WWE superstars travel the world more than most other entertainers. Fans only see their favorite wrestlers once or twice a week on the Raw or Smackdown television programs. However, there are many more dates on the schedule. Live events are not televised and features the wrestlers working an extra three times per week during the weekend in different places all over the world. The life of a wrestler means time is valuable. Most WWE stars will only choose to spend their free time in places they enjoy and have a lot of fun.

Canada is a country very special to professional wrestling. Legends like Bret Hart, Chris Jericho and Edge are just a handful of wrestlers that proved Canada’s best superstars can match up with the United States or any country. There are plenty of wrestlers that adore traveling to Canada for the company, living there or just taking a personal vacation there for fun. Some wrestlers light up when seeing Canada on their schedule, but others dread the long trips. Quite a few wrestlers prefer to stay as close to home as possible and don’t have as much fun on the tours.

Find out how wrestlers feel about it with ten WWE superstars that love traveling to Canada and ten that prefer to never leave the United States.

20 Loves traveling to Canada: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is arguably the most popular wrestler in WWE right now. The reigning Intercontinental Champion gets cheered from fan bases all over the world. Rollins also is one of the few wrestlers that loves the traveling that comes with the hectic WWE schedule.

Many interviews feature Rollins discussing his happiness with seeing different places and interacting with fans there. Canada is no different and may actually be higher on his list of favorite countries to visit. Rollins received an exceptionally loud ovation at a recent Montreal show with fans giving him a standing ovation. Despite not being from Canada or living there, the country has accepted him as one of their own during WWE trips there.

19 Prefers staying in the United States: Big Show

Big Show is one veteran that has been around the world for WWE. Fans in all countries are enamored when seeing Big Show wrestle live for the first time due to his massive size. Unfortunately, the larger size for Big Show makes traveling a tough process for him.

A huge decision saw him purchase a personal tour bus to travel from town to town on the WWE schedule when working the live events. It allows Big Show to relax and be comfortable instead of squeezing on the small seats on airplanes or cars. Big Show even avoided some Canada shows in recent years due to not wanting to deal with the extra traveling issues.

18 Loves traveling to Canada: The Miz

The Miz has a different reason to enjoy visiting Canada than the average WWE star. There is the common bond of enjoying the traveling schedule. Miz does making the media rounds in Canada and other countries where WWE is visiting. However, the main reason for Miz’s love of traveling to Canada is his wife Maryse.

Fellow WWE superstar Maryse is from Montreal and moved to the United States for her career. Maryse lives in California with Miz and their new child. Miz enjoys seeing his wife’s old home, favorite places and everything that comes with going back to Montreal. The couple may not reside there, but there’s fun to come from visiting together.

17 Prefers staying in the United States: Zack Ryder

WWE veteran Zack Ryder has unique interests outside of the ring. Many ‘nerdy’ things will see Ryder travel within the country on his free time. Action figures are something Ryder collects and loves traveling to big events that feature them like Comic Con.

Ryder’s biggest vacations typically see him going to other states in the United States where there are major theme parks. Cody Rhodes and Ryder almost started a podcast about it together. Ryder does not seem to enjoy traveling too far outside of the WWE schedule. Most of his interests and hobbies remain located in the United States.

16 Loves traveling to Canada: Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura has a passion for traveling all over the world. One of the major reasons he left a comfortable life in Japan to wrestle for WWE is that he wanted to wrestle in more places and enjoy them. Nakamura’s social media pages often show him having fun anywhere WWE takes him.

Some of his favorite traveling past times are surfing in places where it’s suitable and taking pictures of water towers. Nakamura has yet to do any of the two in Canada, but he did express a positive memory of spending time there during one of WWE’s 2017 tours.

15 Prefers staying in the United States: Daniel Bryan

One surprising choice for a wrestler that stays in the United States more than you’d assume is Daniel Bryan. The wrestling career of Bryan saw him traveling all over the world before landing in the WWE. Part of the terminology that the WWE used to describe Bryan when first arriving is a “world traveler.”

Bryan, however, does not seem to enjoy traveling too much outside of the WWE schedule. Unless he is with his wife Brie, Bryan rarely posts anything on social media about exploring different areas. Bryan even chooses to stay home when Brie is offered trips for Total Divas. The new life of fatherhood likely plays into Bryan wanting to cut down his traveling.

14 Loves traveling to Canada: Natalya

The Hart Family is the biggest influence in Canada's chapter of professional wrestling. Bret Hart, Owen Hart and many others changed the game to put their country's wrestlers on the map in WWE. Jim Neidhart was one of the success stories and his daughter Natalya followed in his footsteps to join the company.

Natalya currently lives with husband Tyson Kidd in Florida as it’s easier for their schedule. This makes it extra special for Natalya whenever she gets to visit Florida for work or personal time. The combination of seeing relatives that still reside there along with being adored by the home fans makes Canada a great time for Natalya.

13 Prefers to stay in the United States: Roman Reigns

Fellow Shield member Roman Reigns has a completely different life from Seth Rollins. Both men do enjoy being top WWE superstars, but the traveling comes at a cost for Reigns. Unlike his friends Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Reigns is a father with a child at home.

International WWE trips typically see the wrestlers spending a few days in a specific country on the tour wrestling in different cities. Reigns has made it clear that being away from his wife and daughter is the toughest part of the job. He tries to enjoy different places, but he prefers to stay in the United States where his family is based.

12 Loves traveling to Canada: Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn loves when the WWE travels to Canada, because he is one of the few that still resides there. The roots for Zayn saw him grow up in Montreal and live there throughout his independent wrestling career. Zayn did move to Florida when signed by WWE due to having to train daily at the Performance Center in Orlando.

A decision was made a few years into his main roster run to move back to Canada. Zayn has been spending all his downtime with his family there. A recent injury allowed him to fall back in love with his surroundings. Zayn has posted many pictures of his journey traveling to different places in Canada during his time away from the ring.

11 Prefers to stay in the United States: Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is the Constable of Monday Night Raw in an important role on the show. The heel work of Corbin is allowing him to continue interacting with top names to hopefully move up the card on his own soon. Corbin has his home and family life in the United States like most other WWE superstars.

A recent big purchase for him, Corbin bought his own house formerly owned by The Undertaker. Corbin having a new home has him wanting to not take too many trips away from it outside of the wrestling schedule. Even during the wrestling trips, there are very few pictures of Corbin traveling with the other stars enjoying the surroundings.

10 Loves traveling to Canada: Jinder Mahal

WWE often announces Jinder Mahal as being from India in an attempt to win over fans in the foreign market expansion. However, Mahal is from Calgary and he is proud of his roots. The Modern Day Maharaja found huge success in 2017 as a WWE World Champion for most of the year.

Mahal had a few trips back to Canada as the champion and expressed taking pride in it during a few interviews. Fans from Canada do boo Jinder, but it’s the reaction he badly wants as a hated villain. The WWE shows in Canada always seem to be a bright spot for Mahal’s schedule.

9 Prefers to stay in the United States: Bray Wyatt

WWE has seen Bray Wyatt have many ups and downs throughout his career. Wyatt did reach his ultimate goal in the industry as the WWE World Champion. Unfortunately, it was viewed as a disappointment and he’s been stuck in a rut over the past year and a half.

Wyatt does seem to enjoy the traveling aspect for WWE, but he doesn’t necessarily like leaving the United States too often. Many of his documented vacation trips on the rare off time will see him visit various cities in the country as opposed to taking big trips elsewhere. The couple of Bray and ring announcer Jojo prefer to spend their time home in the United States or on very short trips.

8 Loves traveling to Canada: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is one of the biggest traveling enthusiasts in the WWE. Past interviews have seen Banks describe the difficulties of only being home a handful of days per week and the positives of getting to see new places all over the world.

Social media photos and videos have shown Sasha visiting fun landmarks and hot spots in different countries. Banks often takes trips with some combination of Bayley, Apollo Crews, Titus O’Neil, Kalisto and Seth Rollins. These superstars enjoy seeing the beautiful places on their schedule, especially popular cities in Canada. The feeling is mutual as crowds in Canada typically cheer Sasha loudly.

7 Prefers staying in the United States: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has become one of the most successful female wrestlers in WWE history in such a short time. The presence of Bliss is always involved in the title picture regardless of which show she is a part of. Bliss is important to the Raw brand right now and is on every show with them.

Prior interviews have seen Alexa reveal that traveling is the toughest part of the job for her. You rarely see any images of Bliss with the other wrestlers looking at tourist attractions and taking group trips to fun spots. Alexa prefers to stay close to home with her pets rather than making the long trips for tours.

6 Loves traveling to Canada: Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose’s story is much like The Miz when it comes to traveling to Canada. The personality of Ambrose is one that many would assume hates traveling. Ambrose is reserved and only remains very quiet backstage at shows. One person he sticks close to is his wife and color commentator Renee Young.

The couple takes many trips together during the off time from WWE’s schedule. Canada is special to Ambrose due to Renee being from there. Young spent most of her life in Canada before making the move to the United States for WWE. Both partners enjoy going to Canada together to see her family and enjoy that part of her life.

5 Prefers staying the United States: AJ Styles

AJ Styles is another wrestler that was known as a world traveler before coming to WWE. The two years before Styles signed with WWE featured him wrestling primarily in Japan. Styles, however, made the move to WWE in 2016 because he was tired of having to leave the country that often.

The WWE schedule is apparently easier on his family. Styles is not someone that likes to take many vacations or leave home more than he must. WWE tours often will see AJ decide to stay in and play video games rather than go out to enjoy the new countries. Styles clearly isn’t a big traveler despite it being a big part of the job.

4 Loves traveling to Canada: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is someone that hates traveling yet loves spending his time in Canada. The part-time schedule of Lesnar often upsets fans and fellow wrestlers that believe he should work as much as the rest of them. However, Lesnar detests traveling and only wants to leave his home a few times per month at most.

The family of Brock, his wife/former WWE star Sable and their children live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Lesnar lives on a farm and does not like to leave the area unless a ridiculous amount of money is coming his way. The person that most hates traveling has fallen in love with one specific area of Canada. Lesnar even chose to represent Canada when announced in past UFC fights.

3 Prefers to stay in the United States: Braun Strowman

The life of Braun Strowman is very simple. Strowman does not have many interests outside of hunting. The Monster Among Men has become one of the top stars for WWE on the Raw brand. Many fans view him as the anti-hero to oppose WWE’s golden hero Roman Reigns.

Strowman does seem to enjoy traveling to new places occasionally, but he has made it clear that he prefers to remain in the United States. Most of his time is spent in places where hunting is more common and accepted. Strowman likely would have difficulty accommodating such passions while on tour with WWE in other countries.

2 Loves traveling to Canada: Kevin Owens

Montreal’s Kevin Owens has become the active WWE superstar hero for wrestling fans in Canada. Wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Edge retiring led to Canada attaching to a new top star in Owens. A move from Montreal to Orlando has seen Owens relocate to the United States likely due to the job.

Canada is still home to Owens any time he visits there. WWE crowds typically greet him with the loudest ovation of the night. Owens also apparently takes a lot of trips there in his free time to visit his parents and other relatives. Kevin’s wife has a popular Instagram presence that sees them share their passion for traveling with many moments in Canada.

1 Prefers to stay in the United States: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the two people most important for WWE becoming a global brand, but they are rarely traveling to these other countries. It is easy to forget Triple H and Stephanie are each high-ranking executives for WWE outside of the on-screen character work we know them for.

Both members of the power couple are at the WWE headquarters in Connecticut every day throughout the week. They only travel to television shows and tapings unless Triple H is booked for the rare international show appearance. Stephanie and Triple H typically remain in the United States for business when the performers travel internationally.