Flying from one place to the other is not everyone’s favourite experience. From cramped seats, over-priced airplane food, and stingy bags of pretzels—it’s not exactly a luxurious experience. However, if you know what to ask for, you’ll find the in-flight amenities are not as bad as you think. There are a ton of extra free items that the flight attendants don’t necessarily advertise, but if you ask they will probably oblige.

From extra snacks to items that will make your flight more comfortable such as a blanket or pillow, the list of free services goes far beyond the basic glass of soda. There are also services offered that you wouldn’t expect, such as free babysitting for children and free cockpit tours following your flight. As they say, there is no such thing as a stupid question, and that is especially true in this case.

And then there are the passengers who couldn’t care less about a free bag of peanuts, because they are flying in the best of the best form of luxury. If you are able to fork out the big bucks, there are flying experiences out there that you wouldn’t believe exist. From chauffeured limo rides to the airport followed by a Porsche escort as soon as you step off the plane—these services are meant for the 1% (or those that think they are). And who wouldn’t want to have a snooze in a private suite followed by a nice warm shower and a glass of champagne?

Whether you are wanting to get your money’s worth on your plane ticket or perhaps wanting to live like the Kardashian’s for a few hours, this list will be sure to have you sorted for your next trip to the sky.

20 FREE: Items for your comfort

You always want to be as comfortable as you possibly can be whilst flying, especially since those economy seats aren’t exactly a massage chair. Usually when it’s an overnight or long-haul flight, your flight attendant will provide you with a blanket and a pillow. A lot of people don’t know that they usually have these items on shorter flights as well if you ask for it.

Most airlines also carry items such as sleeping masks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap. Some even carry personal hygiene items such as lip balm and hand cream. If you simply want to feel a little fresher on your long flight, they’ve got you covered.

19 FREE: Extra snacks and soda

On most flights, you will receive a complimentary beverage and small snack—which probably doesn’t satisfy your hunger all that much. I mean, it's usually a single cookie or a bag with about five pretzels in it. If you ask politely, some flight attendants will gladly give you the whole can of soda rather than just a muesli glass of it.

Also, if you are still hungry afterwards, there are usually extra snacks left over that they will likely be willing to give you. There is usually an abundance of snacks leftover on overnight flights, since a lot of passengers pass on eating at that time.

18 FREE: A more comfortable seat

Find yourself stuck in the middle seat or in a seat with zero leg room? Or maybe you have found yourself sitting far away from your travel companion. If you happen to find yourself in a seat that isn’t super ideal upon boarding, you can sometimes get a switch to a more comfortable spot.

This is especially true if the plane isn’t sold out, since it would be impossible if it was. Flight attendants are usually more than happy to help if there are an abundance of seats available. Let your flight attendant know as soon as you get on and they will usually find you a spot once everyone has boarded the plane.

17 FREE: babysitting services

Travelling with kids is a serious challenge. Not only are you trying to get through the 8-hour flight, but your two-year-old is probably not loving it too much either. If you are travelling with an infant, most airlines will offer you a seat with a bassinet in front of you, so you don’t have to hold them the entire flight.

Flight attendants are also happy to watch a little one while their parent goes to the bathroom or to take a break for a few minutes. They have been trained to take after small children, so you know they are in safe hands.

16 FREE: A tour of the cockpit

Depending on the airline and if the pilots are on a tight schedule, many pilots are more than happy to give you a cockpit tour before or after the flight. However, the best time is usually at the end once the plane has landed safety.

This is a great thing to ask for if you have children that are curious to see how the plane works, and it makes the pilot’s day when they get wide-eyed children visitors. They rarely get the chance to show off their office, so they are usually eager to do so if they have the time.

15 FREE: Sanitising wipes

Planes are definitely not the cleanest spaces in the world. There are a lot of people in close proximity, therefore germs are easily spread around. Pretty much every surface on a plane including armrests, tray tables, and entertainment-system buttons have a lot of germs on them. If you don’t already have a pack of sanitising wipes in your carry on (which you definitely should), luckily most airlines will supply you with some if you ask.

Even though the planes are cleaned in-between flights, it’s not always thorough, so it might be a good idea to wipe down your surrounding areas as soon as you sit down.

14 FREE: Basic medications and bandages

Hopefully you won’t need it, however, planes are equipped with a full first aid kit that includes bandages and basic medications that might come in handy mid-flight. Flight attendants are also fully trained in CPR and first aid if an emergency ever occurs.

If you find yourself having a piercing headache halfway through your flight or find that you are having a mild allergic reaction, flight attendants are able to supply you with basic painkillers and antihistamines. There is also medication for nausea, since a lot of people tend to get sick on flights. While not all airlines are able to supply these medications, it never hurts to ask.

13 FREE: Water bottle refills

It’s always important to drink as much water as possible whilst flying, as the air floating around can become extremely dehydrating. However, that’s not always possible since the flight attendants only give you one small cupful of it.

If you happen to carry your own water bottle, flight attendants are usually more than willing to refill your empty bottle of water for you. Since you have to empty your bottle when you go through security, this service can come in handy. If you don’t have a water bottle with you, you will still be able to get water refills in the cups they provide.

12 FREE: Headphones and other electronics

On long-haul flights, you are usually given a pair of headphones to use with the entertainment system provided. However, even if you are on a short flight without an entertainment system, there are usually a few headphones stuffed away somewhere that the airline can lend you.

If your entertainment system isn’t working for some reason, the airline will likely provide you with an iPad with the same movies and shows to choose from. If you are flying with children, this would be a good thing to ask for even if it is working in order to keep them entertained for a longer period of time.

11 FREE: Special meal requests

If you buy a ticket at least 24 hours before your flight, you can request a special menu online if you have specific dietary requirements. Most airlines offer a wide range of meals that they won’t offer you once you are on the plane. The best part is, it’s completely free of charge. You also won’t have to worry about them running out of one of the meals and being stuck with the other one.

Airplane food isn’t the best in the world, so prepare in advance to ensure you are getting something that you will actually enjoy. After all, you’re paying a big chunk of money for your flight—so get your money’s worth!

10 Free: wing pins

You know those snazzy pins that the pilots and flight attendants wear? Well, you don’t have to be a trained pilot to own one—a lot of airlines still offer little flyers wing pins to commemorate a passenger's flight. Technically they are meant for children, but we’re all kids at heart, aren’t we? It definitely doesn’t hurt to ask, as many flight attendants have a bunch stashed away somewhere.

American Airlines and Delta are two airlines that have recently started giving out wing pins to children again. Who needs cheap souvenirs when you have an authentic pin straight from the pilot themselves?

9 FREE: A cup of hot chocolate

While most flight attendants will offer coffee and tea, a lot of people don’t know that there is also an option to get a delicious hot chocolate. They usually won’t offer it though, so you usually have to specifically ask for it. It’s simply easier to offer coffee or tea because that’s what almost everyone will ask for.

There are a lot of times where it’s too late in the day for coffee and you want something a little sweet—and what’s better than a cup of hot cocoa to calm your nerves and give you a little taste of home?

8 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: A first class ticket

With seats costing up to five times as much as business class seats (yes, business class…not economy!), first class is reserved for those who will only accept the highest form of luxury. The flight attendants are there to accommodate any need that one may have and go above and beyond for them in every sense of the word. The menus are created by Michelin starred chefs and the drink choices provided are endless.

Unless you are a celebrity or rolling in the dough, you likely haven’t flown first class before. It seems like a bit of a ridiculous cost to incur to simply get from point A to point B, but I guess if you have the money…why not?

7 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: Those 'convenient' meals

If you are flying a short distance and your ticket doesn’t include a free meal, avoid buying the meals provided on the plane. They are extremely overpriced and usually not the best of quality. You will pay $5 for a small chocolate bar, $8 for a water bottle, and $15 for a sandwich. It’s just not worth the money.

It’s a better idea to buy food in the airport terminal that is easy to pack away for later in the flight. It might still be a bit pricey, but not nearly as much as it would be on board and you will have something you actually enjoy eating.

6 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: Wi-Fi

Certain airlines offer passengers access to the Wi-Fi network—for a price. And a big one at that! British Airline charges a whopping $14 for an hour of unlimited data access. If you are aboard a 5-hour journey, you’re looking at a $70 charge for just the ability to check your IG feed. It just isn’t worth it.

It’s probably a better idea to take advantage of the entertainment system provided, or download movies on your handheld device in advance if the plane doesn’t have one. Going on a plane is a chance to unplug from the world of constant group chat messages and internet surfing, so take advantage of that.

5 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: A private suite

Etihad, a United Arab Emirates carrier, offers the most expensive flight in the world at a whopping $38,000 for a ONE-WAY ticket from New York to Mumbai. Not to mention, it’s not even a direct flight with a stopover in Abu Dhabi.

This seriously a flight for royalty and billionaires. One service that this flight offers is a bedroom with a double bed with its own private bathroom. It even has a shower so that you can freshen up during your flight. And forget entertainment systems—this pad comes with a 27-inch flat-screen TV with everything you could ever want to watch on it.

4 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: A personal chauffeur and concierge

Etihad Airways also offers its passengers luxury chauffeured transportation to and from the airport, private check-ins away from crowds, and a personal concierge throughout your flight. The idea is to go through your entire travel experience without dealing with airport craziness, or even seeing another passenger at all.

The personal travel concierge is there to assist passengers with travel plans, including booking restaurant reservations, activities, sporting events, and whatever else you need help with. It’s like your own personal travel agent on board with you! You won’t have to do any of your own thinking with this luxurious service.

3 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: A personal nanny

It’s like a real-life Mary Poppins in the sky. For parents that don’t want to deal with the stresses of travelling with a child (fair enough), certain more luxurious airlines offer personal nannies to entertain kids, serve them meals, and anything else that is needed.

These nannies are trained in child psychology and sociology and can be available in economy, business, and first class. There is nothing more stressful than travelling with children (at least, I imagine there isn’t), thus this service allows parents to relax and survive the trip in one piece. It sounds a tad extreme, but some find it worth it.

2 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: Air humidifiers

German airline Lufthansa recently installed humidifiers for the first class section of the plane. While this service is obviously built into the price of the ticket, it’s probably evident that the prices have risen since this instalment.

The service will help customers feel fresh throughout and after their flight, and is said to change the taste of the food as well. Passengers are meant to arrive in a much better state after a long-haul flight than if they didn’t have it. sounds like a pretty over-the-top service, but I guess if you’re paying for it then why the heck not?

1 Ridiculous and EXPENSIVE: A Porsche transfer service

Delta Airline offers its passengers a personal Porsche transfer service for those on connecting flights. You simply step off the plane and jump straight into a shiny, new Porsche that will take you to a connecting flight. No need to go running through the airport trying to find your connecting gate—this service will do all of the work for you.

The service cannot be requested or reserved as its provided to Delta’s high-value customers based on a number of factors, so I guess we’re out of luck. Even if it was, I think that most people can manage to get to their next gate in one piece.