This can be a cause for concern foor lots of travelers. Fitness enthusiasts work so hard year-round to maintain their tremendous shape. However a vacation can turn into a burden thinking about the hurdles one must jump over in order to stay healthy. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be all that difficult and in fact, planning beforehand can solve lots of problems. Other practices can also ensure one’s well-being while on vacation. Swimming, packing snacks and meditating can all play a role in facilitating one’s fitness goals during a trip.

On the other end we’ll also discuss things that need to be avoided. These are the hurdles most fit fanatics stress over. Beverage consumption and carbohydrate binging are among some of the top problems. Along with acknowledging what to avoid we will also provide some tips on ways to detour these unnecessary vacation habits.

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to send it to a fellow (fit) traveler. Brushing up on this list just prior to taking a vacation can make all the difference. Without further ado here are 10 ways to stay healthy while on vacation and 10 things to avoid. Let’s begin!


20 Stay Healthy - Stretching & Meditation Daily

One of the best parts about taking a trip is coming back to reality and feeling brand new. The last thing a traveler wants to be doing is coming back even more tired than before leaving. Ways to avoid that feeling include stretching and meditation practices daily.

This can be so easy (a morning ritual that takes only a couple of minutes). Along with different stretches, meditating can be just as important putting the mind in a proper state. Just by breathing in and out a traveler can feel at ease and ready to tackle the day with the utmost positive attitude. Just taking a bit of time can change everything in terms of physical and mental wellness.

19 Avoid - Lack Of Sleep

It is understandable and admirable that a traveler wants to do as many things as possible while on vacation. Running on adrenaline this won’t feel too bad at the moment, however don’t be fooled, it will all catch up leading to a breakdown. Once the trip is done with all a traveler might want is their bed for the next week.

This must be avoided for a traveler’s physical and mental well-being. Increased sleep can instantly boost morale while providing more energy instantly. Mixing this in with stretching and meditation can result in one of the most positive vacation experiences ever.

18 Stay Healthy – Bring A Journal

Huh? Bringing a journal can allow a traveler to stay healthy during a trip? This can lead to a different kind of health and one that is related to the mind. Improving the brain can result in one improving themselves physically as well. A journal can provide the traveler with a great sense of positivity. Simply writing your goals and what you hope to achieve can be the start of something special once you get back from the trip.

Among the goals can include a healthy lifestyle once your trip comes to an end. A traveler might be astonished to see how effective it can be to simply write down your goals on paper.

17 Avoid – Fasted food consumption


What works back home might not work on vacation. A fasted or intermediate fasted  program has become a popular formula among fitness enthusiasts. What needs to be factored in is the energy levels consumed when following this type of structure. If someone works a desk job they’re barely burning throughout the day which makes the program easier to follow.

However the same conditions aren’t true during a trip. Travelers tend to be a lot more active (especially when in warmer climates). This makes fasting a lot harder and something that is less desirable. Instead, opt for a healthy protein and dietary fat option to get you started.

16 Stay Healthy - Swimming

Who needs the gym when a traveler has a swimming pool at their disposal? A traveler doesn’t need to limit themselves when it comes to burning cals. As a matter of fact swimming can prove to be even more effective. A free swim in general requires lots of muscles to be put to work. This causes the calorie breakdown.

This ritual can also shock the system providing a new cardio formula as opposed to a jog, treadmill or whatever else a fitness enthusiast usually utilizes for cardio.

15 Avoid – Consuming Large Meals

This tends to be a reoccurring problem for lots of travelers. Getting so consumed by a resort or a new city (and new food options) a traveler can totally forget about eating. Aside from breakfast, most don’t eat another meal until the wee hours of the afternoon. Under-eating might seem like a positive thing but in truth it just leads to greater calorie consumption later on in the day.

Typically supper is the meal that travelers over commit to. Eating more cals that one is accustomed to in one meal can lead to digestion problems along with that bloated feeling nobody wants. Instead, a traveler might find it easier to consume smaller meals throughout the day.

14 Stay Healthy – Go For A Jog

It can be that easy. Put on the sneakers, get those headphones on and start jogging. For those that tend to be perfectionists you can also bring a cal-tracker that keeps tabs on how much you burned and the amount of distance covered. Once again a fancy piece of gym equipment isn’t needed.

Burning cals while on vacation can be that easy. If a traveler decides to run on the beach it can also lead to more cals being burned due to the heat. Like swimming, this can be an effective tool that is just so easy and has quite the impact.

13 Avoid - Eating Before Bed

Scientifically, eating before bed doesn’t cause one to gain. However it can lead to digestion problems. Particularly during vacation most travelers want that ideal beach look.

Having food in the system from the night prior won’t have you feeling as good. It is important not to overdo things before bed. If anything, indulge in those delicious pleasantries prior. Food timing is a big part in the well-being of a traveler. Nobody wants to binge out and lay down for eight hours. Attempt to stay a little active following a large meal for digestion purposes.

12 Stay Healthy – Water Intake

Having a bottle of water handy can make all the difference during a trip. A wise traveler goes to the Dollar Tree prior to the trip and purchases a large water jug that’s easy to carry around. This can save a traveler lots of money while filling up the jug on the regular. This should ensure a good amount of fluids.

Without water it can lead to a variety of problems such as headaches, nausea and fatigue. Water can also help to transport the food in one’s system diminishing the chances of indigestion or feeling bloated.

11 Avoid - Overdoing It With The Beverages

Part of the fun in taking a trip is enjoying a fresh beverage by the pool or the beach. However if you want to avoid difficulties, then overdoing it in the beverage department should be avoided. Alcoholic beverages aren’t the only problem. Soft drinks also contain an unnecessary amount of sugars. It makes the beverage loaded with carbohydrates providing a traveler with the brutal feeling of feeling bloated.

Be smart with the choice of beverage and if anything, opt for the same tasting low cal option. Alcohol consumption should also be monitored. Overdoing it won’t help in staying healthy, that’s for sure.

10 Stay Healthy – Exercising

Who would have thought that exercising can be beneficial to one’s health? Okay, we’re only kidding but seriously exercise can help while on vacation. However you should not overdo it. A 30 minute high intensity full body session can do the trick just as easy.

A traveler doesn’t even need a full set of weights to get a sweat on. Something as simple as push ups, pull ups and a variety of abdominal workouts can prove to be just as crucial. A traveler doesn’t necessarily need a gym to keep fit during a vacation.

9 Avoid - Long Training Sessions

As we just discussed, keeping it simple is the way to go. There is no need to spend hours inside a fitness facility while on a trip. Half an hour of high intensity workouts can usually do the trick. Overtraining is just going to add more fatigue resulting in a lessened travel experience.

Working out for over an hour, you’ll want the hotel bed more than a spot pool-side by the beach or sight-seeing elsewhere. We all need rest and if anything a traveler can benefit from the less intense workouts than continuing on with that rigorous pace.

8 Stay Healthy - Shop For Fresh Foods

Eating at a restaurant doesn’t have to be the 'be all, end all' while traveling. A traveler should not feel cornered. Lots of alternatives exist and that includes going to purchase healthy foods on your own. You can stay just as healthy while travelling by shopping at a local market and purchasing fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

This can prove to be an easy way to cut those cravings. It can also allow a traveler to fuel up during the day without getting that “hangry” feeling when depriving one's needs. Taking 10 minutes out of your trip to make this purchase can make all the difference.

7 Avoid - Overspending To Eat Healthy

The sad reality is that various consumers are aware of the fitness craze and healthy lifestyle most opt for these days. For that reason lots of stores boost up the prices. Just by the label reading organic or healthy it causes a massive rise in the price. Whole Foods is an example of this phenomenon.

Don’t let this happen. Shop wisely and avoid the hot spots located in the tourist attraction areas. If anything use a laptop, tablet or phone and simply search for a local market out of the hot spot zones. It’ll result in a traveler purchasing the same item at half the cost and likely with a greater variety of options.

6 Stay Healthy – Protein Power

Fear not, travelers, protein won’t cause you to bulk or gain mass (of course, that depends on the quantity consumed). If anything, protein promotes how fast one recovers internally. The goal of protein is to build and repair. Ultimately protein consumption should make a traveler feel good and not depleted. Seriously, who wants to feel depleted during a trip?

A steady protein intake can help in cutting down cravings while staying healthy. A variety of healthy proteins exist, it all depends on personal preference and which proteins one enjoys the most.

5 Avoid – Under-Eating

This is another travel mistake frequently made. Raise your hand if this happened to you. There is nothing healthy to eat so instead you think that not eating at all is the better alternative. Okay, hands down please.

This is the unfortunate reality for lots of travelers. Getting so consumed by everything else under-eating can be so easy. Again, the adrenaline factor of it all might make it seem okay. However, it all catches up and you won’t feel good eventually. Under-eating not only plays a role physically but it can be just as harmful mentally. Set up a proper plan that ensures the quality amount of nutrition during a trip.

4 Stay Healthy – Quick Meal Replacements

Time and cals. These tend to be the two main reasons for travelers under-eating during a trip. The remedy can be as easy as a protein bar or a protein supplement. Lots of quick alternatives exist. Nowadays anyone can consume anything on the go. Even a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie loaded with goodness can do the trick.

A traveler can also prepare in advance, packing additional power bars or protein beverages. Taking this route will result in staying healthy, getting in healthy cals and missing a minimal amount of time while enjoying whatever type of trip.

3 Avoid – Carbs At The Wrong Time

Carbohydrates aren’t as evil as one might think. In fact you can still maintain quite the figure while consuming a healthy amount. When it comes to carb intake it is all about when to consume them. The best window is following an active day with lots of calories being burned. A not-so-good time would be during a lazy day just a couple of hours before bed. This would result in a traveler feeling quite ill and nobody wants to go to bed feeling that way.

A traveler should also be aware of which carbohydrates are easy to digest and which just don’t sit well at all.

2 Stay Healthy - Stay Active

Here’s a slogan to remember during the next trip, “stay healthy, stay active.” It can also work in reverse, “stay active, stay healthy.” Pretty neat, huh?

This is the reality of a trip; the more active a traveler is the more cals he/she might require. However the less calories one consumes throughout the day the smaller the window for consumption is. In order to ensure the proper activity levels, be sure to book various activities before the trip even takes place. A traveler can also track their steps and cals burned through a FitBit or any other related device. Staying active is one of the biggest keys to maintaining a healthy base during a trip away from the gym.

1 Avoid – Fast Food

One of the biggest nightmares for fitness enthusiasts is pounding down unnecessary cals. If that is a problem then fast food needs to be avoided and that’s especially true if you want to maintain that figure. Fast food is typically loaded with sodium and various preservatives that don’t make anyone feel good. It should be avoided and the way to go is by planning ahead.

If a traveler is out for the day, just packing some extra snacks or supplements can cut down those cravings rather quickly. Getting an idea of the surroundings could also be an effective measure. Travelers can easily have something healthier nearby. Lots of alternatives exist. However, if one doesn't want to risk it, packing ahead of time is the way to go.