Think "Ontario," and pictures of its capital city of Ottawa, or the bustling urban metropolis of Toronto likely spring to mind. However, many people don't even consider the rest of the region's fantastic attractions and extraordinary experiences to be had, which lead to many of them remaining undiscovered by the masses. Those who venture off the tourist trail, however, will be rewarded with unusual sights and epic escapades that most travelers to Ontario never even get to know about. From strolls through history and culture, to the exploration of the Canadian great outdoors, these are some of the coolest experiences on offer in Ontario - and Ontario alone.

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10 Be Enchanted By The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Located between Toronto and Brampton, those who bear witness to the sacred BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir feel as if they are in Canada no more, and have instead been spirited away to magical India as they gaze upon the intricate architecture of this exceptionally unique building. Consisting of 24,000 pieces of hand-carved Italian Carrara marble, Turkish limestone, and Indian pink stone, this magnificent mandir is the largest in Canada and was built traditionally according to ancient Hindu scriptures.

The building's exterior glistens with just how pristine and white it is, whilst the luscious and vibrant surrounding landscape offers a stroll through what feels like an exotic fantasy land. After taking the time to admire the majestic exterior, visitors can venture inside to explore the Haveli, which is a beautifully hand-carved courtyard, followed by checking out the Nilkanth Abhishek Mandapam - a sacred space where religious rituals are performed. Also within the 18 acres of this entire place is a Heritage Museum, along with a number of video presentations and exhibitions detailing the rich culture and history held within the mandir and its grounds.

9 Visit The Sleeping Giant

Explorers to the Sibley Peninsula can find a one-of-a-kind natural spectacle that never ceases to charm and impress Ontario-bound travelers. Nestled in a breathtaking area full of staggering views and awesome hikes, the legendary Sleeping Giant is a natural formation that resembles a giant human fast asleep and covered in trees, hence its genius and intriguing name. The spectacular structure was in fact voted as one of the Seven Wonders of Canada by CBC, so no, it's not an exaggeration to say that it's one of Ontario's - or even Canada's - coolest attractions worthy of one's bucket list.

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8 Ride The Waves At Lake Huron

It's crazy to think that "surfing" and "Ontario" do in fact go together. So grab a surfboard and head to Lake Huron to experience some of Ontario's most epic surfing adventures on freshwater. Even seasoned wave-riders will love the swell here, despite it not being as big as many other surf spots in Canada. Beginners can also get in on the fun by taking a surf lesson or two, so nobody at Lake Huron is ever left out - even those who've never seen a surfboard in their life.

7 Time Travel At The Library Of Parliament

Atop Ottawa's Parliament Hill sits the marvelous Parliament Library, which was built in 1876 and is a significant architectural historic wonder. It holds a wealth of information and research used by the Parliament of Canada, and as such is of incredible importance - not just in terms of history, but also for Canadian politics and the country as a whole.

But those who're not politically inclined need not concern themselves with government and politics, for the building alone is something stupendous to behold - its glorious carvings, structures, and buttresses transport visitors through time itself, offering a fascinating blast-from-the-past experience to those who answer the library's calls.

6 Explore Bruce Peninsula National Park

What Ontario lacks in ocean it makes up for with its ravishing rivers, lovely lakes, and beautiful bays that all invite for a refreshing dip. Ontario's Bruce Peninsula National Park in Georgian Bay is especially a worthy candidate of natural awe, representing the region's glittery waters prime for swimming, along with mighty forestry that beckons hiking. Boasting impossibly blue water and impressive numbers of ancient trees, explorers in this piece of paradise can enjoy one of the most paradisiac outdoor escapades in all of Ontario.

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5 Camp At Sandbanks Provincial Park

Beaches abound at a photography-worthy park home to the world’s largest bay mouth dune formation: Sandbanks, boasting three superb and soft sandy beaches ripe for paddling and playing, as well as tantalizing trails that take hikers through the famous undulating dunes. Many visitors come to Sandbanks for a day out, however, those who opt to camp a few nights can truly savor the essence of the place, and discover the natural surroundings and overall beauty of this simply stunning and wild part of Ontario.

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4 Marvel At Hamilton's Waterfalls

Hamilton's almost-100 waterfalls mean it has rightly earned its nickname - "The Waterfall Capital of the World." Some of the waterfalls in the area are more accessible than others, some demanding a longer hike in whilst others require an easy short walk from the road. Whichever waterfalls visitors choose to check out - and there are more than enough for everyone - they're all absolutely gorgeous, though one of the most photogenic is Albion Fall for its pretty rocky ridges that make for postcard-perfect photos.

3 Gawk At Absolute World Towers

Mississauga is home to two enormous towers that wouldn't look out of place in a typical Tokyo skyline. However, these particular two have a certain 'twist' unlike any other. Sometimes referred to as the Marilyn Monroe Towers, these jaw-dropping twirling towers realized by Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen Development Group showcase a unique design in which they twist, performing an incredible treat to the eyes that defies the logic of the mind.

The largest of these curvaceous towers twists 209 degrees from the bottom to the top, which is enough to baffle even the most architecturally-minded folk into pondering just how these fascinating designs stand strong and mighty in reality. While there aren't many things to do on the premises aside from marvel and admire, these structures are definitely worth witnessing, particularly if one's a fan of architecture, cityscapes, and photography.

2 Check Out Underground Ontario At Bonnechere Caves

Ever wondered what lies beneath Ontario? Well, Bonnechere Caves answer that question and offer an unbeatable day out exploring Ontario's underground for an otherworldly experience. Located in Eganville, these caves are packed in by limestone that has formed naturally over an immense number of years. Visitors can opt to take a tour of the caves, learning all about their history and geology, and finish the trip with a stroll along the river nearby for even more scenic vistas straight out of a Planet Earth documentary.

1 Escape To Flowerpot Island

Flowerpot Island is just off the coast of Tobermory and requires a boat ride to get there. Its cute name isn't what draws in visitors though - it's the extraordinary scenery of the place, which includes interesting rock formations that resemble, yes, you guessed it, flower pots. One of the best ways to explore the island is said to be by looping the area on foot, which offers mesmeric panoramas of the island's shimmering azure coastal waters alongside its extraordinary greenery and rocky structures. Be warned, for those who forget to pack a camera for this particular trip should be branded criminals and banned from ever visiting again.

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