For those who like to venture off around the world and take in the sights, sometimes we come across extremes that don’t make sense unless you’re standing right there in front of it. Which is why we want to showcase some of the most futuristic travel locations and also the other end of the spectrum focusing on locations that are stuck in the past. Throughout each and every single one of these special and rare destinations, there are hidden gems that will help any traveler remember this place for the rest of their lives.

Whether it’s the highest tech cafe in the world or just the oldest temple that’s still standing to this day, there will be everything in between on this list. We bet that you’ll feel the wanderlust running through you as you take a gander at this list, you’ll get a sense of what these places mean, feel like, and even where to go next on your bucket list! If you have ever had any desire to know what the future might look like or what the past resembled for so many generations before us, this is a great place to start for your next journey.

25 2050: The Ever-Growing Washington

While Washington DC might be the US Capital most of us are familiar with, it also has a ton to offer when it comes to the technology side of the community. People are very close-knit here, which just furthers the growth of this bright city in such a unique way. Most notably people tend to focus on the capital firms and companies that are starting up from young business minds, seemingly weekly as the living city grows and expands with the younger generation.

24 2050: City Lights Of Barcelona

From the outside looking in you might think that Barcelona is a bit dated because of the period’s architecture, but that’s not the case whatsoever. This brilliant city might seem old and full of rich history (which it is) but its community of fashion-forward, high tech, interior designers are on the rise and are actually in demand almost everywhere you go in the world. Everyone wants a bit of that sophisticated design element in their space in large cities dotted everywhere.

23 2050: Urban Advancement In Denmark

Specifically, Copenhagen has caught our eye, there is a huge culture surrounding the idea of startup ventures. Fresh companies run by young talent that want to push the limits above and beyond the standards already set in place. One step in this city and you’ll realize quickly just how much this city values innovation, especially in the field of urban advancement. With this mindset, you can expect it to spread to surrounding hot spots as well, overall developing them into high functioning cities!

22 2050: Of Course, Hong Kong Would Be On This List

What would this list be without the mention of Hong Kong? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that some of the best technology in the world has come from Hong Kong. From any category you could possibly think of, fashion, beauty, music, corporate, this city has it all on lockdown. There is a huge area within this city dedicated to making sure everything is researched, taught, and learned efficiently, making it so much easier for people to get a great start in life.

21 2050: New Brands In Germany

Another fantastic location you have to visit if you love amazing and unique businesses that are fresh on the market. With a community that goes out of its way to support new businesses, this is the best place to go if you love local culture with a high-tech twist. Not to mention Berlin has a huge focus on cars and making their own cars that are globally known. Talk about some serious focus and passion behind what they do every single day.

20 2050: Innovation Within Shenzhen As Well

Specifically, Shenzhen located in China, known for the innovation that’s supported there. From unique inventions, you can’t find anywhere else, to the advancement of robotics and AI culture as well. Not to mention the population has seriously spiked in the last few years, putting out younger individuals who want to make a difference in the community around them by improving infrastructure and ways of life! In a few years, we can only see this kind of improvement doubling or tripling as time goes on!

19 2050: India Hits The Spotlight With Bangalore

India, specifically Bangalore happens to have one of the biggest populations of young people in the world. When there are so many young people, innovation thrives because of education and pressure put on them to reach success. So many in this generation want to excel in the tech space and also introduce that tech space into the world around them in as many ways as possible. Not to mention with such a huge population they can only go up from here!

18 2050: Montreal Is Reaching New Records

If you have ever had even just a thought, a passing thought of becoming a designer, Montreal in Canada should be at the top of your list when it comes to places that revolve around the designing and tech industry. Especially when it comes to gaming, VR, and other advanced tech accessories you can wear. Plus, not only is this industry seemingly going to be the future of most tech moving forward, it seems like Montreal has a real headstart compared to others on this list in this currently niche industry.

17 2050: China Does It Again With Shanghai

China just had to be on the list again and it’s not the last time! This time we want to mention Shanghai because of the vast amount of workers within the venture capital industry. This has easily become one of the biggest focuses for the country and has extended to other major cities mentioned on this list as well. Not to mention the vast population that nearly all have jobs that involve tech in one way or another as well.

16 2050: And Another With Beijing

China has another spot on the high tech part of this list, and some might be a bit confused because Beijing isn’t here because of the start-up company industry like the other mentions of China. But Beijing is here because of the huge industry surrounding phone and smartphone technology. It’s more prominent in this area of the world than anywhere else, the focus on portable tech devices has just continued to grow more and more. Not only that but even their agriculture has turned tech as well with tech monitored greenhouses!

15 2050: A Real Player Known As Amsterdam

Amsterdam goes out of its way to focus on eco-friendly ways to make technology and nature co-exist together that makes people happy and of course the animals thriving within built-up areas of the city. Even though Amsterdam is a bit small compared to other places on this list, that doesn’t take away from the fact that there is a huge wealth of knowledge that can be found in this city. If you want to make the world a better place one step at a time, this is the place to do it!

14 2050: Embracing The Tech Of Vancouver

Before we switch over to the places stuck in the past, we had to bring up Vancouver as the last high-tech destination on this list! Not only do people love starting fresh business ideas here, but it also has some of the most media companies located in this city, compared to anywhere else in the world. Not only are the schools focused on technology but it thrives within the city from cafes, hotels, to even your own home if you’re lucky enough to live here!

13 Stuck In The Past: Vast Areas Of China

If you ever went to actually visit this area of China, especially after reading what we had to say about some of the high tech cities from this massive country, you might find your mouth hanging open! There is such a strange and haunting air about this place in Chengdu and in Beichuan. The area was wrecked from a massive earthquake that made history and many have passed here. But the government decided to leave everything untouched and leave it as a memorial for the country.

12 Stuck In The Past: A Serious Throwback In Ukraine

Of course, we’ve all heard about the meltdown of the nuclear plant, we’ve all read about it, but this place had to be mentioned, it’s one of the oldest and most untouched areas in modern day history. Known as Chernobyl, this lab had a meltdown and many passed because of a failed experiment. This area is still off limits because of radiation that still exists around the area. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. While you can’t visit, there are tons of documentaries about the incident people can view.

11 Stuck In The Past: Closer To Home In Michigan

Many people today love to learn about abandoned places and if you’re one of them, this might be the place for you because it’s very close to home in Michigan. One of the biggest rail stations in the world and it was seriously surprised when you walked inside, but because of how hard times were in 1914, it’s been left here, covered in graffiti by amazing artists from all over the area and even the world. It’s one of the most visited on the list even if it is stuck in the past.

10 Stuck In The Past: Various Islands Of Japan Almost Don’t Seem Real

Specifically talking about Hashima Island in Japan, in this area of the country you’ll find ruined buildings that are stories high, turned up roads, and even bleached walls because of the sun beating down on them. It’s not the most striking area of the world, but it’s full of mystery because of its past. Everyone just up and left in the seventies because the work was so bad in the area, so everyone left, and it’s been standing there ever since.

9 Stuck In The Past: Austria's Strange Past 

With a twisted and dark past, this military training town very close the capital of Austria has houses that have been bombed for training before the second world war, as well as houses used to bunk the military. What’s even eerier is that this location is still being used by the military, just under a different rule and the place still looks like it’s stuck in the past, the dark ages even. We won’t be stopping by anytime soon!

8 Stuck In The Past: Old Castles In Craco, Italy

While it might not seem super creepy, this certainly is a throwback from the past. With a castle that could hold thousands of people, this area known as Craco in Italy was a mecca for all things education and religion in the past. From tall stone towers, beautiful homes, all put together to make a massive castle, it certainly is a sight to behold if you ever have the chance to visit the history this place holds onto. It even has a tour you can take!

7 Stuck In The Past: The Dusty Plains Of Namibia

When you think of Namibia, we bet you don’t think of very European style homes in the middle of the desert, do you? Well, this ghost town literally embodies that in every way. Back when people mined for diamonds here, there were many German citizens who worked in the area, which meant that they built in the style they knew. It still stands to this day, even though everything has a very thick layer of dust and sand. You might want to pack a broom!

6 Stuck In The Past: A Ghost Town In Libya

When the most known civil war occurred in Libya, the now ghost town known as Tawergha was left there to be covered in dust and ruins. Over 40 thousand people left their homes, families, and scrambled as far away as they possibly could because of the issues this area faced in the deepest ways possible. When people left this town, they hardly took anything because the homes still have most of the belongings in them, just covered in sand and rubble in most places.