Wealth comes in different forms. As you’ll see in this article that’s especially apparent in the world of pro wrestling. For the most part, wrestlers choose to leave their hometowns when success starts to become apparent. In the past we’ve seen a plethora of WWE stars move to the Florida area – this is usually the norm due to the easiness of the area along with the fact that the WWE has their Performance Center in Orlando. In this article, we take a look at the WWE stars that now live far away from their humble hometowns, and are living the lavish life these days. For the most part, these are wrestlers that have been in the business for quite some time and accumulated lots of wealth. However unlike the other ten, they're not afraid to flaunt the wealth.

On the flip side we’ll take a look at 10 wrestlers that still choose to live a quiet life in their hometown areas. Living life in rich and populated areas isn’t for everyone. These 10 chose to stick to their hometowns in large part thanks to their humble lifestyles. As they say, there is no place like home!

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here are 10 WWE stars that moved to a more lavish area and 10 that live a humble life back in their hometown. Let’s get started!

20 Lavish Lifestyle - Goldberg (Bonsall, California)

He grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Goldberg’s first love wasn’t pro wrestling. Instead he was driven to make the NFL. Once that dream escaped him (due to injuries), wrestling was next on the agenda thanks to Sting and Lex Luger spotting the big man at the gym. It changed his life forever and he became a megastar in the industry during the hottest era in pro wrestling.

He’s living a different life these days in a stunning mansion out in Bonsall, California. What might be even more stunning than his residence is the monster garage featuring some of the meanest muscle cars. Getting into wrestling wasn’t a bad idea for the Hall of Famer.

19 Hometown - Daniel Bryan (Seattle, Washington)

Does it get more humble than WWE’s Daniel Bryan? It was quite the moment watching Daniel return to WWE television after a three-year-long hiatus. He’s back to doing what he loves most these days.

He’s also back to where it all began in his personal life. Bryan and Brie recently moved to Seattle, Washington, just a couple of hours away from Bryan’s hometown of Aberdeen, Washington. Bryan is set to call this place home for a long time, alongside his wife Brie and daughter Birdie Danielson. Life really isn’t all that bad for Daniel these days!

18 Lavish Lifestyle - John Cena (Tampa, Florida)

Growing up with four brothers, John Cena didn’t have much growing up in West Newbury, Massachusetts. However Cena, alongside his brothers, managed to have a great time with very little. For that reason Cena wants to enjoy his wealth these days as he wasn’t accustomed to the current lifestyle back in his earlier days.

These days John is residing out of a spectacular home in Tampa, Florida. The inside looks like a prestigious hotel. Some of the unique features of the home include a stunning outdoor pool, cigar lounge and a massive garage filled with some top tier muscle and exotic rides.

17 Hometown - Trish Stratus (Toronto, Canada)

Trish could have easily moved to the California area at any point. In fact, following her WWE run Trish wanted to branch out into the world of film. It would have made complete sense for Stratus to move to Hollywood while purchasing a luxurious home.

Instead she continues to live a humble life back at home as a proud mother of two children. In addition, Stratus opened up her own yoga studio years ago in the Toronto area. Despite all her success she remains loyal to the Ontario area. This really goes to show the type of person Trish really is behind the scenes despite all of her riches and fame throughout her career.

16 Lavish Lifestyle - Baron Corbin (Tampa, Florida)

He grew up in Lenexa, Kansas. However these days it would take Corbin almost 19 hours to visit his childhood hometown. Corbin is now residing in Tampa, Florida. He moved to the area following a developmental contract with NXT. After residing in Orlando nearby the Performance Center, Corbin decided to switch area codes once he transferred to the main roster.

Like so many other WWE stars he’s now residing out of Tampa, Florida. Oddly enough, he’s living in the former home of both Big Show and The Undertaker. The mansion is a thing of beauty and it’s also located by the water. A big upgrade for Corbin compared to his younger days.

15 Hometown - AJ Styles (Gainesville, Georgia)

AJ was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina. However, he grew up in Gainesville attending Johnson High School in the area. Fast forward to decades later and AJ is still living in the quiet area that features only 40,000 inhabitants. It isn’t every day that a WWE Champion lives in the same area that he grew up in.

Styles is also with the same partner since his high school days back in Georgia. The family lives a quiet and humble life away from the spotlight with four children. Despite all his WWE success, AJ remains as humble and grounded as ever. He is quite the human being!

14 Lavish Lifestyle - Hulk Hogan (Clearwater, Florida)

Just a couple of hours from AJ’s home is the birthplace of arguably pro wrestling’s biggest star, Hulk Hogan. However like so many others Hogan moved to the Florida area at a younger age.

He became an icon in the industry and one of the first wrestlers to translate that success onto the mainstream. Hogan continued to cash in during his WCW days. He made a fortune in the business and that showed in his personal life with a house in Beverly, Hills. These days the Hulkster calls Clearwater, Florida his home with a stunning residence by the beach.

13 Hometown - Kurt Angle (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

He was born in a suburb in Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon Township, Pennsylvania. Despite all the twists and turns that would take shape in his life, Angle would stay loyal to his Pennsylvania beginnings. In fact, following his Olympic wrestling carer Angle had a brief gig in Pittsburgh working as a sports anchor.

He went through lots of ups and downs during his wrestling career. However these days he’s doing better than ever before, back in the WWE family. Away from the ring things might be even better as Kurt lives a humble life alongside his wife and the couple’s three daughters. Angle also has two other children from his previous marriage.

12 Lavish Lifestyle - The Miz & Maryse (Austin, Texas)

Going from Ohio and Quebec to California is quite the upgrade for both Miz and Maryse. Although they play the role of an A-List couple on-screen the same holds true for their personal lives. Outside of the ring the couple had a stunning California home. They would also host some lavish parties throughout the years filled with more A-Listers.

With the arrival of their child the couple decided to move to Austin, Texas. Once again their choice of home is absolutely stunning, resembling a castle. Miz showed off the home via IG and it has quite the view. His backyard also features a pool that most of us could only dream of.

11 Hometown - Jeff & Matt Hardy (Cameron, North Carolina)

Cameron has a population in the hundreds, but the Hardy brothers really don’t seem to mind one bit. The brothers have called this area home since their childhood. These days both brothers are raising a family in the area. Matt is a dad to two boys while Jeff is a happy father to two daughters. Both have done a lot of growing up since their Attitude Era days, however their commitment to the humble beginnings back at home remains the same.

Jeff continues on with the WWE these days while Matt is currently contemplating the future due to several nagging injuries. Perhaps more time in his hometown might do him some good.

10 Lavish Lifestyle - Shawn Michaels (Orlando, Florida)

HBK grew up in Texas but he finds himself out in Orlando these days. Due to his involvement with NXT, Michaels moved to the area. He’s living a different style of life in Florida; Shawn admitted to the change himself;

“We went to the Fair the other day and Disney World on a regular basis; there’s just so much to do here. As you know before, we were in the middle of nowhere, which was great when the kids were younger, but now that they’re older, there’s just so much more opportunity here, a bunch of stuff as a family, and we are very fortunate to still have kids that enjoy being around us.”

9 Hometown - Curtis Axel (Anoka, Minnesota)

He grew up in Champlin and these days he lives just four minutes away in Anoka, Minnesota. With wrestling in his bloodline Axel entered the business a decade ago. It didn’t take long for the talent to sign a developmental deal. He’s one of the lengthiest members of the WWE family under contract with the company for more than a decade now.

Despite all the wealth accumulated, Axel continues to call Minnesota home alongside his wife Brooke Hennig. The couple lives a low-key life with their three children away from the spotlight.

8 Lavish Lifestyle - Triple H (Weston, Connecticut)

He grew up with some humble roots back in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Game attended high school in the area and he also worked at the local gym at a young age. Perhaps The Game himself could not have envisioned moving three hours away to an estate property in Weston, Connecticut. The gated area isn’t far from the WWE HQ.

He’s become one of the most important faces within the WWE off-screen. With all that work has also come lots of success. Not only is he living in a stunning residence that has its own gym in the basement, but he also has the luxury of flying in his own private jet.

7 Hometown - Bobby Roode (Toronto, Canada)

Roode is one of the few old souls left in the wrestling business. Outside of the ring he’s been with the same partner since the mid-90s, his wife Tracey Roode. The couple is also committed to the their humble origins. Bobby is one of the few WWE stars residing in Ontario; he grew up in Peterborough.

During his days off, Roode keeps busy with his three sons, all of which are involved in a competitive sport of some sort. Here’s to hoping he can replicate his personal life success on-screen with Raw!

6 Lavish Lifestyle - Lana & Rusev (Nashville, Tennessee)

It isn’t every day that a person goes from a small town in Bulgaria and moves to Nashville, Tennessee. Rusev immigrated from Bulgaria with the hopes of making it in the wrestling business. He first lived in Virginia, living a humble life away from the WWE. He would sign with FCW in 2010 and once he made the move to Florida, Rusev was introduced to Lana. This was a perfect decision matching the two alongside one another and they started to date shortly after.

Nowadays they’re living a completely different life (enjoying all of their recent wealth) out of Nashville, Tennessee.

5 Hometown - Scott Dawson (Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina)

He grew up in a North Carolina town with just over 5,000 residents. These days, he remains in the North Carolina area. The population is a similar one with only 7,121 residents. Clearly, Dawson loves the quiet and humble life away from the spotlight.

When he’s off the road Dawson is quite different to his on-screen character and in fact he’s quite the softy. Dawson posts various photos alongside his daughter and wife. The WWE success hasn’t changed his ways in the slightest and that’s definitely a testament to the person he is in the real world.

4 Lavish Lifestyle - Stone Cold Steve Austin (Marina Del Rey, California)

We just can’t picture Steve as a California dude, but according the LA Times he recently purchased a home in the area;

“Tropical landscaping, mature trees, hedges and lawns fill out the 6,000 square feet lot. Steve Austin has bought a home in Marina del Rey's Golden Triangle section for $1.49 million in a deal completed off-market.”

Along with this home, Austin also has a stunning ranch estate out in Tilden, Texas. He’s clearly enjoying all of his pro wrestling success from the 90s with some mammoth purchases.

3 Hometown - Seth Rollins (Davenport, Iowa)

Despite all his success, Rollins remains insistent on living back home close to his friends and family. Living out of Iowa also helps the WWE star stay grounded after all these years. Seth also admits that Iowa is a really cool place to live in and it accommodates all of his needs;

"I always tell them it's a great place to live. ... Everyone's very polite; there's just enough to do; and traffic is at a bare minimum, aside from when the bridge is being worked on," Mr. Lopez said. "It's easygoing, chill Midwest life. And that's kind of what I grew up with, and that's what kind of keeps me grounded, keeps me balanced when I'm off the road."

2 Lavish Lifestyle – Big Show (Tampa Bay, Florida)

Due to his longevity in the business, Big Show was able to save up a couple of bucks. In fact, he ranks in as one of the wealthiest wrestling stars of all time. He’s come a long way since his North Carolina days. In his 40s Big Show is now living in a stunning Tampa, Florida home, not to mention he also has his own personal private bus with a driver to bring him from A to B while on tour with the WWE.

Wrestling since the 90s, his fame has been earned from his WCW days to his lengthy WWE run. He’s off television these days however he is expected to return at some point for what should be a final run.

1 Hometown - Randy Orton (St. Charles, Missouri)

He was born in Tennessee, however The Viper grew up in the Missouri area. He still calls this place home these days alongside his current wife Kimberly Kessler. Orton pulled a complete 360 in this marriage, turning into a humble husband and loving father. Orton is the proud dad to the couple’s beautiful daughter. He is also the step-dad to his wife’s three boys.

38 years of age, Randy continues on, going quite strong in the ring. In truth he’s still performing at such a high level. Perhaps keeping a humble life outside of the ring has a lot to do with his longevity.