This might be the most stressful part of a trip; what to bring and what not to bring? If this debate constantly takes place year after year, then you have come to the right place. In this article we discuss items travelers tend to forget about while shedding a light on packed items a traveler just doesn’t need. Among the forgotten-about items are beach bags and first aid kits, along with other essentials you need to make a priority for the next trip. On the flip side we’ll discuss those items that just aren’t needed. Such items might take up too much room in a suitcase (like one too many pairs of shoes). We’ll also discuss items that can easily be stolen or lost. It might be best to leave those behind for your next trip.

Whether it be on a resort-type of trip down south or a sightseeing-type of ordeal in Europe, these are items to keep in mind. Without further ado here are 11 things travelers tend to forget to bring on vacation, along with 9 things travelers just don’t need. We begin the article with an essential that a traveler can use on either a sightseeing or a resort type of trip. More times than not travelers are forced to purchase this item even though they likely have it at home.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share with a fellow traveler. Let’s get started!

20 Forget To Bring – Backpack Or Beach Bag

Suitcase, check. Boarding material, check. Backpack, nope, who needs a backpack? Well, a traveler might not need a backpack at the airport but come time to start exploring on your trip, not bringing one can turn out to be a big mistake. This usually leads to a traveler needing to buy one despite the fact that they likely have several at home. Who wants to carry around a water jug and lots of other things such as cameras or snacks when you can easily place them in a backpack?

The same goes for a beach bag. Travelers tend to forget about this when heading to an all-inclusive. Again this leads to unnecessary spending for an item that takes up almost no room in a suitcase and one a traveler likely already has.

19 Don’t Need - Jewelry

If it’s expensive and easy to misplace it might not be worth the hassle. This is the case with jewelry for both men and women. It can get easily misplaced, that can happen in a hotel room, in a pool while roughhousing with a buddy or even during an activity or excursion.

It’s a common occurrence for travelers to lose various jewelry items such as expensive necklaces, watches, bracelets and rings. Perhaps bringing the less expensive items might be the way to go.

18 Forget To Bring – Pen & Paper

Who needs a pen and paper? Well, some travelers might. Have you ever been asked to fill out a document on the plane or at the airport only to be forced into waiting for the other travelers to finish with the borrowed pen? If that hasn’t happened to you, it’s likely due to the fact that you were equipped (or traveling with someone who was). In truth most travelers forget about this, leading to unwanted delays.

A pen and paper can also be useful to jot down just about anything when needed. It’s a convenience and one travelers should think about bringing in order to avoid the hassle of having to borrow.

17 Don’t Need – Towels

Towels are not only unnecessary but they also take up so much room in a suitcase. If a traveler plans on staying at a hotel or at a resort, there really is no point in packing the oversized towel. Hotels don’t shy away from providing towels, especially at all-inclusive hotels.

There is no need to bring one of your own. In certain cases bathrobes are also provided. Avoid the extra pounds and space, instead a traveler can bring an extra outfit or another forgotten essential!

16 Forget To Bring - Converted Money

The pre-part of travelling tends to be quite stressful. There is so much to do that some things can be left till the last minute. A traveler arrives to the airport only to realize they forgot to convert their money. Ah, it’s no big deal the airport and hotels have plenty of exchange places, right?

Wrong. This is a common mistake and one that can cost a traveler a couple of extra bucks. Hotels and airports inflate the exchange rate so it isn’t as beneficial. Ideally a traveller should exchange the money before the trip at a local branch or bank. This can give a traveler some extra bucks for souvenirs along with not having to think about converting the money at the airport. The only thing you’ll be thinking about at the airport is what beverage to sip on!

15 Don’t Need – Driver’s Licence/Personalized Cards

Like jewelry, losing a wallet with personal cards on the inside is a common occurrence that happens far too often. In order to avoid this problem there are ways to at least make things a lot easier. Instead of bringing the entire wallet with every card inside, perhaps leave the ones you don’t need behind.

If a traveler doesn’t plan on driving, why bring the driver’s licence (with the risk of losing it and having to pay for a new one)? The same goes for the other important cards that might not have any value for a traveler while on a trip. Make it a priority to only bring the cards you absolutely need.

14 Forget To Bring - First Aid Essentials

Travelers forget this more times than not. An injury or cut can occur quite suddenly while traveling. A first aid kit is not always available nearby, thus bringing your own kit becomes that much more important. A traveler can easily buy such a kit just prior to a trip at a local pharmacy or dollar store. In fact, lots of consumer stores sell vacation sized first aid kits that’ll take up absolutely no room in the suitcase.

This needs to be an essential no matter what type of trip one is taking. Better to be safe than sorry, right? So, pack the first aid!

13 Don’t Need - Roaming Data

With technology advancing who would have thought that something like roaming data might become of the absolute most importance for a traveler? We’re definitely in a different era these days.

However, instead of spending the money on roaming charges a traveler should check beforehand if Wi-Fi is included. Nowadays most hotels offer Wi-Fi free of charge. Even if the hotels charge it usually consists of a minor fee. Adding more data while on vacation can be pricey and totally unnecessary due to various Wi-Fi hotspots available. Think twice before getting that international data – it might be a total waste.

12 Forget To Bring - Reusable Water Bottle

Water is of the utmost importance during any type of trip. Lack of water consumption can cause fatigue, headaches and various other problems travelers don’t want to deal with. Whether it be on a resort due to heat or the constant walking involved while sightseeing, water should be available and consumed at all times.

In order to ensure adequate water intake, forget about purchasing a water bottle every hour. Instead a traveler should bring an empty reusable jug. Any traveler can purchase this prior to a trip at most stores. These types of jugs are easy to carry and a traveler can also place it in a backpack without hesitation.

11 Don’t Need - Various Pairs Of Shoes

Packing a proper suitcase can turn into a nightmare rather quickly. For those that use a smaller suitcase, convenience isn’t the greatest at times. However there are ways to avoid having a jam packed suitcase. One of those ways would be by packing less pairs of shoes. Shoes tend to take up lots of space and they also add unnecessary weight.

Selecting shoes to travel with needs to be simple – bring the most conformable pair for everyday use along with a dressy pair of shoes for the night-time dinner or nightclubs. Lastly, depending on the climate you might need to bring a pair of flip-flops, however they don’t take up much room. Aside from that you won’t need an extra pair of shoes. Leave them behind.

10 Forget To Bring - Snacks

Snacks might not seem necessary. However they can make all the difference. The “hangry” feeling is among the worst feelings to have at any point, let alone while on vacation. Having a snack handy can easily change one’s mood whether it be while in the hotel room or stuck at the airport because of a flight delay. It’ll also allow you to save some extra bucks.

If traveling to a foreign location with questionable food options, make it a priority to pack snacks that you love. At the very least a traveler can have this at their disposal when needed.

9 Forget To Bring - Carry-On Suitcase

It might be a traveler’s dream thinking about roaming the airport without the hassle of having that burden of a bag to take care of at all times. Although it might seem like the better thing to do, it isn’t. In the event that a suitcase gets lost at the very least you’ll have plenty of essentials in the carry-on. We recommend filling it up with some casual clothing items along with some undergarments (and a bathing suit if you're heading to a beach).

It’s a precautionary measure and one that more travelers need to follow. Instead of shopping for new clothes at a boutique you’ll at least have some options for the next couple of days thanks to the carry-on you brought.

8 Don’t Need – Too Many Clothes

Like shoes, travelers can overcompensate in other areas such as clothing. Raise your hand if this has ever happened; you pack one too many clothing options only to wear half the items. Okay hands down.

As discussed in the prior point leave some items for the carry-on in the event that a suitcase gets lost. Bring the essentials and not the debatable clothing options that you’re likely not going to use. With the added space a traveler can include other goodies such as snacks, a first aid kit and a reusable water bottle.

7 Forget To Bring - Credit Card

Who needs a credit card when you've got cash, right? Wrong. There is nothing worse than taking a trip with a planned budget in mind. In the event that a traveler runs out of funds it can ruin an entire trip experience. It can also cause a burden throughout the trip as you’re forced to limit spending habits on things you would have liked.

Instead, it would be best to have a cash budget while bringing a credit card as a backup plan. At the very least a traveler can ensure that everything is going to be okay even if the cash does run out. Not bringing a credit card or backup electronic card just causes unnecessary stress for no reason. Vacation is all about indulging, make sure to bring the backup plan if needed!

6 Don’t Need - Expensive Earphones

This one falls in line with jewelry and cards in a wallet. Earphones are so easy to lose, whether it be forgetting them on a plane, hotel gym, random spot while sightseeing or while taking the sun at a resort. Earphones are a classic item that travelers tend to lose.

With that said there is no point in bringing the best earphones and most expensive ones. Instead why not purchase a cheaper pair solely intended for vacation purposes? It’ll lighten the mood and heck at the very least, if you lose them or break them they didn’t cost much anyways as opposed to that $300 pair.

5 Forget To Bring - Proper Clothing For Weather

Heading to a location with a warm climate? Heck, who needs to check the weather?! It’s guaranteed to be hot. Let’s fill up the suitcase with shorts and tanks! Right? Wrong! A traveler needs to pack according to what the weather is going to be like. There is nothing worse than wanting to be surprised only to get rain for the entire week.

Check the weather beforehand and if rain is in the forecast, then pack accordingly. That can change the entire wardrobe choices as opposed to just letting it be and needing to purchase an umbrella and various hooded clothing once arriving to the destination. Check the weather and dress accordingly!

4 Don’t Need – Itinerary And Travelling Books

A traveler can spend an entire night creating an itinerary. This can prove to be a burden for a variety of reasons. For one, what happens if you lose the itinerary? Secondly, with so much already pre-planned the trip can turn into a stressful one thinking about all the things a traveler needs to do and see.

An easy way to remedy this is by creating bullet points on the must-see places while briefly jotting down other areas to see if time is available. Also write this down on a phone to ensure that it doesn’t get lost. No need to bring traveling books either; it’ll just make for less luggage space. The internet is just as effective these days if not better with more variety available for all types of travelers.

3 Forget To Bring - Advil And TUMS

This is a common traveling mistake. Especially while in a different country the value of TUMS and products like Advil becomes all the more important. Indulging in different cuisines, this can easily cause an indigestion problem. The last thing a traveler wants to do after a hefty meal is go out in search of some stomach relief - instead, bringing a small form of TUMS pack is the way to go.

The same goes for Advil relief. Headaches can easily take place whether it be due to dehydration, fatigue or heck, having one too many drinks the night before. Having these packed is essential for a traveler’s well-being.

2 Don’t Need - Oversized Bathroom Toiletries

Bringing Advil and TUMS is important, however make sure to purchase the smaller formats and not the larger sizes. With limited space a traveler shouldn’t fill up the suitcase with a variety of pharmaceutical items such as shampoos, soaps and a variety of other beauty care products. In truth hotels already have most of the essentials needed.

If a traveler likes to bring their own stuff, at the very least, purchase the smaller formats which are available at just about any Walmart. A traveler can also buy an empty toiletry container of a smaller size and fill it up without having to bring that massive jug.

1 Forget To Bring - Converter Plug

This is a common occurrence so don’t feel too bad if it has happened to you. It can be a nightmare to head into a foreign location only to pull out a phone charger and find out that it doesn’t fit into the wall.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Purchasing a converter plug can put any traveler at ease. However, if you aren’t willing to spend at the very least call or email whatever resort or hotel you might be staying at and ask what type of plugs they have. There is nothing worse than buying the adapter plug at a foreign location. The cost is usually double due to the amount of tourism in the area.