To this day, the Bermuda Triangle is still one of the true mind-boggling mysteries the human race has ever come across. Is it just a work of fiction or is there really a spot in the Atlantic Ocean that defies all logic and science? Was it just an idea from a book that grew and grew, then coincidence after coincidence of accidents corroborated the idea and turned it into a myth. No matter how much we speculate, how hard scientists try to explain, there are still mysteries that cannot be fully solved or explained. But there are some things that most of us don't know about the mystery-filled three-sided polygon.

10 It's Not On Any Map

Bermuda is a group of islands owned by the British. It has 138 islands and is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The nearest continent from Bermuda is North America, and people say that the Bermuda triangle's point starts from Bermuda, then to Miami, and ends somewhere in Puerto Rico.

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This triangle is a big patch of the Atlantic Ocean, but it's not on any printed map of the Earth. It is not officially recognized as a region of the Atlantic Ocean. One more reason is that nobody really knows how big the triangle really is, it's estimated to be at least 500,000 square miles.

9 Why Things Disappear Here

A part of the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is that whenever a plane, ship, or any kind of vessel is reported to have gone missing in or around the area of the triangle, rescuers and investigators often cannot find any trace of the fallen or crashed vessel.

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The explanation is that part of the Bermuda Triangle is on a path of warm ocean water with a very strong current called the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream runs from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Iceland and parts of western Europe. Scientists explain that the debris gets carried by the Gulf Stream and distributed all over the North Atlantic Ocean.

8 Flight 19

Flight 19 was a training mission involving five planes that consisted of 14 people. It flew on December 5, 1945 from Fort Lauderdale in Florida and was supposed to do a routine bombing practice runs. The team was led by Lieutenant Charles Taylor and his 13 companions were never to be seen again after that day.

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This was the flame that started the fire that is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The people that tried to rescue Lt. Taylor's team disappeared as well (a rescue plane carrying 13 men), adding to the mysterious predicament and making the Bermuda Triangle ever more potent as the Devil's Triangle.

7 Fatality Count Of The Deadly Triangle

For a mythical place to have the moniker of "The Devil's Triangle," one can't help but wonder the number of people that died or disappeared at the hands of the triangular devil in the sea. There is no exact count, but including that fateful day in 1945 with the five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers led by Lieutenant Charles Taylor and the rescue plane that fell afterwards, it's at least six planes and 27 men.

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Some reports state that at least 50 ships and 20 aircraft have gone missing in the last century and a thousand to more than two thousand dead.

6 The Compass And The Triangle

The first recorded mystery of compasses not working in the Bermuda Triangle was made by none other than explorer Christopher Columbus. In his records, he stated that the compass gave him strange readings while inside the area of the triangle. He even mentioned seeing a kind of fireball in the sky.

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Most close encounters in or near the Bermuda Triangle always report that their compass was not working or was busted. One explanation is that this area of the Atlantic Ocean is one of only two places on Earth where magnetic north and true north (geographic north) line up, the other place is the Pacific Bermuda Triangle near Japan, with the nickname of Devil's Sea.

5 Fog And Time Traveling

Now you might think that time travel and the Bermuda Triangle could be the most far-fetched out of all the theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Think again, because this article still has four more items left. But seriously, time travel? Maybe that's why the people and the ships and planes disappear without a trace.

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A more technical explanation is that the fog that appears in the Bermuda Triangle is an electronic fog capable of teleporting anything that it touches. Bruce Gernon explains his encounter with the fog and the triangle in his book titled Beyond the Bermuda Triangle, it's available on Amazon.


AUTEC stands for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center. This is a facility used by the United States Navy and is officially located in the Bahamas. Now this theory is more of a conspiracy one, resonating Area 51-type stories involving the US government. What we like about conspiracy theories is that they are purely entertaining, and this one right here is dubbed Underwater Area 51.

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Because the story goes on that the government is in cahoots with alien species and conducting experiments under the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. If this were true, a lot of mysteries are solved just like that.

3 The Atlantis Theory

Now that we've learned about aliens and the US government doing some weird stuff underwater, let's take it up a notch higher to the City of Atlantis. It's hard to believe it when someone is trying to explain a myth by connecting it with another myth, but let's indulge them.

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One simple theory claims that Atlantis is now gone because it was swallowed by the Bermuda Triangle. One more explains that the reason every compass and mechanical vessel goes bonkers on the triangle is due to Atlantis's power cells or energy crystals. A more elaborate theory involves the Bimini Road.

2 Masking It For Human Error

Many scientists and investigators dismiss the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. They simply say that this myth is just being used to cover up a more simple explanation, these incidents have human error-riddled all over them. That Flight 19 incident was initially closed by the Navy as pilot error, it seemed the only logical explanation at that time.

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But a lot of people didn't accept it then, and most wouldn't accept it, especially now that the Bermuda Triangle's myth is full-blown. How do you explain the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is still flown over by planes and navigated by ships daily, even after these disappearances.

1 Latest Victims

In this decade, there were two disappearances tied to the Bermuda Triangle. The first happened in 2015; it was a cargo ship with 33 people on-board. The SS El Faro got caught in a hurricane and sank but was found weeks later with not a single trace of the 33 crew members. The latest incident was a plane carrying four passengers, the pilot, a mom, and her two kids. This was just two years ago in May, the plane disappeared as if out of thin air, no debris, no bodies, no nothing. These are just some examples of incidents that keep the Bermuda Triangle mystery alive.

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