Looking for a cheap vacation spot this summer? There’s actually a lot of them. Despite what people may say about the high cost of travel, those in-the-know can snag budget prices on epic trips. From apps offering the cheapest flight fares to discounts on hotels, hostels, and even free stays, there are plenty of ways to travel on the cheap. The cost of living in some countries is so low that you can afford to travel there like a king.

Cities in Southeast Asia like Hanoi, Bangkok, and Ubud, are so cheap that you can eat out for every meal, take taxis everywhere, and drink all of the beer you want without busting the budget. Many places in Central America and Eastern Europe are known for their cheap prices too. Everything from accommodation, car rental, food, drinks, and shopping can cost you way less in these places than in other destinations.

However, just because a destination is cheap, doesn’t make it suitable for everyone. Each Zodiac sign has different personality traits, making one destination great for some people, while others may absolutely despise it. While some zodiac signs love to lounge on the beach, others are looking for off-the-beaten-track adventure. And, while some star signs prefer neat and organized travel plans and cities, others thrive in complete chaos. So, which cheap travel destination is best for your zodiac sign? And, which destination should you stay away from? Here are the answers. Get ready to start planning your summer vacation according to your astrological sign.

24 Aries: Best, San Antonio, Texas

An Aries traveler prefers to be active. They are often restless and eager to encounter a challenge. Add some athletic activities into the mix and an Aries will truly thrive.

San Antonio is located right between the city of Austin, and the Mexico border. It is the most visited city in Texas, and it is relatively cheap compared to other U.S destinations. A 4-night stay in a decent hotel will cost between $150 and $200. And, if visitors stay downtown, they can walk nearly everywhere. For places too far to stroll, Uber and Lyft rides will run about $5 or less. With great happy hours, cheap taco stands, free museums, and a free outdoor swimming pool, San Antonio is great for budget travelers. An active Aries can explore the Mission Trail by bike or rent a kayak to explore the San Antonio river.

23 Aires: Not The Best, Atlantic City, New Jersey

No longer a gambling Mecca, Atlantic City has become much less popular over the years. As the city tries to bring in tourists, they often slash their prices, making hotels and shows extremely affordable. Boardwalk food and activities are priced quite reasonably, and visitors won’t have to pay for a rental car. While visitors can walk the boardwalk and spend ample time on the beach, Aries don’t love these activities. An Aries can enjoy the beach and some window shopping, but will become bored without other options. An Atlantic City trip might be cheap, but after two to three days, and Aries will be looking for something else to keep them busy.

22 Taurus: Best, Bangkok, Thailand

When a Taurus travels, they like to take their time, enjoy some relaxation, and find the finer things around their destination. A Taurus wants to stay in an upscale hotel, go out for dinner, taste the wine, and be entertained.

Bangkok allows visitors to live a luxury lifestyle without paying the high price tags. The city is abound with posh hotels for as little as $50 a night. There are rooftop bars everywhere, high-end restaurants with meagre prices, and lavish entertainment. Thailand has a low cost of living compared to many Western countries, making it a place to splurge.

21 Taurus: Not The Best, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai also has cheap prices, but it’s much more laid back and low key than Bangkok. Hotels are cheap, and there are options that would be considered luxury, but with more natural atmospheres, that may not be what a Taurus is looking for. Chiang Mai focuses more on vegan restaurants and smoothie carts than wine bars and fancy dining. So, a Taurus may find themselves always looking for more. This city is more about the local culture, yoga, and community than shopping and going to outrageous parties. A Taurus may not be interested in what this cheap city has to offer.

20 Gemini: Best, Beijing, China

A Gemini loves to explore and is constantly looking for something new to see and do. They are ready and willing to go on off-the-beaten track adventures, talk to the locals, learn new languages, and make new friends.

For many westerners, China is like landing on a different planet. The language, sites, cultural norms, and people are drastically different to what most travelers have experienced. A Gemini will be amazed by these differences and excited to dive in and try to understand how things work. The language barrier in China is a big deterrent for many travelers, but the Gemini will be excited to try and converse with the people they meet.

19 Gemini: Not The Best, Canggu, Bali

Canggu is a beach town located on the island of Bali in Indonesia. The cost of traveling here is dirt cheap, and there is plenty of coastline for beach lovers. However, because of the large expat population, the culture is quite westernized and traveling around Canggu is easy for foreigners. A Gemini won’t like that this destination isn’t a challenge. And, after lounging on the beach and drinking at the bars, star sign will be looking for more action.

18 Cancer: Best, Outer Banks, North Carolina

A Cancer traveler is sensitive to cultural differences, and needs their comforts from home. They don’t love challenges when traveling, and would prefer that things were easy and enjoyable.

The Outer Banks is one of the cheapest beach destinations in the USA. It’s known for its cheap vacation rentals, and dining opportunities. A Cancer will be happy to sit on the beach, and dine on delicious food that they are familiar with. The large vacation rentals ensure that they’ll have plenty of room to be comfy and have a cocktail on the deck while overlooking the ocean.

17 Cancer: Not The Best, Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a bustling city full of glitz and glam. While many people speak English, the language barrier is still very much an issue. A Cancer will be completely out of their element in a city this big and bustling. Plus, the culture differences will drive them over the edge. Without being able to communicate with locals, get the foods they are used to, and abide by the cultural norms that they know, a Cancer will want to book a flight home immediately.

16 Leo: Best, Madrid, Spain

A Leo is fun-loving and a fan of exploration. They want to see, do, and learn everything they can while traveling. A Leo has a special place in their heart for history, and will appreciate fine architecture too.

Those traveling in Western Europe may find that Spain is one of the cheaper countries to visit. Madrid is full of culture, natural scenery, and incredible architecture. A Leo will love to pop into a tapas bar and do like the locals do. The museums, historic buildings, and exciting nightlife will have a Leo feeling in their element.

15 Leo: Not The Best, Grand Cayman Island

A Leo wants to explore culture, new ideas, and meet interesting people. Grand Cayman Island is a stop for cruise ships, causing the downtown area to be full of tourists, trinket shops, and scams. A Leo will hate the inauthentic culture that comes with this whole ordeal. Sure, a Leo will love to do some snorkeling and swim with stingrays, but that can only fill so much time. While there is plenty of coastline, a Leo won’t last long just sitting in one spot worshipping the sun. This zodiac sign can only attend so many happy hours with rowdy tourists before going insane.

14 Virgo: Best, Costa Rica

A Virgo traveler is organized, loves to plan, and has probably spent months developing their perfect itinerary. They love to learn about history, experience all of the dining options, and do an incredible amount of shopping.

Central America is full of cheap travel destinations. While Costa Rica may not be the cheapest among them, it is certainly budget friendly compared to the rest of the world. Costa Rica is full of culture, natural scenery, and intriguing shopping options. However, it is a destination that is easily managed as a foreigner, allowing a Virgo to plan accordingly and have a trip that flows.

13 Virgo: Not The Best, Hanoi, Vietnam

Chaos is a fantastic word to describe Hanoi. The city is full of beauty, culture, and new experiences. Even though it’s a hotspot for history, a Virgo won’t last long in this Southeast Asian destination. Hanoi is famous of its hectic traffic, tourist traps, and chaotic nightlife scene. A Virgo will have a hard time sticking to their itinerary since they’ll spend half of the afternoon trying to cross the street (more like, sea of motorbikes.) The language barrier can be a problem for a Virgo who doesn’t want to waste any time trying to bargain at the markets, or figure out how to get to their next destination.

12 Libra: Best, Ubud, Bali

A Libra likes the finer things in life, including luxury hotels, delicious and healthy food, and peaceful environments. They don’t appreciate a lot of noise, unhealthy food options, or being uncomfortable.

Ubud is a tranquil and peaceful destination that is set near the lush jungles of Bali. While the small city does have some traffic, it is full of retreats with trickling waterfalls and ambient music. The streets are lined with vegan restaurants and health food shops that offer incredible meals at low prices. A Libra can book a luxurious hotel where they can take a yoga class, get a Balinese massage, and grab a wheatgrass shot before going off to explore.

11 Libra: Not The Best, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

While this city is packed with history and beautiful architecture, it can be quite hectic for foreigners. It’s often dusty, a little dirty, and crawling with people who are set out to scam tourists. The food and hotel options are not quite up to the Libra standards and the begging children on the streets may make this star sign uncomfortable. For a Libra, a vacation is all about relaxing, and Phnom Penh is not the place for this kind of activity. With lots of traffic, plenty of noise, and rowdy backpackers, Libras may want to skip this one.

10 Scorpio: Best, Rome, Italy

When traveling, Scorpios love mystery, adventure, and getting lost. While they do love to get themselves involved in unknown situations, they also like the finer things too.

Rome has all of the history, intriguing architecture, and cobblestone alleyways to get lost in that Scorpios love. The city is massive, giving this star sign plenty to explore, eat, and experience. A Scorpio will make sure to throw away the map, turn off the GPS and get lost around Rome’s historic museums and outdoor ruins. After a long day of exploration, a Scorpio will be happy to return to a comfy hotel and a fine meal.

9 Scorpio: Not The Best, Orlando, Florida

A place like Orlando is mind-numbingly boring for the adventurous Scorpio. While a day or two at Disney might keep them occupied for a while, this star sign will be craving something new, out of the ordinary and exciting. Orlando is touristy, very familiar for people from most western countries, and lacks in genuine culture. A Scorpio will start to resent all of the things in Orlando that reminds them of home. As a travel destination, this city just won’t cut it for a Scorpio who wants to be introduced to something novel, extreme, or just plain unusual.

8 Sagittarius: Best, Kyoto, Japan

International travel is kind of a passion for a Sagittarius. They love adventure and don’t mind if they have to rough it a bit. They will gladly pack up a bag and go galavanting around the world to find something new and interesting.

A visit to Kyoto is the quintessential, Japanese experience. It’s the kind of deep dive into a culture that a Sagittarius craves. A Sag will happily stay overnight in a Japanese temple hotel, participate in a tea ceremony, and eat all kinds of strange sushi rolls from a conveyor belt. They don’t mind the language barriers, and will happily try to make conversation with the bartenders at the sake bar. A Sagittarius will make sure to slurp Udon noodles from the bowl, sit nude in a traditional, Japanese bath house, and get lost on the temple trail.

7 Sagittarius: Not The Best, Osaka, Japan

While Japanese culture is still alive and well in Osaka, it has become much more modernized. It’s a bustling city that is full of youth culture, technology, and modern art. A Sagittarius will still have a good time in Osaka, but will crave the cultural stimulation that Kyoto provides. The neon lights, tourist traps, and rowdy nightlife in Osaka won’t be that appealing to a Sag for more than a day or two. Osaka can feel more like New York City than a travel destination in Japan, which will send a Sagittarius traveler running for the hills.

6 Capricorn: Best, Breckenridge, Colorado

Capricorn travelers love the finer things in life and prefer to travel to elite destinations. They are also fans of sporting activities, relaxing spas, and showing off their athletic skills.

Compared to the top ski resort towns in Colorado, Breckenridge is a bargain destination. It’s small, looks like a snow globe during the winter, and is full of friendly locals. With budget hotel options, plenty of places for skiing and snowboarding, and great happy hours, this is a destination that Capricorns will love. The main town drag is where visitors can get spa treatments, craft cocktails, and sign up for dog sledding lessons.

5 Capricorn: Not The Best, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the place to visit if you want to experience the Angkor Wat temples. It’s a top travel destination but the city itself is not the luxury destination that Capricorns would hope for. It’s slightly dusty, a little dirty, and can be chaotic when it comes to traffic. The restaurant and accommodations aren’t quite up to par when compared to other world cities. And, there aren’t that many athletic activities for the active Capricorn to take part in. The main spa experiences involve soaking your feet in a tank of fish, or sitting on the side of the road while a local woman rubs your back. A Capricorn prefers something a bit more upscale.