In fact, we might actually buy these items overseas if given the chance.

Enough of the talk let’s get to it, without further ado here are 12 weird McDonald’s menu items only brave souls would try and 8 we would actually buy. Let’s get started!

20 Avoid - Taro Pie (China)

Take a look at what Taro looks like natural and this dessert might become that much less unappetizing. However, it is very good for your health at the very least.

The pie over in China definitely looks photo worthy given the incredible color of the pie, one you don’t see in the US or Canada McDonald’s. Nonetheless, we assume a lot of fast-food foodies might be hesitant to try a dessert of that color and one that clearly isn’t as appetizing as the classic apple pie flavor. Eating purple colored food isn’t for everyone.

19 Would Try - Nutella Sweety (Italy)

It makes sense that Italy would implement something Nutella related. Oh Nutella, that chocolate goodness just tastes so good. Over in Italy, you can find a Nutella dessert at just about any cafe. You can also find it at a local McDonald’s apparently.

This would be a definite option to try especially for those vacationing in Italy.

What says Italy more than a fantastic bomb filled with Nutella on the inside? Admit it; your mouth is watering just thinking about the dessert? Maybe this should be one of those items McDonald’s included for a limited time? Germany has a similar dessert in their McDonald’s, it’s basically toast smashed in together with chocolate in between, not a bad option either but we’d prefer the authentic Nutella Sweety.

18 Avoid - Apricot Sunday (Turkey)

We continue with the dessert theme. Over in Turkey, an Apricot Sunday seems to be a good idea. We can just imagine eating this as children thinking it was a punishment from our parents to eat healthier.

Although it might be a lower calorie alternative, that doesn’t mean it tastes better than the classic chocolate Sunday.

Heck, even the strawberry one is a better option. Unless we lost some type of dare we definitely wouldn’t order this item at a McDonald’s over in Turkey. Anything apricot related is off limits.

17 Avoid - McChoco Potato (Japan)

Mixing in sweet and salty can be really good but it can also be really bad. At times, it just doesn’t mix. Looking at this visually, it just seems like an idea that doesn’t work. It’s like taking your love for cereal and deciding to put pieces of filet mignon inside because you love that particular meat. It just doesn’t work.

McDonald’s tried this out with their fries, adding a sweet touch to the flavor.

Now over in Canada, they have the proper formula but we’ll get to that in the next entry. Japan instead, decided to add two chocolate sauces on top of the fries. Most people love both chocolate and McDonald’s fries but mixed together, that’s just questionable and something that seems like a dare gone wrong.

16 Would Try - Poutine (Canada)

Although McDonald’s French fries taste so good and should be untouchable, a classic gravy sauce and cheese added to the equation isn’t a bad idea and one that’s quite popular north of the border. Particularly in Quebec, this blend is called poutine. A customer can easily convert the fries into this magnificent gravy and cheesy goodness.

It is definitely worth traveling for, the taste is just so darn delicious. Several fast food restaurants in the Quebec area have this popular food. However, for those that love McDonald’s fries, it just tastes that much better at the popular fast food establishment.

15 Avoid - Mashed Potato Burger (China)

McDonald’s has a tendency to get real creative with its burgers. Some are a complete hit while others, not so much. Some ingredients just don’t belong in a burger. China didn’t get that memo as they chose to put mashed potato inside of a burger.

Just thinking about how heavy a classic burger is alone, just imagine with the added carbohydrates added to mix.

Customers in China might be crawling out of the McDonald’s once they’re done with the potato burger. It might be best to get some mashed on the side instead of in the actual burger.

14 Avoid - Spinach Pie (Thailand)

All of a sudden that Taro pie from earlier in the article looks quite appetizing. Heck, we’d rather McDonald’s bring back the eggnog pie instead of trying a spinach pie.

This would be great if perhaps a grandmother made the pie completely fresh but having it at a McDonald’s given all those other options, no thanks.

A spinach pie definitely lands lower on the totem pole when rethinking back at some of the other pies. Those include vanilla, chocolate, caramel, banana, pumpkin, honeycomb and so many more. Sorry Thailand but we’d rather opt for any of those flavors instead.

13 Would Try - Bubblegum Squash McFlurry (Australia)

Yes, that’s right, feast your eyes on a bubblegum and squash flavored McFlurry. It also features mini-marshmallows on the inside. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to try a bite or the entire thing? The colors are also visually stunning, uploading a pic of this to the ‘Gram would definitely get some double taps.

The US market hasn’t seen this wild flavor.

However, lots of combos have existed in the past including Twix, Snickers, Butterfinger and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Maybe it’s time that some of those make a comeback.

12 Avoid - Black And White Burgers (Hong Kong)

This burger looks suitable for Halloween. However, the taste might disappoint lots of customers. The bun has a squid taste if you can believe. The taste isn’t good at all and some have even left a review pertaining to their experience over in Hong Kong with this odd looking burger. Here’s a review via Trip Advisor;

“I was intrigued by the picture of the black and white burgers. I don't usually review McDonald's, but I have to warn people. This was the nastiest thing I have eaten in a long, long, long time.” (User MightMe1)

Yea, so we’ll definitely pass on that.

11 Avoid - Spinach & Parmesan Nuggets (Italy)

Some items just shouldn’t be touched. One of those is the classic chicken nuggets. The fried chicken goodness just tastes so good as is, why change a good thing?

Over it Italy, they have a tendency to make anything taste good. However, we’re a little skeptical when it comes to spinach and parmesan nuggets. Again, this seems like a mom trying to make their kid eat healthier by surprising them with spinach on the inside of a nugget. It might not taste all that bad but we won’t consider taking them over the classic nugget dipped in some yummy BBQ or honey sauces.

10 Would Try - Matcha Oreo McFlurry (Philippines/Japan)

For those that aren’t aware with what Matcha is, it’s basically a powder made out of green tea leaves. As you might be able to imagine, it has lots of health benefits. In truth, it doesn’t taste that bad either. Smoothie shops such as Jugo Juice use Matcha in various shakes and it became quite the hit.

For those reasons, we might consider trying a Matcha tasting McFlurry. Adding Oreo into the equation, it might be quite the tasty treat and one that won’t make you feel as bad given the healthy kick added with the Matcha.

9 Avoid - Bubur Ayam McD (Malaysia)

So let’s get this straight for a second. McDonald’s over in Malaysia offers a healthy alternative featuring chicken and porridge? Yikes, that sounds like a really tough combo and one we might not even feed to our own beloved canine.

This is a blend that just sounds wrong. The porridge alone isn’t all that bad but adding chicken just feels so wrong.

If anything, why not create a healthy soup with chicken in it or porridge with anything but chicken! We probably wouldn’t travel to Malaysia specifically so we don’t have to see this menu item in a McDonald’s location!

8 Would Try - Bacon, Macaroni & Cheese Toastie (China)

Turns out that the McDonald’s over in Hong Kong is definitely a hit or miss when it comes to menu items. Earlier, we featured a squid type burger along with a mashed potato add on the inside of a burger. We would definitely pass on those items, at least the majority of us.

However, we would consider trying this menu item. At least visually, it looks quite tasty. The sandwich features bacon along with mac and cheese all covered up in a yummy toastie. This is one of those meals we’d love to see over in the US.

7 Avoid - Mega Tamago (Japan)

This burger is basically a Big Mac with an unappetizing twist. According to Serious Eats, Japan decided to put their own spin by including an egg patty into the burger. Yikes!

So instead of a double Big Mac that features an extra meat patty, the customer gets an extra egg patty.

The towering burger looks unappetizing with the egg patty on top followed by three other meat patties. As if the mashed potato burger earlier in the article wasn’t filling enough, this one definitely takes the cake and eats it too!

6 Would Try - McCurry Pan (India)

Depending on the area, certain countries love to put their own unique spin on things. India, in particular, has succeeded in doing so. McDonald’s became a lot more popular when they decided to put local spins on the items; this made the consumers a lot more comfortable in choosing the fast food establishment.

Of course, that means a lot of their delicious spices. An example of that is the McCurry Pan. Why not try a delicious item that you just won’t find in the US or Canada? Given the authenticity of the menu, it is one most of us would actually try.

5 Avoid - Bratwurst Burger (Germany)

What makes a McDonald’s burger so special is that classic beef patty. Putting sausage in the middle isn’t the worst idea. Especially in Germany, this is quite tasty. However, purchasing this item at McDonald’s just doesn’t make much sense. Just imagine visiting Germany and getting this delicious concept at a McDonald’s... no, just not.

Such a concept just doesn’t work at a fast food chain and it needs to be at a specialty restaurant.

For that reason, only a brave soul might consider taking this item at a McDonald’s in Germany.

4 Would Try - Chicken Maharaja Mac (India)

As discussed earlier in the article, India has its own spin on just about every menu item. That also includes the Big Mac. Instead of the beef patties in the burger, the McDonald’s over in India decided to give it a totally different feel. Based on the ingredients on the inside, we’d definitely give it a chance. Here’s what it features according to the McDonald’s Blog;

“It comprised a delicious chicken double patty, with rich habanero sauce, fiery jalapenos, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy shredded onions, placed on cheddar cheese and a bed of iceberg lettuce. That was the Chicken Maharaja Mac for you, bursting with flavors in every bite.”

3 Avoid - Mc HotDog Mega Sausage (Japan)

Especially in the US, costumes wouldn’t even consider visiting McDonald’s in search of a hot dog - thinking about all the spots that perfect this fast food item, McDonald’s definitely isn’t on that totem pole.

Japan doesn’t seem to mind. They created the Mc HotDog placing a sausage in between a hot dog bun. Visually, the sausage looks pretty unappetizing and kind of rubbery, like chewing on plastic. It wouldn’t be the wisest idea to try this hot dog especially if you’re from the US and know better.

2 Would Try - McDonald's Lobster Roll (Canada)

Canada has a similar menu to the one of the US. However, they do have certain twists like the poutine mentioned earlier in the article. They also have some noteworthy limited-time menu options such as the McLobster Roll. This became a huge hit and one customer raved about.

Unfortunately, back in the summer of 2017, this menu item was taken off the shelves because of elevated costs. It sold for $7.49 but it turns out that wasn’t enough to make a profit out of. Such a shame, given the popularity of this menu item. We hope it returns and if it does, we might consider traveling to the “Great White North” in order to try it out!

1 Chicken McDo and McSpaghetti (Philippines)

We discussed food we wouldn’t even serve our dogs earlier in the article. This menu item might fall into that category featuring pasta and a fried drumstick – two menu items McDonald’s enthusiasts would never expect to see. The Philippines decided that it was a good idea nonetheless.

It doesn’t sound appetizing nor does it look it.

The sauce just seems too bland and just splashed in there with no remorse. We can just imagine the reaction if such a menu item were introduced to the US market. It would be like a gag menu item – one customer wouldn’t buy for a taste that’s for sure.