Being a tourist is fun. You get to travel to a distant land and experience all the cultures, cuisines and traditions that are often very different from yours. Technology has also made it much easier and quicker to reach lands that our ancestors probably never thought we’d be able to reach, in just a few hours…And Social Media. Ah, social media makes it all worth it. We take the coolest and most amazing photos which we proudly show off to our friends and families and the likes we get is almost a validation of the cool trip we were on.

But sometimes, sometimes we get a little carried away. We get lost in our own “touristy brains” and forget to do simple things in the country we’re visiting – like stopping anywhere and everywhere to take pics regardless of what’s happening around us, or not being aware of and respecting the country’s culture and customs. Yeah, tourists sometimes can be exhaustingly annoying…But not every tourist. Some of them we can actually stomach, while others must just…well, they need to just go away.

Here’s our list of the tourists we prefer versus the ones that force us to have our eye-rolling emoji on standby. Read carefully ladies and gentlemen because you don’t want to be the latter.

20 20. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Learn Some Of Our Lingo Before Coming To Visit

We’re starting this article off with this one because communication is key people, especially when you’re in a foreign land. Thankfully, we’re living in the 21 first century where we have access to the internet and can teach ourselves a few local phrases of the town or city we’ll be visiting beforehand so that we can at least be able to get around. Basic phrases such as: “Hello. How Are You? Can You Please Help Me? I am a little lost”, are the perfect phrases to learn when you’re going to a place you’ve never been to before. When you’re in a different country, go prepared people.

19 19. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Are Loud

Okay, we’ve all seen (and heard) them. They are the tourists who seem to think that we would like to hear every bit of their conversations. They are the tourists who seem to be oblivious to the fact that there are people around them. They could be on a bus, train, at a museum…they just won’t hush their voices! This is where you need to be aware of your surroundings - Making noise in an Irish pub late at night will not be as bad as making noise in a New York train in the morning when people are going to work. Understand where you are.

18 18. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Speak Nicely About Our Town/City

This is an interesting one on the list. It is interesting because, although there may be things about our neighborhood that we’re not crazy about, we don’t want to hear that from a tourist. We want tourists who love our neighborhood, respect it and appreciate the special gems that one can find in different areas of it.

If you’re currently touring or planning to do so soon, do yourself a favor and speak about the beauty of that place. This will, of course, force us to tell you more about our town or city – We might even let you know where and when the best lunch specials are!

17 17. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Say Bad Things About Our Town/City

You might think that this is a no-brainer but you’d be surprised to know how many people think that there is nothing wrong with speaking badly about the place they are visiting. From complaining about the food and how it is not tasty to you, or you don’t like the way it looks, to being annoyed that no one speaks English, to complaining about the Wifi speed…Don’t do that! Of course, you will face some challenges about whichever place you’re visiting because, you know, we are all different people…but this is where you have to practice the age-old saying: “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.

16 16. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Respect The Wildlife

Viewing the wildlife of the place you’re touring is sometimes the best part of the whole trip. There is something special about seeing the different animals that are in that land – perhaps we feel more connected to the land because of them. We therefore appreciate tourists who respect the wildlife. There are now so many endangered animals in the world and it is just not right to interfere with them – don’t give them food or try to poke them (sigh). Give them the respect they deserve. National Parks Conservation Association explains it beautifully “Really, a good general rule of thumb for most wildlife interactions is that we don’t want people to change the animals’ behavior”.

15 15. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Are Oblivious To The Country's Customs And Traditions

This is a bit of a tricky one because we understand that you need to be open-minded when going to a new place. What we mean though is – research on the basics. For instance, quite a number of onsen (hot springs) in Japan require people to cover up their tattoos. Back home, where you come from, there is nothing wrong with tattoos but you have to respect the place you’re visiting. You don’t have to agree with them but respect them and their beliefs because you are in their space, not the other way around. Part of touring the world is being exposed to different belief systems and traditions.

14 14. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Humble Themselves

Okay, this is a big one ladies and gentlemen. Most tourists generally understand this point but then there are those who arrive at a place and look down upon the people. What’s up with that? Don’t do that people. Humble yourself. Be open to what the locals will teach and show you. If you’re an important bigshot back at home, the locals don’t care because they don’t know you. So don’t arrive in a place feeling entitled to having the best of everything. The more you humble yourself and learn as much as you can, the better of a trip you’ll have.

13 13. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Don't Tip

Okay, so this one makes our blood boil a bit. There are tourists out there who arrive at a place and don’t bother tipping anyone for the whole trip. We understand that different countries have different ways, but this is where that dear mobile device and internet will come in handy – Again, do your research. There are many websites, such as Business Insider and The Culture Trip (and many others), which give you a basic outline on what the tipping customs are in different countries. Do yourself a favour and research what the tipping situation is of the place you’ll be visiting.

12 12. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Research The Country's Clothing Customs

Ah, yes. We don’t only “stomach” these tourists – We love them. Why? Because they’ve done their research. This, of course, is a little connected to the previously mentioned point where we covered the importance of being aware of the country’s customs and traditions. Whether we like it or not, there are still places out there that require women to dress in a certain way and men to also dress in a certain way. Again – You are in their land, you need to follow their rules, not the other way around. Take this as an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and connect to the locals.

11 11. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Stop Right In front Of Us To Take Pics

Oh boy, we’ve all seen this one. You were also probably waiting for it on the list. How can we compile a list of the tourists we can deal with versus the ones that annoy us without mentioning this biggie? We understand that when you’re visiting a new place, you want to take it all in and take as many pictures as possible of the place – for the gram or just for yourself…but if you’re doing it right in front of people, in a busy street, and you interrupt people's path and you force them to now make their way around you – then you’re doing it wrong. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings.

10 10. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Try Our Food

This list would be obviously incomplete without “food” on it. This can sometimes be a tricky one, especially if you have a sensitive stomach (and we certainly don’t want you to have an upset stomach for the rest of your trip). The best way to handle this is – to try at least a couple of bites. Make the locals feels like you appreciate the effort they went into making their food for you. If your stomach tends to be a bit sensitive, then stick to foods you’re used to (Veges/Chicken/fruits, etc) but of course, they’ll taste a little different because of the spices in the area. The point is to live a little – trying people’s cuisine out is always a fun activity.

9 9. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Bargain Excessively

So, we all know that sometimes locals can try their luck with tourists by hiking the prices of the items they sell and no, this is not always fair. There is nothing wrong with a little bargaining, in fact, it is often expected in flea markets and tourist shops – but you need to know and understand when to bargain, and when to just let it go. WikiVoyage explains the importance of understanding your priorities, “If you are bargaining over some silk item that would cost $200 back home, it may not be worth worrying about whether you pay $20 or $25 in Thailand”.

8 8. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Participate In Local Festivals And Parades

These tourists are probably our favorite on the list. We don’t only “stomach” them, we love them. Yep, we pulled out the L Word. What is the point of spending all your hard-earned money on flights, accommodation, and meals to go to a different place if you are not going to completely immerse yourself in the culture? If you’re in Rio at festival time - go the carnival. If you’re in the UK - go to an Irish pub. Connect with the locals. Laugh with them. Share stories with them. What’s the point of touring if you’re going to go back home the same person with no interesting stories to tell?

7 7. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Have Preconceived Ideas About Us

These tourists need to not only go away, but they need to STAY AWAY. Of course, we earlier highlighted the importance of researching the country you’re going to before heading out there so that you know and understand the basics regarding their customs, but don’t be that annoying tourist who thinks that they know more about the place than the locals do. Be open-minded. Google may be our best friend, but he doesn’t know everything. Learn about the locals, from the locals. You will be surprised at how much more you can take away from your trip if you do this simple thing.

6 6. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Are Friendly

A smile is sometimes all you need when you’re in a foreign land. When you’re trying to bargain at a local flea market – smile with the person. When you’re lost and trying to get to a specific destination – smile with the person you’re asking directions from. When you’re out late at night and having a good time with locals at a club or pub – smile. Show some teeth. Say your Thank Yous. Don’t forget to ask nicely for anything and add a “please” to every request. Tourists who do this are our favorite and we don’t mind them hanging around for a little longer.

5 5. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Want Us to Speak Their Language

Okay, we’re at number 5 on the list and we thought that before we end this, we definitely need to highlight this important factor. At the beginning of our article, we mentioned the importance of learning the basic lingo of the place you’re visiting, and here, we thought it is important to highlight it once again because this is a big one, especially from English-speaking tourists. Remember that not everyone speaks English in the world.

If an African would arrive in your hometown and speak Swahili, that would be odd. So why would you arrive in a non-English speaking country and expect them to speak your language? If you find anyone who knows your language – then great. If not, grab a dictionary and just deal with it.

4 4. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Respect Our Culture

So this one is connected to what we spoke about earlier when we mentioned the importance of researching the customs of a place before heading out there. Culture is a very important aspect of many people’s lives. The way we dress, the careers we choose, the foods we eat, the music we listen to…it is all influenced by what is around us and is an intricate part of our identity. When you’re a tourist, make sure to respect the culture of the land you’re visiting. Again, you may not agree with it, but it is important to show respect to centuries-old customs and cultures that existed way before you did.

3 3. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Treat Locals As Props In Social Media Pics

Okay, so this one might make you laugh a bit and to be honest, many people are guilty of this one. We totally get that as a tourist, you are excited about being in a different land. You may be a people’s person and connect with the locals there. You might even form lifelong friendships – if that’s the case, good for you.

But what we’re talking about here, is when a tourist will literally take images of locals (sometimes without them even knowing it) they have not spoken to or have not asked them who they are. You basically do not know who this person is and just think that it’s perfectly acceptable to take your phone out and snap a pic of yourself with them and then post and add the hashtag #mynewfriend. Yeah, don’t do that.

2 2. We Can Stomach - Tourists Who Buy Local Products And Support The Community

This is one of our favorite type of tourist because they understand that sometimes, in some of the communities they visit, the locals really depend on the money they get selling their items. Think about it, if you’re visiting the community - you like it and feel that it has something special to offer or teach you while you’re touring. If that is the case, then give back to the community in any little way that you can – buy the local cuisine instead of heading out to big franchised restaurants, get yourself and your loved ones back home some souvenirs. Support this beautiful community you’re visiting so that the people in it can flourish.

1 1. Need To Go Away - Tourists Who Appropriate The Culture

This is a sensitive one and had to be top of our list because unfortunately, most people who do this are not even aware that they are doing it. While it is important to submerge yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting, be sure to not cross the line. For example, don’t go around wearing the bindi (the red dot on forehead as worn by Indian women) to show that you were recently in India. This is how the Hindi women show that they are married. Also, turbans are a symbol of faith to many people around the world, they are not a fashion statement.

Understanding all the above will help make you the ideal tourist in any country you visit and not the type that people want to get rid off.

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