Traveling is all about discoveries. It is all about discovering new things that someone has never thought about or seen before. By doing this, a person is able to appreciate how much diversity is there in the world. It also motivates someone to keep on traveling to discover more. As a result, travelers will always prefer to travel and visit strange places that will give them that thrill.

One of such places is route 66. So much has been said about route 66 but many people do not know the hidden things about this area until they visit and explore it. Here are 10 things one would never think to see on route 66.

10 It Crosses 8 States

Route 66 is a road that stretches up to 2400 miles in the United States from the Great Lake all the way close to the Pacific Ocean. When using the road, one is able to cross many states located on the northeastern side of the country. Drivers on this road will cross California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois. The road is the longest stretch of road in the country and it is a pride figure for the citizens.

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9 85% Of The Road Available To Drive

Some may think that all is gone on route 66 but that is not the case. At the present day, it is possible to drive on up to 85% of the original route 66 road. The main secret is being able to know where to look to drive. However, a thing to note is that so much has happened due to modernization with towns, streets, frontage roads, and other things coming up along the way.

8 50,000 Year Meteor Crater Along The Way

When using route 66 there is an abundance of attractions one will enjoy. This is what has also made the route very easy and entertaining to use. It has major museums and landmarks that interest travelers. The road offers travelers a chance to dine, visit McDonald's museum, and even see a great line of caves in the Ozarks. Additionally, it passes through the 50,000-year-old meteor crater that is found in Arizona. Another area is St. Louis Gateway Arch.

7 Route 66 State Park In Missouri Is Named After The Road

In Missouri, one will find a state park that was named after the route. It is called Route 66 and attracts a lot of visitors. The park is quite big as it covers 420 acres with over 40 bird species, trails, and picnic areas. It is a park that also hosts Bridgehead Inn and a hotel where travelers can rest and rest. For someone interested so much in the history of the road, this is not a bad place to relax and remember.

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6 The Route Sings

Yes, part of route 66 sings. This came up as the authorities were trying to get people to slow down around Tijeras in New Mexico and go at a speed of 45 miles/hr. However, what the authorities in New Mexico found was that it was so difficult for many people along the stretch to slow down. However, in 2014, this idea came up to make drivers slow down. Rumble strips spaced out were installed on the road pavement. As a result, they make a rendition, “America the Beautiful”. When driving at 45 mph and listening carefully, one is able to hear the song.

5 Bike Route Under Construction

This is something that many people never thought could happen along this route and it is happening. A bicycle route is under construction along the route. The goal is to have a path that will allow people who like cycling to also enjoy the great views and experiences of using this route. By May of 2021, the route from Missouri to Kansas was complete.

4 See The Cadillac Ranch

Along Route 66 there are many interesting things to see and discover and one of them is Cadillac Ranch. It is located just 15 minutes from Amarillo and it is an iconic and quirky site to experience along the route. It is a public sculpture and art installation. Here one will find 10 halfway buried Cadillacs covered in graffiti and buried nose down to the group. They are well painted in creative art that leaves visitors surprised on the creativity in doing the work.

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3 Discover The Painted Desert

The painted desert is found in Indian Well, Arizona. It is also along Route 66 and a place that is worth experiencing. What one sees here is a beautiful landscape made of a kaleidoscope of layers of desert and amazing colors. With the region being a desert, with many rocks, it forms a hue of orange and pink landscape, especially during sunrise. Although the place is a few minutes from Route 66, it is one of the main attractions along the way.

2 Route 66 Hall Of Fame Museum

Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum is found around 100 miles from the traditional starting point of the route. This is a museum that is amazing to visit as it has more than one thousand pieces of artifacts and historic memorabilia all from the old days of the road. Visiting this museum gives visitors a chance to discover so much they never knew about route 66 and its history. It has images of the road history and so much more information.

1 Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest is another area many people would never expect to find along this route. It is home to the largest collection of petrified wood worldwide. The place has been in existence for millions of years and so much has happened there. However, it still boasts of colored landscapes and a variety of wildlife.

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