A sightseeing type of trip is definitely worthwhile. However, if relaxation happens to be the biggest motive for a traveler, then they can’t go wrong with booking an all-inclusive type of trip. The greatest part of selecting this form of travel is just the sheer easiness of it all. Just footsteps from your room are various restaurants, pools, bars and beaches. The real kicker? No money is needed because it is all-included!

In this article we highlight some of the top features travelers must indulge on when booking a resort. There’s a reason why so many travelers choose a resort trip year after year.

On the flip side we’ll also discuss some of the negatives attached to an all-inclusive. That side of the article falls under the 'shouldn’t touch' list. This can include various forms of fraud outside of the resort, underwhelming food options and lots of other things travelers need to stay away from.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. Without further ado here are 12 things to indulge on at an all-inclusive and 9 things no one should touch. Let’s get started!

21 Indulge – Room Service

This option isn’t included at every resort, however some all-inclusive hotels do feature the luxury of room service. Some go above and beyond, providing the service 24/7. This includes breakfast in bed, lunch, dinner and a variety of late snack options.

Does it get any better than being served in the comfort of your own room? This is easily something a traveler can indulge on and an excellent way for a couple to enjoy a romantic night in together as well. Room service remains one of the more sought after vacation luxuries that travelers love to indulge on.

20 Shouldn’t Touch – Timeshares

You know this shouldn’t be touched when it’s one of the first things they tell you when arriving to the destination. Take Cancun, Mexico, for example. When you get your bags at the airport and get on a bus, one of the tour guides actually tells travelers not to take part in any type of timeshare investment.

This should not be touched and something that can turn into a nightmare for a traveler. Timeshares have become an easy way for scammers to fraud tourists. This shouldn’t even be considered. Such a scenario usually takes place off the resort, in the city - be on the lookout and don’t be fooled by this “opportunity.”

19 Indulge - 21+ Resorts

This has probably happened to you in the past. You get on the plane only to end up being seated in a seat right next to a child (or in between a few kids). As if that isn’t bad enough you arrive at the resort destination only for it to be littered with even more children. This can hurt a traveler’s experience and that’s especially true for someone looking for a peaceful vacation.

Not to worry, a traveler can indulge on peace and tranquility by booking a 21 and over resort. This means no screaming children and instead, a mature audience and one that’s suitable for the calmness you strongly desire. Make sure to indulge on this vacation component if needed.

18 Shouldn’t Touch – Taxi Service

This is a common mistake made by many tourists. You want to arrive at a resort immediately so you spend some extra bucks on a cab. The only problem, you pay way too much when instead the ride could have been entirely free with bus transportation.

Taxis heading to resort destinations are known to overcharge. A $20 ride can turn into a $1 ride by simply taking the bus instead. A bus can also be a faster option due to having the luxury of their own lane in some destinations. Get informed; a bus might be the better option.

17 Indulge - Room Maintenance

Worrying tends to be quite limited when you opt for a resort-type of trip instead of booking an Airbnb type of stay. Resorts feature a wide variety of luxuries, one of which includes daily room maintenance. Who needs to make the bed when someone makes it for you every morning while providing the traveler with fresh sheets daily? Amenities are also constantly restocked; you won’t have to worry about getting anything with such service.

Not having to deal with all the hassle of cleaning up is definitely something worth indulging on – even for those neat freaks out there. It’s a big plus when booking a hotel room at a resort.

16 Shouldn’t Touch - Extended Check-Out

An extended check-out might seem like an ideal option for some resort travelers. Let’s say you are told to check out at 11 AM, but you must leave the resort (only) at 3 PM, keeping the room a little longer makes sense, right? Well, given the cost of doing so, travelers are advised to stay away!

Hotels typically charge about $20 an hour per person for an extended checkout. This is ridiculous. Instead bring your valuables to the front desk and ask for a courtesy room. This is free of charge and it can allow you to take a quick shower and freshen up just before departing from the resort.

15 Indulge - A La Carte Restaurants

This one depends on the quality of a resort. If you choose a fine destination then the a la carte restaurants become that much more worth it. It’ll feel like eating out at a top tier restaurant every night. Certain resorts promote the luxury aspect of the a la carte restaurants.

Various themes also exist; resorts typically base the restos off a type of cuisine. If a traveler selects the correct resort this can be one of the finest resort aspects to indulge on.

14 Shouldn’t Touch - Questionable Food

Food can make or break a resort-type of trip. Depending on the destination and quality of the hotel a dining experience can certainly differentiate. A traveler needs to stay away from questionable food. That’s especially true when it comes to certain meats or foods that appear to be outdated; this can usually be found at buffets.

Also the freshness of the food needs to put in question, keep an eye out if the food has been out for far too long - that can be a bad sign and one resort goers must stay away from. In addition, if the food seems to be too fried or overly complicated, stay away from it.

13 Indulge – Open Bar

The open bar alone can be enough reason to book an all-inclusive. Certain resorts take this a step further by including premium alcohol brands. Heck, certain travelers can recoup their money on this luxury alone! A traveler can get any type of drink whenever they desire, whether it be a cold and refreshing type of beverage or simply a nice glass of wine.

This is one of the pure beauties of a resort trip; getting served a beverage pool-side, just before supper, after supper and heck even before you call it a night! You won’t get this type of access at an Airbnb or at another type of hotel destination.

12 Shouldn’t Touch - Non-Bottled Water

This is a real problem when heading to destinations such as Cuba or Cancun. One of the very first reminders by the hotel staff is to not drink the water. Instead travelers must drink out of bottled water. This has led to some troubling results with past tourists taking questionable photos of the water color. In one particular photo, a bathtub was filled with brown water! That’s something no traveler wants to touch!

Resorts ensure that the ice is also made with filtered/bottled water. The hope is that the crew purifies the water when washing the food as well. This is definitely a downfall depending on where you travel to.

11 Indulge - Room Mini-Bar

If the open bar isn’t enough, not to worry. Resort hotels also include a mini-fridge that’s fully stocked on the daily. This includes premium soft drinks, water bottles, beers and depending on the resort, other types of alcohol as well. If public drinking isn’t your thing you can opt to do so in the comfort of your own room.

In addition, the mini fridge also ensures you’ll never run out of beverages. In the event that you finish a soft drink or your supply of water bottles, you can simply call the front desk and they’ll fully stock the fridge immediately. Now that’s the type of service everyone should indulge on!

10 Shouldn’t Touch – Booking Excursions Off The Resort

This is another vacation mistake travelers typically get warned about prior to a trip. Booking an excursion needs to take place on the resort with the proper representatives. Booking off the resort can lead to an inflated price point and in most cases, situations of fraud. Numerous tourists have a history of booking an excursion off a resort, only to meet the next day for the activity, but nobody ends up showing up.

Don’t let this happen and avoid booking anything off the resort, especially when it involves money or credit card information.

9 Indulge - Pool & Beach-Side Service

Need to go buy a drink? Why bother when certain resorts offer pool or beach-side service! Yes, this is another reality of a resort type of trip. VIP service typically gets offered with service directly to the traveler pool-side or by the beach. Getting a drink or anything else can be that easy!

Booking another type of trip, this isn’t the reality. Remember this type of service is free of charge. If anything all that is needed is a little bit of tip; this can result in the service quality to increase even further.

8 Indulge –Daily Activities

Some travelers criticize a resort destination for a lack of things to do which might lead to boredom. However, this should not be the case as most resorts offer a variety of fun activities throughout the day and night.

During the day tourists can indulge in a variety of activities such as in-pool aerobics, volleyball and so many more fun games set up by the resort. If you choose to take part in these activities you won’t see the day go by! For those busy bodies out there don’t be mislead, there is a lot to do in terms of activities.

7 Shouldn’t Touch - Staff Only Motivated By Tips

This factor can hurt a traveler’s experience. Staff members who are only motivated by tip are usually employed at upscale resorts. Taking a look at travel reviews, this tends to be a negative at times. Going to an all-inclusive, the last thing a traveler should be thinking about is carrying money on them. That’s the beauty of an all-inclusive... the fact that it is all-included!

A tip here and there is definitely recommended, however when it starts to be expected and service diminishes without a tip this can be quite problematic. Finding a genuine waiter is the biggest key; don’t fall into the burden of always having to tip.

6 Indulge - Nightly Entertainment

We discussed daily activities earlier, however the nightly resort entertainment can be even better. Resorts host lots of different experiences such as skits, games and even theme types of nights (such as a casino night for example). Along with the various activities tourists can also indulge at the resort nightclub.

There really is no need to leave the resort with all of these nightly activities. Resorts offer a wide range of fun every night with different events planned. If you’re lucky, even a night-time beach party might take place at some point.

5 Indulge – The Beach

This is one of the best parts of booking an all-inclusive, the fact that you get a private beach. Other vacation destinations don’t offer the same tranquility; public beaches are much more open and definitely not as peaceful in comparison to a private resort beach setting.

A destination like Cuba has beautiful scenery with stunning beaches and a mesmerizing body of water to go along with it. The beach factor tends to be one of the biggest motivations in booking an all-inclusive. Be sure to indulge on the beach as much as possible come the next resort trip.

4 Shouldn’t Touch - Food Served On Excursions

Of course this one depends on the situation. However in some cases, food served while on an excursion has not been known to be of the top quality. Various tourists haven’t had the greatest experience; the freshness of the food is usually heavily criticized by those that book an excursion.

This can ultimately destroy a traveler’s experience leading to a poor feeling for the rest of the trip. Be on the lookout for the quality of food and if anything avoid excursions that feature a buffet, especially in lower tier areas.

3 Indulge - Fitness & Yoga Centers

Taking a trip to an all-inclusive doesn’t have to lead to a change in physical appearance. Instead a traveler can return looking better than ever. Certain resorts include a top tier fitness center filled with weights and cardio machines. Yoga areas also exist both in and outdoors. A traveler can also get their mind right by indulging in some meditation while at a private spot at the resort.

Booking a resort with such luxuries can allow a traveler to feel great while freshening up their minds and physical well-being. It can also kick start a great new routine once you head back home.

2 Shouldn’t Touch - Buying Items On The Beach

This tends to be another vacation aspect resort officials warn tourists about. Various beaches include salesman selling anything from knock-off sunglasses to lower scale type of cigars. Making matters worse, items like the cigars sell for an incredibly expensive amount. A traveler might be better off heading to the city to make a purchase; this can lead to a much more affordable price point.

Numerous travelers have also complained about the quality of the items. T-shirts are known to discolor after one wash while knock-off sunglasses also break easy.