If anyone has ever traveled, they know that once the destination has been picked, next comes the flight. Between this airline and that airline, no layovers or an 8 hours-long layover, squished between a rolling food cart and a snoring fellow or that same snoring fellow and the freedom of a 12" window, choosing a flight can be harder than picking the entire vacation. However, to be able to sky-dive from a snow top mountain in Alaska or binge-watching the entire 14th season of Grey's Anatomy, picking the right flight is worth the trouble and thousand questions.

As is with every decision ever made, there's a catch. To be able to live through that complete bucket list that was made on an intoxicated New Year's Eve and see the coral reefs of Australia, traveling a ridiculously long amount may be necessary. For example, if I had to choose to stay home, in the middle of a blizzard (for those who've travelled to Montreal, you know what kind of snow situation I'm talking about), to sipping Bloody Caesars while I tackle the tough decisions of learning to surf in Australia, taking that 27-hour-long flight is not only necessary but essential. Otherwise, I'd be home on my sofa, ugly crying watching Ellen Degeneres give away another car to a deserving community-inspiring single mother of 14.

Needless to say, sometimes making the tough decisions is necessary. But, what about those times where a fellow traveler has flown over three continents, only to get to the final destination and it is a complete and utter disappointment? All that overtime for the last six months completely wasted. Let's not allow that to happen, shall we?

Let me break it down for you with this list of 10 destinations that are totally worth the terrible smelling breakfast omelet of an airplane, and 10 destinations where even a homemade tofu burger may be a better option.

20 Worth It: Australia, It's Totally Worth Taking A Trip To The Land Down Under

Let's begin this list with a country that is literally surrounded by beaches and oceans. With a twist of the head to the left, there will be a beach. If you turn your head to the right, yep - another beach. If you look behind you, there's probably a kangaroo bouncing right to you - but he's probably coming off the beach. Now walk through those large kangaroo paw prints all the way until your toes meet the white sandy beach, and finally the warm salted waters. The air smells like salt and sun, and your hair caught that kissed-by-the-sun look. Take hold of that beach and dive right in, allowing yourself to see the ocean's most majestic creatures and habitat - the coral reef.

If scuba diving or snorkeling is not your thing, and you've found that sitting under the hot Australian sun is, well... hot, then maybe it's time to get up and ask that dashing beach blond hunk of the surf rental shack if he can teach you to surf. And as he strips to nothing more than his Baywatch shorts, you'll be thankful you were brave enough to survive the tales of a gorgeous brunette with her tropical soulmate and their surfboard.

As an avid traveler, I must say Australia was definitely one of my top favorite destinations to have traveled and experienced. I was given the opportunity to backpack through Young, Canberra, and Sydney in a month pilgrimage. Along the way, I stayed on a sheep farm, an immigrated Chinese family and a hostel to finish my journey. Sydney was a complete reminder of my hometown of Montreal, where the downtown area looked eerily similar to tall buildings and many different cultures. It was definitely a trip to remember, and one that I would highly recommend.

I mean, check out what Matt J. from the UK - who gave Australia and Manly Beach a 5-star review - had to say: "Visiting my sister and brother in law who live a few minutes away, I was taken on a tour of the area including Manly beach. It was a Sunday and just after dark and the place was buzzing. Full of people of all ages just enjoying the area. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes so there is always something for everyone. The place feels slightly Mediterranean but with an Ozzy twist. If you fancy venturing into the city you could catch the Manly ferry which effectively is a very cool commuter ferry but also has its share of tourists."

19 Not Worth It: North Korea Ain't Dictating This Trip

We're going to get North Korea off this list first so that we can collectively move on, shall we? Take a look at this picture and what do you see? A female guard that isn't sporting any type of bright colors, no grass or trees in that background, everyone behind her is also wearing neutral clothing, and would it kill someone to throw some pink in there? But the first thing I see is a look of despair. Even the guard is looking at the lens like, please sir, may I have some more? Or maybe, take the picture and I'll tell you this country's secret of ... Help!

Let's not even indulge ourselves with this too much. Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on an extremely long flight, then you reserve the right to visit North Korea.

Not only is this an extremely long flight, it's almost a guarantee that the country security agents won't want you to enter their country. If they grant you permission to come in, armed military members will take away any electronic devices you have and question you about your interest in NK.

I mean, this could be a thrill-seeking adventure for all our adrenaline lovers, but I highly doubt you'll want to even go inside the scandalous country without your phone, right? Think of it, what would your hundreds of #Instafollowers do without you? One lucky (I use that term loosely), traveler had this to say about his experience checking into his hotel. That's right folks, he had troubles from the beginning.

Freedo Zabaleta said, "One thing that freaked me out at hotel check-in was that the local guides collected our passports as soon as we got to the hotel. The passports remained in their custody for the length of the trip and only were returned back to us at the airport on departure day."

18 Worth It: The Philippines, Beaches Here, Beaches There, Beaches Everywhere

The Philippines was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Between the beaches, the forestry, and the city life, the Philippines offers travelers a wave of cultural differences. One thing that stands out about the Philippines are the people. Everyone is so kind and helpful and nice that it puts the rest of the world to shame. Considering that the locals have a small number of materialistic things (we're talking about Gucci or Louboutin shoes), their houses are old handmade structures, and there seems to be a shortage of good paying jobs, they still have the most welcoming and genuine smiles you'll ever see.

But, let's go back to the beach factor for a minute. On every island (literally) and at every corner (figure relatively), there is a beach everywhere you turn. These are not manmade beaches made by lakes, in busy cities. No, the tropical beaches of the Philippines are exactly that - tropical. But, of course, it gets better.

Most of the beaches are found to be Insta-perfect hotspots, filled with swim-up bars, cabanas, excursions and many of them even have waterfalls. And, last but not least, the Philippines is home to some of the worlds most breathtaking coral reef systems of the world.

The most popular beach on the Filipino island would be in Boracay that ranks every Top 10 beach lists on the internet. This phenomenal beach is called White Beach and it's definitely worth checking out.

17 Not Worth It: Russia Has Strict Laws, And Even Stricter People

When most travelers adventure off into the world, they learn about the culture, the language, the most talked about sights, and most importantly, the food. However, the cuisine is Russia is one of the most... uh, shall we say, bland food around? There's a reason for that, though. Russia has over 100 different nationalities so food also has a wide range of cuisines.

Now that food is off the table, we'll allow for vacationers looking to get a relaxing swim in the Sochi beach. But, considering Sochi beach is one of the only beaches in Russia, finding yourself a spot for your towel or hammock, means you'll have to be an early bird to get those spots. The Sochi beach is highly populated, and with more of a crowd comes more garbage laying around as well. So, why not spend thousands of dollars on airfare and hotels, to sit in a crowded place with wrappers and soda cans taking up half the sunny spots that have a touch of shade.

Let's not forget to mention, Serbia is a hop, skip and a jump away, which means freezing cold ice. For someone like me, I get those weather conditions half of the year so I wouldn't travel halfway across the world to go somewhere even colder. Nor would I want to send anyone else that's reading this to one of the coldest conditions besides Alaska. Everyone say, "Coconut!"

16 Worth It: Bali Is A Wondrous Place With Gorgeous People And Lots Of Coconuts

Let's begin with the obvious in this gorgeous photo, of this stunning man, drinking local smoothes (I'd like to think cocktails), and a platter of fresh local foods. But, above the reason why I would move my entire life to Bali for this stud, is non-other than for the religious presence Bali has to offer. If you've ever seen the movie (or read the book) Eat Pray Love, you'll know that Julia Roberts finds herself and her true love in Bali (spoiler!). You'll also know the hot spots she visited, understand the importance of Hinduism for the people of Bali, and you'll also know that the island is absolutely stunning.

While visiting Bali, tourists are encouraged to visit the many temples that Bali has to offer. These temples are so numerous on the small island, that vacationers can find beachfront temples and mountaintop temples, and everywhere in between. However, visiting the temples are not only for the religious experience but also to teach tourists about the culture and the architecture of the structure, which is something that should not be missed.

Although you can find temples on the ocean or in the hills, you can also do other leisure activities. For example, our surfer dudes can catch some waves in the Balian waters and our nature fanatics can hike up the various paths of the mountains. Again, there are a ton of things to do in between the lush green mountains and the crystal blue waters, like visiting the inner cities, and one of the many waterfalls.

And, it wouldn't be right to talk about Bali and not talk about the amazing hotels that they have, at an incredibly low cost on top of that. Bali has been nominated one of the top countries to have an Insta-view (and we mean a view). As most of the hotels are high enough that each room has a view of the ocean or the hilltops, their pools are something that we, as commoners, would only dream of. Many of these hotels offer an infinity pool on the rooftop. Imagine swimming, at one of the highest peaks of Bali, at the edge of an infinity pool while watching the sunset. I can't even deal with that daydream. Pack your bags, and let's go.

15 Not Worth It: India (Even A Bath Won't Make You Feel Clean After A Day Of Exploring)

Dropping a couple thousand dollars on a trip to India should be reserved for travel bloggers, those who have family in India, or if you're going on a volunteer mission to save endangered elephants. India has been in the news lately, and honestly, it's usually not for the best of reasons. First and foremost, they do believe in child marriages and we're going to leave that conversation at that. You can draw your own conclusions and read up on the latest of that.

However, India has also been designated to be a dirty country. This is a country that is only now beginning to adopt the process of a functional toilet and not just a hole dug in the ground. It is also extremely populated from general overall hygiene, overpopulation and lack of resources and income. So, what you've seen in movies like Slumdog Millionaire, that's basically what you're getting.

In addition to being poorly kept, India also has a large scamming problem. These scams can be either via the internet or phone, but they also have a large pick-pocketing community. Travelers are often encouraged to leave their valuables in a safe in their hotel room, because having them on their person can result in robbery. How sweet.

14 Worth It: Japan Is Filled With Culture, History And Of Course, Sushi

Traveling to Japan has also been on my bucket list. As a young girl, I also dreamed of visiting Japan and learning about their culture. I went through such a phase, that there came a time where I literally ate sushi for three months straight. To this day, my obsession with sushi is unhealthy.

Moving forward, visiting Japan should not be your only reason for visiting this country that has kept its traditions and heritage very much authentic. Japan also has a very large population of temples and shrines, that vacationers are welcome to visit for a powerful learning experience. In fact, in Kyoto alone, it's said that the city is home to over 2000 shrines and temples. Now, if you say you're bored in Japan, I won't believe you.

Japan is also highly known for their breathtaking natural landscapes, like their forests, and their upkeep in general. One hot spot that is greatly talked about throughout the Japanese locals and with word of mouth between experience travelers and new travelers is: The Bamboo Forest (which is a must-visit). This is literally an entire forest that is made of extremely tall bamboo trees. If you see a panda, remember to fangirl from a distance not to stress out this large fuzzy ball of fur.

Here's something I never thought I would write: If you ever want to see what the future holds, visit Japan! This country is known for their high-tech gizmos and extremely intelligent robots. If you think I'm making this stuff up, I'm not. Japan is home to the first smart robot, they first tested the flying cars, they have talking toilets, and their public transport system is off the chains.

As always, I cannot end an entry without sending my fellow travel bloggers that are here for inspiration a shout out: check out the cherry blossom festival! This is the most breathtakingly pink backdrop that you absolutely #InstaNeed, no filter required.

13 Not Worth It: Morocco Will Try To Persuade You With Goats

True story: my grandparents used to travel to one new place each year, towards the end of October. While they were there, they would stay on resorts and go out for daily excursions. One year, they chose to visit Morocco. A Moroccan gentleman offered my grandfather eight goats for my grandmother.

So, after that horrifying genderism and old school perception of women, this is obviously a country that should be avoided. There's a saying (mostly for kids who tend to have tantrums) that says, Be seen and not heard. Well, Morocco should be seen from a distance and heard from, we won't take that away, but learn about it and watch movies filmed there, and then call it a day.

A note to all our women travelers, you are highly encouraged to dress VERY appropriately. Yes, it will be hot and yes, you will want to hit the town in your crop tops and high waisted booty shorts, but that's simply not accepted in Morocco. Women should be dressed modestly (not body-shaping maxi dresses either), and your head should be loosely covered. If you're going to travel to Morocco, respect their country enough to respect their culture and requirements.

Also, the water source is encouraged to be from bottled water. It's safe to wash your hands with soap, naturally, but not to eat ice cubes or drink their tap water. Now, just that alone would be a sure sign for me not to pack my bags. If you can't trust the water to drink it, you can't trust that their dishes are not riddled with that same bacteria. Just saying.

If you do want the Moroccan experience, but don't want to spend the cash it takes to get there, try watching Sex And The City 2 when the four girlfriends decide to take a last minute trip, then come back, and we'll talk then.

12 Worth It: Thailand Is Home To The Best Street Food And Spiritual Experience Known To Man

Thailand is the picture-perfect vacation that is often described as "The best trip ever." Or "The most relaxing trip of my life." That's because Thailand has many different calming beaches that travel-goers and workaholics could take a deep breath and let loose for a bit. These beaches are considered to be a tropical paradise, even though they are off the coast of some of the largest Asian countries. At the top of the sand dunes, most of the beaches will offer a vast tropical forest. However, these are not just any forests, these are also considered to be jungles. So yes, hiking through these trees should be left for the most experienced, or cough up a couple bucks and take a jungle safari through the mountains, otherwise, it may be best to stay close by. The jungles are home to a few handfuls of different animals such as jaguars, monkeys, and my fav (totally sarcastic), snakes (and I mean monster-size snakes).

According to Australia traveler, John Baguio, "Thailand will teach you the art of 'Mai Pen Rai', or as we Aussies like to say ‘No worries, mate!'”

If you've decided to choose life over a possibly dangerous hiking experience in the woods, then sitting at a terrace or local restaurant is highly recommended. The food in Thailand is home to one of the largest foodie festivals. But these festivals don't just last one week, oh no. These festivals last forever, it's their real thing. The food is totally gourmet, and some of the best food in Thailand is found directly on the streets. Travelers will be able to find streets upon streets of authentic and fresh street food. And, while you're looking for the perfect shack to grab some local fish dishes, these food shack owners are probably having the fish pull up, freshly caught, in the meantime.

The people of Thailand are also some of the friendliest people you will ever have the chance of meeting. Thailand is considered to be "The Land Of The Smiles", according to Y Travel Blog. And why wouldn't it be? Thailand is also the birth of some of the most amazing massages that are offered to us today. In addition, Thailand is also a tropical paradise, who wouldn't smile waking up to that thought every day? I'm just saying.

11 Not Worth It: Bangladesh (Get Ready To Pop A Squat... Literally)

Here is another country that actually expects tourists not to come. There are many different articles on the Internet that talk about why you shouldn't travel to Bangladesh, but mainly one article that is called "Why tourists won't travel to Bangladesh". And, as its neighboring country, Bangladesh is another not-so-clean country, who also don't believe in the toilet system. But, most importantly, over 160 million locals call Bangladesh home, which is almost half of the entire United States, who house 325.7 million people, as an entire country! So, you bet your bottom dollar that this country is

extremely overpopulated, and don't even try the train or bus system and not expect a stinky armpit wafting in your face, in their extremely heat no less.

If you've ever wanted to feel what a celeb feels like being followed around by paparazzi, then traveling to Bangladesh might just be for you. As a Western vacationer, you will stand out like a sore thumb. As the entire population of Bangladesh is Bengali, when a Western-American (or anyone of the larger countries) visits Bangladesh, let's just say... you'll sparkle brighter than the Twilight family. According to the Intrepid-Girl, not only do they stare at you in Bangladesh, they also like following you and taking pictures with you. For all those who wanted their 15 minutes of fame, this may be your dream spot. But,

it's also important to remember that English is barely spoken or understood in Bangladesh. So if you do go, in hopes of making a traveling name for yourself, remember to pack that translating earpiece!

During vacations, most vacationers hope for a gorgeous white sandy beach, with turquoise water and large sea turtles laying eggs in their nest (or is that just me?). However, Bangladesh is not known for its beaches. In fact, Bangladesh doesn't even have a beach. Instead, they have rivers upon rivers that connect one from another. Their drop-off? A rocky and murky greenish muddy water. How pleasant.

10 Worth It: Dubai, Feel Rich In The Richest City In The World

Calling all millennials! Back in the day, the show to watch was Gossip Girl. If you're joining us and you don't know what GG is, then you're too young to be on this site and I envy you if you're booking a trip to Dubai. Anyways, GG followed the lives of a bunch of rich kids and their dramatic lives. If you've ever wanted to feel like you're living the life of the rich and famous, traveling to Dubai will fulfill that for you. This trending hot spot of the UAE is home to some of the most expensive jewelry, clothing, scenic routes and building structures this entire world has. For example, the Burj Al-Arab is one of the world's most expensive buildings. It is located on a man-made island structure, specifically designed to hold this hotel afloat. It is not only the most expensive, but it is one of the tallest buildings in the world too. And, the interior of this hotel is something only Pinterest could ever create, it is filled with lavish rich interior designs.

Shopping in Dubai is also the only opportunity you'll have to enjoy dishing out the rest of your money in their shopping districts. You see, Dubai has no tax. The shopping markets in Dubai are also filled with expensive home goods such as clothing and jewelry, shoes and handbags. And let's not forget the most magical places to visit in the market: the flower stands. As much as it doesn't sound impressive, this is literally OCD heaven. Large barrels are filled to the brim of different pastel and bright colored flowers, and assorted accordingly. There could be 5 different barrels of various colored peonies or roses, that are properly organized according to colors. It's like Michaels meets Martha Stewart meets Pinterest. Mind blown!

Of course, every vacation has to have some sort of thrill to it, and Dubai has just the right ones. For example, pop the question thousands of feet in the air in your very own hot air balloon. Or celebrate the finalization of your divorce by skydiving out of a jet plane. Talk about living your best life. If the air is not your thing, take an excursion in the deep blue sea and scuba dive amongst the ocean's very own majestic creatures. And, you can't travel to the Middle East without checking out the desert!

9 Not Worth It: Turkey Should Only Be Served With Hot Gravy And Some Biscuits

Although this country sounds delicious at a certain time of the year, topped with golden gravy and grandma's homemade stuffing, other than that, Turkey is not somewhere I would want to venture off to. First things firsts, regardless of where you come from and the duration of your trip, to be entered into the quint country of Turkey, you need a Visa. And before getting a Visa, you must have a passport for at least 6 months prior to your Visa application. That's a lot of work and dedication for a trip that you could so easily book elsewhere.

Ladies, beware, Turkey is another country where wearing H&M's new strapless halter may not be the best spot. The villages in Turkey are still a cultural location that truly believes in what they were raised in knowing. Also, since Turkey is debatable between Europe and Asia, the culture shock between the two are apparent in the East vs West appropriation for clothing and garments. So to all my gals, cover up if you don't want someone staring at you in a way that will either make you feel uncomfortable or in danger.

Back to the toilet topic. Though Turkey is learning to be more Western with their culture, slowly but surely but still pretty slow,

you will be able to find the odd restroom for your most pressing matters. But, as we said, it is slowly being integrated, so there will be more squat holes than toilets for you to find.

Normally, there is a tap hooked up to the wall to be able to wash your hands. And some tourists have even said that at first, it was tough to get used to the idea of squatting and going, but eventually, they started to be accustomed to them. However, we will say this, if you are going to use a squat hole, maybe you should take out the things in your pockets first.

8 Worth It: Hungary, Visit The Most Exquisite Castles In Hungary (And Don't Forget The Freshest Paprika!)

Here's a fun fact for all our readers looking to book across the pond and enjoy the treasures of Hungary: Hungary is home to over a 1000 natural spring water lakes and ponds. These water sources are perfectly acceptable to be able to swim in, bathe in and even drink. So, to all our nature lover, tree-hugging hikers, taking a refreshing drink of natural waters at the creek is perfectly acceptable. Many of the Hungarian spas also cater to the same natural source water for their thermal baths. These baths are traditionally called Szechenyi Baths and they are extremely popular among tourists and locals respectively.

Hungary also caters to a foodie's palette, with their authentic cuisine and historical spice backgrounds. Here's the thing, Hungary is actually the mother country of Paprika. Way back in the day of spice-trading, Hungary would produce paprika from their dried hot peppers and trade them with Spain and India, amongst many others. For all our travelers looking to get a great bite, a delicious and traditional goulash or paprikash chirkash (paprika chicken) is definitely something that you should experience at least once in your life. Of course, no meal is complete without the pairings of a delicious house wine. Along with your goulash, top each bite off with a smooth red wine from the Hungarian vines. Take it from a Hungarian, who loves both paprika chicken and a velvety wine.

As many cultural cities and countries, Hungary also has many hot spots that travelers should visit. For example, the Danube is one of the most photographed sight-seeing attractions Hungary has. But, if you're going to learn about culture and religion, or just want to know the ins and outs of what makes Hungary, Hungary, then checking out the Szabo City Library and Matthias Church is something that should not be missed.

So pack those MEC camping backpacks, grab your gear, and book your flight to the enchanting stories of Hungary.

7 Not Worth It: Alaska, It's Super Cold. That's The End Of That Story.

Let's begin with the huge obvious factor: the bitter freezing cold. Unless you're an experienced travel backpacker, or you really love adventure, maybe you're even a scientist, then chances are that you're not traveling to Alaska. Not because you don't want to, but simply because there's no chance you'll ever be properly ready to travel to the frigid cold. It will take more than that Walmart thermal sleeping bag to be able to survive the strong winds and avalanches that Alaska has to offer.

Although it would be utterly amazing to cruise the open waters and dock off in Alaska for a few days, capture the soon-to-be inexistent glaciers, watching polar bears in their natural habitats instead of at the petting zoo, and possibly seeing a dog-sled race, there is nothing else about Alaska that I cannot see on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. However, if you had a scientific scuba diving gear, that can brace the cold of -100 degrees, then taking a dip to see the coldest coral reef system in the world would likely be the most epic part of your travels.

6 Worth It: Samoa, An Island Most People Don't Realize Is Legit Swimming In Nature's Beauty

First off, let me begin with my love for Samoa and how I came about finding it. A few years ago, I backpacked through Australia and met a group from Samoa. I was like.... hold up, where are you from? They got to talking and I sat there completely wide-eyed, mesmerized by how they spoke, their language, how they dressed traditionally (even though they were in a foreign land), their beauty and, most importantly, their tattoos. Basically, Samoa is like a gorgeous mix of Hawaii-meets-Tahiti-meets-Fiji type of island. They look very similar, have traditional dances and a culture that they celebrate through living every day. But, as I mentioned, they also sport full body tattoos. In the Samoan culture, they believe that the more tattoos you have, the more you honor your country. Samoan warriors used to rock waist to knee tribal tattoos.

Above gorgeous men and some of the most beautiful women in the world, covered in tribal tattoos, imagine being able to swim with giant sea turtles and even bigger clams, because that's just normal over there. But, here's the selling point: you can even sleep on the Samoan beaches. Because, again, that's just the norm. In Samoa, they have beach huts that can range from luxurious interior designing or a more simple set up. The breezy ocean air flows straight through the huts and makes for cool salty nights, which means there are no sweaty nights under the Tropicana sun.

When you wake up from the most relaxing night of your entire life, and can't forget the most epic view you'll ever wake up to, you can take a swim in a hidden cave that is surrounded by waterfalls. Hungry for fresh local food? In Samoa, locals enjoy authentic cuisine underground, covered by non-other than banana leaves and fire. Talk about achieving the perfect smoked taste.

Well, I'm sold. Anyone else?

5 Not Worth It: China's Overpopulation And Smog Warnings Are A Definite Turn Off

China may bring us some of the most useful technologies, clothing and fabrics, materialistic items and even our cars, but because of all these objects, they are also the biggest contributor to smog in the world. So, think of yourself dropping a couple grand on a trip to China, only to inhale smog and polluted air (granted, not all countries have the safest air, but it's far better than China).

According to Packtolife.com, when these travel bloggers took a leap of faith and traveled to China, after a few days they started feeling the effects of just how bad the breathing conditions are, saying, "We physically experienced the smog in the big cities in China, as we spend a couple of days with a sore throat and headache." Because everyone wants that on a vacation, right?

There are also 1.4 billion people in China (compared to 325.7 million people in the USA), meaning that when you travel, you're constantly around someone. There's literally no escaping the locals or the foreign travelers who are there to, just like you, visit China.

In order to travel to China, you will absolutely, 1o0% need a Visa in order to get in. And, in order to get a Visa, you'll need a return ticket. But, undoubtedly, after you've gone through all this ordeal, you will also be given a hard time at the Chinese border and customs, so prepare yourself for some major questioning. Also, remember that they have a harsher way of speaking, especially considering English is not their first language. They will ask direct and blunt questions, and they may look tough, but they're also being their special kind of kind and are just doing their jobs.

4 Worth It: Zimbabwe Will Fill You With The Best African Experience

If you're traveling to Zimbabwe, it means that you're an experienced traveler. It's hard to believe that your first trip, whether solo or with some company, is to Africa. However, if it is, that's absolutely epic, good for you! Hakuna Matata. You must not have kids. Regardless, traveling to Zimb is one of the greatest pleasures in life. While you're in Africa, I would advise you to take a jungle safari or a hike through populated herds of elephants, but that would just be a given and probably one of the reasons why you're traveling to Zimb in the first place.

Taking a safari around Zimbabwe is also one of the better choices in all of Africa. In more populated countries, like Kenya or Johannesburg, you would find safaris to be crowded with people and lots of excursion buses passing through, looking at the same lion as you. But, in Zimbabwe, it's easy to breeze through at your own pace (well, at the driver's pace).

Another hot spot to visit when traveling to the gorgeous African country is the breathtaking Victoria Falls. Most of you may have heard of Niagara Falls, which may sound African but they're really Canadian. However, Victoria Falls offer a stunning view, and an even more refreshing mist to give you a break from the scorching hot African sun. May I add that a mix of the sun and a little mist is the perfect concoction for a gorgeous summer brown tan?

3 Not Worth It: Egypt Is Simply A Money-Grabbing Country

Obviously, traveling to Egypt means that ladies, you need to cover up, again! (We're assuming that the woman in this image is strictly an Instagram influencer, on a photo shoot because this would not fly in Egypt.) Moving forward, travelers are encouraged to cover their heads in respect for their culture, or at least cover their shoulders and dress modestly. Dressing modestly doesn't mean wearing a burka, but it should hug your curves either.

It's also important to note that travelers should carry the ever-so-posh fanny pack, satchel or crossover purse that can be held in the front. According to Worldnomads.com, most locals who strike up a conversation with you, are actually looking for a way to get some money out of you. Whether they are selling a product at a highly inflated price, offering you rides or even just bluntly asking you for some extra cash, they will expect it. Just as much, when booking an excursion to visit the famous pyramids and the mammoth sphinx, taxi drivers and locals will offer you rides trying to convince you that the walk to the structures is over 5 miles of a walk when in reality they are a 5 minute walk from the street. If you want to get up close and personal with the pyramids and the Sphinx, ask for the directions to the gate and how to get front row seats. You'll be able to save money by taking a nice, hot stroll through the Egyptian desert.

Another way they'll try to get you to spare some change? Look closely at your restaurant receipt or mall charge. Do you notice anything odd? Traditionally, they are expected to charge a 10-15% tax, but if you'll look closely, many locations will actually tack on an extra 10%, bringing your total surcharge an additional whopping 25%. It may sound minimal when you're buying a loaf of bread, but consider how this affects your hotel bill. Let's just agree to meet somewhere cheaper, say... Mexico?

2 Worth It: Paris, Fall In Love While Sipping On Some French Wine

The cuisine, the romance, the wine, the shopping, is there anything that Paris, France does not have? As a teen, I also believed that the Eiffel Tower was highly overrated, but as an adult, I've learned to love the beauty and the finesse of this staple attraction. However, I have also come to love the class of this city and what it represents.

In every good romans (that's what they call books in French), someone always falls in love with a man or a woman, staring into each other's glittering eyes, under the stars of France. Not only is this the city of love, but it's also a highly known city for delicious wines and some of the world's best food. Dinning in a city such as Paris will bring you to wines only the best connoisseur will ever taste, some of the freshest breads and pastries that make you want to ride your Audrey Hepburn inspired bicycle, looking for the perfect picnic spot. How about setting up that plaid blanket in front of the Louvres, where some of the world's greatest and monumental pieces of artwork are on display. Seriously, is there anything that Paris doesn't have?

The most perfect (and romantic) day in Paris would be traveling to Disney's Paris amusement park, and ending the night on a stunning boat ride on the Seine, that go by every staple tourist attraction in Paris. Let your hair done and fall in love, and practice that dashing French accent.

1 Not Worth It: Spain Is An Old Beige Country

This is another country that I've been to; I was super excited only to leave disappointed and feeling like I've been dealt an empty card. According to Jolaiseca at Buzzfeed, he too doesn't understand all the hype. Again, I traveled through Spain, visiting a few cities for a few weeks, but every day I was left at a restaurant, sipping on some mightly fine sangrias, wondering... What do I do now? It's hot in Spain, so yes, sangria was perfect at two in the afternoon, but it also got old. In Spain, they harbor the idea of siesta in the afternoon. Siesta is the Spanish word for nap or sleep, and they've adopted the idea that every day, shops and merchants close during that time. This is due to the fact that the sun peaks at its highest point around the afternoon, making it too hot for locals to work or be out and about. So the malls are closed, the museums are closed, the stores are closed, the beaches are open but are super duper hot (that's why everything's closed), so travelers are left with restaurants and walking around.

Spain is considered a heritage location, it fought all the wars and was a country that began trading and all that world stuff early on. However,

Spain is also stuck in the past, keeping everything in pristine old fashioned order. Every building is beige, and the sun also makes everything beige, so it's an entire city of beige. Where's the pinks, and the shades of blues, touches of yellows or even a splash of green? Nothing but beige, as far as the eye can see.

The food was decent, but still overhyped (again, my buddy at Buzzfeed also agrees with this, because it's totally true). Yes, they are big on fresh seafood and paella, and don't forget those churros with chocolate sauce! But, other than that, the food is nothing special and definitely not worth an entire trip for (take note, all foodies)! So word to the wise, if Spain is on your bucket list, maybe push a little further. Spain will still be there in a few years, and by the looks of it, it'll still be beige and old.

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