The beach is the ideal getaway for anyone looking for a vacation. Most people decide to go to the beach to get away from the day to day life grind. It is a great way to relax and put your mind at ease. This is because beaches are usually quiet and open and safe for the most part. There are some beaches that present more danger than others and other beaches that are just plain weird. The ocean is a strange place and since we don't know a lot of what roams around in the ocean there is no telling what could end up on the shores of beaches across the world.

If you are planning your next beach getaway you may want to consider which beaches are better to visit. Not only are some beaches nicer but some are safer from strange things washing up on their shores. These strange things can include unknown sea creatures all the way to dinosaur bones. If you are more of an adventurous person then maybe these strange beaches are for you but for the average person just looking to get away there are great secluded and safe beaches that are perfect for you!

24 Strange Beach: Waxy Clumps In France

These strange waxy clumps were found off the coast of France. There are dozens of them and they crowded the beach and seemingly showed up out of nowhere one day. Beaches all over France were experiencing these strange yellow clumps. It was concluded that the clumps were bi-products of grease from boat exhaust. While this seems like the most likely answer it still seems like the small yellow clumps are holding more secrets. Hopefully, this is the last we will see of the strange sea sponge creatures. If not we can be sure that they aren't dangerous, just a little strange.

23 Strange Beach: Great Kills Park Beach, New York

A website is known as underwater New York reports on strange things that have been washed up on the shores of beaches all across New York. One of their most disturbing and strange features was an image of a mechanical robotic hand that was washed up on the beach of Great Kills Park. The hand appears to be part of a robot or possibly a prosthetic. Other things that were found with the strange robotic hand included things like an old piano and a deceased giraffe. These strange things have no explanation and it gives everyone the creeps.

22 Strange Beach: Pacific Coastline USA

These strange bumpy translucent sea creatures have been popping up all over the Pacific coastline of the U.S. These things have been popping up by the millions and it has baffled everyone including scientists. The sea cucumbers have mainly been found in more tropical parts of the Pacific Coastline. The number of these strange creatures greatly increased in 2017 and no one knows why. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association spoke about this strange occurrence and they said, “At first we didn’t know what to make of these odd creatures coming up in our nets but as we headed north and further offshore, we started to get more and more". It seems the investigation in finding out what these things are is still ongoing.

21 Strange Beach: Seram Island, Indonesia

A few years ago a strange blob-like creature showed up on the shore of Seram Island in Indonesia. The giant creature seemed to be deceased and it baffled locals and authorities. The creature was emitting some sort of gas from its carcass and it seemed to be contaminating the water around it. Theories came out that the creature was a sea monster that was attacked by a larger sea monster but scientists confirmed that it was a deceased baleen whale. Still, even if it was a whale this doesn't seem like the type of relaxing beach many would want to visit.

20 Strange Beach: Coast Of Lake Michigan

In 2013 these large ice balls started to form by the hundreds off the coast of Lake Michigan. The ice balls are said to have weighed upwards of 50 pounds. Local scientists confirmed that this is a process in which a small slush of ice that continually gets thrown around in waves will build up to be the size of a giant ice ball. By the time they make it to shore, they are upwards of 50 pounds. This doesn't seem like the place where you would want to plan your next vacation, especially if it is the time of year when giant ice balls are covering the beach.

19 Strange Beach: Catalina Island, California

This large deep-sea oarfish washed up on the beaches of Catalina Island in California. Typically oarfish don't get this big and this discovery allowed scientists to investigate further. Due to the oarfish typically living very deep in the ocean the fish isn't well known in the science community. This particular oarfish suffered from gigantism which is caused by living so deep in the ocean. While this discovery is great for scientists it isn't great for anyone planning their next vacation at Catalina Island. If a large oarfish of this size could wash up what else from the ocean's depths could surface on the beach?

18 Strange Beach: South Africa

Off the coasts of several beaches in South Africa, the remains of several great white sharks had been found. The strange thing is that when investigated all the great white sharks had been eaten in the same way. All of the shark's livers were missing with a giant bite mark out of the side of each of them. The eerily similar causes of death made scientists wonder what could do this to a creature as powerful as a great white shark. It was concluded that orca whales were responsible as they typically target that part of sharks.

17 Strange Beach: San Juan Islands, Washington

If you plan a vacation to the beach the last thing you'd probably expect to find is a whole dinosaur bone. Most people call it a day when they find a shark's tooth. However, on the San Juan Islands an 80 million-year-old dinosaur femur was found near the coastline. The dinosaur was identified as a theropod which is a dinosaur that mainly consumed meat. The dinosaur's bones were buried deep in the rock that surrounded the beach and it was so hard to get out it took a full day to fully get the femur out.

16 Strange Beach: Western Coast Of The US

Beach-goers who vacationed in 2014 off the coast of California and other western states had quite the surprise waiting for them when they arrived. Small strange blue creatures that resembled jellyfish were beached by the hundreds. The organisms are known as 'blue sailors' and it is said that they inhabit much warmer waters than the ones present on the west coast of the US. So why were they found there? It is said that when storms hit the small creatures are carried by the storm to the coastline of the beaches and beached by the hundreds.

15 Strange Beach: Acapulco Beach, Mexico

This strange mass of unknown substance found its way onto the Acapulco Beach located in Mexico. This strange mass had scientists scratching their heads. Many people immediately jumped to the conclusion that the mass is some sort of large undiscovered sea monster. Others stated that the creature was most likely an overgrown deceased jellyfish. However, the final conclusion that most accept is that the strange mass is part of a sperm whale who had a rough time making it to the shore. Obviously, from this image, you may not want to book any trips to Acapulco Beach any time soon.

14 Strange Beach: La Arena Beach, Spain

The giant squid was a myth and an urban legend for a long time. That is until scientists confirmed their existence. These creatures are usually found swimming at great depths and they are rarely able to be seen by humans. However, a giant squid washed up on La Arena Beach in Spain a few years ago. The total length of the giant squid was 30 feet long and it weighed upwards of 400 pounds. Locals were astonished by the sighting and scientists began studying the creature as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a giant squid beached.

13 Strange Beach: Siberian Coast

Similar to the Lake Michigan ice balls, the Siberian Coast in Russia also saw a similar situation. However, unlike in Lake Michigan, these ice balls were much larger ranging from a few centimeters to 3 feet in length. There were hundreds of them that arrived on the coast of Siberia and it confused locals. Scientists concluded that it is the same occurrence to the ice balls in Lake Michigan. They start out as small balls of ice and the waves take them and build them up to be the large balls of ice that was found on the coast of Siberia.

12 Safe Beach: Pink Beach, Bonaire

The Pink Beach located in Bonaire is an amazing beach to visit and look at. The pink nickname comes from the fact that the beach has an optical illusion where its sand will appear pink under the right conditions. The beach doesn't see many tourists so you won't find yourself battling for space on the beach. It is also a popular location to go scuba diving and snorkeling. However, due to its seclusion, you will have to bring your own gear as there are no places to rent it from. This is an amazing getaway and should definitely be on someone's list if they are looking for a nice calm beach.

11 Safe Beach: Wildcat Beach, California

There are several beaches on Point Reyes National Seashore but Wildcat Beach has to be the most stunning and the safest. The only problem with accessing Wildcat Beach is the fact that you can't reach it by car. This means you will either have to hike or bike there. However, this also means that the beach doesn't see many tourists. The rocky hills that cover the area will also make it feel like your own private beach. The beach itself doesn't see much wildlife or waves for that matter. Another peaceful beach for those seeking relaxation.

10 Safe Beach: Carro Quebrada, Brazil

Brazil is known for its beaches and the Carro Quebrada Beach is no exception. It is a beautiful beach that looks like it is right out of paradise. Similar to Wildcat Beach the Carro Quebrada is also surrounded by rocky hills which gives it more of a seclusion feel to it. The area also doesn't see many tourists as it is a bit hard to get to. The area will see a few thrill seekers hiking the mountains but the beach is the perfect place to go to avoid danger and lay back and relax.

9 Safe Beach: Ko Adang, Thailand

Ko Adang is located in Thailand and is part of a park known as Tarutao National Park. Therefore if you get tired of the beach scene there is always an opportunity to check out the rest of the park. There are several hiking trails and activities to do off the beach. However, if you are one who enjoys the sand and the sea then the beach is very peaceful and rarely sees any unwanted activity. It even has some coral reefs that have barely been touched so if you are into scuba diving there is that!

8 Safe Beach: Bai Dai Beach, Vietnam

Bai Dai in Vietnamese means 'long beach'. This is where the Bai Dai Beach gets its nickname from as the beach spans over many small islands making a larger sandbar. The water is nice and shallow so it is a place you can take the whole family. There is a small community of people who work on Bai Dai Beach. These people run small huts that feature places to eat and rent swimming gear like scuba gear and surfboards. If you are looking for a fun and safe beach for the family look no further than Bai Dai Beach.

7 Safe Beach: La Sagesee Bay, Grenada

Grenada’s Grand Anse Bay is a very popular beach with many tourists visiting it each year. However, if you want to find a safer and quieter beach you don't have to look too much further. About 10 miles away from Grenada’s Grand Anse Bay is La Sagesee Bay which is a secluded part of the beach that doesn't see many tourists. This beach really gives visitors the Caribbean experience. There is even a small hotel if you really want to get secluded in Grenada. There are a few hiking trails located in La Sagesee Bay as well if you want to take a break from the beach.

6 Safe Beach: Kaupoa Beach, Hawaii

The Kaupoa Beach located in Hawaii is known to locals as the "Place of Thieves". This sounds like a dangerous place but that nickname has run its course and the beach is now very peaceful. It is probably the most dangerous on this list due to the number of rocks in the water but if you are a good swimmer or if you stay out of the water all together then this beach can be a welcoming experience. The flat land around the beach is nice because you can look out for miles in any direction.

5 Safe Beach: Rocktail Bay, South Africa

This is probably the hardest beach to get to because it requires air travel to arrive there. However, if you really want to be safe and secluded this is the perfect beach for you. It isn't likely that many people will put in the effort to be airlifted to the beach but if you do it is definitely worth it. The beach has amazing views and the water is fairly nice as well. The area does get its fair share of waves so if you surf this could be a great place to vacation. There isn't a lot to do on Rocktail Bay but that is what many people are looking for.