The state of "The Big Apple" (NY) may be abundant in wonderful tourist attractions, from the marvelous Niagara Falls to the legendary Statue of Liberty, but it isn’t at all the best place for tourists, notes. In fact, many other states, like California, for instance, attracts lots of tourists with top attractions,  such as Disneyland, Hollywood, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge – which is, by the way, fantastic for Instagrammers.

Therefore, it’s not really a shocker that this sunny place, called California, would sit at the Winners’ Table today.  Furthermore, HotelsCombined – a reputable hotel booking site – has also produced a pretty curious infographic showing the most favorite U.S states for tourism. To determine which U.S states were actually best for traveling, and some sightseeing action, the site has analyzed over 87,000 hotel bookings which have originated in the US. But most interestingly, has ranked the worst U.S states as well based on the high cost of living, high property taxes, low job opportunities, and crime rates. Now go ahead and find out which U.S. states to visit once you’ve touched down at the airport in Washington.

20 Best: Pennsylvania

While many people take their hometown for granted, others seem to appreciate every small detail when visiting it for the very first time. Such an excellent example of that is the beautiful and tourist-friendly state of Pennsylvania. It's not only highly visited due to the fantastic shopping opportunities but for the high number of great food establishments as well.  Both U.S tourists and foreign visitors love coming here for the diverse culinary and cultural experience. But the best part is that Pennsylvania features an almost 25% decrease in crimes, according to, and that makes it pretty much perfect for curious travelers and foreigners.

19 Best: Massachusetts

Besides being the third most populated state in the country, Massachusetts is quite well-known for its NFL history, and legendary traditions of the Bruins, Red Sox and Boston Celtics. Of course, there's a world of other non-sport activities around here, but after all, you cannot neglect these details, especially when even the annual Boston Marathon takes place in this part of the country. When it comes to its hospitality and other key details, such as the crime rates, all residents must feel quite lucky since the state is currently running super low on crime rates. The state's violent crime rate has drastically dropped by 20 %, details, while the property crime rate has shrunk by 46%. Indeed, that's quite a good reason for visiting this beautiful place.

18 Best: Texas

According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, Texas is home to dozens of peaceful, charming and tourist-friendly places, and none of them has got anything to do with the legendary Mexican criminal problems we see on the big screen. In fact, places like Colleyville, Highland Village, Murphy, and all the like, feature a pretty low crime rate that goes around 0,49%, as stated on Apart from the state’s obsession with football, travelers may also savor Mexican food at its finest. Last but not least, the vast Dallas area, where most of these charming towns are nestled, is quite a good option for weekend getaways and family vacations.

17 Best: Hawaii

Not only is the state of Hawaii an incredibly beautiful place to visit, but it's actually one of the safest places in the entire country. According to, crime hit a record low level in 2016. Overall, nearly 45,805 “index crimes” were reported statewide, yielding a rate of over 3,000 offenses per 100,000 resident population, notes. When compared to the national data collection, the crime rate in Hawaii is the lowest it's been since the 90s. But besides being a pretty peaceful place for tourists, this state is also home to breathtaking volcanoes, colorful traditions, and a unique culture that's absolutely worth exploring.

16 Best: California

Welcome to Sunny California - a lovely place where the greatest tv shows and movies are actually produced. But outside of this little perk - which surely attracts lots of visitors - California boasts such an incredible climate that allows you to go skiing and hit the beach on the same day. Head for the marvelous Lake Tahoe to hit the slopes where the sight of the vast mountains will surely leave you speechless or just spend a day on the lovely beach. And if you still need more reasons to come here, let's just mention that California's crime rate was historically low in 2017, reports.

15 Best: Idaho

With such an abundant heritage and hospitable communities, it's quite easy to see why Idaho usually tops the charts as a culturally inspiring U.S. state. As beautiful as it is, Idaho has long captured the hearts of travelers with its lunar-like landscapes, glacial lakes and awe-inspiring outcroppings at the City of Rocks. Who wouldn't want to explore such beauty, right?! Oh, let's not forget all those vibrant natural tourist attractions, such as the Boise River Greenbelt trail that runs for about 25 miles. And for the protocol, Idaho's crime state barely goes around 6%, as stated on

14 Best: New Jersey

From perfectly maintained natural parks to vast areas of unique beauty, the state of New Jersey has always been a safe bet for tourists. All in all, New Jersey is quite a peaceful state, packed with lovely entertainment hotspots, such as the Boarding Walk in Atlantic City, and the quaint harbor towns and resorts lining the coast. But apart from these little perks and bonuses for the tourists, the state boasts quite a convenient public transportation system and affordable accommodation options. Last but not least, the property crime level, for instance, goes around 2%, notes.

13 Best: New Hampshire

Of all the U.S states on today's list, New Hampshire packs plenty of variety into a pretty reachable area. From beautiful lake beaches, with miles of kayaking waters, to fun-filled theme parks for the kids, all tourists will surely fall head over heels for New Hampshire's attractions. For those interested in hiking on the Appalachian Trail or taking tours of historic houses, the U.S state of New Hampshire will instantly become their new favorite vacation spot. And to make the trip twice as amazing, the state's property and crime rate vary from 1% to 3%, reveals.

12 Best: Vermont

Vermont is yet another U.S state that simply begs to be photographed over and over again. So, if you happen to come here in fall, you'll be delighted to see the beauty of nature as the leaves turn their stunning colors. Winter, on the other hand, is pretty much excellent for lots of outdoor activities as well, such as skiing, even camping, and hiking. All in all, Vermont is quite often referred to as one of the most beautiful and charismatic states in the U.S. But most amazingly, shares that Vermont boasts a super low property crime level that rarely goes over 2% when compared to other more hostile places in the U.S, such as Missouri where the crime usually jumps over 10%.

11 Best: Maine

When it comes to Maine, the first image that pops to mind is a rocky coast that can offer fishing harbors, colorful boats, tall pine trees, and crystal-clear lakes. Indeed, the reality isn't at all that different. This beautiful state rarely disappoints the tourists who come here with these romantic and pretty images in mind. Here, travelers can also explore forest-encircled lakes and miles of backwoods inhabited by moose. But best of all, the charming U.S state of Maine seems to be running pretty low on criminal activities even in the state's most populated cities. Statistically, the usual crime levels usually go between 4-5 %, notes, but rarely jump beyond that.

10 Worst: Alabama

As a relatively poor state, the U.S state of Alabama offers a poverty rate of over 21.4% meaning that violent crimes aren’t at all a rare occasion in this part of the country. According to, about 17% of the entire population is basically pushed to the brink of poverty. But do not think that the high poverty level is the only problem for the locals. It turns out that the annual unemployment rate in the U.S. state of Alabama is about six times as high as the national rate (which is nearly 4.9%). Additionally, the population of Mobile, Alabama, has been shrinking for years.  Today, this otherwise charming city is known for its constant population decline by 1.0 % while the U.S. population has grown by 3.7 % Apparently, Alabama doesn't really sound like a dream come true for first-time visitors.

9 Worst: Alaska

While most see Alaska as a quiet and beautiful place, others see nothing but groves of snow-capped trees, barren fields, and deafening silence. Indeed, this is what most parts of Alaska are all about. Unfortunately, we can't talk highly about its position in the travel industry either. Overall, the state of Alaska has got to deal with lots of issues, such as the low job opportunities which have rapidly vanished in recent years. Another fact that makes tourists avoid Alaska is the high violent crime rate in the state.  Over 1.100 violent crimes and about 850 other incidents were recorded in 2016, reports, and most of them took place in Anchorage. Even to this date, Anchorage is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the state of Alaska.

8 Worst: Arizona

Do you know that most households in Arizona barely earn over $40,000 a year? In fact, this happens to be at least three times lower than the average income across the country in general. Most shockingly, there's a whole lot of families in the state struggling to make ends meet due to the incredibly high poverty rates in the state. According to, over half a million people in Tuscan have fallen into poverty.

Subsequently, Tuscan has eventually become a hotspot for thieves, and small-time criminals as well. Over 4,100 violent crimes hit the town in 2016 (or about 800 for every 100,000 people). Indeed, that's quite a good reason for NOT coming near Arizona's border.

7 Worst: Delaware

Apparently, Delaware seems to be another state that can no longer attract international tourists and here's why. First of all, the state is still pretty much badmouthed for producing over thousands of crimes every year. Second of all, most of them were in the city of Wilmington. In fact, no other city in the state has ever had such a significant number of crimes per 100,000 residents. Another depressing fact about the state concerns the poverty rate that's nearly 27.7 % Also, Delaware is home to four neighborhoods where the rate is at least 40%, reveals. Indeed, that's an incredibly high number that almost doubles the nationwide proportion. But even if you don't particularly care about such rates, and you still want to explore this part of the U.S., then watch out for your belongings while being there.

6 Worst: Connecticut

Similarly to the state of Colorado, where most people struggle to pay the rent, Connecticut seems to offer quite an expensive lifestyle. According to, even the poorest cities in the state usually boast quite a high value in property taxes a year. For the most part, lower-income families have to cope with additional financial strains due to the area's unbearably high living standard. Additionally, goods and services are almost 17% more expensive than any other city in the state of Connecticut. This sure affects all niches, including the travel industry as well. But most shockingly, the city's population has dropped by 1.5% over the last few decades due to the high cost of living which has surely driven many people out of the city, if not out of the state.

5 Worst: Arkansas

Besides being a magnet for natural disasters, the state of Arkansas is quite ill-famed for a place, known as  "The Little Rock" - one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.  In 2016, over 1,500 violent crimes took place there, so it really seems as though it's been a pretty tough year for all the locals. Additionally, major parts of the state have been facing an elevated risk of tornadoes as they occur here with high frequency, reveals. Overall, when it comes to the state of Arkansas, it's definitely a BIG "no-no" even to the people living in the nearby states.

4 Worst: Colorado

Similarly to the previous states, Colorado is pretty dangerous for first-time visitors. It's not only running really high on some criminal activity, as details, but it's also struggling with many social issues. For instance, the state's most ill-famed city is Pueblo where almost one in every five people lives in extreme poverty. Admittedly, this has got something to do with the weak job market which is about 5.3 % above any other city in Colorado. To give you an example - the typical home in Pueblo is worth $126,000 which is at least half the value in the state of Colorado as a whole. Now that you know what this part of the U.S is all about, it no longer appeals to you, does it?

3 Worst: Florida

Similarly to Arizona and other low-income states, the typical household in Florida rarely makes more than $35,000 a year. Typically, such a lower income would eventually escalate into financial strains and other problems. Also, the high cost of living, the more expensive goods, and local services have only worsened the situation there.  According to, most everyday items are about 15% more expensive than they are in other states. Well, this would inevitably affect the property taxes for tenants. Ultimately, most parts of Florida turn out to be too pricey for locals, let alone low-budget tourists.

2 Worst: Georgia

According to, the State of Georgia has got some serious issues keeping its current residents, let alone attract more tourists to the area. Apparently, regions with such a dramatic and widespread joblessness can only make it worse for vacations and even short getaways. Most parts of the state are struck by poverty partly because of the same weak job market. Also, the highest unemployment rate in Georgia happens to be in Albany, where the crime rate is at least twice as bad as any other city in the state. Generally, over 1,1600 violent crimes were recorded in 2016 -  two-thirds happened to be in this city while only 400 or so were statewide. So, now that you've seen the statistics, are you still interested in visiting Georgia? Think again!

1 Worst: Illinois

The last example on today's list of worst and best U.S states for tourists (and residents). happens to be the state of Illinois. From 2014 to 2016, the unemployment rate jumped by 1.1 % despite the national employment growth. By the way, it's even twice, or actually triple as bad in Rockford, Illinois, where the high crime rate takes a toll on most local businesses. As a result, the state's tourism efficiency is badly affected since more and more tourists prefer to spend a weekend or two in other parts of the country. But after all, who would want to take their loved one to a vacation where poverty and crime abounds? The answer is quite obvious, isn't it? All in all, Illinois' economy is still struggling, as evidenced by the low job opportunities in the area, notes.