Whether you're travelling for education, work or leisure, you will certainly experience the feeling of homesickness when you are away from home for a year. It happens that you miss the small things from home and occasionally these smallest things occupy the most room in your hearts. It is a fact that distance offers the opportunity to perceive every small blessing you might have missed. There are things you will most and then there are things you'll be glad to have left behind.

Some changes in life are inevitable. One of the milestones is moving out of your home which marks the commencement of a self-dependent life. When you discover that you wish to prove yourself and to accept challenges in life, it is time for you to take the crucial step.

While it is very usual to feel apprehensive about handling all the difficulties after leaving your nest, in the longer run the benefits are far more important. Stepping into the actual world will enhance your life skills sooner rather than later. Leading an independent life away from home will carve you into a self-reliant and you will be eventually glad about leaving a few things behind.

19 (You'll miss) Your Mom Yelling At You For Little Things

You might get frustrated when your mom yells at you for little things. But, you are going to miss it when you go away from home. You are going to miss each and every habit of your mom including her care, love, looking after you, asking a lot of questions as when you get home, shouting at you when you mess up the room and ordering you to clean it, behaving like a spy when you use phone late at night, scolding you for sleeping and waking up late and the list is as long goes on.

Probably there is no one who yells more than a mom. But, undoubtedly, there is no one who loves more than a mom too. If she scolds you hundreds of time in a day, she treats you like a king or queen as well. From waking up till sleeping and also during sleep, there isn't a moment when she doesn't care about you.

So, cherish the small things she does for you, even the annoying ones. Because there is no replacement for your mom.

18 (You'll miss) An Important Family Member -Your Pet

If you are a pet lover and already living with a pet for many years, you would have considered the pet as your family member. Just imagine, can you live happily if one of your family members is missing? Of course not! The same is true with pets as they become an essential part of your family. Whether you come home after working hard in your office or whether you come delighted from a grand party, your pet will always be there to say hello.

Missing your pet is one of the most difficult parts among the things you miss while staying away from your home for a year. You miss the gentle touch, its furry body, wagging tail, innocent smile, etc. These kinds of typical characteristics may differ based on which pet you own, but the basic concept remains the same –you miss the innocence and companionship of your pet.

17 (You'll miss) Your Own Bed

Irrespective of how many layers of egg crates, foam, and blankets you cover over your bed to get peaceful sleep at your new place, away from home, it is just not the same as your own bed at home. A person’s own bed needs no explanation because this is the place where he/she silently calms down after the hustle and bustle of the entire day, takes rest and flies away to dreamland.

Your own bed provides unique comfort to you because you have acquainted yourself with it - You have your comfortable pose, with pillows at proper places, TV and air conditioner remotes lying in their spot, and a special place for your phone as well. Initially, it can be hard to adjust to the change of routine.

16 (You'll miss) The Alone Time

While living at home, you may have a personal room or at least a personal space to refresh yourself and calm down. After getting exhausted and bored from working the entire day (if you are a working professional), or studying (if you are school or college student) in the fast-moving world, you always get a certain time to leave yourself alone and get refreshed.

Initially, you may prefer the company of new friends or colleagues at the new place. Socializing is important and recommended for the overall growth of a personality, but you always need some “ME time” to calm your mind and carefully plan the next move of your life.

You admire the company of your friends and colleagues at the new place and you also love being with them every single minute of every day. However, occasionally, you would feel that there is dire need of some alone time and it may become difficult to find. The level of comfort and peace attained from that alone time is incomparable.

15 (You'll miss) Picking Just Anything From The Grocery Store

Whether it is a packet of the wafer, or biscuits, or chocolates, etc. you would not feel hesitant to purchase them while you visit the grocery store with your parents back home.

The financial status of your parents may be weak or you may not belong to a rich family background, however, your parents always try to fulfil all your wishes.

But when you shift to a new place, you're no longer part of the support web of your parents. You may be on a tight budget and thinking about saving the money for all kinds of different things. That means only buying the basics from the supermarket - say goodbye to the luxuries.

14 (You'll miss) Having A Private Bathroom

The pleasure of having everything all to yourself is awesome. But it's often no longer the case when you move out of home. Be it unwillingly, you will have to share many things, even your loving bathroom.

Having your private bathroom is like a blessing, isn't it? It has all the luxuries which might not be there in your bathroom when you stay away from your home. You don't get frustrated when you find it messy and dirty, as you are responsible for it. You have the habit of leaving all your junk all over the counter, you don't have to worry about shower shoes, shower cap, towel and no one will shout at you for taking too long. You can take baths whenever you want. No one at home can say anything to you for laying around in your towel for several hours after your shower.

Guaranteed, if this is the bathroom life you've been living, you are going to miss your lovely bathroom when you stay away from your home for a year. If you're sharing a new place with roommates, you'll have to use a common bathroom which gets dirty in a split second.

13 (You'll miss) Mumma’s Food!

The food cooked by your mother is always delicious and packed with love. The new place you shifted into may serve the most expensive and delicious food, prepared by an expert chef; however, it is devoid of the mother’s love and the unique taste you associate with home.

Whether your mother is an expert cook or not, you would certainly miss her home cooking even more than what you could imagine. It is true that preparing dinner demands a lot more time than what you realise, which you'll learn to appreciate when away from home.

Irrespective of how many cookbooks and recipes you try, nothing will surpass the love and taste which your mother’s home cooking offer. You're not fooling anyone if you say that you do not miss mom's lasagna.

12 (You'll miss) Washed And Ironed, Ready-To-Wear Clothing

You are fortunate enough when living with the family to usually have your clothes washed and ironed for you. Sometimes, they might even be folded as well.

But now if you are away from your home, it's your sole responsibility to get these chores done. There, you don't have your mom to give you ready-to-wear clothes. That means taking the time, and the money - usually annoying small change that you somehow can never find - to use the communal laundry.

Sharing a washer and dryer with a ton of other people isn't ideal either. Imagine if someone stole your lucky dress from the dryer, or added a few of their own clothes to your load - not cool!

11 (You'll miss) All The Family Gatherings

Being away from home might come with a lot of enjoyment and liberty as well, but one of the cons is that you will miss all the family gatherings. Plus, living in a different city away from home comes with a sense of independence, and there is no doubt about it. But this liberty is equally a responsibility.

Family gatherings are a motivator - they always want to know how you're going and what you're up to. They're also a chance to step away from the stresses of the daily routine and have a little laugh over a huge feast of food. While some families may get on each other's nerves, again, this is something that you'll appreciate when you don't have it.

10 (You'll miss) Old Friends, majorly

Like they say, “We can not choose our parents, siblings, and relatives, but we can choose our friends”. This is legit when we are away from home. Old friends are like the half selves of a person. A really sad fact about being away from home is to miss the best of people in the world: your closest of friends.

Life is all about moving forward. One challenge we'll all experience is to live away from home. The people you meet there may become your friends, even best friends, and the circles you're involved in can be really fun and supportive. But at the end of the day, can anything replace the 10 years of memories you built with your high-school best friend? While we will certainly make new friends, the old friends will be sorely missed.

9 (You'll be glad you left) The Comfort Zone

Once you are out of your home, you are actually out of your comfort zone. You wake up to realize the fact that there is no more cooked breakfast ready for you at the table. There was no one to put things in place after you had slept off on the couch the previous night. There is no dry towel or there is no one to take you where you want to go.

It can be terrifying at times, but moving out of home will put will make you emotionally stronger and resolute. Eventually, you become more capable of overcoming challenges and firm in achieving your ambitions.

When you move out of home, you will develop resilience and a tough skin. You'll realize that your zone of courage was just outside your zone of comfort.

Identifying and getting out of your comfort zone can be overwhelming. Though it appears to be achievable in one step, it doesn’t happen all at once. Recognising the pace at which you can move forward will allow you to grow and eliminate apprehensions.

8 (You'll be glad you left) Your Dependency habits

Time to file your tax returns and need your dad to assist you? Has your bike chain come loose and you're expecting a lift from mom? Can’t cook a basic meal or need help for laundry? These are indications that you are way too dependent on parents.

Moving out of your home and living on your own will give you complete control on your life. You will learn to make your own decisions, deal with medical conditions alone, be responsible to manage your money, and learn to be self-disciplined.

Once you move out of your home, the rewarding sense of independence and self-reliability you are going to experience will be worth all the trouble and difficulties you may come across. You will be able to set your own rules - who doesn't like the sound of that?

7 (You'll be glad you left) the Angry Eyes Of Parents

Are you obliged to have breakfast at 8am sharp in the morning with your parents? Are you not allowed to have pets because your parents detest them? Do your parents get angry when you invite your friends home or throw parties? Are you continuously at the receiving end of your parents’ fury? While it is important to control one’s emotions, sometimes to avoid being angry becomes very difficult.

To avoid such circumstances in the household, the best option is to move out of home. While you do so, make sure you do not completely avoid them. Staying apart will cool the situation and spending time away from each other will increase affection between you and your parents. Distances will change anger to understanding and forgiveness. At any cost, never walk out leaving the problem unresolved.

Don't forget to stay in contact, wherever you now are in the world.

6 (You'll be glad you left) Checking that The Doors Are Locked

Do you have to constantly check if your doors are bolted? Do you have to keep worrying if someone at home may check your phone or personal diary? It doesn’t matter how old you are. Sometimes parents and siblings can be intrusive, irrespective of how responsible an adult you are. As you grow old, parents are expected to be loosen the leash a bit. Being at home, you may lack privacy, making you irritated and frustrated.

Moving away from parents, you will not have to answer endless questions about your day at work, your old and new friends, late night calls or late night parties. You will not have to meet your romantic interest in private in order to avoid curious eyes. Staying away from parents will in fact generate more trust and respect for each other.

Finally it is about your parents’ freedom too, they need their privacy as much as you do.

5 (You'll be glad you left) The Laziness Of Bed

See we all have a love towards our bed. Don’t we? This is very common among today’s generation but this is a lazy trait which does not help anyone in life. Who wants to slip out of bed when all the comfort is there?

One year away from home might be a wonderful remedy to overcome the trait of being lazy. A research study conducted by a Kolkata based private company states that those who are frequent in getting out of bed at times with or without reasons are likely to be more fit and healthy.

The responsibilities that you'll have while living away from home will create a routine for you, one in which you're forced to not be lazy. If you don't have a job or a daily commitment, the free time may drive you a little crazy, which will make you want to be doing more with your days.

There's nothing wrong with a sleep-in once in a while, of course.

4 (You'll be glad you left) Dreamland and stepped Into Reality

An old English proverb says “You live in dream and enjoy, but when reality hits you, it hits you real hard”. Well, just a year living away from home is a mighty dose of reality. It should make you a better person, or at least a more independent and mature one.

By leaving home and experiencing new things, especially in a radically different culture, we're given a real perspective of life and the world around us. We learn about about the little things and nuances of life, and many of these realities are wildly different to what we dreamt they would be.

Well, just one year away from home would be enough to learn these realities of life, some which are harsh, and some which we can not escape from. Simultaneously, one can also learn some of the most crucial lessons of life.

3 (You'll be glad you left) The routine Climate

Well, this is something which really adds up in the list of good experiences of being away from home. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to survive the same kind of climate over and over again.

You may not avoid the climate in your home place but a year away from home for job, education or any purpose makes you say goodbye to the same routine climate. If you're stuck in a terrible winter every year on the USA east coast, then a year in hot Australia would be a breath of fresh air, and visa versa.

Bonus! You'll get to try out some totally new fashion styles in the alternate weather conditions (hello range of beautiful woollen scarves i've always wanted to wear).

2 (You'll be glad you left) The Interfering, irritating Relatives

There is a saying that goes: “God gave us relatives, thank god we can choose our friends”.

Ideally, we all should love our family and relatives. But in reality, it is not all that easy. We all have to, at some point in time, confront the annoying relatives.

If you're moving out of the house, far away, you will no longer have to face your annoying great aunt who bombards you with questions, or your Cinderella-esque evil step mother.

Moving away is a sneaky method of escape. It is your choice if you want to visit your home while they are present there. While most of the times, relatives and cousins are your best buddies, there is the occasional relative who's developed the evil gene.

1 (You'll be glad you left) Mom’s Alarm Clock

It is the most well known fact that your mother is your best alarm clock. Ask her to wake you up at seven in the morning and she will wake you up at six saying it is eight. Some mothers do not hesitate to wake children up with a wet rag, by turning the lights on, ripping the sheets off you or shaking them really hard and scaring them to death.

Moving away from parents home gives you the freedom to decide when you should wake up and deal with lack of sleep. You may not be a morning person, but your mother has not accepted that fact at home. Once you move out of your parents’ home, you can explain your family about your newfound sleeping habits. Then hopefully they'll understand.

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