Out of all the famous celebrities in the United States, we have the so-called power couples. One of the most popular couples to ever be seen in all types of media almost every day, a piece of yummy cheese to the scurrying paparazzi mice, is Kimye. Kimye is husband and wife celebrity power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kim Kardashian is one of the most photographed and talked about socialite since Paris Hilton. Kanye West is a singer, songwriter, and producer and he has won at least 20 Grammy Awards. This article documents some of the ways Kanye and Kim travel like multi-millionaires, from the ride they own to destinations far and too rich for the regular guy.

Total performer and former child of destiny, Beyonce Knowles, and hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z. Between the two, they have 39 Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe nomination. The two couples are friends, but we can’t help but compare the two, especially with how they travel and spend their millions. It seems that the Carters have a little more to spend than Kimye. See if it’s true and read on.

20 Kanye and Kim: Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

The latest out of what’s sure to be a packed garage in Kim and Kanye’s house, the new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon was a gift from the thoughtful husband to the excited wife, Kim. No special occasion, no birthday to celebrate, Kanye West just wanted to be thoughtful. And look at the color of the new Mercedes, it’s lime green, kind of fits Kim. This ride is worth at least $109,000 up to $180,000 and Kanye just got one for Kim on a regular thoughtful day. What kind of gift does Kim receive when Kanye had the time to think it over and prepare for it, we can only imagine?

19 Kanye and Kim: Kanye's 40th

The Bahamas is a stretch of islands floating in the vast Atlantic Ocean, located some miles off the coast of southern Florida. It is an ever-popular vacation destination for Americans, and there are some secluded spots so pristine and untouched they can only be afforded by the rich and famous. One such spot was used by Kim Kardashian during a weekend away with her friends and family. This special outing was for the benefit of her beau and his 40th birthday. The destination can be had by invitation only, an exclusive resort club not accessible by everyone. They enjoyed the prestige for four days and Kim rented a villa that was believed to have cost at least $176,000 for the duration of their stay.

18 Kanye and Kim: Not Just One Private Plane

Well, of course, in order to get to that astoundingly expensive birthday venue for Kanye, and to land there swiftly and as comfortably as possible, the only option is flying private class. Kim and Kanye are not just a regular celebrity couple, they are a power couple who are no strangers to private jets. But since this is no regular excursion, and with the size of their entourage, Kim rented, not one, not two, but four private planes. Getting one private jet is luxurious enough, renting four at once is a supremely luxurious act. Well, it is his birthday, so everything has to be special.

17 Kanye and Kim: Ireland Honeymoon

What better way is there to cap an unforgettable wedding than to fly off to Ireland and spend the first few days of married life together in the romantic Irish landscape? Being a couple living a life of royalty, they were treated as such. Starting with Mercedes limousines waiting for them at Ireland’s Cork Airport, then to a secret and private estate. Their itinerary included a tour of Dublin’s tourist spots, but mostly it’s all about the couple’s new chapter in their life, a vacation alone together in a private and luxurious resort or mansion, no one could confirm where they stayed.

16 Kanye and Kim: The Wedding

Weddings are extravagant events where the bride and groom go all out and all in. Kim and Kanye definitely went all out for their wedding. It was held in Italy, and in one of the most romantic places, a wedding could be held, in Florence. That year, it was hands down the most watched wedding. They should have hooked up with Pay-Per-View. It just cost $400,000 to set up the Belvedere Fort as their venue, no big deal. Like most newlyweds, they went all out, but unlike most of them, they did not go all in, and they did not have to, anyway.

15 Kanye and Kim: Nights in Paris

Couples always have their favorite spot, that one place they always go together. It can be a nice restaurant, a bar, or a good bench in the park with a nice view of the city. For some couples, though, a favorite place could mean a nice, romantic, different city. In the case of Kim and Kanye, their favorite city is Paris. They get accommodations in expensive hotels like Le Royal Monceau Hotel, eat at restaurants like L’Avenue. They frequent Paris because of fashion week, too. Kim is still a Kardashian after all, so fashion and looking real good is in her blood.

14 Kanye and Kim: Japan Trip

This Japan trip is one more trip Kim arranged to celebrate her husband Kanye’s birthday. It was one of the most thoughtful gestures Kim made for Kanye, that we know of, at least. In a social media post she shared, Kanye is in front of a spread of assorted products, clues to where Kim is taking him. Apparently, Kanye has a soft spot for Japanese treats and reading materials. How rich are you to take your husband on a surprise trip thousands of miles away from where you live? That’s just how millionaires do it, that’s how Kimye rolls!

13 Kanye and Kim: Tesla Model S

Tesla is beginning to dominate the automotive industry with their hybrid, eco-friendly, vehicles. A great way to determine if a manufacturer has started gaining ground in the market is when celebrities start acquiring their product. The Tesla Model S is one car that caught the eye of Kim and Kanye, they own one of these themselves. Of course, to stand out from the rest, their ride is customized courtesy of Platinum Motorsports. The Tesla Model S ranges from $75,000 to $135,000, with the custom job, Kimye’s ride would cost more. With all the talk about these cars, one wonders what Kimye had added to it to make it undeniably theirs.

12 Kanye and Kim: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Now this Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is one real luxury car. One look at it and people will know, even if they know nothing about cars, that it is one expensive automobile. Not to mention that this car boosts any guy’s handsome meter up at least an additional 5 points. Not that Kim thinks Kanye needs any boosting, but this surely adds some more swag in Kanye’s swagger. The 2017 model costs a little below half a million dollars, we’re sure that Kim spent at least one-third of a million to get this model six years ago as a birthday gift.

11 Kanye and Kim: One Island for Him

We forgot to mention that Kim rented that exclusive island for Kanye for his 40th birthday last year. The entire island. It’s extravagant enough to close a restaurant for your loved one’s birthday, but to rent a whole island for yourself is a multi-millionaire’s “just got to do it” thing. The Bahamas outing Kim arranged, we forgot to mention that she actually rented out the whole Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club for at least four days. Estimates on Kim’s party for Kanye is around $260k for the private jets and more than $175k for the island. If Kim and Kanye’s travel stories were impressive, check out the second half of this article as the next couple redefines the meaning of the word impressed.

10 Beyonce and Jay-Z: European Vacation 2018

Although Kim and Kanye and Beyonce and Jay-Z are good friends, one can’t help but compare what these two celebrity couples are doing in their daily activities. Now that we’ve learned more about Kimye’s, let’s check if the Carters’ itinerary outshines them. The most recent outing the power couple had was a nice European vacation while they were on their On The Run Part 2 tour. Beyonce shared pictures of the downtime on social media, her and daughter Rumi. Their son was also with them on the European vacation. It was a nice breather and family bonding time for the ultra-busy power couple.

9 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Cannes, France

For a seriously busy celebrity couple earning millions of dollars every show, a vacation is as precious as any cent they earn from their performances. Beyonce and Jay-Z squeeze every moment they can with their little tikes. While vacationing in France, Beyonce was kind enough to share with her fans all over the globe, pictures of their traveling moments in the French city of Cannes. We saw the proud father, the even prouder mom, and their firstborn Blue Ivy. The twins were with them, too, but Beyonce didn’t post their cute pics. These are the moments where we realize that at the heart of their billions and riches, the power couple is still parents, just a mom and a dad at the end of the day.

8 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Exclusive Holidays

The Carters have a number of favorite private resorts they have visited and enjoyed moments together. In Hawaii, they vacationed at a private resort on Kailua, a 600-foot white sand beach, a villa measured at 10,000 square feet with 8 bedrooms and a picturesque view of the ocean. In the Dominican Republic, they have a favorite private villa in Punta Minitas. A mansion with 7 bedrooms and a complete staff of people including a gourmet kitchen and a butler. In the Philippines, they enjoy a very secluded and heavenly resort in Amanpulo Casitas in Palawan. Hailed as one of the most beautiful in the world, A-listers frequent the private islands, ‘cause it’s them that can afford the steep price.

7 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Onboard a $200 Million Yacht

The Kismet is a behemoth of a yacht, not just because of its size, but also because of its worth. Estimated at about $200 million, the luxury yacht is owned by billionaire Shahid Khan, and renting it would mean a hefty $1.4 million out of your pocket, and that’s just for a week. The yacht has a basketball court, a salon, a helipad, and a cinema room inside. The Carters cruised the waters of Capri, Italy, with their children on board for a luxurious family bonding time. Who would spend one and a half million dollars for a getaway weekend? Only the Carters.

6 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Bugatti Veyron Sport

We are most definitely going to salivate over the garage of the Carters. It is a display that will dwarf most car shows out there. One item in their vast and expensive collection is the Bugatti Veyron Sport. Priced from $1.7 million to $2.9 million, this beast is a sight for sore eyes and will put a serious dent on the life savings of any other rich guy. But for Beyonce, it’s just a thoughtful gift to her husband on his 41st birthday. Most husbands get a nice tie and a card, but the husband of the most successful performer in the last half-century gets something a little bit bigger and flashier.

5 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Only the Best for Blue Ivy

How would a power couple go about making sure the most important day in their life as a family goes as smoothly as planned? Well, they would rent an exclusive birthing suite in Lenox Hill, that’s how. This facility is worth $1,700 a day and has room service and big-screen TVs inside. The silver spoon tastes great, as Blue Ivy grows, her needs change as well. For instance, accompanying her mom at the VMAs, she wore an $11,000 gown, and her birthday party was just the best. There were $104,000 worth of decorations from accessories to pink and white roses, toys and costumes, playhouses and luxury goodie bags for the guests.

4 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Beyonce's 32nd

The taste for cruising and vacationing on a yacht was acquired by the celebrity couple during Beyonce’s 32nd birthday. They headed to Formentera in Spain to board the brand new yacht called Galactica Star. They fell in love with the Italian coast and were hooked instantly. The luxury yacht was valued at $50 million and was not listed with the rentable vessels. This power couple really knows how to get it done, cruising in a brand new yacht no one else has rented before. Yeah, because it cannot be rented! But for Beyonce’s birthday, Jay-Z made it happen. That’s how they roll, people!

3 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Father's Day Gift

What was it that we gave our dad last Father’s Day, do you still remember? While most daughters would give a card, a hug and a kiss, some wives give a nice tie, a book, cufflinks, or a watch. Beyonce is not most wives and Jay-Z is not most fathers. In 2012, Beyonce gave Jay-Z something no other celebrity wife could or has ever done. She gifted him a Bombardier Challenger 850! Yes, it’s a private jet. It’s brand new and even customized, what a beautiful bird it is. Valued at a whopping $40 million, it must be the best gift Jay-Z ever received in his life.

2 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Maybach Exelero

This could easily be the most expensive car in the Jay-z collection of luxury automobiles, and we could easily be wrong as well. But finding out how much it cost made us say that it probably is the most expensive one. The Maybach Exelero, a sports car originally, is a luxury car unbelievably worth $8 million. It’s a beautiful beast that kind of looks like the Batmobile. It goes from zero to sixty in just 4.4 seconds and is a bonafide celebrity vehicle. Who else would say goodbye to $8 million in exchange for a car? Only those crazy-rich celebrities, that’s who.

1 Beyonce and Jay-Z: Beyonce's Island

Beyonce showed her love for Jay-Z in ways no other independent woman can, she is kind of crazy in love. How does Jay-Z show his affection, he buys her an actual island. It’s one thing to rent an island out for yourselves, it’s a totally different thing to buy one for your own. We don’t exactly know which one Jay-Z bought for Beyonce, but it is one of those islands for sale south of Florida. Theirs was a 12.5-acre piece of land purchased at $20 million. A piece of paradise Jay-Z bought for Beyonce on her 29th birthday. What else could a woman ask for after this, right?

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