The purpose and the goal of traveling are not fixed as there are plenty of things to do when traveling and the places to explore are vast. The more someone breaks the boundaries and opens up to new experiences the more they discover and enjoy the experiences. Travelers who explore unique paths have better experiences and enjoy more.

One of the places that offer unique experiences is Oregon. When visiting Oregon, it is recommended that a traveler visits the Bend region. Here, there are many unique things to do. So, here is a list of 10 unusual things to check when exploring Bend in Oregon.

10 Last Blockbuster In The World

People who know more about Blockbusters will know that almost all of them have closed down. The last remaining one will be found in Bend. Blockbuster video stores offer an amazing experience of media and entertainment. Vintage video fans will find the last one of these shops in Bend and it is quite entertaining. It is a good place to visit as it provides nostalgia for the old days.

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9 Lava River Cave

For one who wants to experience the longest continuous lava tube in the whole of Oregon, then they will find it in Bend. The length of the Lava River cave measuring 1,588m makes it the longest in Oregon. It is a unique destination that was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption dating more than 80,000 years ago. The cave is not so far from Bend as it is just 19 kilometers to the south.

8 Newberry National Volcanic Monument

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument is one of the most attractive and unique features one will find in Bend, Oregon. It is found in Deschutes National Forest. The place is full of spectacular landscapes that are an attractive scene for visitors. The Newberry Caldera is one very interesting spot that one must make sure to visit. The monument has so much surrounding it including a lake, forests, and a great landscape from volcanic formation and it is a must-visit.

7 Sasquatch

Sasquatch is yet another unique and popular thing in Bend. Found in Deschutes National Forest, many hikers take to the road every day to climb and spot Sasquatch. It is one of the things worth seeing and getting an experience of when visiting Bend Oregon. However, since the climb to the mountains can be a real challenge, to see Bigfoot sightings, one can choose to use a helicopter to explore mysteries and other aspects of the forest.

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6 No Name Lake

No Name Lake is one of the best locations to visit in Oregon to witness turquoise lake hides around the snow-capped mountains. Although these lakes are located on top of the mountains, it is one of the most fascinating things and places one can explore in Bend, Oregon. However, one should understand the challenge that comes with climbing the mountains and reaching the lake. Although there are many beautiful hiking trails in Oregon, however hiking to the lake will take days of preparation. A traveler can also decide to fly on a helicopter to the lake.

5 Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls is found on the Tumalo Creek and has a height of 100 feet. The falls stand out in the region and have become a popular tourist destination. What makes these falls even more amazing is the stunning scenery it is located, the pristine water flow, and the hike involved in reaching the falls. Additionally, there are several small waterfalls around that are worth exploring. The canyon below is quite beautiful with trails of green and beautiful vegetation. For someone looking for an out-of-town experience, Tumalo offers unique experiences.

4 Deschutes Historical Museum

Here is a place that provides many unique and unusual things many people have never seen or thought about in Deschutes county. The Deschutes Historical Museum is a good place to explore and learn about the past of the region, especially native American tribes. The museum showcases many things including the history of the community and forests. In the museum, there are many items to see and displays of artifacts, paintings, photographs, letters, and even dioramas. It is found in Bend's heritage walk region and is ideal for visitors.

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3 250 Feet Bridge Dive

Bend offers the highest commercial bungee jump in the whole of North America. For someone who is a lover of adrenaline rush then the Central Oregon Bungee is a food place to explore. It is also a jump site that is located near the Crooked River bridge. Here, the place provides visitors a chance to test their fears of height and also enjoy bungee jumping. Below the bridge, is the Crooked River which is 300 feet away. People can jump here and enjoy the more than 250 feet bridge dive.

2 Wanderlust Tours

Wanderlust Tours will provide a chance to experience nature in Bend in a special way by exploring magical caves made from volcanic activities and scenic moonlight canoe rides. For those who visit the place during the winter, there is a chance for snowshoe trail exploration. Other things include visiting caves from snow.

1 Central Oregon Symphony

For a tourist who is looking for a relaxed experience of music, then the Central Oregon Symphony is a great place to visit. Here the experience of various instruments and music played is amazing. There is so much to experience from drums to violin, guitars and so much more. Music is played even through harps. One will enjoy a variety of music.

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