12 Flight Attendant Uniforms That Are A Joke (And 13 We'd Actually Wear)

For those of you who love to travel, then you have definitely paid attention to your flight attendants. Most airlines have pretty strict rules when it comes to who they hire as their flight attendants, from physical characteristics all the way to rules and regulations they have to follow when it comes to their appearance on the job. Airlines love a look that is both simple and put together, and many enjoy something a little more, interesting.

Airlines worldwide have countless different uniforms for their flight attendants, from skirts, dresses, shirts, and vests, although that sounds like the usual flight attendant attire, some airlines have managed to go above and beyond and really go all out with their uniforms. Don't believe us? Then continue reading. Here are the 13 airlines with the best flight attendants uniforms, and 12 that missed the mark!

25 worst: Small Planet Airlines

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Small Planet Airlines has not only received complaints about their overall service as an airline but have received countless negative comments regarding their uniforms. According to WhatTheFlight, the mix of colors ranging from green, purple, and pink, it just "too much" when paired with beige khaki pants and skirts that scream more "kids TV program" than professional flight crew. We obviously can't blame the crew for wearing these not so nice uniforms, but we can't imagine their happy with such bold, bright and blood-curdling outfits.

24 Worst: Air New Zealand

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Although New Zealand is a country worth crossing off your bucket lists, you may not be all that impressed with Air New Zealand's flight attendant uniforms. The uniforms have been labeled as "busy" at best, by Stuff NZ, and has received some mixed reviews from those who have flown with the airline before. In terms of the color, it is quite funky, and something you would find in a wallpaper store from the 90's. The uniforms were designed by Trelise Cooper in 2010, and although they may be practical in fit, it might be time for an upgrade.

23 worst: Cebu Pacific

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We'll let this uniform speak for itself. The Filipino airline, Cebu Pacific, has had a raft of quite bold uniforms throughout the ages, particularly this orange and yellow affair, that truly has us scratching our heads. The "daring" look is not even the worst part, the airline launched an even bolder and brighter yellow uniform in 2016, that really screams "highlighter". Both male and female flight attendants have sport these brightly colored polo shirts, paired with khaki pants or skirts just to make things slightly worse.

22 Worst: Nok Air

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Domestic Thai Airline, Nok, is well-known for its avian-themed planes, which are painted in very bright colors to look like, birds... Yes, birds. Although the idea is quite fitting considering you are flying in the sky, the theme itself is a little questionable, as are their uniforms. The cabin crew wears yellow uniforms, which have been deemed as "bold" and "outdated", by many of the airline's passengers, says The Independent. Although the color might not be the most appealing, you definitely cannot say they do not stand out.

21 Worst: Transavia

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Transavia is a no-frills budget airline, similar to that of EasyJet and RyanAir, that flies frequently throughout Europe. Although you are not paying much for your airline ticket, you certainly shouldn't expect anything fancy walking down the cabin aisle. The uniforms are quite, green, which isn't the most appealing color. Flight attendants are decked in green skirts, ties, vests and sometimes entire ensembles of just green, which has some passengers not really feeling the "look".

20 Worst: Lufthansa

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This airline is definitely one that we could not keep off the list! Lufthansa is an airline popularly known across Europe and has been deemed a very reputable airline according to Lufthansa Flyer. However, these Oktoberfest inspired uniforms are something that is making us really question who is behind these ideas at Lufthansa. Although the cabin crew is not expected to wear this dirndls-year-round, the outfit itself, although only worn for a short period of time, still gets a hard no from us.

19 worst: Skymark Air

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One airline that really sparked controversy with their uniform is Skymark Air. The Japanese airline introduced very short mini-dresses for their cabin crew to wear, that had many wondering what exactly was going on. With many tasks flight attendants have to do during a flight from bending over and lifting things above one's head, this uniform is not at all something that would be practical in those cases. Although the flight attendants may appear to be smiling, we can only imagine what they are truly thinking!

18 Worst: WOW Air

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Anyone who has flown with WOW Air, know that their branding alone is definitely one of a kid. The Icelandic airline is known for their "happy, low fare, long-haul" services, says Business Insider, however, their cabin crew uniforms might say otherwise. The constant appearance of bright magenta that we can only associate with Barney, the purple dinosaur, and we aren't even the ones wearing them. With purple hats, scarves, skirts, and blazers, it is safe to say that there is definitely a lot of purple going on, perhaps, too much.

17 Worst: Aeroflot Airlines

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Aeroflot Airline is a Russian airline that is known for their bright red flight attendant uniforms. However, many of commented on how the styling is a bit starchy and dated. Crew members are expected to not only sport the red ensembles for the entire duration of the flight, but they are also required to wear a red ascot, white leather gloves, and little hats, which can be quite a fuss during a long-haul flight. With a touch of outdated-ness, bright colors, and annoying accessories, we can't imagine this uniform being all that comfortable.

16 Worst: Air Canada Rouge

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Do we really have to say much about these uniforms?  They sort of speak for themselves if we are being totally honest. Although Canada is a beautiful country, Air Canada Rouge is doing a great dishonor to the country by allowing their crew to wear these outfits. With a combination of sweater vests, voluminous neck scarves, boot-cut pants, and fedoras, this ensemble is just screaming 'no thanks'. The cut alone of the uniforms are just as unflattering as the burgundy color, and the added accessories of scarves and button-down cardigans are just a no-go. Hopefully, an update is in the works!

15 Worst: Cathay Pacific

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Although Cathay Pacific's flight attendants uniforms may appear to be quite stylish, practical with a nice pop of red and limited add-ons, they have received more complaints than one would think. According to the South China Daily News, their union filed a complaint about the skirts being too tight on their hips and the shirts being too short. In addition, to make matters even worse, a spokesperson for Cathay Pacific, claims that the uniforms had led to an increase in sexual harassment incidents during flights. Yikes!

14 Worst: Korean Air


Korean Air is a major airline that is notorious for its state of the art service. Although passengers experience great flights, flight attendants have definitely experienced better uniforms. We love how they try to incorporate brighter colors than your typical darks, and neutrals, however, these bright pastel uniforms are just a bit too much. The look may be unique, but screams 'tacky' just a tad, making them an unforgettable uniform, for all the wrong reasons. Although we aren't the biggest fans of the color and combo, we commend Korean Air for giving their flight crew the option between skirts or pants!

13 Best: Air France

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Air France has been on the top of the flight attendant uniform leaderboard for some time now. The airline is not only amongst one of the most top rate European airlines by Travel + Leisure but their flight attendants have some pretty impeccable uniforms. Air France uniforms have been considered the most stylish to grace the skies, and one reason could be that their current uniforms were designed by French designer, Christian Lacroix, pretty sweet!

12 Best: Hainan Airlines

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Talk about looking regal! It appears that Hainan Airlines are really serving some regal looks when it comes to their flight attendants. This airline has been one of the top voted when it comes to their look, which was designed by Laurence Xu, and features traditional Chinese imagery, all while keeping with a modern style. If that weren't reason enough to make 'the best' list, then behold, Hainan Airlines uniforms even made their debut at Paris Couture Week!

11 Best: Etihad Airways

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Etihad Airways is a flag carrier and the second largest airlines of the United Arab Emirates! With a reputation to uphold, the airline not only tries to perform at its best but look its best too. The flight attendants for Etihad Airways are decked out in handcrafted Italian couture, designed by Ettore Bilotta. In addition, the airline's uniforms combine 1960's Paris couture with runways looks that have been seen in London and New York. Talk about fashion!

10 Best: Qantas Airlines

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It goes without saying that Qantas Airlines flight attendant uniforms not only make 'the best' list but have one of the best reveals to date. The airline uniforms were modeled by Victoria Secrets angel, Miranda Kerr! They were designed by Martin Grant, who is one of Australia's most acclaimed fashion designers. It appears that the gorgeous pops of pink, red and black within the uniforms, really do take the cake!

9 Best: China Airlines

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China Airlines is not only a sought out airline by most travelers within Asia, but they sure know how to dress! The flight attendants walk the aisles of the plane wearing uniforms designed by Oscar-nominated costume designer, William Chang! In addition, the airline's uniforms incorporate designs that go back to traditional Mandarin gowns, with a mix of modern Western fashion. According to Says, the airline uniforms are often described as "futuristic".

8 Best: Emirates

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Emirates is a world-renowned airline known for their extremely lavish cabins. Actress Jennifer Aniston has even endorsed Emirates, appearing in countless commercials, raving about their amenities and services, from cabin bar, restaurants, and even showers! Along with their impeccable services, Emirates sure does dress to impress. According to confessionsofatrolleydolly, their uniforms have remained unchanged since 1997, with some slight modifications in 2008, why fix what isn't broken right? They were designed by the UK-based manufacturer, Simon Jersey, that really has the flight attendants looking their best.

7 Best: American Airlines

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American Airlines is the largest airline in terms of destinations served, fleet size, and passenger capacity says Business Insider. Not only are they the largest airline in those regards, but they are one of the airlines with such a signature look that they could not be left off 'the best' list. The American Airlines uniform has been deemed as "classic", and "simple", and adored by its passengers. The airline uniform has remained the same for the last 30 years, before recently re-designing their uniforms in conjunction with their rebranding.

6 Best: Air India

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Air India is absolutely nailing the game when it comes to both their service and uniforms. The men on Air India are sporting contemporary suits, tie and all, while the women have a choice of wearing either yellow saris and kurtas or a more formal long-sleeved black ensemble. We love that the airline not only provides choices but includes vibrant and culturally linked uniforms for their flight attendants!

5 Best: Hawaiian Airlines

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Hawaiian Airlines have a uniform as breezy as the island itself. Not only is the pop of blue a gorgeous color, but their touch of Hawaiian motifs really ties everything together beautifully. The airline includes a unique cape, donned shirt, that has some of the flight attendants "feeling like Beyoncé", according to the airlines Twitter. Flight attendants are too provided with a choice of wearing the motif Hawaiian shirt, or more traditional blue dress and jacket, with a gorgeous flower in their hair.

4 Best: Malaysia Airlines

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Malaysia Airlines includes one of the most iconic flight attendant uniforms! The female flight attendants wear a kebaya, which has been an iconic symbol of the carrier for decades now. Although the uniform was deemed in need of an update by several forums, they went ahead and updated their uniforms in 2016, which were designed by the fashion brand, Farah Khan. Passengers have raved about the colors, and patterns that the uniforms have, making it quite the visually appealing uniform.

3 Best: Virgin Australia


Virgin Australia's uniform was designed by fashion designer and Project Runway winner, Juli Grbac! The use of colors from red and lilac have made the uniforms both elegant and classy, with a side of chicness that truly makes the flight attendants shine. Not only does the airline try to look its best, but they try to get the job done in the best way too! According to designer Grbac, the entire process of creating the uniform, from sketching to the actual sewing, took seven months, which is faster than any other airline!

2 Best: SriLankan Airlines

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SriLankan Airlines is yet another airline that incorporates its culture into their well-liked uniforms! Women in the cabin crew wear the country's national costume, known as the osariya, while the male flight attendants wear a western black suit. Although the men's uniforms are not that exciting, the female crew make up for it with their mesmerizing patterns and color, that was inspired after a peacock, says Women's Weekly.

1 Best: Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways has quite a distinguishable look! Known to be quite simple, yet elegant, the Qatar Airways uniform is one of the most recognizable uniforms in the world, according to Says. They were designed by Olino, and the airline also offers its flight attendants with a "grooming officer" to ensure that the crew looks in perfect shape for their passengers. This feature available to the crew is limited to Qatar Airways and really does explain why they always look on the top of their game.

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