Travelers visit North America for many reasons, but something they enjoy once they get there is the opportunity to take in local cuisines, including sweets. From sampling maple taffy in Québec City to touring Vermont's Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory, the US and Canada offer candies and chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Tourists heading to North America should try some candy and chocolates that can only be found in the US and Canada. Take a look at some of these sweets exclusive to North America!

Update by Alex Renee, November 9th, 2021: It's unanimous; the world loves candy and chocolate. Over the years, sweets that were exclusively sold to parts of Canada and the US can now be found in retail stores and shops around the world. Hooray! This list was updated to include candies and chocolates which can now only be found in North America, while removing some confections that can now be found around the world (such as Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, and Caramilk). We don't mind; candy and chocolate is a treat meant to be shared and enjoyed by all!

12 Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy

When it comes to candies, some people love tear-jerking, lip puckering sweets. Sold in both the US and Canada, Warheads are some of the most sour candies out there! These extremely tart treats are available in a variety of flavors, including grape, cherry, raspberry, apple, lemon, and watermelon.

Lovers of this sour treat even love challenging their family and friends to eat as many as they can. Just take a look online to find people stuffing Warheads in their mouths...all at once!

11 Red Vines

This brand of red liquorice (despite having no liquorice in them) is an iconic All-American confectionary. This vividly red candy is popular among movie goers in the US, due to its sweet taste and lightness. The uniquely sweet and tart taste of Red Vines is usually compared to Twizzlers (which are found in both the US and Canada). Since the 1970s, Red Vines have been a popular non-chocolate candy, capturing the hearts of many Americans.

10 Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish were invented in the 1950s by a Swedish candy company named Malaco; in fact, they came up with the name and candy to appeal to Canadian and American consumers! These soft candies are chewy, sweet, and popular in North America.

Whether travelers are heading to the movies, going grocery shopping, or grabbing a quick snack at the convenience store, Swedish Fish can be found anywhere in Canada and the US!

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9 Mike And Ike

The origins of the Mike and Ike are debated among many candy connoisseurs; yet, these sweet treats are popular among American (and some Canadian) moviegoers and self-proclaimed snack experts.

There's a ton of flavors to enjoy, including cherry, lime, orange, and strawberry. Over the years, limited edition flavors like cherry cola and buttered popcorn were introduced with the original fruity flavors.

8 Now And Later

Similar in fashion to another sweet that can be enjoyed around the world (called Starburst), this is a taffy-like candy that people can chew on for hours on end!

The name suggests that whoever chooses to buy this candy should have some of the squares straight away before saving some in the packet for later.

Now And Later offer people the chance to enjoy this soft candy in a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, tropical punch, grape, cherry, and raspberry!

7 Laffy Taffy

The US and Canada sell Laffy Taffy, which is a sweet mixture of candy and gum. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else!

Traditional taffy lacks the soft yet gummy consistency of Laffy Taffy. Visitors heading to the North American continent should try this Willy Wonka favorite that will give your jaws a real workout!

6 Sunkist Sours

Sunkist Sours try to convince us that we're eating something healthy; this is far from the truth, but it's not a problem! Despite being packed with vitamin C, this sour little treat is extremely sweet and comes in a nifty tin container (similar to altoids).

While candy isn't necessarily healthy, there's nothing wrong treating oneself to a vitamin-packed hard candy once in a while, right?

5 DOTS Gumdrop Candy

DOTS are gumdrops that come in many different flavors, filling in that niche that is not taffy but isn't really a hard sweet either!

One of the great things about this candy is that they're vegan, kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, and peanut-free.

There aren't many companies that are willing to go to this level to make sure everyone can enjoy their product, so we salute that. Tootsie Roll Industries claim that DOTS have now become the number one best-selling candy in the US, which is a pretty amazing thing if it's true!

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4 Razzles

Are Razzles chewing gum or a tart candy?

Whatever it is, even if it's a combination of both, it actually works as both!

People who live outside of the US will have never seen anything like this, and while it's not exactly the most amazing thing on US soil, we bet that pretty much everyone visiting the will find this odd sweet that slowly turns into bubble gum to be quite the oddity!

3 Sour Jacks Mouth-Puckering Candy

Another sour treat that is actually about enjoyment rather than endurance, Sour Jacks come in a variety of fruity flavors with a sour tang to them.

Loaded with sugar, Sour Jacks are a wonderfully sweet treat for anybody that wants some kick to their candy.

The lip-smacking candies come in different flavors such as watermelon, lemonade, wildberry, and green apple!

2 Coffee Crisp

For any people visiting from countries that enjoy a nice cup of tea, this is the treat that will make you the most homesick.

This rich, coffee-flavored chocolate bar is filled with vanilla wafers, layered on top of each other, offering a soft crunch with every single bite.

It's also perfect for dipping into a nice warm drink! Why not dip one into a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate instead?

1 Big Turk Turkish Delight

Turkish delight may be an acquired taste, but Nestle's Big Turk Bar brings nostalgia and comforting joy to many reminiscing Canadians. This chocolate confection tastes similar to the traditional Turkish delight but is enrobed with creamy milky chocolate.

Visitors who taste a Big Turk Bar can enjoy a candy that is not overpoweringly sweet yet offers a pleasant experience. This chocolate bar is perfect for tourists tired of sickly sweet sugary treats; while in Canada, they should pick up a Big Turk Bar and see what they think!

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