Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in life and one that we have to be especially grateful for. It can bring about new awareness and make you a truly more educated, worldly, and tolerant person. Often times when people return home from an epic journey, whether it's backpacking in Colombia, hitchhiking from coast to coast in Canada or living out of a camper in New Zealand, they use words like wondrous, thrilling, eye-opening, and life-changing. We see IG posts of epic landscapes and endless horizons. Blogs are littered with pristine, almost stock image-like foodie shots and peace sign selfies.

Very rarely do people get right to the A word. That's right, for whatever reason, awkward is not one of the first words out of their mouth when describing their ventures. In fact, most people reserve those juicy details of awkward encounters for a select few on their inner circle which can mean a disjointed picture of what it's really like to travel today. For the sake of transparency, we have decided to bring you a laundry list of the most awkward travel scenarios that you will likely encounter as part of a travelling duo or when you're out and about alone.

This is by no means to discourage you but rather to better prepare you for the inevitable... enjoy!

25 Awkward for couples: Separate Beds

If you are on a budget this will happen when you're staying in hostels or sometimes even other more affordable accommodations like bed and breakfasts, or the homes of friends and family. Your travel together doesn't have to be one long honeymoon style situation, sometimes it's even nice to have your own bed (read: space) and silence.

To quote numerous memes (aka the gospel of modern day knowledge) it's only awkward if you make it awkward. Even if it sucks a little by going with the flow and accepting your circumstances, you'll appreciate those nights together even more!

24 Awkward for couples: Accidental Matching / Morphing into the Same Human

This is maybe the most awkward point of all when travelling side by side with your sweetheart. After spending so many (read: all of your) waking and sleeping hours together, you sort of start to sync up. You probably start to speak in the same manner, with the same hand gestures, and telling the same jokes.

When you return home people glaze over as you finish each other's sentences when recounting your trip. As if that weren't awkward enough, then you start to look well, alike. It begins with things like colours that you wear, then it evolves to your actual style like matching sneakers and his and her sweatshirts.

It is inevitable so just embrace that soon enough you'll be twinning on your travels.

23 Awkward for couples: Explosive Arguments Rooted in Hangryness

Listen, travelling isn't always a walk in the park. Unless you are totally A-type and planned every item on your trip to a tee leaving no room form improv (and even then, life happens and plans change) your trip won't be without its unforeseen challenges. One of the worst of all, is getting distracted from eating which then turns into passive-aggressive rage or hangriness.

When your train gets delayed or your luggage gets misplaced or there's a longer than usual line at the grocery store check-out, hangryness can strike! Of course, when it does, you take it out on the person closest to you (we all do) and in this case, it will likely be your partner.

You can diffuse this awkwardness by naming it and apologizing quickly for your edgy tone and maybe even making a safe word (only half joking) that lets them know when the hunger is dire.

22 Awkward for couples: Sleep Replacing Other things

This isn't always true 100% of the time but if you've planned a multi-destination trip, this is 100% true on travel days. After a long flight / plane ride / walk about town getting lost, the last thing you will want to do is canoodle when you finally get yourself to a soft surface.

Instead, you will likely plonk down, face down until further notice. The physical movement isn't even what's tuckered you out, often enough it's mentally draining to be 'on it' when you're scouting for street names / confirming reservations and trying to keep a happy go lucky vibe going all day long.

This will only be awkward if you guys hyped up a honeymoon style lovefest beforehand and are constantly apologizing for being too tired to even take off your own pants.

21 Awkward for couples: You Are Looking Forward To Returning Home

Everyone feels awkward about this one when on holiday but it can happen! It doesn't even matter how long you're away for, if the destination is wildly different in its cuisine and/or customs to the point of discomfort it can make you long for home.

Unless you are totally in their comfort zone in the relationship it can be awkward for a couple to admit this to each other since they are supposed to be having the best time ever. Once you do finally admit it, you might even be surprised to learn that your partner feels the exact same way and maybe next time it will be staycation time versus vacation time. What a relief!

20 Awkward for couples: Bathroom Stuff

Typing about this topic is awkward enough but the cringe factor of the situation is truly one worth covering (and preparing for). As a couple you've had your ups and your downs but close quarters living means you'll be sharing a few extra personal matters. Unless you're a baller and have got yourself a gigantic hotel suite, we imagine that the area in your hotel/motel/bed and breakfast or private hostel room will be short on space and/or feature some sort of flimsy/partially transparent door to the throne.

This means certain privacy factors are reduced which can be pretty darn awkward for new and even more seasoned couples. Aside from just accepting it you can also help matters with some music and a book of matches to mask any life-altering awkwardness.

19 Awkward for couples: Other People Don’t Know You’re A Couple

This can happen if you are staying in budget accommodations like hostels and opt for the mixed gender dorm-style room where everyone is sleeping in bunk-beds.

Unless you are perpetually on top of one another in said beds (which would be awkward in itself) it can happen that people assume you, like them, are travelling with casual acquaintances. This can lead to a few awkward flirtation attempts in front of your partner.

Realistically, as long as you're in a solid relationship built on trust, it can actually be pretty flattering and funny. If there is any shadow of uncertainty in your union, this can make for some awkward arguments and jealousy.

18 Awkward for couples: Competition with Other Couples

When you're not the oblivious offending party, this can be the most awkward. Meeting a couple while travelling that sees everything as an opportunity to 'one-up' in an obvious fashion is a dead end.

You went to the Louvre? They did a private VIP wine tasting and night tour instead to 'avoid the common crowd'. You loved the view of the Italian Alps from your train? They booked a luxury glass top car through Switzerland's. You get the picture...

It can be really hard to feign interest in these types of shenanigans and it can happen almost out of nowhere. The best way to evade is to involve other couples/travellers in your outings and plans to dilute any douchebaggery.

17 Awkward for couples: Running out of Topics

This is common and only just a little bit awkward because it can make you worry about the state of your relationship. To be fair, if you spent 24/7 with anyone you're liable to run out of topics from time to time.

Instead of panicking, try to accept sitting in silence as a sign of true connection. If you're still panicked, why not try booking a few separate activities one day and then compare notes over dinner.

Chances are, you don't have all the exact same interests anyways so this can give you the chance to explore on your own and then share the best parts with your partner.

16 Awkward for couples: The Blame Game

Getting lost when travelling in foreign and unfamiliar places is par for the course.

There are two kinds of travellers: the kind that embrace getting lost as part of the journey and find unique experiences behind every wrong turn, and the kind that freak out and or get nervous about losing control of the situation. Likely, one of each exists in a couple which can make for some tension.

When you freak out and start blaming each other for this differing perspective or for choosing the wrong exit on the highway; it pretty well squashes the joy out of the moment.

Those bitter silences can seem to last a lifetime and being the first one to apologize can feel like the most awkward thing in the world. If you are able to be the bigger person/people and move on, you'll be happier in the long run.

15 Awkward for couples: The ‘Me Time’ Deficit Becomes Too Much

This can be a bit awkward because it can be hard to tell your partner that you need some space without sounding like a cliché break up line. The truth is a lot of us require personal time to 'recharge our batteries'  and do solo activities like reading, catching up with e-mails, journaling, or even just sitting in silence. It is not only totally normal but healthy to express this need to your partner and point out to them that they probably need it too!

The approach in how you do this can move the dial on the awkwardness scale from extremely awkward (during an argument) to mildly if awkward at all (arriving at a new destination and opting for a solo exploratory walk).

If you struggle with this while on the trip, it can be helpful to bring it up prior to booking so it doesn't feel like a punishment to your partner.

14 Awkward for couples: Split Expectations

We are brought up from a young age to cherish each other's differences from person to person and that tolerance doesn't go out the window when we travel with our significant other.

Maybe you prefer more luxury-style wine bars and restaurants whereas your partner wants to check out the local dives and homestyle spots. Perhaps you booked a fancy hotel when your partner was hoping to scope out bed and breakfasts instead.

While these differences often arise in the planning stages, little bumps along the way can be anticipated. Rather than letting your dissatisfaction fester with awkward silences, why not relish in your contrasts and compromise so that you both get the most out of your time together.

13 Awkward Solo: People Keep Asking You If You're Okay

Some people treat solo travellers as if they're some sort of dejected alien-like creature that could implode at any moment from total and utter sadness. The truth is, that travelling alone is like the gift you give yourself. You can comfortably do as you please, when you please without having to consult anyone!

I've yet to meet a solo traveller with the aura of Eeyore, in fact, they're usually the life of the party! It's pretty awkward to try and explain this to someone who sees your independence as some kind of defect. It can be even more awkward to brag about how awesome it is to travel solo to people who don't 'get it'. Just take their caring attitude as a compliment.

12 Awkward Solo: Restaurants Get Confused When You Say 'For One'

This often gets drummed up in romantic comedies and television shows as that awkward moment when the hostess thinks you're a loser for eating alone. Let's be clear here, you're out in the world living your best life on your own terms and they are at work, so you're winning. You can always remind them that Mr. Bean often eats along and look how awesome he is?

I mean if the Mr. Bean reference is lost on them you can always just continue being your vibrant self regardless of what others think of your choices. While a lot of blogs recommend bringing a book or making sure there's WiFi, why not just take in your environment with some good ol' fashion people watching!

You didn't spend all that money on a plane ticket to be glued to a screen. Enjoy!

11 Awkward Solo: You're flirted with in Hostels

It's like you have some invisible sign on your back that only creepers can read. They aren't picking up on the fact that you chose to travel alone for a reason!

In the creeper's mind, you must need some companionship and they will stop at nothing to provide it. If there is someone who is persistently pestering you be sure to let them know it's unwanted attention and if that doesn't work confirm it with those in charge of running your hostel. Maybe it means moving rooms which is awkward and inconvenient up front, but a far better call than enduring it just to be diplomatic.

10 Awkward Solo: Your Suitcase Topples Onto Your Head From The Overhead Bin

When travelling alone it often means your suitcase is crammed to the brim since you don't have another person's bag where you can offload certain items if extra space is needed.

This can make the dance of loading your stuff off and onto trains/planes quite awkward. If you aren't too shy it can help to ask the person behind or in front of you to give you a hand.

This can prevent your suitcase from toppling down out of the overhead bin while you're attempting to lift it and clocking you (or another passenger in the head). That would be way more awkward.

9 Awkward Solo: 100% of Your Stuff Is With you 100% of The Time That You're in Transit

If you have to use the lavatories prepare to suit yourself up with your bags like a donkey hobbling down the aisle to squeeze it all into a less than stellar, small, and smelly space otherwise known as the train/plane bathrooms. This is your reality as a solo traveller. It can be tempting to leave your stuff by your seat and leave it to chance but it can be a bit panicky when you realized you left your passport in your backpack while you're in the potty.

If you're clever and sociable you can always make friends with your neighbours seated around you and get a sense. If you trust them, it helps that they watch out for you.

8 Awkward Solo: People Describe Your Trip As Brave

It can sound funny when people start commending you for something that is actually, by most people's standards, a total luxury. It helps to understand that there are some people who don't dream of even going to a movie by themselves, it can seem like a crazy idea to take a trip totally alone.

Is it brave? Perhaps in the sense that it is going against what is considered the societal 'norm', but it is no more dangerous than travelling with others. The truth is that travelling solo is delightfully selfish in all the right ways but that might not be the best response to those who admire you for it. An awkward smile will do.

7 Awkward Solo: All Your Pics Are Selfies

If you have a killer selfie stick or better yet, a drone - your selfie collection can seem very cutting edge to the outside world. But if you want a regular old photo of you in front of the Taj Mahal or a tourist snap of you pinching the tower of Pisa - you're going to have to ask a stranger to take these photos for you.

Aside from the fact that this person may very well just take off with your expensive hardware, the sad reality is that the person you've stopped in the street likely isn't a professional photographer.

This can mean you get the apathetic finger over the lens photo, the improperly framed photo, the out of focus photo or no-flash photo and well, it can be just too darn awkward to ask for a redo. You just have to sort of wait until they mosey away so you can ask someone else or do it yourself selfie-style. May as well start with the selfie.

6 Awkward Solo: Your Phone Runs Out Of Battery

This isn't normally very dramatic when you're in a pair or group and can rely on another's phone for Google Maps or your digital documents. When you're alone, however, your phone running out of battery can be pretty darn awkward. Suddenly your main focus is to, by any means necessary, find a plug. This can mean loitering awkwardly in a tourist information point or visiting a big box store/art gallery/ bar where (hopefully) no one will notice you hunched over in the corner with all of your belongings trying to restore your phone back to life.

As awkward as it is, this aspect of solo travel makes you incredibly crafty and creative as you find alternative solutions to using your phone.