Halkidiki is a popular region found in Greece. The region is not as popular as Athens, but it has some of the most impressive tourist destinations in the country. It is the second most popular region in the country, apart from Athens, in terms of tourist visits.

Many things make Halkidiki one of the best tourist destinations in Greece. They include a low population of people compared to Athens, beautiful beaches, good culture, hiking spots, and well-deserved getaway destinations. When visiting Halkidiki, here are the top tourist things for tourists to do.

10 Explore Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the main city for the region of Halkidiki and Greece’s second-largest city. As a result, it offers some of the most interesting places to visit and things to do. Visiting the city and exploring its streets and destinations is one of the most interesting things one can do in Halkidiki. Some of the places to visit in this city include ancient churches that are all over the city with incredible architecture. Getting to the old town is also a chance to see the ancient architecture and life.

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9 Enjoy Beautiful Beaches

The region of Halkidiki has some of the most impressive beaches one will find in Greece. These beaches are characterized by clean white sand, charming tavernas, and fresh air. The beaches offer a chance to enjoy the warm weather of Greece and cool waters. Not all the time one needs to be exploring history. There are many popular beaches in this region with great hotels and restaurants nearby. Some beaches to visit include Posidi, Paliouri, Kavourotripes, and Trani Ammouda, among others.

8 Holy Mountain Of Athos Adventure

When visiting Halkidiki, the Holy Mountain of Athos is a must-visit place. It is a very popular place that people can take a cruise and visit. The best way to visit this place is by cruising up to the land. The area is very popular, as it is home to some amazing monasteries. It is also home to the interesting culture of the monks. The cruise should take around 4 hours from Ormos Panagias. Visiting the area is a chance to learn more about monks.

7 Relax And Party On Ammouliani Island

Ammouliani Island is found in the Bay of Athos in Halkidiki. It is one of the most interesting islands one will find in the region. The island is known for its brilliant beaches, shimmering seas, and charming homes. It offers a chance to enjoy a holiday or vacation away from all the disturbances of the nation outside. Visiting the island for a vacation or a few days’ holidays offers visitors a chance to go taverna hopping, explore the beaches, and best of all, check into a peaceful and charming home for a weekend.

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6 Climb The Byzantine Tower Of Nea Fokea

For someone who loves adventures in ancient historical sites, St. Paul's Byzantine Tower is a good place to visit. The tower is found in the Nea Fokea village. It is an old Byzantine Fortress that was built back in 1407 and has a height of 17 meters. The tower is a popular destination for many people due to its impressive architecture and history. The tower was used by farmers to protect themselves against invading enemies. It was later used as a headquarters for Emmanouil Papas, the leader of the Greek War of Independence.

5 Swim In Sithonia Waters

Sithonia Peninsula is known to have some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the whole of Halkidiki. As a result, a trip to the area to swim and do other water spots is worth it. The adventure to the beach is a great experience to see other places such as Mamba beach. However, upon reaching Sithonia, tourists will enjoy swimming in its clean waters, snorkeling, or just a boat ride. The area is also a good spot to view the famous Mount Athos.

4 Visit Petralona Cave

Petralona Cave is found in Petralona Village. It is a good place to visit when in Halkidiki as it offers so much to see and a lot of history. The amazing part is that the cave has fossils that are up to 700,000 years old. A prehistoric man's remains were also discovered in the cave in 1959. There are many interesting things about the Petralona cave including fossils of animals such as panthers, rhinos, and elephants. The journey to the cave is an adventure through the neighboring areas.

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3 Agia Paraskevi Thermal Spa Relaxation

A tour to the Agia Paraskevi will be worthwhile. Agia Paraskevi is a popular place for having a thermal spa that offers great relaxation as it overlooks the Aegean Sea. It is found on a clifftop offering great views of the sea below. Upon visiting the place, there are many things to do apart from swimming in the thermal spa, including hydrotherapy pools, swimming pools, hammam, and sauna. With the place having traditional body treatments and massages, it is a perfect place to relax.

2 Nightclubbing At Ahoy

For those who love nightlife and clubbing, Ahoy is the right place to visit. It is found in Kallithea and it has one of the most impressive clubs in the region. It is a destination characterized by a lot of dancing to nice music and cocktails. The space offers room for more than 3,000 people. The club is open-air and always has a DJ giving it a very modern and entertaining feel. Music played is mostly hip-hop, house, dance, and R&B.

1 Visit The Old Town Of Nikiti

The old town of Nikiti is a popular place with a lot of things to see and discover. For a person interested in learning about the history of this region, this is the best place to visit. It is a town with stone houses, narrow streets, and medieval churches showing the history of Halkidiki. Most of the things here have been preserved and there are many stories of how refugees founded the town. Interacting with locals is also an interesting thing about visiting the old town of Nikiti.

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