It's not often that Europeans or, in fact, foreigners generally from around the world pick up and move to the United States of America, mainly because it never seems like a viable option. The healthcare is a big issue, their political situation is a little bit daunting, and to be honest, it seems like a lot of hassle to actually sort out the paperwork necessary to become a citizen.

You can always visit for three months but it isn't exactly the same thing, and as we look at the numbers it certainly seems as if finances also play a big part in the decision-making process (which is hardly a surprise). Contrary to popular belief, however, not every single city in the United States is entirely too expensive to live in, even though that seems to be the stereotype.

In some instances, it can actually work out pretty well for you, especially if you're able to scout out the perfect location for yourself. Sure, there's always Canada as a backup, but there's a reason why people continue to claim that America is the greatest country on Earth - and we want to try and figure out what they're talking about.

USA Today produced a lot of research in regards to these kinds of studies, but we want to simplify things a little bit. We all know that money makes the world go round, but we want to look at the alternative pros and cons behind visiting all of these destinations. After all, if you're going to move there, then you need to know your stuff.

20 A-LIST: Omaha, Nebraska - Understated

 Outside of the College World Series, you could argue that Omaha isn't known for all that much, but it's actually a pretty charming city. Tucked away in good old Nebraska, it seems to combine the positives of living in a city with the positives of living in the countryside all into one.

You'll never feel like you're living poor or rough, either, especially with the beautiful scenery all around you. Omaha is full of both great people and great things to do, and that's probably why you'd have such an interesting time living there. Well, that, plus it's pretty damn cheap.

19 HOMELESS: Boston, Massachusetts - Great But Not Worth It

Boston, Mass is one of the most popular cities in the United States and there are a plethora of reasons for that. There are so many neighbouring towns and states that are really easy to visit, the city itself is great both in the summer and the winter, and they embrace St Patrick's Day with open arms courtesy of their Irish heritage. What's not to love?

Well, the rent prices, for one. It wouldn't be quite so bad if you were a freelancer making lots of money, which goes for all of the entries on this side of the list, but that isn't always the case. Boston is good, but you'll never be able to justify living there.

18 A-LIST: Indianapolis, Indiana - Enjoy It

 Indy is a sports town at the heart of things, and that's not exactly a bad position to be in. The tourism alone generated by those coming from all around the world to watch their sports teams is enough to keep them going, and while a sustainable financial state doesn't always result in a 'pleasant' city, we're definitely big fans of it.

Because there are so many 'bigger' and perceived 'better' alternatives surrounding it people don't really give Indianapolis a second look, which is a huge shame. If nothing else it's an incredibly clean city, which is something you can't always say for other notable American destinations.

17 HOMELESS: Honolulu, Hawaii - Holiday Only

 Ah, Hawaii. While stereotypes are never a good thing they're certainly right when they say that this is a great place to go on vacation, because come on, just look at it. The weather is often great, the people are chilled out and fun to interact with, and it's just so therapeutic.

Alas, going on holiday somewhere and actually living there are two completely different things and that's not exactly a secret. You may be alright with living on the beach as a homeless individual here for the rest of your days, but you won't be able to fully embrace Honolulu if you don't have the cash with which to do so.

16 A-LIST: Buffalo, New York - The Better Part Of New York

Aside from the 'lads lads lads' Bills fans you see above, Buffalo is a pretty cool town. It's located towards the border of Canada, it's on the other side of the state from New York City so it gives you something completely different, and it's really scenic once you get the chance to 'stop and smell the roses' so to speak.

It's also really affordable, and if you're looking for the chance to tell your pals that you're living it large in New York without actually heading to NYC specifically, then this is the place for you. You probably shouldn't invest in supporting the local sports teams, though, because that's a one way trip to disappointment.

15 HOMELESS: San Francisco, California - Good Old Cali

Everything about San Francisco should leave you foaming at the mouth to book a trip over there if only to say that you've been able to tick off one of the most remarkable cities on the planet for your bucket list. Trust us, we aren't exaggerating, it's really that good.

Alas, that doesn't really make up for the extravagant prices, and living here is essentially nothing more than a pipe dream for most of us. Still, if you're in a position where you can save up half of your earnings for the better part of five to ten years, then you might be in with a chance of making this a reality.

14 A-LIST: St Louis, Missouri - Really Beautiful

Meet me in St Louis - why? Because it's beautiful there, that's why.

Missouri as a whole is a dramatically underrated state, for reasons that we don't quite understand. While there are some areas that leave a lot to be desired the same can be said of every single entry on this list, and that's no reason not to give it a shot.

St Louis has a great spirit and personality to go with its aesthetic pleasures, and that's a nice combination to have if you don't have a real preference on location. Even then, there are plenty of major cities to visit that are just a few hours away either by car, train or plane.

13 HOMELESS: Denver, Colorado - Get What You Pay For

Living up in the Rockies is going to make a dent in your bank account one way or another, so you'd better be prepared to live rough if you don't have the necessary salary that's required here.

Obviously, it'd be more than worth it for a lot of people purely because of the great quality of life there, but in the majority of cases, there are bigger things to take into consideration than that. After all, the working world of business doesn't always run through places like Denver, which is why the likes of LA, San Fran and NYC are so popular - and we'll get onto the other two later.

12 A-LIST: Kansas City, Missouri - Everybody Should Love KC

You can go ahead and copy & paste a lot of what we said in regards to St Louis, because Kansas City is equally as pleasant. From the jazz scene to the museums, they've got everything covered on the music and culture side of things, and that's only the beginning.

This is a city full of potential and in the next few years, we're convinced that the prices are going to rocket up for first time buyers - so we'd suggest that you invest now before it's too late. Or, alternatively, book a somewhat unconventional holiday there in order to check things out for yourself.

11 HOMELESS: Los Angeles, California - Home Of The Famous

Los Angeles is popular for all of the reasons that you'd expect Los Angeles to be popular, and that's about as straightforward as we can be. California is home to many different things, and in this instance, it's certainly home to some of the biggest stars from music, television and film that have gone to the city in search of superstardom.

Not everyone comes away from that experience with a successful new career path, but such is the nature of show business. Unfortunately for them, they'll need to pay the cost for putting everything on the line, and we mean that in the most literal way imaginable.

10 A-LIST: Las Vegas, Nevada - Home Of The Chaos

When we think of Las Vegas we don't really think of somewhere to live on a full-time basis, because for most of us, our mind tells us that we'd probably be broke or six feet under within three months. Of course, it's not quite as dramatic as that, and living in the Nevada-based city is actually much more feasible than we initially thought.

The housing situation over there is great right now, and it's allowing for buyers to invest in some really good properties. It may not be somewhere that a lot of people will want to raise their children at first glance, but once you dig a little deeper, you'll soon discover the forest through the trees.

9 HOMELESS: Seattle, Washington - Yes! Yes! Yes!

If there is such a thing as a 'hipster' destination, then Seattle probably fits the bill more so than any other option on this list. It really is a fantastic place to set up camp for anyone who wants a really great standard of living, but believe us when we say that you have to pay for that. Literally.

Give its location and just how in demand it is, it should come as no surprise to learn that prices have gone through the roof in the last five years. You'd have to be quite lucky to find any kind of hidden gem here, and if you manage it, then we commend you.

8 A-LIST: Dayton, Ohio - Very Affordable

Dayton isn't the city that immediately comes to mind when you think about the great state of Ohio, but we think that should change. Not only is it insanely cheap, as is a lot of Ohio, but it's also desperately underrated when it comes to what it has to offer.

From the National Museum of the US Air Force to the many great parks, there's an endless string of things to do here that may not initially come to mind when you give it a first thought. Any and all cities deserve to be treated with respect on some level, and we're campaigning for that here. After all, you could end up living like a king (or queen).

7 HOMELESS: New York City, New York - Very Unaffordable

We may have the winner of the least surprising entry of the year, folks.

New York City is incredibly expensive and you didn't need us to sit here and tell you that. The cheaper regions are still very pricey and things are only going to get progressively worse as the weeks, months and years go on.

Still, that's the identity of NYC as it currently stands and there's nothing really wrong with that, so long as people are willing to acknowledge it. Even with all of this 'baggage' so to speak for people that dream of living there one day, you still need to go there. It'd be a sin if you didn't at one point during your lifetime.

6 A-LIST: Memphis, Tennessee - We Love Tennessee

The phrase 'let the good times roll' is often reserved for places such as New Orleans, but we think it's justified for Memphis, too. While it may not have the same 'in your face' persona like Nashville, we think it's got a lot more heart.

Everything you've heard about Tennessee itself can be found in Memphis, with the city representing a golden age of music. On top of that they've been working hard to increase their tourism levels, and from a livability standpoint, there are few places better across the entire state. Trust us, you could do a lot worse than Memphis.

5 HOMELESS: Miami, Florida - A Pipe Dream

Miami is flashy, Miami is big, and Miami is bold. These are three facts that very few people can deny with a straight face because it's just a fact. If you want a sun and sea version of NYC then we'd argue this is the best you're going to get, and there are obviously prices that come alongside that.

It won't be quite as steep in certain places, but in others, you'd be lucky to buy a door to live either on or under. The individuals who live there can range from fairly snobby to quite laidback, too, making it far too inconsistent for our liking on all counts.

4 A-LIST: San Antonio, Texas - Everything’s Bigger

Everything is indeed bigger in Texas, and in San Antonio, everything is a lot more fun. From the standard Texan stereotypes to fresh new franchises that are livening up the city, San Antonio is, in our mind, the best city throughout the entire state.

It just feels like a place you could call home, with one of the big reasons for that being how safe it is in comparison to neighbouring cities. There are rough spots, as you can imagine, but for the price, you'd be absolutely mental not to give this a second look if you're hunting for your dream home.

3 HOMELESS: Napa, California - A Financial Mess

Napa is great for a lot of things (no we don't mean Ayia Napa, stop it) but being an affordable place to live isn't one of them. Obviously, if you're amongst the top 2% in earners across the country then we take that back, but we can't imagine that's going to be the case due to the statistics alone.

In our mind Napa shouldn't even really be somewhere you consider staying because it comes across as more of a bucket list type of place. If you want to retire in peace or something like that then you've always got Florida on the opposite side of the country.

2 A-LIST: Cleveland, Ohio - Desperately Underrated

Ignore everything you thought you once knew about Cleveland (including everything we've told you in the past) because it's actually a really cool city. It's very niche in a lot of places and alternative in others, but the energy around the place seems to be growing with each and every passing week and that can only be an exciting prospect.

In terms of cities with name value you probably aren't going to find many places cheaper, either, and in our mind, that's the best part of this whole thing. After all, if you aren't saving money which can automatically lower your stress levels, then why aren't you immediately packing up and finding someplace new?

1 HOMELESS: Baltimore, Maryland - Not The best of Cities

Maybe it's the location of it or maybe it's just out of arrogance, but it still seems to be extremely expensive to build a life for yourself in Baltimore. The sad part is that the main issues associated with the city haven't exactly subsided, either, and as we look ahead to the future, we have to wonder whether it will ever become a top city as many have always hoped it would be.

Crime is still a big issue there, tourism numbers are way down, and the pressure can't keep going on the sports teams to make something happen. It comes down to the governmental structure in place, and that's just a fact.