10 Worst Cruises No Vacationer Should Consider (10 Worth Every Penny)

Millions of people go on cruises at any moment of the year, and they love it. There are also people who have never been on a cruise, and they wish they could go on one.

When trying to plan a cruise, it can be difficult. There are so many different cruise ships to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

One could first decide which kind of cruise they are looking for. Do they want to travel to Europe, the Caribbean or even Alaska? Once they have figured that out, then they have the task of picking which cruise line and which ship to go on.

There are many different factors when choosing a ship, and it can be overwhelming. That is why we have compiled a list of the 10 worst cruise ships and 10 of the very best.

Let's start with the worst ones...

20 Ovation Of The Seas


Royal Caribbean is one of the best cruise lines in the world, but they are bound to have a bad ship or two. The Ovation of the Seas is not one of their ships you will want to go on.

This ship has very cramped dining spaces and pools. Their food was also ranked very low. Passengers even said that the ship had too many gimmicks, which ruined the experience.

19 Quantum Of The Seas


When this ship was built in 2014, it was the cruise line's biggest ship, and people actually loved it. That has changed.

Two of the biggest complaints about this ship was that the food was cold and there were long wait times to board. This ship does not service the Caribbean anymore, and it was sent to China.

18 Majestic


Princess Cruise Lines used to be more popular than it is now, and that is probably because one of its ships was in “The Love Boat." That is where the charm ends.

According to sources online, the ship has gotten very low reviews. This was specific when it came to poor design, cramped quarters, staff shortages and a very small theatre.

17 Meraviglia


This may be the largest ship in the MSC fleet, but size does not matter when it comes to quality. This ship travels to Europe and the Caribbean.

Some of the biggest complaints about this ship are boring food, lack of interesting activities and a staff that is not too friendly.

16 Dream


The name of this ship is Dream, but it sounds like people have anything but a dream time when on it.

The ship was in a bit of trouble in 2013. The ship was at a port and it lost power and was overflowing with waste because the toilets would not flush. The ship’s reputation has never recovered.

15 Helvetia


Viking cruise lines are river cruise companies, and their Helvetia ship should be avoided at all costs.

This was named the worst cruise in the world. The Viking ship only received a 2.3/5 rating from guests. One passenger, who had been on 60 cruises, said this was her worst experience.

14 Royal Clipper


The Royal Clipper is a bit enticing because it is a lot different than your average cruise. It is a cruise on a tall ship.

There are a lot of complaints about this ship. It is not friendly to children and it is incredibly rough if you are prone to seasickness.

13 Meow Meow Cruise


Not a lot of people know that there are a bunch of themed cruises out there for someone who wants something a little different. However, they are not always what they seem to be. Like the Meow Meow Cruise.

This cruise line caters to cat lovers, but they are completely disappointed when there are no actual cats on board.

12 Blockchain Cruise


This cruise is a little odd, and if you don’t know what you are signing up for you may be in for a weird and awkward cruise.

This cruise caters to “crypto-crazed investors.” That means this cruise is only for you if you dream about cruising with cryptocurrency figures.

11 Sensation


This Carnival ship may be the worst of them all. One passenger said that the only reason he gave it a 1-star rating was because 0 was not an option.

Some of the complaints included poor food, dirty dishes, inadequate room service, mediocre entertainment, and broken air conditioning.

And here are the best ones...

10 Celebrity Equinox


For a breath of fresh air, we are going to talk about the 10 best cruise ships. The 10 that will guarantee you a good time.

This ship was rated 5 stars and it is known for great service, great food, and a beautiful-looking ship. It is worth the investment.

9 Allure Of The Seas


The Allure of the Seas was the biggest cruise ship on the market until Royal Caribbean built one that was just slightly bigger.

This ship has a lot of attractions that may make you never want to get off. There is always food available and the quality is one of the best.

8 Celebrity Eclipse


Celebrity cruise line has found themselves on both our best and worst list, but the Eclipse is one of the best ships.

This ship has gotten rave reviews. One of them said, “I can’t say enough about this cruise line. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!” Definitely worth a travel on this ship.

7 Harmony Of The Seas


Royal Caribbean is known for excellence in service and the Harmony of the Seas is one of their best ships. This ship cruises all over, so there is bound to be a trip for you.

One of the reviews said that there was only one problem with this ship and that was that it set their expectations too high for their next trip.

6 Celebrity Reflection


Celebrity is another cruise line that has more best ships than it does worst. The Reflection is another ship that has gotten rave reviews.

There are quite a few things that make this cruise ship luxurious. Passengers have reported being pampered like they have never experienced before.

5 Regal Princess


The Regal Princess is another ship that you have to travel on at least once. It has gotten almost perfect reviews.

A passenger who had been on 9 cruise ships stated that it was the most beautiful ship she had ever been on. Hearing from people who have actually been on the ship is always reassuring.

4 Symphony Of The Seas


Symphony of the Seas is another Royal Caribbean cruise ship that has found itself on the best list. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet that this is a cruise line you can trust, I don’t know when you will.

This ship has offered excellent experiences to anyone who has sailed on her. There are water slides and a lot of other attractions to keep you entertained.

3 Celebrity Summit


Next to Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises seems to be the next best line that you can trust for a great time. These cruises may cost you a little more money, but they are definitely worth it.

The service on the Summit is raved about, saying it is one of the best ever. The staff and other cruisers have all been noted as being extremely friendly and helpful as well.

2 Nieuw Amsterdam


Nieuw Amsterdam may not have the reputation that other cruise lines have, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t book a trip on this ship.

It is a very elegant ship, so if you are looking for a more dignified and adult experience than this is the ship for you.

1 Oasis Of The Seas


Royal Caribbean is the last ship on our list, and this is the Oasis of the Seas. This has beaten the Allure of the Seas for being the biggest cruise ship on the market right now.

With a ship that big, there is always something to do and passengers wouldn’t need to ever get off the ship. They would still have an amazing vacation.

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