Come vacation time, a desired destination is an All Inclusive type of trip. One of the top and most affordable destinations that provides such an experience is Cancun, Mexico. However, we must warn travelers: you might forget you’re in Mexico due to the massive tourism in the area.

Cancun is a desired hot spot for various reasons. It isn’t just for young folks to party it up. Cancun offers a unique experience for every type of traveler. From top resorts to the beautiful beaches, Cancun is definitely a worthwhile trip.

In this article we discuss the do’s and don’ts when visiting Cancun. These are important tips to follow. Among the do’s includes various Cancun tourist attraction areas and other tips that can make the experience an unforgettable one for all the right reasons. On the flip side we’ll warn travelers about the don’ts Cancun has to offer. Like other vacation destinations, travelers might get caught up in scams or expensive taxi rides. We provide some knowledge on what to avoid when heading to Cancun.

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. If a traveler reading this article is headed to Cancun, be sure to brush up on these tips prior to departing. Without further ado here are the 10 do’s and 10 don’ts of Cancun, Mexico. Let’s get started!

20 Do – Bring US Money Or Pesos

Before visiting Cancun a traveler needs to be aware that both Pesos and US money are accepted. It would be best to exchange the money before arriving to the destination. Airports and Cancun hotels aren’t the best places to exchange currencies due to the lowered rate.

A traveler heading to Cancun should exchange the money at a local branch before the trip begins. Either currency is accepted. Avoid using electronic cards as fees can be quite hefty. Bringing converted cash is certainly the way to go.

19 Don’t – Use Electronic (Credit) Cards

Some places accept electronic cars, however it is quite rare. If a traveler decides to use this form of currency get ready to be slapped with some serious transaction charges. Some Cancun ATM machines charge up to $20 dollars for a mere couple of hundreds to be pulled out – this must be avoided.

As we stated in the previous entry, bringing cash is the way to go. A traveler can bring a credit card just in case. Cancun travelers are usually given a room safe. One can safely store the card in the locked vault box. No need to worry about losing it.

18 Do - Bus Transportation

Once you arrive to Cancun no need to get a taxi. Hotels offer buses as transportation. The real kicker? These bus rides are free of charge. A traveler can provide tips if content with the service.

Bus transportation is also recommended when entering the city. Buses have their own lanes making the trip a fast one. That cost is also insanely cheap at just a couple of dollars. Travelers might pay five-times the price by opting for a cab instead. If a traveler plans on saving money and plans on making the smarter choice then bus transportation is the way to go when visiting Cancun.

17 Don’t - Taxi Transportation

A simple ride worth a dollar or two with a bus can turn into a $20 ride with a taxi. If a traveler isn’t careful, this can be the reality of a Cancun trip. Drivers rarely have a flat fee or estimator tracker like in most taxis. If a traveler does plan on taking a cab, he or she needs to be sure to ask for the price before the ride begins. In most cases a traveler should not accept the first fee offered. Cancun drivers are usually open to dropping a price. A traveler can easily save a couple of dollars just by requesting a different price point.

It should also be noted that taxis get stuck in traffic more times than not while buses have their own lanes. A bus is not only the cheaper option but the ideal for time as well.

16 Do – Beaches

A big reason to visit Cancun is the beautiful beaches. The beach is definitely a “do” part of the trip. However every traveler needs to be protected by the strong sun. Sun block is a must when heading to the Cancun beaches.

The beaches can provide so much; whether it be just relaxing by the water with a loved one or taking part in the various beach activities. Resort animators keep the party going during the day with an exercise group or a game of volleyball along with various other activities. The beach is an area for any traveler when visiting Cancun.

15 Don’t - Keep A Low Profile At The Resort

The make or break when it comes to any trip, let alone Cancun, is the quality of a hotel staff. Cancun has some awesome hotels (and the staff to go along). But of course that depends on the resort. However what can ensure a great stay is a positive attitude along with forming a friendship with some of the employees at the resort.

When heading to Cancun this can create an unforgettable experience with top tier service. If the staff knows a traveler by name that can lead to lots of upgrades. Cancun is known for such great treatment. Make it a point during the next Cancun trip to be seen and heard. It can lead to lots of great luxuries!

14 Do – Leave Tips

This applies for lots of resorts worldwide. However particularly in Cancun, leaving some extra tip money can go a long way. Keep in mind that those working at the resort make most of their money through tips. For that reason the service can improve dramatically simply by giving a waiter or staff member a couple of dollars or Pesos.

This is encouraged when heading to Cancun. Tips lead to tremendous service and that works the same for the room cleanup crew. By simply leaving a couple of dollars behind a traveler can get the ideal cleanup with a fully stocked mini bar on the regular. Be generous, share the wealth! It won't go unnoticed.

13 Don’t - Buy Bottled Water For Hotel Room

There really is no reason to purchase bottled water unless a traveler is out for the day and away from the hotel room. Even if that is the case a traveler can easily bring the water bottle provided in the room. When it comes to resort mini-fridges, the staff makes it a priority to fill it up regularly with an endless supply of water and other beverages.

When going on a Cancun all-inclusive vacation there is no reason to buy a water bottle or any type of beverage for that matter. That’s the real kicker and why they call it an “all-inclusive” vacation. Everything is included which means endless water and other beverages.

12 Do - Clubs, Bars and Restaurants

When visiting Cancun staying on the resort is definitely fun. However travelers are encouraged to go off the resort and explore the city. Cancun is filled with clubs, bars and restaurants suitable for all age groups. It all depends on what type of ambiance a traveler enjoys.

If a traveler loves the upscale classy-style, many high-end restaurants exist. A traveler can enjoy both a meal or a beverage at the location. For single folks or those just looking to have a good time a variety of bars and nightclubs also exist. The nightlife certainly won’t disappoint. An added bonus: some hotels also include a resort club as well.

11 Don’t - Lose Your Resort Bracelet

Security at the Cancun resorts tends to be of the utmost quality. Walking into a resort security is usually waiting by the door. A traveler must have a bracelet in order to enter the hotel. If not, just about anyone would be able to walk into the resort and indulge on all the goodness.

For that reason, hotel staff are quite strict when it comes to the bracelets. It is crucial that a traveler doesn’t lose the bracelet at any point. It can cause a serious headache with the hotel crew along with an added charge a traveler won’t be thrilled to pay. Some travelers had to dish out over $40 to replace a lost bracelet. Make sure this doesn’t happen.

10 Do - 21+ Resorts

This falls under the “do” category for those that want to ensure a mature audience. For some, listening to a crying baby doesn’t exactly scream out luxury or well needed relax time. Cancun offers a variety of 18 and 21 (years) plus resorts. They also ensure top quality along with a peaceful ambiance. This can be an important “do” when booking a Cancun trip.

Some Cancun resorts also offer access to VIP areas whether it be a lounge or bar area. Travelers at a resort can also find a quiet section at multiple Cancun resorts. If partying isn’t your thing, don’t worry; Cancun has more than enough variety suitable for every type of traveler.

9 Don’t - Say Yes To The First Price

We discussed this earlier in the article. Saying yes to the first price can be a mistake. For those travelers that plan on saving a buck or two, conversing on a price with a salesman can be easily established. Of course discussing a cab price isn’t the only way. Various merchants sell their goods on the beach. In lots of cases a traveler can end up with double the quantity at the initial asking price for one.

The same can take place at a souvenir shop outside of the resort. Now the resort itself usually has set prices, however a traveler can definitely debate a price in the city. Never agree to the first price. There is always room for negotiation.

8 Do – Meet New People

If meeting new people is a traveler’s top criteria, then Cancun is definitely a “do” type of trip. In truth a traveler might forget that they’re in Mexico due to all the tourists. Cancun is filled with a variety of faces from different places, basically making up the population.

A traveler can easily find those from the US, Canada and various parts of Europe. Forming a close bond can easily take place when heading over to Cancun. Whether it be on the resort or off of it in the downtown area, meeting new people can be really easy.

7 Don’t - Exchange Money At Hotel Or Airport

We briefly touched upon this one earlier in the article. The accepted currency in Cancun, Mexico is both Pesos and US currency. Don’t leave the exchange till the last minute. Cancun hotels and airports offer a poor return system. A traveler might lose out on lots of extra money by making the exchange in any Cancun location.

Instead, it is important to change the money ahead of time whether a traveler converts to Pesos or US money. An exchange rate at a local boutique or bank can make all the difference in some extra dollars being spent. There truly is no point in doing otherwise and no upside either.

6 Do – Visit The City

Staying on the resort can be relaxing. However a traveler won’t get that authentic Cancun feel just by staying at the hotel. With so many travelers, it can be easy to forget that you’re in Mexico.

In order to enhance the authenticity of the trip, make it a point to create an itinerary with some tourism hot spots. This can include a visit to the stunning El Rey Archaeological Zone. Among the other attraction areas includes the Underwater Museum, Isla Contoy, Xcaret Park and oh, so many more destinations that are worthy of the touristic visit.

5 Don’t – Drink The Water

The drinking-water isn’t as bad as other destinations down South and some hotels might make the claim that it’s safe. However sticking to bottled water is the safer option and one a traveler is encouraged to follow. As discussed earlier, the bottled water is constantly replaced in the mini-fridge. Not to worry as the ice is also properly purified and deemed as safe.

Make sure to fuel up on water during a trip. Under the rays for an entire day, hydration becomes a vital key for a traveler’s well-being. However make sure that water sources come from a sealed bottle of water provided in the room.

4 Do - All-Inclusive Resort

A definite "do" for Cancun is booking an all-inclusive resort. Some travelers might have concerns and instead opt for a hotel or apartment-type of establishment. A traveler truly won’t get the all-access benefits from that.

Instead booking an all-inclusive can provide just about everything from beaches, pools, various restaurants, buffets and so many on-sight activities both daily and nightly. The beauty of all of this is not having to use a single dollar aside from tip. It’s all included and all just a couple of steps away from a traveler's room! Be sure to read reviews beforehand. However a quality all-inclusive trip can make all the difference when heading to Cancun.

3 Don’t – Get Flustered At The Airport

First-time travelers booking a Cancun trip might get overwhelmed at the very start of the experience. Lots of travelers tend to get flustered after claiming their bags. The airport is filled with workers trying to sell insurances, rented vehicles, excursions and so much more. This can make the experience a stressful one early on.

However, it is so easy to avoid all the hassle. By simply saying “no gracias” a traveler can move freely onto the outside of the airport. It is there where buses await the travelers. A worker is usually on sight ready with your name written down and ready to tell you which bus you belong on (which will take you straight to your hotel). You’ll be on your way to the resort in no time following this easy tactic!

2 Do – Book Excursions On The Resort

Booking an excursion is a must when heading to Cancun. This is what can separate a trip from being good to great. Memories created on such an activity can last a lifetime whether it be swimming with the dolphins or going zip lining with a fellow traveler.

However, it is key that a traveler books the excursion through a representative at the hotel. Various agents are usually at the resort ready to book an excursion. They offer a helping hand in insuring the utmost top quality excursion is provided. When booking, it is a must to do so on the resort.

1 Don’t – Book Excursions Off The Resort

When visiting Cancun this is one of the biggest things to avoid. Travelers have been caught in various scams over the years. Locals might lure a traveler into booking an excursion at an excellent rate. The only problem is once the time comes to meet up, the representative is nowhere to be found. This happens quite often. It can also turn into a not-so-safe experience by trusting someone off the resort with hardly any credentials.

In addition, booking an excursion off a resort can come with a ridiculous price and one that’s over-inflated compared to the hotel rate. A traveler shouldn’t get caught up with booking an excursion in the city. Instead, stay patient and wait to meet with a proper hotel representative.