There are many different types of holiday for us all to enjoy across the world, but there are few experiences like a family holiday. When we say family, the definition of such a thing is rarely limited down to one or two specific items.

For example, you aren't exactly going to be dismissing someone from the group for not being related by blood, and in equal measure, you aren't going to be inviting people that you haven't spoken to for over a decade.

In the midst of all the chaos, though, we've picked out some oddities that plenty of you will recognize.

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10 Drunken Interactions

Everyone likes a good drink regardless of where it is you’ve gone on holiday, and regardless of whether or not it’s 9am – hey, we aren’t here to judge.

Something odd that always happens on a family holiday, though, is that you have the kind of drunken interactions you’d usually have with your friends on a night out.

Whether it be your uncle, your grandma’s cat or your cousin, there’s a lot to be said for gibbering on about utter nonsense when you’re three quarters cut and the sun is shining. Then again, you could be away in Iceland, too.

9 A Group Day Out

It could be the Christmas market or the local water park, but one way or another, you just know that a day out is going to be arranged. It’s described as a way in which you can bond with your relatives, and in truth, that’s probably the real intention behind it, too.

Some would argue it comes across as a little bit forced but we quite enjoy it. Nobody knows when the next time you’ll all be together is, so you may as well capitalize on it by enjoying each other’s company.

8 Nostalgia Central

You’re sat by the table (which has way too many mosquitos floating around it), and all of a sudden, a bout of nostalgia hits you all. Someone within the group will bring up a topic that hasn’t been touched upon in years, and the next thing you know, everyone is giggling away and reminiscing amongst themselves.

Some people say that you shouldn’t live in the past and we completely agree with that, but there’s nothing in the constitution that says you can’t look back and smile every so often, right?

7 Always A Chef

Regardless of whether or not it’s a big group or a small one, there always seems to be a designated chef. They may take it upon themselves or they could be nominated in some kind of Big Brother nominations, but one way or another, one is always picked above the rest.

We aren’t suggesting that they’ll cook for literally everyone on every single night of the holiday, but it just seems to be their preferred or required task.

But hey, if the food is good (which it almost always is), we aren’t complaining.

6 Secrets Revealed

You go through life thinking one thing and because of that, it feels pretty odd when it gets spun on its head. Therefore, when a secret is revealed by a member of your family in a holiday setting, it often comes across as something of a shock – or perhaps even an illusion, like you’re just dreaming – or having a nightmare, based on the information itself.

It’s not exactly the biggest deal in the world unless you’ve been transferred into an episode of Days of our Lives, or a similar soap opera.

5 Family Games

It’s a fun custom that needs to be brought back into the homes of, in our opinion, just about everyone on the planet. We are, of course, talking about family games night.

Cards, Monopoly or perhaps even Backgammon, it really doesn’t matter. It’s not exactly the kind of thrill-seeking activity that is going to get everyone’s motor running, but in the same manner, it simply doesn’t need to.

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It’s just a bit of harmless fun, which we tend to believe is the best kind of fun you can have.

4 Shopping Adventures

Stereotypes indicate that the women would go off and enjoy a good old fashioned shopping day, but we think that’s a bit too over the top, and that the stereotype is a tad played out.

There are many reasons to shop abroad, whether it be to pass the time, because the prices are cheaper, or maybe just because you need to buy a few gifts for people back home.

Not everyone goes shopping six or seven days a week and as such, this can be viewed as a bit of a novelty.

3 Home Comforts

Eating habits come and go for a lot of people but that certainly isn’t a universal truth. In fact, sticking with your home comforts is a pretty common behavior when you’re overseas, mainly because it makes you feel a little bit safer.

That home comfort could be your favorite brand of tea, a certain cheeseburger or maybe even fish & chips. The possibilities, as you can imagine in this instance, are quite literally endless.

It’s all about making your group feel as comfortable as they possibly can and this helps to achieve that goal.

2 False Promises

“We’ll definitely have to arrange something, keep in touch!”.

We all mean well when it comes to suggesting these future activities and enjoyable days out, but in the end, it rarely comes to fruition. No one specific person is at fault for that because we all have busy lives to lead, but it’s just the reality of things.

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On the odd occasion a few of you from the holiday may get together but if it’s a large group, then summoning everyone can prove difficult (unless you’re booking another holiday ASAP).

1 Splitting Into Groups

Again, it often isn’t intentional, but it’s natural for folks to split off into smaller groups if they see fit. This is a holiday, and it’s all about enjoying yourselves. You’ll be back at work soon.

Some may want to eat down by the marina whereas others might want to take in a Freddie Mercury tribute act. One way or another it’s all about your personal preference, and that’s perfectly fine.

In the end, the most important thing is that you all come back together and celebrate – because family is for life.

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