Sydney is a really interesting place to visit as it is one of the biggest cities, visited by millions of people every year for its natural beauty and incredible experiences. It is one of the cities in the world with the highest number of natural attractions for tourists ranging from mountains to beaches, coastline, culture and so much more for visitors in Sydney to enjoy.

Sydney is an expensive city in Australia that will offer its visitors even a chance to hike. However, some people may be worried about visiting the city due to the cost. This should not be a worry for one can travel to Sydney on a budget and here is how to.

10 Make Use Of Public Transit

Sydney is a very well connected city with an excellent public transport system. As a result, when touring the city, this is the best and most affordable means of traveling that includes ferries, buses, trains, and walking. When using public transport, one should make sure they find accommodation nearby transportation channels.

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9 Opal Card Saves Money

One of the most used cards in Sydney city is an opal card. It is a card that is used in public transport designed to use transportation easily without direct money. All adults, including foreigners, can get the card. The card is used by just tapping in and out when using transport transit systems. The pay is just $16.10 per day with a discount of up to 30% on the weekends.

8 Attractive Walking Destinations

Sydney is a good city to take a walk and even more from one tourist destination to the other. However, understanding the best places to visit when walking is crucial for a visitor. Tourists can visit the Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, and Sydney Opera house, in addition to visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art and The Rocks shopping center, Chippendale, Surrey Hill, and Kirribilli.

7 Visit Free Museums

The city of Sydney has several museums that are really attractive and worth visiting. For someone visiting the city, this is one of the ways to understand a lot about Australia as these museums are free and make learning about history engaging. The free museums to visit in Sydney include; the rocks discovery museum, the manly art museum, the Australia center for photography, the mint, the Sydney Observatory, and the White Rabbit Gallery.

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6 Beaches Are Free

Sydney is one of the best places to experience beaches. Being able to enjoy the whole big city facilities and within a short distance getting beautiful beaches is amazing. A beach is a great place for someone visiting the city and looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy without spending money. There are many free beaches where a tourist can visit, relax and enjoy the environment on weekend afternoons. The beaches are absolutely free and all one needs to spend on is their own needs such as food and refreshment.

5 Hostels Will Save Money

Accommodation is yet another factor that will greatly affect the budget of a person touring Sydney. By working on finding the best ways to save money on accommodation one will be able to stay in Sydney on a budget. Hostels are the best options to go for since they are affordable. In Sydney, there are several amazing hostels where one can check in and cut more than 50% of the cost as compared to hotels. Many hostels offer many facilities including a kitchen, breakfast, and even dinner. Other hostels also allow parties in case where people are traveling as a group.

4 Eating On Budget

Remember that Sydney is a big city. As a result, one will find all kinds of restaurants and any kind of food with varying costs. One can spend as much as they want. However, there is a way of easily reducing the cost of food by selecting affordable places to eat and food. For example, eating at street vendors is a way to get some of the most affordable food in the city. However, one should make sure they are careful to get clean and healthy food. One thing not to miss is traditional Aussie BBQ.

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3 A Guide Is Not Necessary

Whether traveling with a family, or one is a solo traveler, when touring Sydney city, getting a guide is not a must-get thing. Many tourists will spend a lot of money paying guides to help them move around. It is a safe city with very clear streets, making it easy to move around with Google Maps to assist with live-time navigation. In addition, travelers can also search and take assistance from the official website of the government before exploring the city.

2 Take Group Tours

If one feels a bit lost, then assistance can be provided. One can get a tour of the city by using tour companies, then booking a tour as a group is the best way to cut on cost when one needs to get one. Getting friends or people interested in the same destinations and booking together dramatically reduces the overall cost and kills boredom. One can even opt for some adventurous activities which require more than one participant.

1 Many National Parks Are Free

Close to Sydney national parks are another place to visit and enjoy at a very low cost. Overall there are 8 national parks around the city, and some are free to enter as long as one does not have a car. Royal national park is 37 km from Sydney, Ku-ring-gai Chase is 25 km, while Blue Mountain National park is 65 km far from Sydney. All the parks have beautiful trails the hikers can enjoy.

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