The often excruciating and fabulous life of a celebrity is usually described as a lifestyle that is both highly rewarding and highly demanding. Rewarding because when a celebrity gets to a certain level of high status, they can take as many breaks as they want, buy whatever they want, and travel to any place in the world that they so wish to go.

Demanding because as hard as it was for the average famous person to become a celebrity, it is even harder to maintain that same celebrity status. Celebrities have to consistently receive work, consistently deliver excellent performances, promote their work to keep their audience buying their material, shake hands, kiss babies, etc. And then start the whole process over again for the next project over the course of a year.

When a celebrity has to maintain such a tough work schedule, it becomes just as tough to try to balance work with fun. Sometimes, artists are all work and no play. Other times, celebs do nothing but party and vacation to the point where we wonder if they even work their job anymore. With this list, we take the time to separate the workaholics from the vacationers.


For as long as Kanye West has been in the limelight, we've known him to be a workaholic. He has been known to spend several hours, weeks, and at times months in the studio trying to perfect just one song, and he would expect the same time and dedication from people who he collaborates with in the studio.

During the listening party for Kanye's latest album - Ye - that was held earlier this year, Kim Kardashian told Cece and Cruz of Power 106 that before the party even started, her husband was anxious for the party to end so that he could get back to working on his collab project with Kid Cudi called Kids See Ghosts.


It seems as though when someone in the top tier of their field has no competition, they don't have to put in too much work after a while. This statement seems accurate when looking at the Carter family.

More often than not, we tend to see Beyonce and Jay-Z having a family outing at some vacation resort, and we understand why. Beyonce has reached the pinnacle of the music industry and few musicians today can reach her level. Meanwhile, due to his longevity and highly praised discography, Jay-Z doesn't need to compete with any other rapper simply because, well, he's Jay-Z.

This allows the Grammy-winning power couple a more relaxed approach towards their careers.


James Franco has never been known to be the partying type, or at least we'd be hard pressed trying to find a picture of him living it up on the party scene. Looking at just how many projects he has lined up as of now, it's hard to even imagine him trying to take a break.

For 2018 alone, Franco appears in 10 movies - six of which are in post-production - and stars in the second season of HBO's The Deuce. And that's just his acting work! The Oscar nominee also partakes in work as a producer, director, writer, photographer, and even a teacher on college campuses and high schools.


Over the course of nearly 30 years in the acting industry, Halle Berry has molded quite the decorated acting career for herself. Although, she's slowed down as an actress in recent years. Over the past few years, Berry has only appeared in one project a year, and in some years, nothing at all. We guess that when you win an Oscar, you don't have much else to prove anymore.

But now, it looks like Halle Berry is looking to keep herself busy once again. In September 2018, it was announced that she is planning to make her directorial debut with an MMA film called Bruises.


Aamir Khan may not be as renowned in the United States of America as a big name actor, but he is a force to be reckoned with internationally. He is perhaps the most popular actor to ever step out of Indian cinema, and according to Newsweek, Khan is the world's "biggest movie star." The 53-year old actor got where he is today by pushing himself towards an intense working regiment. A regiment with no breaks whatsoever.

Khan refuses to take a break for holidays, weekends, or even his birthday. He told his friends and family not to throw him a birthday party so that he could focus on a film, and in 2012 went as far as to cancel his birthday celebration in hopes of focusing on a tv show he was developing.


Ever since Will Smith discovered Instagram and graced us with a nonstop sea of ongoing videos, we have seen plenty of footage of Will Smith on vacation. We've seen Smith and his family travel all around the world and we've seen him get into all sorts of wild antics, such as perform the Shiggy Challenge on top of a bridge in Budapest.

Lately, we've been seeing Will Smith on vacation and living his best life more often than we've seen him in movies. For someone who used to take on multiple projects at once, he only had one movie come out last year - Bright - and nothing this year. But as long as Smith is out there having fun for the world to see, we have no complaints.


No one would have ever expected Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to go from one of America's most beloved professional wrestlers, to Hollywood's second highest paid actor in the world. And yet, here we are.

It's easy to see just how The Rock reached the success he's earned today. The man does an insane amount of projects every year and every movie he stars in winds up being a box office smash hit. Heading into 2019, he already has 11 projects in development, and we can bet they're all gonna be hits, too. He works as hard on his career as he does at perfecting that killer body of his.


We could say the same about her fiance A-Rod, but he gets a pass since he's retired. Jennifer Lopez - while semi-retired - still has an active life in music, film, and television, most prominently with her Shades of Blue NBC series, until it was cancelled in August 2018.

However, JLo is far more prominent with her lifestyle outside of her career these days when she's attending big-time vacation resorts with her boo thang. Then again, she is a veteran who has accomplished a lot in this business. Now, Jenny from the Block is at a point where all she really has to do is take a rest to enjoy her riches with the man she loves.


Donald Glover has been often praised as one of the most multi-talented entertainers of his generation. It's hard to find something on his plate that he either isn't doing, or can't do well. He is a writer, singer, rapper, actor, comedian, director, and a producer. It's hard to find someone who excels at even one of those things, and yet, Glover does it all so well. All while making it look easy.

2018 has seen Glover play a young Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, he had another successful season of Atlanta, he hosted Saturday Night Live (a show that he used to write material for), had perhaps the most viral music video of the year with "This is America," and won his first Grammy. To top it all off, he had his second son with his partner. What a year for Childish Gambino! We're hoping his 2019 is even bigger, and better!


Tyra Banks just might be the biggest vacationer on this list. Even when we peep out her Instagram page, she is still quite active in both the modelling and entertainment industry despite retiring as a model. She continues to host both America's Got Talent and America's Next Top Model. We even heard that she is currently in the process of getting a sequel to Life-Size made.

Still, she somehow finds a way to make some "me time" for herself, and she often posts her vacationing experiences online. So much so that it would be easy to mistake her lifestyle as someone who always is on vacation.


Penelope Cruz is another entry on this list who realizes just how much of a workaholic she can be, but can't help herself no matter how hard she tries. She has admitted that she tries harder to find a balance nowadays between work and making time for herself, but it is a challenge for the Oscar winner.

Cruz once said she "might take 15 days off in a year" just to "please [her] family." She told Britain's Times Magazine that being disciplined as a teenage ballet dancer is what made her the workaholic she is today. After spending so much time smiling and dancing through exhaustion, she learned to do the same as an actress.


Ever since her new ABC show The Mayor got cancelled in January 2018 after only 13 episodes, and after her boyfriend Zandy Reich proposed to her some months later, Lea Michele has been doing all she can to enjoy some fun in the sun before she takes her engagement down the aisle.

When she isn't prepping her upcoming fall tour with Darren Criss through press runs and singing rehearsals, the Glee alumnus is frequently seen on Instagram taking in some much needed relaxing rays of sunlight. Usually on a boat, at poolside, or on a beach. Must be nice.


Scarlett Johannson is a self-professed workaholic. She has been once quoted as saying that she can't take a break for any amount of time without feeling "anxious" and thinking about work while on vacation. In the same breath, she admitted to being "exhausted half the time," and when we look at the work she's put in thus far, we understand why.

Since she started her career in 1994, Johannson has contributed tremendous performances, dabbled in a music career, served as a brand ambassador for multiple advertising campaigns, and supports a wide range of charitable organizations. ScarJo is truly a Hollywood workhorse if there ever was one.


It is rare that we see Sofia Vergara appear in anything these days other than Modern Family. She might make an appearance in a movie every other year, but for the most part, we just see her playing Gloria Pritchett.

We're not criticizing Vergara for this. After all, the role is her most successful to date, affording her four Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nods. The best part about it all is that when show production goes on a brief break after the season wraps, she has a lengthy vacation to look forward to.

During this time, we often see Vergara spending time with her hubby, Joe Manganiello. The two can be spotted taken traditional island vacations, or go for something unexpected, like attend a wrestling event.


We have all had our eyes on Lady Gaga ever since her breakthrough in 2008, and it isn't just because of her eye dazzling tastes in clothing. She has consistently found a way to keep us captivated gazed in her direction. She's won six Grammys and broken several Guinness world records.

Accolades like this would give anyone reason to take a break, but it has only inspired Gaga to strive for more. After catching the acting bug, she joined the cast of American Horror Story, and won a Golden Globe for her role. She hopes to duplicate similar success by starring in the latest remake of A Star is Born.


Mischa Barton first gained the attention of US audiences when she became the breakout star of FOX's hit show, The O.C.. She continued acting after the series went off the air in 2007, but nothing of note that received the same acclaim or success.

With not much noteworthy work coming here way, it has given Barton time to enjoy that grand LA lifestyle, as often depicted on her Instagram page. Usually we see her on the beach, or she happens to be out of the country altogether in favor of a tropical vacation, such as during her 2016 trip to Greece.


Tiffany Haddish has been a star on the rise climbing her way up the ladder ever since she first started pursuing her career in 2005. She finally caught a big break with her scene stealing performance in the box office smash hit Girls Trip in 2017.

Since then, Haddish has decided to take her career full speed ahead into the next level. Within the last year, she has released a New York Times best-selling memoir, became Saturday Night Live's first black female comedian host (a gig which she won an Emmy for), had a critically praised stand-up special, and starred in five movies. She isn't slowing down any time soon either.


Jamie Foxx has always been looked at as a triple threat. In the prime of his career, he was excelling in music, movies, and comedy. In more recent years, he's settled on mostly hosting the FOX game show Beat Shazam, and has an occasional acting role once in a while.

For the most part, it seems as though the Billboard chart-topping superstar chooses to indulge in his success, and we often seeing him partying on the night life scene or vacationing out of country. For a star of his caliber and pedigree, Foxx more than deserves to vacation more than he works.


With a net worth of $2.8 billion, Oprah is arguably one of the most powerful and influential women on the planet. She most certainly is one of the richest women in America, and one of the richest self-made billionaires in the world.

And yet, despite all of the success she has accumulated after almost 40 years of work, Oprah refuses to slow down. In 2018 alone, she unveiled a new cauliflower frozen pizza called O, That's Good, starred in the sci-fi fantasy adaptation A Wrinkle in Time, and produced a new show on her OWN Network called Love Is. 


Rihanna is one of those celebrities who we often hear about doing work, but it's rare if we actually see her doing the work.

Months after releasing her last album, Anti, Rihanna revealed she had just started working on her ninth studio album. And yet, Anti was released in 2016, and there's we've heard nothing about a new album as we are vastly approaching 2019. We usually just see her working on her suntan on the coast of a Caribbean island, or more recently, at the front rows of Coachella and one of Donald Glover's concerts.

When she finds time to make her way off these islands, she has been focusing on spearheading careers in acting, makeup, and lingerie. And she was just announced as the ambassador of the Barbados government.