Among some of the things that people can do when traveling, adventuring into the mountains is one of the most interesting ones. Climbing mountains is, however, not an easy thing to do. As a result, very few people can climb mountains due to challenges ranging from altitude sickness to shortness of breath. Those few who can fight these challenges can climb and emerge successfully.

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, therefore poses a great challenge for the climber who would like to explore it. One must understand so much about the mountain and plan accordingly to be able to climb successfully. Here are some tips.

10 Understanding The Starting Points And Distance

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world and as a result, it is quite huge. This means that people cannot climb the mountain from just any point. Understanding the right points available to start from enables one to find the easiest route to use under different conditions. One must research to find this information to understand how long climbing the mountain at certain peaks would take.

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9 Prepare On Where To Stay

The climbing of Mount Everest does not take a single day. It is an adventure that will take several days and accommodation is a crucial factor. One must make sure they plan on where to stay when they arrive when they get to the starting point, and during the climb. There are several accommodation options one can take. Camping is one of them, and renting ready set camps is another. However, one should consider the cost, comfort, availability, and other factors to know the right one to choose at different levels of the climb.

8 Cost Of Climbing

This is where the budget for climbing Mount Everest comes in. It is an adventure activity that will cost a person a good amount of money. One must list down all the needs and how much they will cost. This accounts for flights to the Himalayas region, traveling in a car to the start point of the mountain, buying supplies such as food and camping bags, clothes, hiring guides if need be, and much more.

7 Train First

Partaking in is a must-see as Mount Everest is very high. One must make sure they train appropriately to manage climbing to the Base Camp. Technical and physical training is very crucial as it gets one ready to hike through the rough terrains and deal with the altitude. Training can be best done by engaging trainers and taking weeks of physical exercise. The most recommended period to train is around 6 to 8 months before the climbing month. One must also train on how to carry luggage as when climbing luggage of up to 22 kg may be required.

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6 Know And Avoid Risks

Climbing Mount Everest is not an easy feat. It is a challenge that has seen many people die. This is because the actual journey is full of many challenging conditions like avalanches, storms, glaciers, and more that can easily lead to death. There are continuous rocks, terrains, and much more that can challenge the health of human beings. As a result, one should make sure they research carefully what the risks and hazards are and how to avoid them.

5 Mental Preparation

Climbing Mount Everest is one thing but completing it comfortably is another challenge. With the altitude, lack of enough oxygen, difficult terrains, bad weather, hiking for several days, limited resources such as water, toilet, bugs, and dirt, one's mental well-being can be challenged. This is where proper training comes in. One should consider starting with small mountains, camps and using trainers to enable them to understand more about mountain climbing. It also trains the brain to adapt to the scarcity of resources and use those that are available.

4 Get The Right Climbing Gear

Climbing gear is crucial in tackling Mount Everest. A lot is required for someone to be able to climb the mountain effectively. This may include things like footwear, clothes, rain jackets, bags, sleeping bags, camping tents and so much more. However, the secret is finding the ultimate right list of things to get when climbing. Consulting a person who has climbed the mountain before is beneficial. Another issue is considering where and when to buy the gears. Some people may prefer to buy when they arrive in Nepal while others may consider buying before.

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3 Get A Friend

When it comes to climbing a mountain like Mount Everest, climbing as a team or with friends is helpful. Since the terrains are bad and conditions can be dangerous, one should not climb alone. A friend should also follow the same preparation process.

2 Find Out The Right Time

Not all time is a good time for climbing Mount Everest, especially for people who are not experienced climbers. In some cases, the challenge can be the weather conditions. However, in others, it can be the people climbing. There are cases where the number of climbers is so high that it is not a conducive environment. In such cases, one should research to know the number of people climbing to plan accordingly.

1 Get Medical Examination

Health is a crucial factor when challenging the body in such tough conditions as climbing mount, Everest. As a result, one should get a medical examination before climbing the mountain to ensure the climber is in good health to make the climb.

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