Universal Studios provides one of the greatest theme parks in the world located in the Florida area of the United States. People from all over the world make the trip to Orlando for a visit to Universal Studios where folks of all age demographics can enjoy the experience. Rides and exhibits often link to various movies and television shows as the general theme of the park. Properties like Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Men in Black and many others are tied into the rides.

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Many park fanatics prefer Universal Studios over the Disney parks due to the variety involved in the rides and experience. We will look at some of the things that fly under the radar when it comes to the popular park. Find out just what even the biggest fans of the park likely have not even discovered yet. These are ten things you didn’t know about Universal Studios.

10 You can call Ministry of Magic on your phone in Diagon Alley

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is arguably the top attraction at Universal Studios. Fans of Harry Potter get the immersive experience of spending a day in the various settings from the books and movies. Diagon Alley has one fun dynamic that adds to the experience.

There is a secret option to call the Ministry of Magic on one of the phone boxes in the park. Dialing 62442 (M-A-G-I-C) will connect you to a special message that any Harry Potter fan will find excitement from. It does not add much more to the experience, but the idea is cool for the die-hard fans.

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9 The Flaming Moe is served with dry ice

The Springfield area of Universal Studios focuses on The Simpsons. This is the longest-running television series and it leads to many fans wanting to visit this area of the park dedicated to the show. One of the fun standout perks of Springfield is the Flaming Moe drink at Moe’s Tavern.

Much like the drink shown in the television series, there is a fun smoke effect that adds to the citrus-tasting non-alcoholic beverage. There is a special compartment in the cup that holds dry ice to create the smoke effect. The attention to detail makes the Flaming Moe a must-try for any Simpsons fans.

8 The app adds to the experience

No one wants to get the suggestion of downloading an app to add to the experience of a trip. However, it can pay off in many ways when visiting a place like Universal Studios. The official Universal Studios app is designed to improve the day rather than trying to just sell you things.

Some of the most beneficial aspects of the app includes the wait time estimate for every ride in the park. You can also order food ahead of time from your desired spot and have it ready by the time you arrive rather than waiting. The app eliminates a lot of confusion and wasted time at Universal Studios.

7 O’Rourke’s Bar & Grill named after Godfather character

Many of the references at Universal Studios will go over the heads of the average person. The New York themed area of Universal Studios has a few references to television shows and movies. O’Rourke’s Bar & Grill is an impressive food spot with a name that is more than meets the eye.

The name is inspired by the character Kelly O’Rourke from The Godfather. This character has a tragic tale, but the dining experience there is anything but tragic. Universal Studios prides themselves on having delicious meals at restaurants and O’Rourke’s Bar & Grill is no different.

6 Transformers ride technically takes place on two floors

Transformers: The 3D Ride is one of the most beloved rides at the park, especially with the success of Transformers as a movie, television series and comic book. This ride is in the New York area of the park and is quite visually impressive after joining the park in 2013.

Many people don’t realize the ride is constructed over two floors and an elevator trip bridges the gap between them during the experience. It is hard to realize you’re moving up or down in elevator fashion since the ride itself does a good job of having you immersed into the story.

5 Mystic Fountain sprays people at times

The Mystic Fountain is a fun little experience at the Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure. It is located right outside of the Eighth Voyage of Sinbad stage show. The unique look of the fountain is fun, but that’s only a small reason why it’s so interesting.

This fountain will deliver the funny one-liner to unsuspecting people walking by or staring. The Mystic Foundation lives up to its name with the occasional moment of it spraying water. Who doesn’t want to experience the Mystic Fountain cracking jokes and spraying water at Universal Studios?

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4 Fast Food Boulevard's menu features inside jokes

Another fun aspect of the Springfield area at Universal Studios is the Fast Food Boulevard. The eating area features a fast dining experience with beautiful Simpsons art displayed all around the restaurant. However, the menu adds some more fun to the experience.

Keep an eye on the menu screens in the restaurant as writers from The Simpsons included inside jokes. You get a laugh from The Simpsons while also getting to order a delicious meal. Fast Food Boulevard is worth going out of your way to see if you love The Simpsons.

3 Hidden songs available on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit ride

The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a fun ride that plays into the musical theme. You get to make your choice from a list of pre-recorded songs with the video of you inside the car being filmed as the music plays. However, there are more songs to pick from than the average rider realizes.

The secret element of the ride features the ability to hold down the logo button on the screen once the restraints are down and waiting for a keypad to appear. It will give you more song choices than the standard ones and the option to choose your favorite.

2 Frank the pug hidden in Men in Black ride

The Men in Black: Alien Attack ride is one of the most beloved experiences at Universal Studios. This game has a shooting interactive theme that allows you to use the toy gun and shoot at various points in the ride as part of the overall experience.

Frank the pug is one of the hidden characters in the story of the ride. The pug can be spotted in the second room hiding by a newspaper stand on the far-right side. Bonus points are awarded to anyone to spot and take a shot at Frank.

1 Delicious secret menu items

One fun lesser known thing about Universal Studios is the variety of secret menu items at various restaurants. A delicious lobster roll can be found off the menu at Lombard Seafood Grill in the Jaws area of the theme park.

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Other foods like Scotch eggs at the Leaky Cauldron, a chicken and waffle sandwich at Cletus’ Chicken Shack and cauldron cakes at Sugarplum's Sweet Shop are typically off-menu items that leaves visitors happy. Be sure to find all the secret menu items before your trip to Universal Studios.