Airport security is probably one of the most dreaded checkpoints for many travelers, especially those who are unprepared. Waiting in a long line takes up enough time without travelers having to go through extensive security checks because they haven't packed something correctly, or have violated the 3-1-1 rule. Obviously, this only adds stress for those who need to catch a flight.

Anything from forgetting to put one's keys in the bin to forgetting to pack liquids in a clear container can hold up the line. The last thing anyone wants is to be late for a flight or to be the person who makes others late for their flights - so here are some tips to make that line move a little faster.

10 Go Through Security Before Actually Going Through Security

The best way to be prepared is to go through a security check before actually going through the real security check. This basically means that travelers can perform their own checks at home before they've even left the house in order to prepare for the real one. Knowing what to do and what not to bring is not difficult, since it's all on the TSA website - but going through the check for yourself beforehand can highlight any issues before security at the airport finds them.

9 Get That Paperwork Handy

Security checks are certainly not limited to what a person has in their bags. This also includes being prepared in the sense that all of a traveler's paperwork is in order, from passports to boarding passes. If a TSA agent requests to see one's paperwork, it's best to have it in hand, ready to hand over in the event that something seems amiss. Fumbling around for these papers will only annoy travelers in the line behind, as well as the agent who's standing there waiting.

8 Simplify Your Outfit For Quick Security Checks

The best way to do this is to consider swapping out complicated lace-up shoes with those that slip on and off. This makes it super easy to pop them in the bin, go through the check, and then pop them back on to be off on one's merry way. Shoes with tons of laces, shoes that are too tight, or anything that requires any amount of time to get on or off will only slow down the line.

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7 Invest In TSA-Friendly Bags

For avid travelers, having bags that are TSA-friendly is a must. This includes laptop bags that are butterfly or sleeve-style, as well as anything with an easy-to-check compartment. The big takeaway is that any bag with electronics should be able to lay flat as it goes through the x-ray, so it's just a perk if travelers happen to have one of these. Additionally, luggage with easy-to-check compartments and pockets is always a good thing, as well.

6 Skip To The Point And Buy Clear Travel Bottles

They're easily found on practically any site that sells travel supplies and will make travel ten times easier. For those who are familiar with the ounce limit, it's also easy enough to find bottles or clear packaging that comply with the limit. Not only does it keep things nice and neat, but it keeps things mess-free and easy for TSA agents going through travelers' bags, too.

5 Know Which Medications Are Permitted

Obviously, not everything will be allowed through airport security and some things need clearance in order to pass. Prescription medications should be clearly labeled - including the name to whom they're prescribed - and should be carried in a carry-on bag. OTC medications are also permitted as long as they're also labeled.

4 Body Piercings Might Lead To A Slightly Longer Security Check

For those who have piercings with metal jewelry, there are two options: Either remove the jewelry prior to checking in, or be prepared to have a pat-down along with the full security check. This can prompt the metal detector to go off and while it might be obvious that a metal piercing is a cause, it might still prompt a full security check.

3 Utilize the TSA App

For travelers wanting to have all the answers, the TSA app is that solution. MyTSA will show travelers anything from precheck lane times to what's permitted on a plane and more, all with the push of a button. This is a must-have for the avid traveler, and a must-have for those who are new to flying, also.

2 Get There Earlier Than You Think You Need To

The recommended time, according to Upgraded Points, is two hours early for a domestic flight and three hours early for an international flight. While this varies based on line times and other factors, it's a good rule to follow. Those who want to give themselves even more of a cushion can even show up a half hour earlier than that, just in case.

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1 Be Aware Of Pandemic Procedures

It's easy enough to forget that we are still in a pandemic, and this does affect security checks at the airport. Travelers should arrive with a face covering of some sort and should be complying with social distancing measures. Not doing so can only prolong things like the security check, which will make for a lot of annoyed travelers.