These are the most unique of the already-super-unique hotels. Capsule hotels may sound bizarre to some and downright scary to claustrophobes, but they’re a surprisingly reasonable solution to the overwhelming population density in some cities. In this case, we’re talking about one of the densest cities in the entire world--Tokyo. As a city with so much to offer, there’s a huge amount of tourism that goes on and a really unique kind of futurism. That said, tourists don't want to spend all their money before they’ve even seen the city… and that’s where capsule hotels enter the picture. Money saving, space saving but super heavy on uniqueness--these capsule hotels are anything but ordinary.


10. This Tiny Sauna

Okay, the Centurion Hotel Ueno isn’t actually a sauna. That would be uncomfortable if a capsule hotel bed doubled as a tanning booth since you’d just be sweating into your bed. Those little portals you see actually are the gateway to the hotel rooms, which are the size of a small bed. Hence the name “capsule hotels”. The Centurion Hotel Ueno is a full-on hotel where capsules just happen to be one option of many. However, even if you only book a capsule room, you can still enjoy the full-sized hotel benefits… like pools and spas and on-site restaurants.

9. Too Much Luxury For One Capsule

Absolutely no one associates capsule hotels with luxury. Think of the Centurion Hotel Ueno where a capsule room is the ultimate economy choice. Even at hotels that are exclusively capsule-style rooms, the whole point is to save some money and space. But the Luxury Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Shinjuku doesn’t think like everyone else. It doesn’t matter that some cribs are larger than these rooms--there’s still a built-in television and space for your console. The whole idea of a capsule hotel is pretty imaginative but then to assume you can add in decadence… that’s just super creative.

8. This Spaceship Of A Place

Maybe it takes a special kind of person to stay long-term in these capsule hotels or even make it through sleeping the night away, but anyone can agree they’re a perfect addition to a super 'Grammable trip. The decor ranges from college-dorm styles to this backlit, futuristic spaceship style. The entrances to the rooms look like washing machines from the future or an alien form of transportation. Whatever the 9H Capsule Hotel is doing, it’s working. They’re actually a small chain of capsule hotels. They’re like the Chipotle of capsule hotels which is just wild to think of such a novelty becoming commonplace.

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7. The Personalized Tiny Space

The Millennials Shibuya Hotel in Tokyo clearly knows their demographic. Do anyone’s baby-boomer parents really have the patience to wiggle into a coffin-sized hotel room? No, if anyone’s going to try something new, it’s the young people. Also, if your hotel rooms are so similar to coffins… yeah, sell to the younger people. Anyway, the Millennials Shibuya Hotel is adults-only, but still playful and clearly personalized from one capsule to the next. The only thing to be as secondarily impressive as a decadent capsule is a personalized one- there’s so many and so little space to make feel special!

6. Super Dark And Super Tiny

Yes the Glansit Akibahara looks as dark as a cave but if you’re going to be in a tiny enclosure anyway, it’s not the craziest palate to go with super dark tones. These capsules look like the bachelor pads of the future and visitors are allowed a shower with the cost of a night’s stay. Wi-Fi is also included in this inner-city hostel. The idea of capsule hotels obviously boils down to the same mentality that squeezes so many sardines into a single can, so the whole magic of it is to not feel like one of many.

5. This Woodsy One

The Book and Bed Shinjuku capsule hotel knows it’s part of an extremely modern trend that only exists because of its place in one of the world’s most modern cities, but it still opts for woodsy decor with plenty of books. Even the individual capsules are fitted with reading lights- I mean, it’s in the name. So instead of iPads or televisions adorning the walls, the owners have decided to make their tiny pods unique by making them rustic. Like the smallest cabin ever-- sure. Considering most of the better designed and well decorated capsules are so futuristic looking, it’s a pretty outside-the-capsule idea.

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4. The One Where It's Like You're On A Train

Tiny and sleek isn’t enough of a theme for some other capsule hotels, too. They take it to the next level. Take the Train Hostel Hokutosei--yes, it’s in the name but it’s still awesome that this hostel is modeled to look so much like a train. Like a model train? No, even model trains are too tiny to be capsule hotels. Nice try though, model trains. These hotels are equipped with actual furniture and decor taken from real trains. A capsule hotel might be the farthest thing you think of from a gigantic train, but it’s a really ambitious look that guests love.

3. A Tiny Space To Feel At Home In

Besides the irony of a morgue-like tiny space being intended to feel at all homey (or even, like regular and not like the weirdest night’s sleep), the Capsule Inn offers alcoholic vending machines and communal spa-zones to finish off your day with. While capsule hotels began as a male-only institution meant for businessmen, the Capsule Inn slightly modernized its origins with a female-only floor. It really is such a weirdly tall order for a hotel to achieve the goal of hotels, to make people feel at home, in what amounts to a human-sized lunch box.

2. The Female Only Capsule

Considering the exclusionary origins of capsule hotels and the extremely pink interior of the Akihabara Bay capsule hotel, it’s pretty obvious what this hotel’s main draw is. The female-only capsule hotel is part of a rising trend of lodgings only offered to women. This might be a deal breaker to someone traveling in a co-ed group, but it’s also extremely appealing to some women traveling alone or even a foreigner who finds the environment even more novel. Gender politics aside, this kind of over the top femininity totally fits in with Tokyo’s quirkiness. It’s like a much less expensive version of equally kitschy (full-sized) hotels!

1. And The Men Only Version

This capsule hotel looks so Mad Men-esque in how dark and rich it seems, considering it’s inherently the cheapest option ever. Well, good on them for putting on a front of sleekness and sophistication. Hotel Sleeps is a male-only capsule hotel that also only books reservations in Japanese--not only will women have an impossible time staying, but most English-speakers will also be driven away, too. It’s basically the most traditional of all the options while remaining super unique and fascinating. However, for those fortunate enough to book a stay, they’ll be able to enjoy the absolutely enormous manga library offered at the otherwise tiny hotel.