Traveling is a great thing for most people. It allows you to get out of the house and explore the world. Whether you are traveling on vacation or for business chances are you are happy to get out of the everyday routine. However, even though traveling is nice the actual traveling part can be quite stressful. There is a lot that goes into planning your trip and actually executing it. Packing is a large part of your traveling experience and if you get it wrong then it could potentially make your vacation a mess. Next up is actually getting to your destination. Chances are you are flying anywhere that is more than a few hours from your home. Therefore, you have to consider all of the things that go into taking a flight.

For example, first, you have to book your flight. Then you have to arrive on time and go through security and actually find your gate. After all of that, you are pretty much done with the hard stuff. There are thousands of travel tips out there on the internet that could make your otherwise stressful travel experience much more smooth. Here are just a few handpicked things you should and shouldn't do when considering taking a vacation or going on a business trip.

20 Travel Hack: Label Your Checked Bags As Fragile

Marking your bag with a fragile label may increase the chances of the airport employees handling your stuff with more care even if it isn't fragile. There is also another added benefit to putting a fragile label on your suitcase. It ensures that your suitcase will be put on the top of the pile and will most likely mean your suitcase will be the first one out at baggage claim. This ensures that you will have a speedy leave at the airport and will prevent you from having to wait half an hour just to grab your things. Fragile labels can be found in most stores and should be a must-have for travelers.

19 Doesn't Work: Not Setting A Budget

One of the top mistakes made for people traveling for vacation is the fact that they don't set a budget. Many times people will just assume they have enough money for their vacation and slowly realize that the trip is costing way more than expected. If you budget then you can ensure you have enough money for everything on the trip. This includes food, hotel, and other random purchases. This is especially important when traveling somewhere that may use a different currency. Research and budgeting is a must for these types of vacations.

18 Travel Hack: Store Bobby Pins In Tic-Tac Containers

While traveling won't ensure that you have the most stylish hair you ever will it doesn't hurt to bring along some bobby pins just in case you want to wear your hair up. Bobby pins are known to be some of the hardest items to keep up with next to car keys. They end up everywhere around the house and never show themselves when you need them the most. This can happen just as much or worse when traveling. That is why it is a great idea to store your bobby pins in a tic-tac container. They are a perfect size and you can fit a lot in one container.

17 Doesn't Work: Packing Way Too Much

This is a fairly common mistake when traveling and yet it still happens. Having a variety of choices when traveling is important but sometimes it is a luxury some cannot afford. It is recommended to pack the number of clothes for the number of days you will stay somewhere plus an extra pair for emergency situations. It is also important to consider the fact that you may be returning home with more in your suitcase than what you brought with you. Anything from souvenirs to more clothes! This is where things get tricky because now you have to leave something behind and nobody wants to do that.

16 Travel Hack: Use A Private Browser To Check Flight Prices

This is a travel hack that many might not know about and it speaks volumes about the companies you fly with. Many companies will research and collect data from its customers on how often people visit the sites and what times of days they check so they can boost the prices during those hours. This is really messed up but there is a simple way to prevent them from seeing your data. Simply pull up a private or incognito browser and research ticket prices that way. This will cut down on businesses trying to scam you of even more money on your highly priced plane ticket.

15 Doesn't Work: Failing To Negotiate Taxi Fares Before The Ride

One of the most important things to do before traveling is to do research on the place you are traveling to. Many things may be different and these things can be small minuscule things that many travelers don't think of before booking their vacation. One of these things is knowing what taxi fares are going to be even before you get in a taxi. Many people know the average fair and know that they aren't being ripped off, however, in another country or place the average taxi fare may be different. This has become less of an issue thanks to Uber but many places still use taxi services as their main form of public transportation.

14 Travel Hack: Put A Tumble Dryer Sheet In Your Suitcase

By the magic of dryer sheets if you put a dryer sheet in your suitcase with your clothes your clothes won't become wrinkled when you take them out to wear them. Nobody wants to iron clothes when they arrive at their destination on vacation and this could save many a lot of pain and effort especially for people traveling on business trips. It will also ensure that your clothes will at least smell as fresh as a dryer sheet which is better than smelling like the inside of a suitcase. Don't forget to pack extras for the trip home!

13 Doesn't Work: Not Telling Your Cell Phone Service Provider About International Trips

Many people aren't able to go a whole vacation without using their cell service. Many use their cell phones to simply update people on their trip or use it for business purposes. This tip will help you save a lot when it comes to money and your cell phone provider. Using your phone internationally can get very expensive very quickly. Even if you don't use your cell phone to call anyone texting racks up just as much money. Therefore, plan to notify your phone company about your vacation a few days before your trip as it may take a couple of days to switch your service to international use.

12 Doesn't Work: Skipping Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may seem like a scam or a waste of money to most people who use it. However, travel insurance is important to have because most of the time it covers anything that happens during your trip. If you have to cancel a flight then travel insurance can help. If you lost your luggage, travel insurance can sometimes help. This can be a thing most people overlook but it can be a life saver when people really need it. Considering most travel insurance prices don't cost over thirty dollars it is definitely worth the coverage for all of the hassle that could happen.

11 Travel Hack: Use Pill Container As Jewelry Storage

The small containers that sometimes medication comes in can be reused after you are done with them. Save them for traveling as they can be used to store jewelry and other small utensils. Since the box is already divided into different days you can use these different sections to arrange your jewelry whatever way you want. You could sort them by the days you will be wearing them which could help with matching with clothes. You could also separate them into the different types of jewelry families they belong to. Whatever the case medication boxes are usually small and are just the right size for a trip.

10 Doesn't Work: Not Securing Expensive Items

This may be an obvious one to many people but the number of times things get stolen on vacation and trips is astounding. Not securing your expensive and personal items is just asking them to be stolen. Not everywhere will have a high theft rate but why take the chance. You should always secure things inside your suitcase or in hidden compartments when traveling or when inside a hotel. Leaving phones and laptops out is just asking for someone to come by and take them. Be smart about how you store your valuables and you might just return home with them.

9 Travel Hack: Roll Your Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

Many people love the packing part of traveling. Deciding what clothes to wear and what days to wear them can be exciting. Now to just fit them all into your suitcase. If you want to make this process easier there is a simpler way. If you roll your shirts and pants into small rolls then they can be packed more easily. This also cuts down on wrinkling your clothes. If you want to save on even more space there are ways to roll clothes into other clothes to cut down on suitcase space. This can also help with new clothes you might acquire on your trip.

8 Doesn't Work: Not Considering Time Zone Changes

This is a fairly common mistake for first-time travelers and it can almost ruin a vacation. This is especially important if you have multiple flights in many different places. Understanding the different times in different airports can ensure you get to your gate on time for your next flight. This is also important when considering your sleep schedule. Chances are you aren't the type of person who can sleep on a plane but if you are you might want to consider the time zones to avoid jet lag. This can help with adjusting to the new time zones in the places you are traveling to.

7 Travel Hack: Use ATMs/Cash Machines Instead Of Currency Exchange Centers

This is a way for international travelers to save money. Usually, international places will have exchange centers where travelers can exchange their country's money into the one they are traveling to. While this is convenient it can cost a lot to convert the cash. There is a cheaper way and chances are you've used one before. ATMs can save on time and money when converting money over to a different currency. The bank will still charge you a small fee to convert but it is nowhere near as expensive as the exchange center will charge you. Convert smart, not hard.

6 Travel Hack: Here’s How To Get Free Water After Airport Security

Watching a rude TSA agent poor out the last bit of your water can be a disheartening moment for most. However, don't toss the water bottle just yet. Once you make it past security you can refill the water at a water fountain or bathroom. Sure the water probably won't taste as good or be as cold but at least you still have water. This can save on money from having to buy overly expensive drinks at the airport as you wait for your flight. Another plus is you can refill it as much as you'd like. Even if you don't come with a water bottle you can purchase one and keep refilling it to your heart's content.

5 Doesn't Work: Putting Too Much On Your Itinerary

Many people love to plan out all the things they want to do on vacation. This is especially true when you are traveling somewhere that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who wouldn't want to get the most out of that trip? However, you may want to consider that adding too much to your itinerary could make your trip more stressful than it needs to be and may even ruin your trip altogether. Having less to do on vacation will allow you to enjoy more time with the things you do choose to do. This can lead to a more relaxed and peaceful vacation.

4 Travel Hack: Meet Other Travelers With These Apps

Chances are if you are traveling to another country you might not know anyone besides the people you are traveling with. While this isn't a bad thing everyone likes to meet new people, right? There are apps that allow people to meet other travelers going to the same destination. See you already have something in common! Travel Buddies, Tourlina, and Backpackr are just a few of the most known apps that allow you to link up with other travelers. You are linked based on shared profile information so you might even connect more than you think!

3 Doesn't Work: Leaving Your Credit Card Company Out Of The Loop

Similar to informing your cell phone company of your international travels, it is just as important to let your credit card company and bank know you are traveling and that your account will see a lot of activity. If you don't there is a high chance that your credit card company will monitor your activity and might think that your card is stolen and shut it down. This could cause your card to get declined when trying to make purchases on vacation. This can be an unneeded problem and is an easy fix.

2 Doesn't Work: Booking A Short Layover

Nobody wants to spend their whole day in an airport. However, booking a flight with short layovers causes more problems than it does fixing them. Chances are you will run into at least one flight that is delayed. This could cause problems with your next flight where you could be running late for it or just miss it entirely. It isn't worth the chance of getting a perfect airport experience where you just have a 30-minute layover. The recommended amount of time for a layover is an hour and a half.

1 Travel Hack: Find Wifi Passwords On Foursquare

Trying to figure out a place's wifi password can be a difficult task. Some places even force you to buy something to obtain the passcode to the wifi. However, with the help of the app known as Foursquare, you can find out a place's wifi passwords easily. Foursquare is made up of travelers who have previously been to places and they leave comments revealing the wifi passwords for future travelers. Who knew people who traveled were so generous. This can cut down on unneeded stress when all you want to do is surf the internet for a few minutes.