California’s Disneyland truly is a magical place that is sure to leave every guest with a smile. The original home to Mickey Mouse and his family friendly co-stars has been around for over six decades, opening in 1955. The park’s planning and construction was overseen by Walt Disney himself who was nearly obsessed with seeing it through to completion after visiting several theme parks and wanting to open one of his own, filling it with his beloved animation characters.

The park is known for its wondrous attractions, rides, and entertainment shows, making it the second most visited theme park in the world at nearly eighteen million guests per year. Folks visit for the magic of the park and the allure of the company’s renowned characters, but are often surprised to find that the theme park is home to some incredible food which Disney puts a lot of time and effort into. Throughout the expansive park are some hidden gems as well as some that have become famous in their own right. Here are twelve snack foods everyone needs to taste at Disneyland and eleven restaurants you need to dine at as well.

23 Tasty Treat: Turkey Legs

Turkey legs have become synonymous with large crowds gathering for big events. You have seen them at carnivals, festivals and even rodeos in the South. But they’re also pretty much a staple in Disneyland as well. It’s not a rarity to see patrons of the park walking around with a giant turkey leg in hand while taking in the sights.

Although it’s often seen as a checklist item to complete while at Disney, these turkey legs are more than just an Instagram photo op. They are legitimately delicious and large enough to replace a full meal. They can be found at food carts in Fantasyland and on Main Street USA.

22 Restaurant: Blue Bayou

Probably one of the best, if not the best restaurant at the park, Blue Bayou is a fine dining establishment that serves up delicious meals while still having a family friendly feel at the same time. The restaurant is always busy so visiting for a dine-in experience is going to take some planning. Make reservations before even boarding the plane because it’s the most in-demand food locale at Disneyland.

Blue Bayou has been listed several times on our list as home to some of the best treats that can be found at the park including the Mount Cristo, so it should come as no surprise to see it end up on our best restaurant’s list. Prices for Blue Bayou, which is located in the New Orleans Square of the park, range from $25 - $50 for full entrées.

21 Tasty Treat: Mickey Candy Apple

Plenty of quintessential snacks that need to be tasted at Disneyland are in the shape of none other than the most famous face at the park, Mickey. The Mickey Candle Apple, although somewhat average in taste because it’s made no differently than any other treat of the same name, is still a must because of its long-standing popularity at the park.

Definitely on the pricier side for a candy apple, it’s also an excuse to visit Pooh Corner, one of the best treasures in the park.

20 Restaurant: Pooh Corner

This is not exactly a dine-in restaurant, but Pooh Corner has to make an entry on our list because of its iconic standing in the park. It’s a must-visit for any park goer because of the tasty treats it serves up year round as well as the unforgettable façade resembling Winnie's tree house.

Located in Disneyland’s Critter Country, Pooh Corner serves up plenty of the snacks found on our best treats list! We dare you to try just one and not go back for seconds...

19 Tasty Treat: Corn Dogs

Found at the Stage Door Café and Little Red Wagon shops of Disneyland, the corn dogs might come across as an average snack that shouldn’t be a part of any list, but these are definitely worth a trek across the park.

Without any real clue into what sets the taste apart, the only conclusion to be had is that one of the many Disney characters capable of magic is using it to make the sausage tastier and the bread perfect. This is a snack that anyone can get on the go and enjoy while walking through the parks.

18 Restaurant: Café Orleans

Also listed several times throughout our list of serving up the best treats in Disneyland, Café Orleans deserves its place on the best restaurant list as well. Found in the park’s New Orleans Square for obvious reasons, this establishment is perfect for a pit stop with the family during the day for a hearty lunch meal which specializes in Southern cuisine. The setting is perfect as it overlooks the Rivers of America, really conjuring up images of Louisiana. The prices hover around the $20 mark which are a steal for the value.

17 Tasty Treat: Monte Cristo Sandwich

With slightly different takes on this sandwich found in two different Disneyland locations, the Monte Cristo is a Disney staple. It comes standard with sliced ham, sliced turkey, and cheese fried to a golden brown perfection.

Where it gets really over the top delicious is the berry puree and powdered sugar it’s dusted with. The entrée is going to set you back a little over twenty dollars at either the Blue Bayou or Café Orleans, but it’s a snack that’s well worth the price.

16 Restaurant: Carnation Café

The setting of this café resembles a US parlor from a century ago which is fitting of the food it serves up. The restaurant specializes in US cuisines such as burgers, eggs, meatloaf, waffles and more.

Expect to wait in line for some time as Carnation Café gets packed at all hours of the day mainly because of its proximity to Main Street USA, the busiest part of the entire park. Patience is key as the low prices make this a steal.

15 Tasty Treat: Dole Whip

Served at the Tiki Bar for a reasonable five dollars or so based on the size, the Dole Whip is a refreshing beverage that is going to help on those sunny days that include a lot of walking around.

This chilled treat is made of frozen pineapple juice with a wallop of Disney’s famous whip added on top. The treat not only tastes satisfying, but looks great. For adults looking to liven up their day, they can add a shot of liquor for an added cost now that Disney is serving alcohol.

14 Restaurant: River Belle Terrace

The name says it all. River Bell specializes in southern cuisine and has been at Disneyland since its earliest days in the mid 1950’s making this a staple an icon of the park. The prices have definitely gone up with the times, but have stayed reasonable with most entrées staying in the $20 range.

With a New Orleans feel, River Belle Terrace has a laid-back atmosphere while guests eat specialties like the pull pork sandwich or the long list of sugary desserts reminiscent of the south.

13 Tasty Treat: Mickey Beignets

Another entry on the list that takes the shape of the famous mouse are the Mickey Beignets, which are of course found at Café Orleans. Although these may not be up to par with the beignets found in New Orleans Café du Monde, these are not your ordinary fried dough treats.

These beignets are often classed up with vanilla bean crème anglaise and raspberry coulis as toppings, making them quite the sugary treat. Definitely a must on the Disney food checklist!

12 Restaurant: Club 33

The most exclusive establishment in all of Disneyland is wrapped in mystery. Club 33 is a members-only club with unmatched exclusivity for its members. The wait list to join the club is rumored to be longer than what is reasonable (years!) and the price of admission into Disney’s private affair is thousands of dollars!

We can only imagine the food is prepared by world-renowned chefs and makes all other entries on our list look like food carts!

11 Tasty Treat: Matterhorn Macaroon

Found at Disneyland’s Jolly Holiday Bakery for a mere three dollars, this snack is one of the best steals on the list. Actually it’s one of the best value items in the entire park because the deliciousness simply cannot be matched.

This macaroon which is named after the famous Matterhorn ride found in the park is shaped just like it which definitely adds to the effect of purchasing one.

10 Restaurant: Splitsville

Located in Downtown Disney, Splitsville is a restaurant coupled with a bowling alley which does its best to pack all the items anyone can crave on any given night while doing so at a reasonable cost.

With entrees ranging from $10 - $25, this establishment does a great job of serving up a range of items which include burgers, barbeque, pizza and Mexican. The exterior in downtown Disney definitely stands out and this is one of the livelier and family friendly places to grab a bite with the kids.

9 Tasty Treat: Churros

The churros get a pass for simply being a tasty treat just about anywhere, Disneyland or otherwise. The fried doughnut-like treat shaped as an elongated pencil is covered in cinnamon and often served with warm caramel on the side as a dipping sauce.

These snacks can be found at several carts throughout the park for less than five dollars including Critter Country Churros, Fantasyland Matterhorn Churro Cart and Frontierland Churros, to name a few. They’re served just about everywhere because demand for the popular item is sky high!

8 Restaurant: Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

Often considered one of Disneyland’s best dining experiences, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen is a fun restaurant to eat at in downtown, most especially their brunch. The establishment’s laid back attitude which is a reflection of the southern roots it is taking on allows patrons to relax while enjoying live entertainment, punctuated by the zydeco bands that play on weekends.

The live jazz is also the star to go along with Louisiana inspired dishes which range from $20 - $35.

7 Tasty Treat: Mint Julep

Probably the best thirst quencher on our list of best snacks at Disneyland is the Mint Julep. Found at the aptly named Mint Julep Bar and at Blue Bayou as well for less than ten dollars, the price is well worth the refreshing taste found in this cup.

The lemon-based drink is pretty much the go-to beverage for anyone looking to find some relief from the heat. Don’t expect to find any alcohol in this one despite the name though!

6 Restaurant: Catal Restaurant

Found in the Disneyland Resort portion of the park, Catal Restaurant is operated by chef Joachim Splichal with an elegant décor including fireplaces, a central bar and hardwood floors.

The prices range from about $20 - $40 per entrée which is in line with the food that is served at the establishment. The experience is definitely one for adults as many of the menu items are for the more refined palettes such as duck and rabbit. If that’s too over the top, there are still some pretty straightforward options on the menu like pastas and salads.

5 Tasty Treat: Loaded Funnel Cakes

Somewhat like its cousin the beignets, also found on this list, this fried dough treat is not going to disappoint either. The loaded cakes are served on a giant plate because of their size and are covered in plentiful amounts of powdered sugar.

Where this treat differs a great deal from its counterpart beignets is the toppings which include a variety of sweets like strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream or even brownies!

4 Restaurant: Tortilla Jo’s

Tortilla Jo’s is a Mexican inspired sit down restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere as can be seen in the prices which range from $7 - $20 per item. The look of the establishment definitely gives off an antique vibe set in the Mexico of year’s past with iron fences around the patio and tiles that resemble the country's Talavera pottery.

The menu includes standard items you would expect like tacos and burritos, but also brings in the adult Mexico with house tequila up for servings.