Bittersweet vibes encircle The Big Apple, otherwise known as New York City. Then again, doesn’t every spectacular thing spawn the same black or white reaction? When we push aside the notion of it being the place where dreams come true, we realize that it’s just a regular city with regular metropolitan problems. Of course we don’t mean that in every sense. New York City is New York City, after all. It has its flaws just like every other city in the world, but ultimately it is as amazing as we imagine it to be. Let’s just say it’s not for everybody.

Some personality types just aren’t meant for a trip to the Big Apple. Even people who think they’re going to love it, end up loathing it by the time they’ve reached their second day in the big city. Others can’t get enough of it. In fact, we’d think some people were born there by how naturally they adjust to the NYC way of life.

Before booking your trip, let’s first see whether our personality type fits to New York City. As phenomenal as this city is, not everyone is going to dig it as much as the next visitor. Keep reading to find out.

The first 10 are definitely people who Shouldn't Set Foot In NYC. 

20 People who don’t like noise

Noise is synonymous with most cities. However, New York City is particularly large and crowded, so it’s not exactly the kind of place we visit for a relaxing weekend away. Anyone who dislikes noise should stick to quieter, rural areas in the world because NYC is anything but peaceful. Wherever we are in NYC, there’s bound to be some noise disrupting our peace.

Whether it’s a jack hammer outside the window or a guy hailing a taxi, we are never far from noise in NYC.

Even in restaurants and bars, the blare of chattering guests requires one to pretty much yell throughout a dinner session.

19 People who like nature

Nature lovers won’t have much to appreciate in New York City, aside from the iconic parks of course. Let’s not forget those, because they really are beautiful places, and wonderful opportunities for locals to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. But any tourist seeking a location flourishing with trees, flowers and wild animals won’t have much to admire in NYC.

For the most part, it’s a concrete jungle plagued with a lot of bad smells.

In the summer, hot garbage odors fill the air and all year round, there’s the smell of exhaust fumes and restaurant exhaust vents.

18 Claustrophobic people

The sidewalks, subways, and even the restaurants are crammed full of people, so it’s rare to have a lot of personal space in NYC. Anyone who likes tonnes of space everywhere they go won’t be too happy here in the city, because space is at a minimum and a premium in NYC. It’s something locals get used to, but that doesn’t mean they like it anymore than we do.

The lack of space is just a way of life for them.

The trouble is, anyone who doesn’t like touching bodies with other people on public transport will have a not so nice holiday in NYC.

17 People who are cheap

From grabbing sidewalk snacks, visiting museums and hopping on and off public transport, it’s easy to splurge $100 a day in NYC. Although, many tourists spend way more than that per day – it depends on what we’re doing. What we’re trying to say is that those who are into little to no spending won’t want to stay long in NYC.

Even careful spenders can easily squander their total trip budget in a single day here.

What can we say? New York City isn’t for the frugal. They’ll be in a foul mood by day two, once they realize their travel money has disappeared and all they’re left with is a dodgy stomach from a dirty hot dog.

16 People who don’t like walking

Because of the expense and congestion of all kinds of transport, New Yorkers know that walking is often the smartest method of transport to get to where they need to go. So for people who prefer sitting down to get to their destinations, maybe NYC isn’t the place for you.

Comfortable shoes are vital in NYC.

Everybody who’s spent longer than a week in NYC knows that. And even if we want to take the subway, we can still expect a ¼ mile walk to get there. In the nice weather, walking around NYC is fun. In not so nice weather - not so fun.

15 People who like their Domino’s Pizza

New York is one of the few cities in the world that doesn’t have so many chain establishments. Sure, we can find them, but local restaurants and mom-and-pop shops are more popular here in NYC. Anyone who likes sticking to their regular chain establishments, like Domino’s Pizza is much better suited to the suburbs. New York as a state has many big chain restaurants and stores, but NYC – not so much. In New York City, we’ll find world-renowned pizza that we can’t get from chain restaurants like Domino’s. We’ll also find a range of burger restaurants without the golden arches out front. That’s what makes NYC so unique – but it’s not to everybody’s taste.

14 Sensitive people who get offended quickly

Everybody in New York City is in a rush, usually on their way to work, a meeting, a lunch date with friends or colleagues etc. The list goes on. In other words, people don’t have time to beat around the bush. That’s why New Yorkers often come across as a little scary, but it’s just their way of being direct and saving time. Their way of communication can come across a little abrasive at times, which is why people who are used to making polite exchanges will be in for a shock. Don’t take it to heart – it’s just the way it is here.

13 People who don’t like exotic food choices

We’re talking about the kind of person who likes to stick to their home food. This is the kind of person who probably would not like NYC. Here, one is never far from just about any cuisine in the world.

From Russian cuisine to Vietnamese street food to Japanese ramen, New York is a foodie’s paradise.

For non-foodies, however, it’s not an ideal place. They won’t be able to enjoy what NYC has to offer. With so many food options, it’s perfect for adventurous eaters, but if you like more familiar food you’re probably not going to enjoy it that much here.

12 People who like quiet nights in

When visiting NYC, having a quiet night in is just not on the agenda. This is, after all, a city that never sleeps. There is so much to enjoy here and the nightlife is amazing. In other words, it’s not the kind of place for people who don’t like bars or nightlife in general. Part of the fun of experiencing NYC is going out in the evening and enjoying the nightlife scene.

NYC is home to some of the best bars in the world so it would be a real pity to come here and not enjoy that.

We’re not saying we should get intoxicated, but experiencing the city’s nightlife is a big part of whole NYC experience.

11 Nervous people who don’t like getting lost

It’s a big city and any big city takes some getting used to. Adventurous people will love it here, but nervous people who prefer familiarity won’t have much fun in NYC.

Getting lost is pretty much part of the experience.

If that’s something you feel uncomfortable about, it’s a good idea to skip The Big Apple and head somewhere else. While the majority of Manhattan is on a grid, the financial district and West Village is a navigational nightmare at times. With so many winding, one-way streets, it’s not easy for nervous people to deal with. Choose another city for your vacation if this is you.

And now for those personality types who fit in so well that they Should Have Been Born In NYC.

10  Movie-lovers

Every street in NYC is like a movie set. Any movie-lover will be familiar with so many of the buildings and streets in NYC, and they’ll have a lot of fun remembering them. Even in Grand Central Station, our immediate thoughts are of Gossip Girl and Madagascar. Who cares if we’re not catching a train? This building is a landmark in itself and tonnes of tourists flock there just to see it – rather than to wait for a train. It’s especially fun for people who watch a lot of movies because they’ll recognize so many places in NYC, not just Grand Central Station.

9 People who love big buildings

Skyscrapers are everywhere in NYC and yep, they’re amazing. We won’t believe the height of so many of the buildings in NYC until we see them in real life. There’s a big difference to what we see in pictures and on the TV to what we see when we’re in NYC. Some of the most famous New York skyscrapers include 40 Wall Street, Chrysler Building, 70 Pine Street, Citigroup Center, Woolworth Building, and of course the Empire State Building.

Anyone who appreciates architecture will adore NYC because there is an abundance of beautiful buildings to see.

It’s also fascinating to read about their history.

8 Rich people who love luxury

Check out the fancy hotels in NYC and be blown away. From the ceilings to the floors, everything is so grand in NYC’S five-star hotels. It’s definitely fun to be rich or act rich in NYC because we’re not short of ways to spend our dollars. In other words, you need a pretty big budget if you want a great, luxurious time in NYC. It’s not the kind of place you can save money, because even thrifty travellers eat through their cash in a few days here. It’s impossible to do NYC on a budget, because there’s so much to see and spend our money on.

7 People with a lot of energy

From walking miles to get from one place to another, to exploring Times Square, vast amounts of energy are a must-have in NYC. Everything requires a lot of energy and patience and if you’re that kind of person, you will love it here.

It’s the kind of place that’s always vibrant and energetic.

Whether we’re walking to the subway, going for drinks in the evening, or admiring Times Square, always expect noise, brightness, and busy-ness. People who love being around other people will enjoy the hustle and bustle of NYC life. It’s the perfect location for people with a lot of energy.

6 Foodies

NYC really is a foodie’s paradise because there are so many options here. It doesn’t matter what kind of food we’re into, we’ll find it in NYC. And the number of different cuisines – we could literally stay here an entire month and still not have tasted everything there is to taste. Because NYC is so diverse, the food ranges from Russian to Vietnamese to Italian and everything else.

From trying the iconic NYC hot dogs to Pizza in Little Italy, and noodle bars in Chinatown, the food is amazing here.

But it’s only fun if we’re adventurous with food choices.

5 people who love exploring

Like we said before, NYC is a walking city and with so many things to see, it’s the ideal city for people who love to explore. In fact, we could spend all day and night exploring the big city and not get bored. Plus, there is something for everybody’s taste here. Whether we want to visit museums, go shopping at Macy’s, try every cuisine in sight, or go watch a show, the list of entertainment options is endless.

It would be hard to get bored here.

Although if we run out of money, it can get kind of boring once we’ve explored all the famous buildings.

4 People who love diversity

New York is a diverse city, anyone can see that. However, it’s not for all tastes. Some people simply do not like diverse cities with so many different cultures. It makes some people feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, people who love encountering different kinds of people in the world will fall in love with NYC. It’s the diversity of the city that’s one of its most iconic features – and it’s why the food is so diverse too. Every kind of person can be found in NYC, which is interesting for those who appreciate cultural diversity. NYC is a place that broadens our mind.

3 people who love art

New York is a place of inspiration and innovation. Art lovers will adore this city and everything it has to offer. From classics to struggling artists, the art scene in NYC is incomparable. Plus, places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim preserve some of the best art around the world. Then there are the smaller, less famous galleries helping to get new talent noticed. It’s impossible to see everything in just a week. In fact, one would need several weeks to explore most of what NYC has to offer art-wise.

2 People who love fashion

The streets of Manhattan are practically a fashion show in itself. Head to Midtown, sit down on a bench, and get ready to see New Yorkers wearing attire that the rest of the world won’t be wearing until next season. That’s because New York is far ahead in the fashion scene. After admiring what’s on trend, don’t forget to check out all the incredible stores NYC boasts. It’s a good idea to save some dollars before coming to NYC, because it’s not hard for fashion-lovers to get a little shopping crazy in NYC’s fabulous stores. It’s way more fun if we can afford to buy something.

1 people who love celebrities

A lot of celebrities live in NYC, so it’s not unusual to spot familiar faces walking the streets. Even celebrities who do not live here often come to NYC for a recreational visit or for work, so spotting celebrities is actually pretty easy during your trip here. Woody Allen is obsessed with Upper East Side so we might spot him walking around amongst us. Sarah Jessica Parker also lives in New York City, so we’ll feel like we’re seeing Carrie Bradshaw all over again if we spot her walking around – only this time, probably not in a ball gown or shoulder to shoulder with Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.