Given the easiness of it all, so many travelers choose an all-inclusive type of trip year after year. In terms of getting ready for such a trip, travelers have to think about very little. Once a traveler books the resort it also includes restaurants and various activities. In all seriousness, all-inclusive resorts meet almost all of your needs without having to leave the resort area for anything.

One thing tourists might have to think about is splurging on certain things. Some might come with the price point while others are add-ons at an extra price. In this article, we diagnose both ends of the spectrum featuring things that are worth splurging on and others that just aren’t worth it. For those looking to relax, perhaps it might be worth it to pay the extra price and book an all-inclusive with a 21 and over policy. This can avoid the hassle of having to deal with screaming children. On the flip side, is it really worth it to book a VIP area? The party in that section is usually half as good and the benefits might not be worthy of the price tag.

We’ll include lots of similar scenarios in this article. Enjoy as we take a look at 11 things no traveler should splurge on while visiting an all-inclusive along with 9 that are worth it. Be sure to share the article with a fellow traveler. Let’s get started!

20 Shouldn’t - Extended Check-Out

Travelers despise this part the most especially when a trip is going so well. It is time to leave and the trip is up. However, some all-inclusive resorts have a tendency to check-out their visitors far too early. This means you’re lingering on the resort with your bags and without a room. Extending the check-out can become that much desirable.

This shouldn’t be the case just because of costs. Certain resorts charge $20 per person and that’s at a per hour rate. Given the price, clearly, this isn’t worth splurging on. Instead, ask for a complimentary room which is totally free.

19 Worth Trying - Trips To The City

It might be worth it paying the small amount for a cab ride or a bus ride to head to the nearest city and to purchase some local souvenirs, like some local spices, sauces or jewelry. Staying on the resort is great and all, however, the city nearby a certain resort can enhance everything that much more.

Lots of cities also feature numerous site-seeing activities that can make it even more worthwhile. If anything, it can be a different experience instead of just laying in the sun all day. The city also includes better price points for souvenirs compared to the actual resorts and hubs nearby.

18 Shouldn’t - Beach-Side Massages

When lots of travelers think about vacation, they envision looking at the water with their toes in the sand while getting a lovely massage. This is great and all, just the problem with this is the elevated costs to do so. A traveler can easily get the same massage back at home for likely half the price and at double the amount of time.

If it is desperately needed go for it, however, it can be avoided and really isn’t worth the splurge. With the extra money, you can enjoy a lovely restaurant off the resort with a fellow traveler.

17 Worth Trying - Free Daily Activities

The one knock on all-inclusive vacations is the possibility of boredom setting in due to being in the same place for a week or two. However, that shouldn’t happen given the abundance of activities available on the resort. Just in the daytime, there is plenty of things for travelers to do.

Resort entertainers usually start off the day with some poolside aerobics. That is later followed up by fun beach volleyball and numerous other activities such as hilarious drinking games (for those that are over 21). For those that want to keep active, make sure to indulge in these activities.

16 Shouldn’t - Premium Brand Drinks

This is usually an add-on depending on the resort. All-inclusive resorts might charge a higher fee for those that want to indulge with a premium type of alcohol. This comes with a greater price point.

Why pay extra when travelers have all the alcohol they need aside from a couple of brands totally free of charge. A traveler can also easily go out and buy the premium alcohol they desire nearby, which likely costs less than the premium alcohol luxury. Sticking to the basics might be best in this type of scenario.

15 Worth Trying - A-La-Carte Restaurants

Hitting up the buffet is so easy. Travelers just put on a t-shirt and shorts while picking out the foods they enjoy. A-La-Carte restaurants offer a different experience and a classier one. Travelers are usually advised to dress up for the meal. Although this might sound like a nag it creates a great ambiance. The food is also so worthwhile as well. It usually ranges from different types of international cuisines. A steakhouse is another great option.

This is definitely worth trying out and when done right, you’ll feel as though you’re eating at an inclusive restaurant. The only catch, it’s completely free of charge and included in the overall price point!

14 Shouldn’t - Foods That Look Questionable

With so many options, travelers get excited to try just about anything. For those that have been on various resort types of trips, you’re well aware that this isn’t the best idea especially for those that have digestion issues. If a food looks too thick and hard to process, it might be better to skip out on it.

More times than not, eating questionable food leads to a diminished trip experience. No traveler wants to spend more time in the bathroom than on the beach. Splurge on foods but only the ones that you’re sure about.

13 Worth Trying - All You Can Eat Buffet

Some tourists might be skeptical when it comes to indulging at a buffet. After all, we all know about those stereotypes when it comes to buffets like the actual freshness of the food involved.

However, when it comes to all-inclusive resorts, especially those that are four stars or higher, this is usually not a problem. A buffet is great because it has so much diversity and the freshness of the food makes it that much better. Travelers can also take some things back to the room and enjoy it later on.

12 Shouldn’t - Expensive In-Room WIFI

Lots of resorts don’t include Wi-Fi, this tends to be an extra fee. The unfortunate part is that the Wi-Fi might be totally free of charge in the lobby area, just not where the rooms are.

Given the prices, it might be best to avoid this luxury. If anything, just go down to the lobby area and use the internet for whatever is needed. In addition, it won’t hurt to scale back on the social media - opting against the Wi-Fi luxury can actually turn into a blessing more than a curse.

11 Worth Trying - 21 + Resorts

Yes, children are cute and all, however, there comes a time when travelers just desire some peace and quiet. Depending on the resort, that wish might not be a guarantee. Some all-inclusive resorts feature children left, right and center. For those wanting to avoid this and that are seeking a more mature audience, it might be worth it to spend a couple of extra bucks on a 21 and over crowd.

This can guarantee no screaming children while giving travelers a more peaceful ambiance. With a more mature crowd also comes a more fun type of party environment - this can be a game changer.

10 Shouldn’t - Taxi Service From The Airport

Getting off the flight, the only thing travelers are thinking about is arriving at the resort as fast as possible. This might lead to a traveler hitching a ride or booking private transportation beforehand.

At the end of the day, you’ll probably end up saving 20 minutes while paying a hefty price. Hotels include free transportation with a lovely air-conditioned bus that usually fits 6-12 passengers. Why waste that money to spare a couple of minutes when the transportation is already completely free of charge?

9 Worth Trying - Pool And Beach-Side Service

Travelers usually decide to re-book a resort year after year due to the easiness of an all-inclusive. No need to plan anything in advance, all you’ll really need to do is arrive and get ready to relax under the sun.

So why not fully indulge by getting VIP service both pool and beach-side. Lots of resorts offer this completely free of charge. Also, just by giving a waiter a generous tip the service becomes that much better. Take advantage of this feature and spoil yourself to the fullest.

8 Shouldn’t - VIP Areas

VIP areas also exist. This includes service by the beach and pool areas. Although it might seem worth it, this luxury is usually overly expensive. In fact, you might get the same type of treatment in the regular area.

Travelers also complain that the ambiance is rather boring compared to the main parts of the resort for everyone. If relaxation is the key, then it might be worthy of the extra cost. However, if you’re looking to have a good time, maybe skip out on this as you won’t get much.

7 Worth Trying - Room Mini-Bar

We’re not talking Vegas mini-bar that features a mini-Champaign bottle that might cost as much as your stay. At all-inclusive resorts, the mini-bar is completely free of charge.

Not only that, but it is also updated regularly daily. It features lots of water bottles (which are essential in warmer climates), alcoholic beverages and other fun soda drinks such as Fanta. No need to ration anything, as we said it is usually filled up on the daily. Even if it isn’t, one quick call to the front desk and that’ll be adjusted rather quickly.

6 Shouldn’t - Non-Bottled Water

Water is very important in warmer climates. Especially when it comes to all-inclusive resorts, staying under the sun all day, proper hydration becomes that much more crucial.

However, the water needs to be properly formulated in a bottle. Anything else might be hazardous. Depending on the area you plan on visiting, water might be an issue. This is usually said to a traveler upon arrival at the resort. Drinking out of a fountain or out of the room sink is a bad idea. Resorts fill up the water bottles totally free of charge, no need to run the risk of getting sick.

5 Shouldn’t - Room Upgrades

Room upgrades might sound great. But honestly think about it. Do you really stay in your room all that much? Most of the time, the answer is probably not. Given that, why pay the extra dollars for room upgrades. In all likelihood, the room is generally the same with some extra luxuries like a hot tub.

Who needs hot tub on the balcony when you can easily go in one in the main pool area? Splurging on this might not be the best idea just for the simple fact that it isn’t really needed.

4 Worth Trying - The Night-Time Entertainment or On-Site Casinos

When the night –time entertainment meets the standards, tourists don’t even think about leaving the resort. This is what sets a good resort apart from a great one. The great resorts feature so many things to do that before you realize, the day is over with.

Not only do resorts offer great daily activities but the same goes on at night. A casino theme is a lot of fun. Some resorts also put on shows, skits, and games. And oh, a beach party is also a great way to enjoy the evening. No need to leave the resort or stay shacked up in the room, fully indulge in this great experience.

3 Shouldn’t - Booking Excursions Off The Resort

Splurging on an excursion is definitely worth it. This can create the greatest memories from an all-inclusive type of trip. However, the booking needs to take place on the actual resort and not elsewhere.

Numerous travelers have awful experiences when booking elsewhere. This has led to poor excursion conditions along with various sources of fraud. A fake salesman might sell the activity and then be nowhere to be found when it comes time to meet for the excursion. Play it safe and book all of this information on the resort with the proper representatives.

2 Worth Trying – The Beach

Obviously, splurging on the beach is of the vital importance. A trip can be much different from a lackluster beach. In fact, some of the top resorts in Cancun have a lovely ambiance and resort, though the beach itself is a bit of a letdown whether it be because of the size or vegetation that surrounds both the beach and water. This causes the travelers to chill poolside instead of by the beach.

This can hurt the trip experience so make sure to book a resort with a suitable beach area. This can make all the difference at the end of the day. It might be worth it to pay a little extra for that luxury.

1 Timeshares

This has become such a problematic area that reps at the airport warn travelers not to get involved in anything timeshare related. Although it might sound like a worthwhile investment, it is typically used as a source of fraud. Before travelers know it, they’re out some serious amount of cash with no real investment whatsoever.

Steer clear from these types of situations especially off the resort. This is where these types of scenarios usually take place. Save that money and put it elsewhere. No need to fall victim into this tourist trap.