10 Trendiest Travel Destinations From The 90s (And Why We Should Still Visit Them Today)

Travelers may not have realized that travel trends have dramatically shifted since the 90s. Nowadays lots of travel destinations have seen spikes in comparison to the 90s. However as you will see in this article the opposite also holds true. Some of the destinations featured on the list were deemed among the more desirable hot spots at one point. However nowadays, they have seen tourism numbers shift downwards. It isn’t all bad; we also feature a country that's enjoying a resurgence in terms of tourism these days, along with trending destinations that were a thing in the 90s and continue on that same path to this very day.

Along with taking a look at the popular destinations from the 90s we'll also feature a couple of suggestions as to why visiting these places today might be worth your while. From stunning beaches to historical monuments, these trendy 90s destinations might be making a comeback sooner than you think!

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 of the trendiest travel destinations from the 90s and why travelers should continue to visit them today. We begin with the capital of Russia: Moscow!

20 90s Trend - Moscow, Russia

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With new laws changing things up, Moscow, Russia has become a sought-after travel destination following many years of the exact opposite. It turned into one of the trendiest tourist attractions of the 90s. Among the top locations visited included McDonald's (of all the spots...). Lenin’s Tomb was another attraction spot.

The change in culture along with various other tourist-friendly spots allowed Moscow to enjoy a great tourism boom in the 90s. It helped the area in more ways than one – especially globally. Tourism isn’t as impressive for the Russian city these days but it still might be worth the travel ticket.

Here’s why:

19 Reason To Visit Russia - Red Square

Although tourism isn’t the same compared to what it was in the 90s, that doesn’t mean this beautiful city isn’t worth the travelling time. In fact, Lenin’s Mausoleum remains among the most visited tourist attraction areas in the location. And yes, various McDonald's restaurants still do exist (but that shouldn’t be the only reason to make the trip, obviously).

Moscow has beautiful monuments worthy of a visit. They include the Moscow Kremlin, which looks like a post card setting; The Saint Basil’s Cathedral is another destination worthy of a visit. The biggest tourist attraction remains The Red Square. It is the landmark square in Moscow and the spot of one of the most stunning cathedrals you’ll ever lay eyes on.

18 90s Trend - South Africa

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Similar to Moscow, South Africa changed lots of their laws in the mid-90s and it led to a massive tourism boom. That was in large part thanks to the leadership of Nelson Mandela. He helped to restore the country’s national integrity and before you knew it South Africa became one of the hottest tourist attractions of the 90s.

The wildlife and scenery of the country became a catalyst for those that opted to make the trip. Although tourism isn’t as hot as it once was, that doesn't mean this beautiful destination should be forgotten about. In fact, we believe it should be the exact opposite to this day.

Here's why:

17 Reason To Visit - Kruger National Park

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One of the largest reserve parks in the world, Kruger National park is enough of a reason to make the trip. Animals included at the destination are lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos and elephants. The scenery at the spot is also quite stunning. It'll give you a truly unforgettable experience.

South Africa caters to just about everyone. If you like the city life then Cape Town is worthy of a visit. Hikers would fall in love with the Table Mountain area. Historians surely would get a kick out of the Robben Island, a landmark for housing prisoners such as Nelson Mandela. And hey, if you just want a beach, the Boulders Beach is the place for you. South Africa has it all!

16 90s Trend - Hungary

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Back in the 90s, Hungary was among the top visited European destinations. As of the 2000s, the country took a major hit in terms of tourism frequency. The destination has recently taken a back seat to the likes of Japan, Malaysia, China and Thailand, according to Telegraph statistics.

Telegraph indicates that only three European countries have seen tourism fall and one of them is Hungary. The former hot spot went from being the 5th most visited country in the world in the 90s all the way down to the 23rd! Ouch. The end of communism helped usher in a lot of travelers in the early 90s. The country is hoping to restore those numbers and it seems to be back on the upswing these days.

Here's why:

15 Reason To Visit - Buda Castle


Tourism seems to be on the upswing and here are a couple of reasons as to why. Among the top attractions includes Lake Barton; a beautiful destination surrounded by a body of water along with a village and resort area. Of course, the city of Budapest is what most tourists love to explore.

Other monuments worthy of a pit-stop include the beautiful Buda Castle made for the Hungarian kings in Budapest. The Hungarian Parliament Building is another beautiful monument worthy of making the trip. Fisherman's Bastion monument and the popular Szechenyi thermal bath location are other reasons to make the trip happen.

14 90s Trend - Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague hit a travel boom in the early 90s. The spot is still among one of the greater European places to visit, however it has lost a little bit of the luster. The reason for this is unknown, especially due to the beauty of the location. It was heavily visited back in the 90s due to the historical landmarks and stunning architectural work.

In truth, that really hasn’t changed these days and it should be a reason for travelers to take this trip at least once in a lifetime. This is a hot spot that won't disappoint

and here are a couple of reasons as to why it is worthy of the visit in 2018:

13 Reason To Visit - Petrin Lookout Tower

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Make sure to bring a phone or camera for this type of trip because as mentioned, Prague is still littered with historical beauty and landmarks you'll never forget. Among the top includes the Prague Castle, one of the most favored monuments travelers love to visit. It is home to the Czech President.

Other spectacular scenic locations include the Charles Bridge, a location that can have you prolonging your stay. The area is filled with artists, entertainers, boutiques and restaurants. The Astronomical Clock and St. Vitus Cathedral are other monuments worthy of a visit. If you love the Eiffel Tower, Prague has their own in the form of the Petrin Lookout Tower which is actually taller than the French monument.

12 90s Trend - South Beach, Miami

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Some things just don't change and that seems to be the case with South Beach, a destination many travelers still make a trip to. With the economy booming in the early 90s it led to greater traveling and to more expensive destinations like South Beach. Among the main reasons to make the trip is due to the fact that the South beach strip featured the home of Gianni Versace.

Tourists flooded the area in the summer of 1997 when the Italian designer passed away on the footsteps of his own home. The mansion is a landmark tourist attraction and one that keeps the tourists coming. It turned into a restaurant and a hotel these days.

Here are a few more reasons it is worthy of the visit in 2018:

11 Reason To Visit - Restaurants, Clubs and Beaches

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South Beach is a destination that caters to just about everyone. If you plan on taking a family trip the South Beach strip provides various forms of entertainment, restaurants and of course popular beaches. The younger demographic can also benefit from the area with various bars, clubs, restaurants and the beach setting as well. You can also find various hotels in the area along with several designer stores.

As we stated earlier the Versace house remains a popular destination. It is available for hotel bookings or even just a quick bite to eat. Lots of tourists still make the trip down to Miami just to get a glimpse of that stunning residence.

10 90s Trend - Switzerland

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Switzerland is another odd name you can add to the list of popular 90s destinations that have taken a hit in recent years. They aren’t alone, as Hungary (who we mentioned earlier), Portugal and Belgium are among the other European cities that saw a substantial drop from the 90s compared to the 2000s.

Switzerland in particular took a noticeable hit going from the 11th most visited destination of the 90s to number 35 with almost less than 3 million (compared to the 90s) visiting the country these days. This is an odd fall especially when you consider the beauty of the country.

There are some some reasons to visit, though:

9 Reason To Visit - Pilatus

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The drop is truly odd especially when you consider the fact that Switzerland is regarded as one of the best places in the world to live in, let alone visiting the country on vacation.

What makes Switzerland so unique is the fact that you can visit in either of the seasons, summer or winter. For ski lovers Switzerland is the place to be. Both Jungfraujoch and Jungfrau are among the top Alps. Lake Lucerne is another stunning destination with a marvellous body of water – great for a summer trip. Rhine Falls and of course the Pilatus are other tourist attractions worthy of a trip to Switzerland. The Pilatus in particular contains stunning mountain views, hotels and restaurants.

8 90s Trend - Istanbul, Turkey

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The boom ultimately took place in the 2000s however it started to take shape during the later portion of the 90s. Before you knew it Turkey became a heavy spot for tourism. However as of 1990 it was only visited by 5 million tourists. That number nearly doubled thanks to new holiday packages at affordable rates according to Telegraph. The huge increase as of 1998 continued to skyrocket and in 2015, the country enjoyed a massive boom of nearly 40 million.

The destination took a bit of hit in the last couple of years due to travel concerns. However, tourism experts expect the country to restore its spot as a top vacation destinations in no time.

Here's why:

7 Reason To Visit - Bosporus

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Various parts of Turkey are now deemed to be safe, though you should still travel with a sense of caution. There is no denying the beauty of Turkey; one of the top tourist attractions is the Bosporus, a breathtaking waterway that links separate paths to both Europe and Asia. You can also take a tour along the stunning body of water.

Among the other must-see attractions includes Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace and of course, the Grand Bazaar which is littered with items you can bring back home as souvenirs. Hotels and restaurants also make the Turkey experience a desired destination. If you do plan on traveling to Turkey, make sure the given destination is a safe zone.

6 90s Trend - Portugal

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For the most part Europe has seen the consistent trends continue throughout the years. Spain remains among the top vacation spots in the world, even passing the US a couple of years ago according to Telegraph. Among other massive areas of tourism includes Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. However a hot spot from the 90s that has seen lesser tourism compared to its European counterparts is Portugal.

Portugal was among the very top along with Belgium and some of the other countries we recently discussed. Hong Kong, China and Macao are just some of the places that have seen booms and replaced Portugal. Despite the drop Portugal is still more than worthy of a visit.

Here's why:

5 Reason To Visit - Agueda, Portugal

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Agueda is home to the Umbrella Sky Project. A fascinating art work you won't see anywhere else in the world. Like its name, the sky is filled with multiple colors of umbrellas. The area is home to lots of performances, parades, activities and music festivals.

Portugal has several other stunning locations in Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, Madeira and Faro, just to name a few. Whether you just want to lay on a stunning beach setting or tour some beautiful monuments, Portugal truly has the best of both worlds for any type of tourist. If any tourist area is worthy of a travel on this list, it is Portugal.

4 90s Trend – Romania

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Romania enjoyed a boom during the 90s only to see the increase slow down substantially during the 2000s. As a matter of fact, Romania has almost less than a million tourists these days, compared to their booming era in the 90s. Steady growth needs to be of the utmost importance for any country - though sadly, that has not been the case for Romania.

The country took one of the worst hits in terms of tourism on the overall leaderboard. Romania went from 24th in the 90s, plummeting all the way down to 73rd ! Ouch. Although it isn’t as attractive as it once was

there is reason to give it a chance even today.

3 Reason To Visit – Bran Castle

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Romania might be trending in the opposite direction; some believe it is a third world country these days. However it is not a dangerous location to travel to.

If you love castles then Romania is the place for you. Both the Bran Castle and Peles Castle offer a truly memorable experience showcasing these tremendous vintage monuments. A trip to Romania can also be taken in the winter. The Poiana Brasov is a popular ski resort with beautiful mountains. The Balea Lake is another popular tourist area. It includes a winter ice hotel with lots of restaurants and chalets in the area as well.

2 90s Trend – Chile

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During the mid-90s Chile saw a fascinating increase of tourists. Before the country knew it most of the income coming in was due to the amount of tourism. It became the main source of income for the country. The numbers aren’t doing too bad these days either as Chile sits only behind US, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in terms of the country most visited in the Americas.

It remains insistent on increasing tourism. Among the changes includes a new emphasis on natural and eco-tourist friendly attraction areas. Lots of travel experts call this destination among the most underrated in the world.

Here's why:

1 Reason To Visit – Atacama Desert

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If you want to choose a popular 90s destination, Chile might be the way to go due to the diversity of the area. Chiloe Island is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view. However if you're more into sightseeing, then the Atacama Desert is worthy of the trip. The area is compared to Mars based off the dry and red look. It is the driest desert and a massive tourism hot spot. Valle de la Luna is another desert option featuring pink mountains and a stunning sunset view.

Chile includes various other monuments and resort-type of areas. It is definitely worthy of a trip for any type of traveler, whether you are a sun-lounger or a busy body.

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