Have you ever considered travelling like an NBA star? Probably not, especially due to the amount these guys make signing fat contracts with their teams and not to mention, massive endorsement deals as well. Making over $200 million like Steph Curry is a pipedream for most of us. However, despite all the cash these guys make, some have taken affordable trips in the past, believe it or not. After such a taxing season on and off the court, all these players want to do is just lay down on a beach somewhere. Now destinations like Hawaii might not be in the price range for an average Joe, however places like Puerto Vallarta and Playa Del Carmen can be. We also feature other destinations that if done properly, can also be affordable.

On the flip side, we take a look at some of the more lavish NBA player trips. We feature the likes of LeBron James, Steph Curry and Michael Jordan, among others highlighting the expensive trips they took in the past. We can only dream of taking such trips to Monaco or Venice.

Enjoy the article folks as we take a look at NBA player trips we can actually afford and others that are out of our realm. Here are ten luxurious trips taken by NBA stars you might be able to afford and ten you won’t. Hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll bump into an NBA star at one of these destinations! Let’s get started.

20 Affordable – Ibiza, Spain (LeBron James)

Back in the summer of 2016, it was a star studded cast of NBA stars that took a trip to Ibiza. Among the prominent names included LeBron James, former teammate Dwyane Wade and Rockets star Chris Paul. They enjoyed the finer parts of Ibiza including a yacht experience and some great dining.

All the bros out there dream of an Ibiza trip and in truth, it can be affordable especially with lots of cheap lodging options (most non-hotel settings). Yeah, LeBron might be filthy rich but his former teammate admitted LeBron is kind of stingy. He won’t use his phone when out of WiFi areas due to roaming charges... true story!

19 Unaffordable – Venice, Italy (LeBron James... Again)

During his honeymoon, LeBron made several pit stops in Italy. One of those halts included the magnificent setting of Venice, which is a must when visiting Italy.

However, that’s a lot easier said than done. Airfare might not be too shabby, however you really get clipped when it comes to expenses such as food and accommodations. Eating in the heart of Venice doesn’t come cheap. Neither does renting out a hotel in the beautiful area. Make sure you saved up a sufficient amount of money before taking this trip. James certainly did so with a net worth of $400 million. He was even able to afford another stop in Rimini, another pricey tourist town.

18 Affordable – Thailand (Carmelo Anthony)

Carmelo is another NBA star that can afford any type of trip. He has a $90 million net worth with his earnings coming from NBA contracts and various sponsorship deals. However, instead of some private island, Carmelo chose to bring his family to Thailand. Yes, like other places the destination can be expensive however if you’re wise, it isn’t a costly trip at all aside from the flight.

The travel around the country is extremely cheap. Unless you plan on eating at five star restaurants every night, the food and accommodations are extremely affordable. Anthony likely enjoyed the finer things the tourist spot has to offer, though in truth, you can have a great time while spending modestly.

17 Unaffordable – Monaco (Michael Jordan)

You figure that a guy with a house that looks like a resort would take a pretty pricey trip during the summer. Yes, MJ enjoys the finer things in life and one of them is Monaco, the most expensive real estate city in the world.

Travelling to Monaco isn’t cheap either; finding cheap hotels or cheap restaurants is almost impossible, especially in the hot spots of the town. For the most part, this is not an affordable trip for the average person. However, with his net worth constantly rising (and already at over a billion), this isn’t a problem for the basketball God, MJ.

16 Affordable – Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo (Willy & Juan Hernangomez)

It shouldn’t shock anyone all that much that a pair of young NBA brothers decided to enjoy a more affordable trip over in Mexico. Unlike the others on the list that head to family orientated places, the Hernangomez brothers were more likely just looking for a good time on a basic beach. Playa Del Carmen is a perfect destination for that and one that is affordable among the all inclusive resorts.

Juan, age 22, and Willy age 24, had a great time on the trip posting various photos. From clubs to restaurants to the resorts, Playa Del Carmen is among the most affordable all inclusive destinations on the list.

15 Unaffordable - Cabos San Lucas (Nick Young)

Nick Young is likely to take another massive trip following his recent NBA Championship. Last summer, he took the family to Cabo. Among the activities he took part in was swimming with the dolphins. Judging by the Instagram photos, Young had himself quite the time.

Cabo is a great destination, the resort which he stayed at, the Pedregal is also among the top tier names. However, the vacation spot tends to be very pricey, especially if you plan on eating off the resort. Lots of American tourists are shocked to see some of the food prices at restaurants. Cabo can be very pricey, thus making it a more expensive trip.

14 Affordable – Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas (Joel Embiid)

NBA stars love to take all inclusive-type trips. Touring Europe is also a fun trip, however, most players are just looking to relax by the beach. Over the years, the most popular destination among NBA stars has been the Bahamas. We have seen various players take this kind of trip and that includes 76ers star Joel Embiid.

Still only 24, Emiid has a lot of travelling left in his lifetime. It also helps that he has a net worth of over $100 million. Unlike Playa Del Carmen in the entry above, the Bahamas tends to be a little pricier as an all inclusive type of ordeal – but still, nothing too shocking compared to some other resorts. Hey, if you’re willing to pay a little more, maybe, just maybe, you’ll run into an NBA star!

13 Unaffordable – Maui (Kevin Durant)

The second largest island in Hawaii is a beautiful vacation spot. If you love that post card view, Maui is definitely for you. However, it isn’t cheap especially when it comes to some of the top resorts. Eating outside of hotels and renting cars can also turn out to be very expensive. It isn’t relatable to the likes of Cuba and Punta Cana, certainly.

Arguably the most talented NBA player, Durant had no problems paying for his Maui trip in September, especially with his Nike endorsement deal. He was sniped paddle-boarding in the water and heck, despite his height he almost fully stood up on the board! Aside from looking annoyed while posing for selfies, Durant had a great time it appears.

12 Affordable – Croatia (Blake Griffin)

A couple of years ago, Blake took a trip to the beautiful European country of Croatia. It is one of the more under-appreciated spots. Croatia has lots of stunning beaches and water views. It is also very affordable when it comes to dining and purchasing food, even some of the hot spots tend to be well priced.

Griffin, with a net worth of $30 million, opted for a trip to Croatia. He made all of the headlines with TMZ during the trip for performing a tremendous backflip into the water. What’s even more impressive than the flip is the fantastic scenery and sky blue water.

11 Unaffordable – Florence, Italy (Dwyane Wade)

Only seven hours away by car from Croatia is the beautiful part of Italy, Florence. It is truly stunning to visit especially for art lovers. From the Renaissance museum to stunning cathedrals to even some fantastic gift shops, Florence is a beautiful destination. However, travelling to the capital of Tuscany isn’t cheap and a pretty pricey adventure.

Wade took the trip with his wife, as Italy was always a bucket list type of destination for Gabrielle Union. With $100 million in the bank, Wade had more than enough to cover the trip. However, for common folks, the same doesn’t hold true and it can easily make a big dent in your wallet.

10 Affordable –Puerto Vallarta (Patrick Patterson)

Patrick Patterson enjoys the simpler things in life. One of his recent trips took place in Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta which is one of the more reasonable destinations in terms of a price tag. He recently signed a $16.4 million deal, so it looks as though he put that money to good use. Also, props to him for not over spending and booking such an affordable trip, one most of us can also take.

He might be talking to Joel Embiid and various other NBA stars because he recently joined the trend of going to the Bahamas. It can be a reasonable trip as well but definitely an upgrade from Puerto Vallarta.

9 Unaffordable – San Jose Del Cabo (Russell Westbrook)

Yes, NBA stars like Cabo and that’s the same with various celebrities. San Jose Del Cabo is another popular destination with various resorts. You can also explore the city visiting various shops, hiking trails, churches and museums – just to name a few of the activities.

Living the life of a family man, a resort destination is a preferred one by the NBA mega star. Oh yeah, $205 million in his bank account also helps things along. Unless you Airbnb a place in Cabo, it can be really expensive and for some, unaffordable. Resorts don’t come cheap in the San Jose Del Cabo area.

8 Affordable – Madrid, Spain (Draymond Green)

A trip to Madrid doesn’t have to be expensive aside from the burden of having to pay for a flight. Many affordable alternatives exist in the capital of Spain such as cheaper restaurants and Airbnb types for lodging. Draymond likely went all in during his trip but that doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Touring Madrid is also very affordable. The San Miguel Mercado is the most popular tourist attraction and free of charge. Other beautiful features of the city include the Plaza de Cibeles and Parque del Retiro. If you head to Madrid with a plan, it can be an affordable and worthwhile destination.

7 Unaffordable – Paris, France (Russell Westbrook)

If you plan on eating baguettes and cheese along with sleeping on park benches or in hostels, then yes, Paris can be a dirt cheap alternative.

However, most tourists wouldn’t opt for such a choice, thus making it an expensive trip. If you plan to shop like Russell, prepare to spend some money at the boutiques with inflated prices. The same goes for the restaurants (especially those around the Eiffel Tower). If you want to fully enjoy the Paris experience and take on several tours, you’ll need to pay up. It isn’t the most unaffordable trip on the list but one we recommend you save up for. Cashing in on a deal worth over $200 million, Westbrook was well equipped for the destination.

6 Affordable – Jamaica (Tristan Thompson)

We assume that Khloe and Tristan’s recent double date with Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons turned out to be more expensive than Thompson’s prior stay in Jamaica. On the other hand, Kardashian was also present on the trip so who knows? Maybe it was a little pricier than it should have been. Among the things they did during the trip included lots of outdoor activities along with paying a visit to the restaurant of the great Usain Bolt.

A theme in this article: if you travel smart and most importantly prepared, a trip doesn’t have to be all that expensive. Jamaica has lots of affordable destinations along with inexpensive restaurants.

5 Unaffordable – Rome, Italy (Dwyane Wade)

Wade loves the travel, so much so that he even helped to develop a new line of luggages with a company called Away. Another one of his bucket list destinations got crossed off most recently as he visited the capital of Italy, Rome.

First time travellers might find Rome a little too pricey. Just visiting the Colosseum can result in lots of money lost. Don’t be fooled by the gladiators outside asking you to take a photo with them. That isn’t free, folks! Although it can be an expensive trip, it is certainly worth the price tag. Spots like the St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain and various art related museums will even drop the jaws of non-art lovers. It’s a must-take trip but make sure you saved a couple of bucks beforehand.

4 Affordable - Mykonos, Greece (Dwight Howard)

We credit Dwight for taking a trip to one of the most beautiful destinations on this list. Mykonos is a jaw dropping place to visit, the water and landscape of the city is something to see and most don’t want to leave such a place.

Just a couple of months back, Howard posted to his Twitter account. He rented out a fabulous villa with a stunning view. For most of us, that isn’t affordable. However, cheaper options do exist at hotels or Airbnbs. You can also take part in a tour group which can also be a cheaper alternative. Eating out can be affordable as well.

3 Unaffordable – Hawaii (Steph Curry)

Curry might have the most adorable family in all of the NBA. From his lovely wife Ayesha Curry, to his adorable daughters Riley and Ryan, Curry seems to be living the dream both on and off the court.

A dream vacation for a family man is taking a trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a type of destination. Regarded as one of the best the NBA has to offer, Curry’s ridiculous $201 million deal for a five-year term is more than enough to pay for such an all inclusive alongside his family. He’ll be taking another trip in the summer, celebrating another NBA Championship.

2 Affordable – Miami, Florida (DeAndre’ Bembry)

Some of you out there might be scratching your head with this one. Again, preparation can be your friend. If you head to South Beach with no game plan, get ready to be clipped a couple of bucks particularly on the South Beach strip. An oh, if you’re thinking about heading out to the clubs, things might get a little worse in terms of dollar signs.

Miami is a popular destination and one that needs to be done wisely. Airbnb is a solid option and can be an affordable one as opposed to over priced hotels. Food can also be affordable, various grocery stores can be found along with well priced restaurants outside of the South Beach area.

1 Unaffordable – Iceland (DeAndre Jordan)

Iceland is definitely a once in a lifetime type of trip. It is one of the most beautiful countries, however, it comes with quite the price tag. For those leaving from North America, the flight alone can be unaffordable. According to various travel sites, the food isn’t cheap either, an average meal runs round $20US (minimum), this can be quite pricey when you add everything up.

Be prepared if you take this trip. Although DeAndre likely spent lots of money, such sights like the Blue Lagoon, Gulfoss and Golden Circle are among some of the unforgettable attractions that make Iceland such a remarkable destination.