Living the life of a WWE Superstar isn’t the easiest. For most of us, when our day is done we get to go back home and unwind in our sacred place. This isn’t the case for a WWE star. They’re usually living out of a suitcase, and following a hard day’s work they check in at a hotel only to be on the road once again the next day.

Additionally, off-the-road days are quite limited. If lucky, a WWE star gets to spend three days at home. The home life of a WWE star varies as you’ll see in this article. Some choose to spend their personal days away from the public eye in quiet areas. However the same doesn’t hold true for everyone as lots of current stars reside in populated Florida areas like Tampa and Orlando. A lot of that has to do with the WWE’s Performance Center located in Orlando.

Not everyone chooses this home option, however; we’ll take a look at wrestlers who live in areas with populations in the hundreds! Maryfield, Saskatchewan, and Fairfield, Ohio, aren’t the norm for WWE stars. We’ll discuss 10 wrestlers who live in secluded areas.

From Brooklyn, New York to Cameron, North Carolina, let’s take a look at 10 WWE stars who live in secluded areas and 10 who live in crowded destinations. Enjoy folks and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Ring the bell and let’s get started!

20 Off The Map - Triple H & Stephanie McMahon (Weston, Connecticut)

As opposed to the boss Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Triple H chose to live off the map (especially when looking at the proximity to the WWE’s Headquarters). McMahon lives in Greenwich which is an easy ride to the WWE HQ. Getting to the downtown Stamford area takes McMahon about 15 minutes.

As for Triple H and Stephanie, they chose to seclude themselves a little further. On days that the US-7 S features lots of traffic it might take Hunter and Steph 50 minutes to arrive to the HQ. Nonetheless, they have no problem living off the map as their gated residence is a beautiful one and filled with archers of land in the backyard. The WWE’s power couple shares the home with their three daughter and two dogs.

19 Crowded Area – Shawn Michaels (Orlando, Florida)

Ironically this move to a crowded area has a lot to do with Triple H. He was living a quiet life on his ranch, however that would all change once Triple H gave him a call to join NXT behind the scenes. HBK discusses the transition on The Ross Report;

“We went to the Fair the other day and Disney World on a regular basis; there’s just so much to do here. As you know before, we were in the middle of nowhere, which was great when the kids were younger, but now that they’re older, there’s just so much more opportunity here, a bunch of stuff as a family, and we are very fortunate to still have kids that enjoy being around us.”

18 Off The Map - AJ Styles (Gainesville, Georgia)

The other champion on Raw currently resides in an area with a population of nearly 400,000. However, take a zero out of that number and that’s the population AJ Styles deals with on a regular basis during his private life back home, away from the ring (living in Gainesville, Georgia).

Despite all of his WWE success, Styles continues to live a humble life outside of the ring. He’s been with the same partner since his high school days. The couple has a family of four children featuring three boys and one girl. As you might expect, Styles has his hands full when he’s off the road.

17 Crowded Area – Ronda Rousey (Venice, California)

It might have a population of only 40,000, however this area is booming with tourists throughout the year making it one of the busier California areas. It is also the home of the WWE Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Despite her move to the WWE, she has not moved close to the Performance Center (yet). Instead she still lives in the California area which is pretty uncommon for stars on the main roster.

Living in the area, she’s definitely not getting the same amount of privacy as a dude like Brock Lesnar. Rousey is typically spotted by paparazzi doing just about anything, whether it be going to get coffee with her husband or catching a flight at LAX.

16 Off The Map - R-Truth (Indian Trial, North Carolina)

A suburban town in Union Country, NC – the veteran R-Truth finds himself in a quiet area with a small population of 38,222. Given his hectic travel life we can all understand why Truth chooses to live off the map in a quiet area. The WWE Superstar has been wrestling since 1997, if you can believe it! Rarely has the 46 year old taken a break in that amount of time. He’s still wrestling too, and is working a storyline With Cien Almas over on SmackDown Live.

Surely, he enjoys his days off a lot more these days given all those bumps and bruises accumulating during the years. He lives at the residence with his wife and daughter.

15 Crowded Area - Baron Corbin (Tampa, Florida)

This happens more times than not with former NXT stars. They reside in Orlando for a little bit (close to the Performance Center). Then once they get that main roster call-up, living in the vicinity remains the best option due to the fantastic weather and ease of the Florida life. Typically, lots of wrestlers move just a couple of hours away to the Tampa, Florida area. A location several WWE stars call home, including Baron Corbin.

In fact, Corbin bought the former home of both The Undertaker and Big Show. Small world, huh? Corbin explained the purchase on Talk Is Jericho discussing the convenience of the home;

“It was built for a big man,” quips Corbin of the cavernous abode. “Everything is way taller than it should be.”

14 Off The Map – Scott Dawson (Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina)

It’s an area you might be able to travel to for some peace and quiet due to its beach. However the general population is extremely small, at just over 7,000 inhabitants. That’s good enough for WWE tag team specialist Scott Dawson, though. The wrestler started in the industry back in 2004 – he was about to call it a career almost a decade later, however WWE came calling at the perfect time.

Despite his NXT involvement in the past Dawson sill chooses to live away from the Florida area and out in the calmness of North Carolina. He’s familiar with the area growing up in Whiteville, NC. He’s enjoying life in North Carolina alongside his wife and daughter.

13 Crowded Area - Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella (Seattle, Washington)

With the birth of Birdie Joe Danielson, both Brie and Daniel decided to move to a different area code. The couple decided on Seattle, Washington. Daniel’s familiar with the area growing up in Aberdeen, Washington. As for Brie, she’s from San Diego, a location in which a certain someone currently resides in (we’ll discuss that a little later).

The couple admits that they want to call their new Seattle residence a place they can call home for a long time. Brie explains via the Bellas YouTube channel;

“Bryan and I are looking to add our personal touches and remodels because this is the home we see ourselves growing old in– it’s the house we see Birdie growing up in.”

12 Off The Map - Karl Anderson (Fairfield, Ohio)

The city of Fairfield isn’t too far away from Cincinnati – the same place Karl Anderson grew up in back in his younger days. These days the tag team wrestler is the proud father of four boys. Talking about living off the map, Anderson spent lots of time living out of a suitcase during his days prior to joining the WWE; Karl was a traveling indie wrestler. Go figure, he found most of his success overseas in Japan!

Although he was thriving Anderson preferred stability at that point in his career. When WWE came calling (thanks to AJ Styles) he jumped all over the opportunity. Although he still kind of lives off the map, it's nothing compared to his prior days.

11 Crowded Area - Lana & Rusev (Nashville, Tennessee)

For a WWE star, it might be considered off the map. Nowadays, aside from the great Jerry Lawler and Eric Young, very few reside in Tennessee. However, the area is flooded with both residents and visitors throughout the year.

Lana and Rusev have chosen to call the location home. They aren’t planning on starting a family just yet – they just seem to like the area a lot more as opposed to Florida, where they first got started with the WWE. The power couple has been spotted out and about rocking the mustard colored Nashville (NHL) jersey during the team’s play-off run.

10 Off The Map - Seth Rollins (Davenport, Iowa)

He made it big with FCW, however throughout his WWE run Rollins has remained truthful to his town of Davenport, Iowa. Seth is one of the rare WWE stars to reside in the same area that he was born in. Both he and Daniel Bryan are part of a select few to reside back in their initial hometowns.

Seth has both family and friends at the location. He also opened up his own gym that is used as a training facility and wrestling academy. Despite all his WWE fame, Rollins remains grounded outside of the ring keeping his loved ones and humble lifestyle a common practice when he is off the road.

9 Crowded Area - Dean Ambrose & Renee Young (Las Vegas, Nevada)

It isn’t common for wrestlers to reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, Dean Ambrose is a wacky cat so it makes sense that he calls the area home. Although it might not be common for wrestlers to reside in the area, it is for common folks. The city also has its very own NHL team and one that Ambrose is all too familiar with. He took part in numerous Golden Knights games during their recent post-season charge.

His wife Renee Young also lives in the area with Dean. She’s enjoying a run of a lifetime currently working the broadcast booth on Raw. Young is the first female to do so.

8 Off The Map - Kane (Knox County, Tennessee)

Prior to his Knox County move, Kane was living the secluded life in Jefferson City, Tennessee. His former home had a tiny population of just over 8,000. Kane himself admitted he didn’t want to sell the home. He discusses with Realtor how hard it was to sell his former estate;

“Every time I go there I’m like, ‘Man, I don’t want to sell this place,’” Jacobs says. “It’s so nice and private.”

He sold the place in order to be closer to his political offices. Of course Kane is now the mayor of Knox County. The population is definitely a step above compared to what he was used to.

7 Crowded Area - Finn Balor (Brooklyn, New York)

A fan (via Reddit) may have forecasted Finn’s move to Brooklyn even before it took place. The fan discusses his conversation with Balor after meeting him in a Brooklyn metro station;

“He asked me how long I’ve lived in NYC. He told me about living in Florida, saying it was ok but he might prefer Brooklyn someday when it’d be easier to relocate (he was still in NXT at the time).”

Surely enough Balor moved to Brooklyn following his NXT stint. There really aren’t many wrestlers coming out of the New York area these days (aside from Paul Heyman and Mick Foley). Balor doesn’t mind the recognition living in a popular city, he’s among the nicest Superstars outside of the ring.

6 Off The Map - Jeff & Matt Hardy (Cameron, North Carolina)

Cameron has a minuscule population in the hundreds. However both Matt and Jeff continue to call it home despite their hectic traveling lives. These days both of the brothers are raising their families at the hometown location. Matt might be spending some extra time due to his WWE involvement these days. It appears as though Matt’s in-ring days might be done with. That’ll mean more time at the Hardy Compound – the famous area Matt used for several of his Ultimate Deletion matches. You can tell the area is a secluded one given all the space he has at his disposal.

As for Jeff, he’s still touring with the WWE not missing a step in terms of his daredevil style.

5 Crowded Area - Nikki Bella (San Diego, California)

Unlike her sister Brie, Nikki still chooses to call San Diego home. She had initially purchased a home alongside John Cena in the area. However since the split Nikki has decided to buy her own place in the spot.

Nikki and Brie are quite familiar with the area, growing up in San Diego. Once Nikki ended her soccer career both sisters moved to LA in search of fame. They took on various gigs but a Diva Search audition changed everything for the duo. They didn’t get a spot on the Diva Search but instead, the twins were offered a developmental contract. Clearly, it has all worked out for the duo, becoming megastars both in and out of the WWE.

4 Off The Map - The Miz & Maryse (Austin, Texas)

It might not be considered "off the map" for the likes of The Undertaker and Mark Henry, however it is for the WWE’s “it couple”, Miz and Maryse. The two previously lived in the heavily-populated California area. Due to safety concerns and the arrival of their first child, the couple decided to move. Ohio was an expected area given Miz’s familiarity with the destination, however they ultimately decided on Austin, Texas which was a little surprising.

They live in a secluded part of Austin and more importantly, one that is safe for the family. The home resembles a castle, with a stunning backyard.

3 Crowded Area - Hulk Hogan (Clearwater, Florida)

Nowadays the Hulkster calls Clearwater, Florida his home. Hogan has resided in the Florida area since his days as a reality star on Hogan Knows Best. Alongside his ex-wife Linda, the family lived in Belleair, Florida. The population was rather small (just over 4,000).

These days he’s in a busier part of Florida, one with lots of tourists. Hogan has a fabulous residence nearby the beach. He also has his own memorabilia shop in the Clearwater area. He typically shows up to the location greeting the fans. Clearly, Hulk’s doing his very best to reach out to the people since the Gawker controversy.

2 Off The Map - Brock Lesnar (Maryfield, Saskatchewan)

Back in 2013 Lesnar told The Globe and Mail that he wanted to move to Saskatchewan;

"I eventually want to become a Saskatchewan resident and ... I just want to learn a little more about the province," he said. "I grew up on a farm. I love the country. I like the wildlife. I like everything that Saskatchewan has to offer."

Brock doesn’t seem like the type of dude to play around and just years later, he would make the move to Canada a permanent one. He’s living a secluded life and one he has always dreamed of on a ranch alongside his wife Sable, and two boys. As of 2016 the town has a population of 348 inhabitants.

1 Crowded Area - Stone Cold Steve Austin (Marina Del Rey, California)

He lives on a massive ranch secluded from humanity in Tilden, Texas. The population in the area is a mere 400 residents. However, it was really surprising when the LA Times announced that Austin was buying a second home in the populated area of Marina Del Rey;

“Tropical landscaping, mature trees, hedges and lawns fill out the 6,000 square feet lot. Steve Austin has bought a home in Marina del Rey's Golden Triangle section for $1.49 million in a deal completed off-market.”

He’ll definitely enjoy a cold one while boating on the stunning water that the area has to offer. Hell yeah!