At times a trip can seem so far away. However before you know it, it’s time to leave in less than 24 hours. There are a lot of things a traveler can get away with doing at the last minute (we’ll discuss what those things are in the second portion of the article). No need to make these things a priority, because a traveler can easily get them done at the very end.

On the contrary, we'll discuss important things that need to be done at least a day in advance. If not, these can lead to lots of problems and headaches for no reason. The last thing a traveler wants is to leave with added anxiety because of last minute planning. Common things such as packing, doing the laundry and checking if a passport is up-to-date, are among the various essentials a traveler needs to do well in advance; we’ll explain these points and the benefits of getting them done earlier. Taking a trip will feel like a breeze when you cross off these 10 things more than 24 hours before leaving.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. These suggested tips can allow a trip to start off on a positive note. On the contrary, holding off can cause big-time traveler’s anxiety. Here are the last minute do's and don’ts. Let’s get started!

20 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - Exchange Money

This one can be tricky. Some travelers might opt to put this on the other side of the list. After all, airports and hotels can exchange your money quite easily.

However don’t be fooled as this can lead to less money during a trip. Keep an eye out beforehand on the best exchange rates available. Local bureaus or banks are the best way to go. A traveler might lose lots of value deciding to exchange their money at the last minute. The downside? You won’t have any other options and are forced to change the money. Don’t wait for the last minute; get it done at a nearby branch with a solid rate more than 24 hours before departure.

19 Last Minute – Empty Out Wallet

Be sure to add the converted money into your wallet before leaving. However, it is also recommended that you take out some of the cards that you won’t be needing. So in the event that a traveler pulled out more than enough money, you might not need to bring an added debit card; instead, an extra credit card (in case) is more than enough.

If you don’t plan on driving, why bring your driver’s licence? All it does is adds unnecessary stress (in the case that it gets stolen). Keep only the essentials such as a Medicare card. Leave the others behind and store them away safely just before leaving.

18 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - Reserve Airplane Seats

This can turn into a traveler’s nightmare. The entire point of a trip might be to spend some well deserved time off with a loved one. The only problem? You arrive to the airport and get informed that sitting together on the plane is no longer an option. Don’t let this happen to you.

Instead, most airlines give the option of reserving seats well in advance. Make this a priority so you won’t need to face such a dilemma. Airlines also offer a service that allows a traveler the chance to check-in from the comfort of their own home. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is dropping off those bags. If you desire an easy trip, get these steps done more than 24 hours in advance!

17 Last Minute - Create Storage Space

Whether you bring a camera or a cell phone to keep those memories, remember to create the proper amount of storage space needed. There is nothing worse than snapping a memorable photo only to see a camera's memory reach its full capacity.

A traveler can easily get this done at the last minute. While waiting for the plane to depart a traveler can get rid of all those unnecessary photos – this can allow you to take more vacation photos without having to think about running out of room. The same goes for those that choose to bring an iPad, a camera or another electronic device.

16 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - Pack

Something so basic is of the utmost importance. Packing at the last minute is never a good idea. Rushing leads to forgetting about things. The downward spiral can continue if you’re missing something. Just imagine needing to go out and purchase an extra bathing suit at the very last minute. Sadly this happens quite often as travelers get their bags ready less than 24 hours before a trip.

Be safe and get this done before. You’ll be at peace knowing you have lots of time to purchase anything else that might be needed for your trip. Knowing the bag is packed well before, a traveler will feel at ease. All that is left to worry about is how soon you'll be arriving to the destination!

15 Last Minute - Packing A Carry-on

Lots of travelers decide against a carry-on. This is understandable. The less things you have to carry around, the better. However in the event that a luggage gets lost, would you rather be stuck with nothing or that carry-on that you wisely packed at the last minute?

Packing a carry-on can literally take less than two minutes. For that reason a traveler can do this at the last minute. Simply take a couple of essentials from the luggage, such as a bathing suit (if you're planning on hitting the beach), amenities and some extra clothing items. At the very least you’ll have these items in the event that a bag goes missing.

14 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - The Laundry

This can be a nightmare for travelers. You decide to pack at the last minute only to realize that most of the clothing options you plan on bringing need a good wash. Now just imagine being forced to put those damp jeans in a suitcase just minutes after the laundry is done... Yeah, that’s no fun.

Instead, a couple of days before get an idea of what outfits you need to bring. Once that’s done, throw them in the wash and you won’t face the hassle of battling time and needing to get this done at the last second.

13 Last Minute - Last Minute Amenities

This is one of the only things that would be acceptable to wait for the last minute. Little amenities such as mini shampoo bottles or mini tubes of tooth paste are so easy to find. One can also decide to bring what they already have. You can simply put this in the suitcase at the last minute, hassle-free.

However in order to save some room we recommend heading to a dollar tree and purchasing smaller reusable containers. The only thing you’ll have to do is pour the liquids you already have into the smaller bottles. Easy and effective!

12 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - House Maintenance

Doing this at the last minute can turn into a nightmare. Picture the scenario of forgetting to throw out that rotten egg or anything else that might spoil. Let’s just say your home won’t smell too good upon your return.

Instead, make it a priority to clean up the house at least 24 hours before. Throw out whatever might spoil. If you have to notify the neighbors, let them know ahead of time as well. Get this step out of the way early on so it’ll be one less thing to think about come the departure day.

11 Last Minute - Fully Charging Electronics

It’s a pain in the rear when a traveler has to use an electronic device while on vacation, only to see that the battery has already run out. In order to avoid that hassle make sure to charge the electronic devices just before leaving. Don’t forget to bring the chargers, however, forgetting a phone charger happens far too often. It can lead to spending unnecessary amounts of money on a new one while on vacation.

If needed, buy a cheaper plug separately for vacation and put it into the suitcase immediately while the other home plug charges the device fully just before it is time to depart.

10 Do At Least 24 Hours Before – Check Your Luggage

For those that rarely take a trip, it is important to ensure that a suitcase is top quality. In some cases, travelers that don’t depart as much tend to forget about that tear that took place on the last trip. This can lead to a person scrambling at the last minute to purchase another suitcase. Again, this can turn into a situation of unnecessary spending.

Go and check the suitcase a couple of days prior to departing. It is important to ensure that the suitcase is still in good condition. At times even the locks might have been misplaced. At the very least you’ll have time to purchase whatever is needed whether that be a new lock or a different suitcase entirely.

9 Last Minute - Packing Weather-Friendly Extras

You don’t need to check the weather days in advance. Instead, at the very least make sure to check just before it is time to leave the house. In the event that rain is announced for a certain day be sure to pack an umbrella or an extra rain coat. At the same time if you see that the climate might get chillier, maybe pack an extra hooded shirt or jacket as well.

It is at least essential to know the basics about the given climate typical for the destination beforehand. However a traveler can wait till the end to see if the weather takes a different shift that requires some alterations.

8 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - Check Travel Warnings

This one is very important. More than 24 hours before leaving, a traveler needs to ensure their safety by checking for any type of travel warnings. If something major is taking place you’ll at least have the time to cancel a trip or at the very least, reschedule it for a different time.

There truly isn’t anything worse than getting caught off-guard the day of a trip only to find out that the flight is cancelled once you arrive to the airport. Be sure to be on the lookout for any type of complications more than 24 hours before.

7 Last Minute - Download Music/Movies/Games

This doesn’t need to take place days before. Instead a traveler can easily update their iPod just prior (or even the day of while waiting for a flight at the airport). A traveler can also take things a step further by adding a game or a movie to one of their devices. This can be a great decision especially during rainy vacation days or while aboard a lengthy flight.

With Wi-Fi available in most airports nowadays, this can be done at the very last minute – no need to stress 24 hours before.

6 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is very important. Getting it 24 hours in advance is definitely worthwhile. However in lots of cases travelers don’t even know that they’re covered.

Don’t wait until the last minute and pay extra come the time of the flight. Instead get informed beforehand by your employer if this benefit applies. If it doesn’t apply then get the insurance. If it does, no need to pay for no reason!

5 Last Minute – Check The Weather Of The Arrival Day

This can be done at the last minute. Make sure to check the weather on the arrival date. Not doing so might lead to some unexpected rain or maybe a friskier climate. Getting informed just before can allow a traveler just enough time to alter their wardrobe choice just before leaving the house.

Wearing a hooded top can make all the difference if it’s a cooler or rainy type of day. You don’t want to be caught in a tank top when arriving to the destination, only to see wind and rain.

4 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - Get Information On Accommodations

This one is important for different reasons. For one, a traveler needs to confirm the hotel reservation in order to ensure that they have a place to stay once arriving. It is also important to get to know your surroundings and the basics of wherever it is that you’re going.

Being spontaneous is fun, however a traveler should know at least a little about the destination for their own well-being. If the place has a different language, get to know some of the common words. Also, get informed on what’s around your hotel, as it can make life a lot easier. Don’t scramble at the last minute – that can lead to added stress and anxiety for no reason.

3 Last Minute - Buy A Book

No need to rush and buy a book at the bookstore (especially in this day and age). Thanks to technology a traveler can easily purchase any type of book via their own mobile device. A traveler can also buy a Kindle and download the book of their choice onto the device.

If it’s a hard copy that you seek not to worry, airports have plenty of options. Whether it be a book or something light like a magazine, this type of purchase can wait until the very end. Don’t stress out if you didn’t find the time.

2 Do At Least 24 Hours Before - Ensure Your Passport Isn’t Expired

This is another nightmare situation that can occur if you aren’t careful. Make sure to check your passport weeks before. It takes time to get a renewal, thus this step must take place long before. Not taking this step can cause an unnecessary headache and flat out ruin the trip experience, even before it gets started.

A traveler needs to be smart and get this sorted out well in advance – maybe even before booking the flight. Renewing a passport is so easy but it can turn into an anxiety-filled situation if you wait until the very end. Don’t let this happen.

1 Last Minute - Create An Itinerary

Don’t stress out about creating a perfect itinerary. This can cause lots of stress as travelers battle time trying to see as much as they can. It is recommended that travelers instead wait until the last minute and jot down places they really want to see while putting other fringe areas on standby in the case of added time.

This simple step can be done the day of, or heck even at the airport as it’ll create some positive anticipation for your arrival! Over-planning is no fun, explore and let your internal desires lead the way!