There are many ways to travel, but one of the most satisfying ones is to hop in a car and take a road trip. During a plane ride, it can be hectic to board your flight and you don't get to see anything but open air while you travel. Meanwhile, if you take a road trip you will get to see everything along the way to your destination. Road trips do have their drawbacks but if you choose the right destination and the right route then you are in for some fun. The United States is chock full of roads that are worth taking a trip on. Some of these roads have a lot of sites to see or are just awesome by themselves. However, there are also some roads that you should probably try and avoid when you plan your next road trip.

Prepping for a road trip is simple just pack up your car and make sure you have a great playlist! Driving through the countryside of America can be great and the same can be said for driving through major cities and seeing all there is to see from the inside of your car. Whether you live on the east coast or the west coast we've got you covered as there are tons of roads in the United States that are worth driving on.

25 Avoid: Mississippi's Roads Are Not Friendly

While Mississippi does have its fair share of great stops you may want to try and stay out of the state as much as possible and that is due to their roads. While they are known for their cheap gas prices they are also known to have dismantled roads filled with potholes everywhere you look. Save the wear and tear on your car and detour around Mississippi if at all possible. The state is also known to be less hospitable than other states. Combine that with the scorching weather it is a good idea to drive around Mississippi.

24 Avoid: Pennsylvania And Its Poorly Maintained Roads

Pennsylvania can be a great place to travel to if you are a fan of historical sites because both Pittsburgh and especially Philadelphia are huge historical sites for the United States. However, the journey to get there will be less than desirable and that is mainly due to the poor maintenance the roads receive within the state. The wear and tear on your car may not be worth visiting this beautiful state which is a shame as it has wonderful views from the many mountain ranges and sprawling hills you can see from most of the major highways.

23 Avoid: North Dakota Has Too Many Oil Spills

Chances are you probably aren't planning on traveling to North Dakota or even cutting through it as it is one of the least visited states in the United States. Other than that, the state doesn't have much to do or see. The main reason you should avoid North Dakota is the infamous Oil Patch Highway which is known as one of the most dangerous roads in America. The state also doesn't have the best record when it comes to car accidents and finding ways to prevent them. If you want to maintain your car and your health it would be best to avoid North Dakota.

22 Avoid: Michigan's Rural Roads Are In Bad Shape

Michigan has some of the worst rural roads in America with around 26 percent of them being in critical condition. This can be anything from deep potholes to large sections of the road completely missing. Not only that but 13 % of the bridges in Michigan are structurally deficient. Nobody wants to be driving on bridges that are deficient. Not only are the roads bad in Michigan the towns are filled with old abandoned buildings that aren't great to look at. No wonder Michigan hasn't attracted many tourists.

21 Avoid: Delaware's Route 40

Delaware is another place to avoid as there isn't much to see in the state and it is also not an ideal spot for a nice summer road trip. Most of the reviews for local hotels and tourist attractions aren't ranked that high and overall there isn't much to do in the state. Route 40 is one of the most dangerous roads in the United States and it is one of the main roads that pass through Delaware. You may want to plan to avoid Delaware at all costs on your next road trip unless you want to be stuck in a gloomy state with gloomy weather.

20 Avoid: The Ozark Mountains In Arkansas Are Too Expensive

The Ozark Mountains are in every right a very scenic place in the United States, however, that beauty doesn't come at a cheap price. The lodging and hotel costs around the Ozark Mountains are at an all-time high and with much nicer places at much cheaper costs you might want to consider skipping out on the Ozarks. There are also reports of safety concerns around the state and the tourist attractions near the Ozark Mountains. For your wallet and your safety, you should avoid the Ozark Mountains during your next road trip.

19 Avoid: All Of Kansas

Not only does Kansas not have a lot of paved roads in the state but it also has some of the worst byways. If you care about your car's exterior then you may want to avoid riding through Kansas. Not only that but the overall wear and tear on your car will be increased tenfold when you cross into the Kansas state line. According to the Wichita Director of Public Works around 40% of public roads in Kansas need to be fixed. Not only that but there isn't much to see in Kansas that would warrant a road trip dedicated to it.

18 Avoid: Indiana's Roads Are In Shambles

Another state with more road problems. However, what makes Indiana stand out is the fact that they are actively working on fixing their roads but they are still coming out the other side empty-handed. Indianapolis is a large city and could be a great city for tourists but it falls flat due to the roads leading into the city and the roads inside of the city. There has been a ton of money dumped in to help fix Indiana's roads and it seems like they are only getting worse. Where is that money going and why are the roads getting worse and worse?

17 Avoid: Connecticut Is Quite Boring

Now we are on to the part of the list of places that would be best to avoid on your next road trip if at all possible. First up is Connecticut because of how boring it is. Most of the roads in Connecticut are just connecting to other roads that don't give great views or offer anything new. The stops along the roads in Connecticut aren't that great except for a few good seafood places depending on where you are in Connecticut. It won't be the worst thing if you find yourself cutting through Connecticut on your road trip just know you won't find much.

16 Avoid: Rhode Island And Its Interior Is Very Grey

If you are traveling up the east coast we have another place you should probably avoid on your summer road trip. That is Rhode Island and the main reason you should avoid it is because the state usually experiences bad weather and it always seems to be gloomy. Gloomy is the last thing you want on your summer road trip. Not only that but Rhode Island suffers from the same thing Connecticut does. There isn't much to see along the routes in Rhode Island and the cities aren't really worth stopping in for.

15 Best: Route 66’s Singing Road, New Mexico

If you are down for making your own tunes while on your road trip then you should definitely head for  Route 66’s Singing Road in New Mexico. The road is designed with grooves so when your car drives over it creates sound. There are several different songs you can hear by driving on  Route 66’s Singing Road including America the Beautiful according to TripAdvisor. Taking the Singing Road route will also give you a great chance to see the beautiful landscape that New Mexico has to offer.

14 Best: Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway, Colorado

If you want to see land in which the dinosaurs used to roam then you'll want to head for Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway in Colorado. While the road does stretch into Utah we suggest you start your journey in Colorado because it crosses through the town of Dinosaur where they have their own paleontology lab and even a National Monument where you can participate in live digs. Once you've reached Utah then you'll want to check out the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum for even more dinosaur fun.

13 Best: National Historic Road, Selma, Alabama

If you are a history buff or just looking for a great scenic drive then you should seek out the National Scenic Road located in Alabama. The road stretches to be around 60 miles long and follows the same route the civil rights demonstrators back in 1965 took. Your adventure will start in the town of Selma which has a lot of historical significance then you will want to head for an arched bridge named after Edmund Pettus. After that, it is all the vast countryside that is beautiful to look at.

12 Best: "South’s Last Stand" In Virginia

There is even more history in America to be discovered and your next stop is known as the 'south's last stand' and it is located in Virginia. You will start at the Petersburg National Battlefield Park Visitor Center and travel through history as the story of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's escape from Virginia plays along the way. By the end of it, you will learn that Robert E. Lee surrendered ending the Civil War. Not only does the area have important historical significance but it also has beautiful scenery all around the old battlefields in the Civil War.

11 Best: I-90, Boston, Massachusetts

If you are looking to take a long cross country trip then one of the best routes to take is that of which connects Boston to Seattle. The 1-90 located in Boston passes through a total of 13 states and along the way you can see some of the most beautiful sights there is to see in the United States. Don't forget to visit some of the most iconic tourist destinations in America including Boston's Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park. This will truly be a road trip of a lifetime, and if you hit the road at the right time of year you may even see the beautiful colors of all the trees changing.

10 Best: The Black Hills To Sturgis, South Dakota

This trail will have you start at Rapid City in South Dakota and take you along a beautiful scenic drive. The road is not only great for cars on road trips, but it is also very friendly for bikers as it is the main route for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The trail turns this small South Dakota Town into a national event with hundreds of bikers taking the route. There are several things to see along the way of this scenic route including Devil's Tower and Badland. Not to mention the beautiful state parks in the area like Custer State Park.

9 Best: Oahu, Hawaii

If you feel like going out of your way a bit for driving scenic routes then you'll want to look into the roads in Oahu in Hawaii. While all of the Hawaiian islands have something to offer in terms of scenic drives the best is by far on the eastern part of the island of Oahu. Along the route, you will dodge most of the city life and end up seeing more of the wilderness that Hawaii has to offer. You can also try the amazing foods Hawaii has to offer while you are away on your amazing road trip.

8 Best: Road To Daytona Beach, Florida

If you want to get out of the major cities of Florida and take a nice historical road trip then you should consider the road that leads to Daytona Beach, Florida's Presidental TrailYou will start in Pensacola which is your first historical stop and is where former president Andrew Jackson served as governor of Florida. After driving for a while you will arrive at Daytona Beach which is a great place to enjoy the surf and sun. Not to mention, it is a great place to grab a bite to eat.

7 Best: Lake Champlain Byway In Vermont

If you find yourself wanting to find a place where you can escape the major cities and simply relax with nature then you are probably looking for a place like Lake Champlain located in the northwestern part of Vermont. This route specifically passes along the eastern coastline and gives beautiful views of the east coast. Once you arrive at your destination of Lake Champlain then you will cross a large bride and you will arrive at paradise. Here you can swim in the large lake or take a hike in one of the many hiking trails near the lake.

6 Best: Alaska’s Parks Highway

While there are easier ways to travel Alaska than by car you don't get the same experience as you do from inside your own car. Taking the George Parks Highway is by far one of the most scenic ways you can experience Alaska. On your drive, you will pass through a few prominent towns in Alaska including Wasilla and Talkeetna. If you are a fan of nature and outdoors then your final destination on the road should be the Denali National Park where you can experience superb hiking trails and become one with nature.