Yes! There is such a thing as plane etiquette and no, not everyone is following it. Traveling can be stressful. Boarding a plane for some people is the most courageous thing they can do. So, having people on the same plane as them that are showing the utmost disrespect just makes their experience worse. However, it’s not all negative some people travel enough to know that there are just certain things you do and a bunch of things you don’t do on a plane. Depending how long you are traveling for, the patients and tolerance that people have begins to wear off. One grownup should not have to tell another grownup that they can’t put their foot there. Or that they don’t want you leaning on them.

Taking a plane is all about being aware of your surroundings and hopefully not ticking anyone off or being ticked off. This can only be done if you understand that being on a plane is not the vacation yet. We get it, you are excited about reaching your destination. This goes for people who are going on a vacation or people coming back from one. Just getting off the plane is the ultimate mood shifter. But while the plane is high up in the air please keep in mind that the same rules on land apply to being on a plane as well. Following these key rules will make you the MVP on your flight.

20 DO Hurry Up And Order

Please don’t be that passenger that orders like they are at a restaurant. You only have so many options and you only get food choice if you are on a long flight. When you see that cart being pushed down the aisle you know it’s about to be tea or coffee, juice or pop. All you have to do now is choose what flavor of juice or if you want cream or milk. Don’t sit there and mull over it as if the decision is so hard. All the flight attendant wants to do is serve you and move onto the next. They have to prepare for what is coming down the aisle next.

19 DON’T Drink So Much

For obvious reasons, this one is a big no-no. You may be thinking “wait, are people still getting drunk on airplanes?” yes they are. Sometimes drunk to the point where they don't’ have any control over themselves. To the point where they are loud, obnoxious and berating to the staff and disturbing those around them. Please don’t do this. It isn’t a funny story to retell, it’s putting people at harm and honestly, you come off looking like a common jerk. Not to mention that you could very well land yourself on the no-fly list.

18 DO Pay Attention To Emergency Procedures

Frequent flyers are used to the procedure that takes place before the plane takes off. Most people, however, travel less so clearly not enough for them to remember the emergency procedure from their last flight. You always pick up on something new. You may never know when you will need those techniques that the flight attendants have to repeat every flight. If you find it head splitting and annoying listening to them, then just think how annoyed they are having to say the same thing over and over again. The least every passenger can do is sit down and shut up so they can get through it as soon as possible.

17 DON’T Take Your Shoes Off

We aren’t sure when this became a trend but it is. So please listen carefully, do not take your shoes off on the plane. We will even go one step further and say also not to take your socks off on the plane. It’s understandable that you want to be comfortable during a long flight but this is bad practice in addition to horrible hygiene. Basically, anything to do with feet is completely out of pocket and you are lucky if someone does not retaliate in a physical way. While we are on the subject, if you do choose to be selfish and take off your shoes and socks, do not hoist your feet on anything or rest them on the armrest in front of you.

16 DO Sit Down As Soon As Possible

The sooner you sit down the easier it is for everyone to get their bags put away and sit down as well. Don’t try to take a year and a day just to put your bag in the overhead compartment. Better yet, please just take whatever you want out of your carry on bag either right before you board or, wait for everyone to settle. God willing you are not the window seat and have to disturb a bunch of people just to get out a piece of candy or your airline snack. Just get on, put your bags where they need to be and take your seat. Everything runs smoothly that way.

15 DON’T Hog The Armrest

It’s cozy AF on the airplane and not always in a good way. So keep in mind that you will have to share a lot of things; legroom, thigh room and the freaking armrest. You will naturally figure out where your arm should rest and your seatmates arm should rest. So don’t overthink it. However, please be conscious of the fact that your arm may slide into the space of your seatmate thus causing tension you didn’t even know was brewing. So just be aware of your surroundings. Yes, it’s hard to do and yes, it’s annoying to have to pay attention to something like that. But, you aren’t the only person on this long flight so common courtesy can go a long way.

14 DO Cover Your Mouth

This rule shouldn’t only be in relation to plane etiquette. But seeing as a plane can be a very small space it’s just nice to be aware of who is around you. That means coughing, sneezing, yawning, chewing all that stuff needs to be done with your mouth closed. Especially sneezing and coughing. The arm sneeze is the acceptable form of coverage nowadays but if you use your hand we will accept that as well. Just don’t touch us. There really is nowhere for that debris to land except in your face and on your person in such a small space. Covering your mouth is not going to kill you. In fact, it may make more people like you.

13 DON’T Argue With Flight Crew

What the flight crew says, goes. Well, most of the time. Do not challenge them unless you feel like your rights are being violated. Case in point if you want a drink but the flight attendant says they are no longer serving for whatever reason. Sit down and go to sleep. Don’t give them a hard time they too have rules to follow. It’s not their fault that they can only serve at certain times. No matter how hard you fight you will lose anyway because they will always be right. If you’re that pressed about not getting a cup of orange juice then take it up with the company when you exit the plane. Don’t hold up the rest of the passengers because you decided to act up.

12 DO Bring Your Own Earphones

In-flight earphones are given out to passengers but we suggest you use your own earphones. It is common knowledge that the earphones are recycled. Meaning, the crew cleans them up as best as possible and repackages them so they can be used on the next flight. Don’t be fooled by the fresh looking packaging. Those earphones could have been used by someone who has lice and you now have lice. It’s just safer to use your own stuff. Who doesn’t have a set of their own earphones nowadays? You get a new set with every phone you purchase, they are sold at dollar stores all over the world. They are very attainable and affordable.

11 DON’T Overuse The Call Button

Please leave these damn flight attendants alone. They just want to sit down and enjoy the flight same as you. They already make their rounds quite frequently so really there is no reason to be pushing that call button. You normally get all you need when they make their rounds; a snack, drinks etc. So really, only calling for an emergency is acceptable. Besides that, you are a grown adult so anything else you need can be taken care of by yourself. A flight attendant can only do so much for you. They aren’t servants they are just doing job Sorry.

10 DO Walk Around

At an appropriate time that is. An example of an inappropriate time would be when the seatbelt light is off. The only thing you should be doing when that light is on is sitting down. However, when that light turns off feel free to get up and stretch your legs. In fact, it's recommended especially on long flights. Several things can happen, most common would be forming blood clots in the leg and having those blood clots possibly break off and travel somewhere else in the body. This has happened to several famous people hence why there is so much knowledge surrounding it. You don’t want to get to your destination and end up in the hospital.

9 DON’T Run To The Exit

When the plane lands, stay in your freaking seat. It does no one any good for someone from the back of the plane to run all the way to the front pushing others out of the way. You most likely won’t get far, you will end up stuck in a crowd of people trying to pull their luggage down, gather their things and their kids. Truly, you are making things worse for yourself and you are being quite destructive. It just backs everyone up and we are all going to end up in the same place; off the plane and basking in our destination.

8 DO Say Please And Thank You

Not sure what it is about airplanes that make people want to throw their manners out the window but, it’s happening. And quite often. It’s just good basic manners to learn the importance of please and thank you. Also, you come off looking like a jerk when you don’t use these two very important words especially when someone is serving you. People are not just rude to stewardesses, this behavior doesn’t only happen on planes it happens everywhere. But, when we are all up in the air and a little nervous it’s less tolerable. So, again, don’t be that person. Thanks.

7 DON’T Wear aromatic Perfumes

As we have mentioned time and time again, a plane is not as big on the inside as it looks on the outside. People are in close proximity of one another they are practically on top of one another. So, it kind of sucks when someone is wearing a fragrant perfume or cologne and it is literally burning your nose. There is no escaping it either before you are wayyyy up in the air. So, how do we combat it? Don’t put a crapload of perfume or cologne on before you get on the plane. Also, don't reapply when you are on the plane.

6 DO Position Your Vent

The little vent above you that disperses the perfect amount of air is genius. It’s so small that only the person sitting in that seat should feel it. Make sure you position your vent to face you only. It’s annoying when someone positions their vent to only hit them partially because that means it’s blowing in someone else’s face. You could be making someone cold not everyone likes their vent on. A plane can be pretty cold in itself and some people do not have a tolerance for being cold. You are ruining their entire plane ride. Just keep it to yourself.

5 DON’T Let Your Kids Run Wild

No matter how adorable you think your kids are, no one else does. You may think its cute to let them run along the aisles while the plane is in mid-air. Or worse off not correct them when they stare through the seats at people. The last thing anyone wants is to have to deal with someone else’s kids when they are on their third connecting flight or on a 12 plus hour flight. There is no way it will ever be acceptable for people to let their kids run around like drunks on a plane. Well unless you own a private jet.

4 DO Read Social Cues

Pay attention to the people around you and how they react to what you’re doing. Just like on the ground social cues play a huge role in what people like and don’t like. If you are sitting on a plane beside someone constantly blowing your nose maybe try to curb that a bit. If you are a chatty Cathy and talking their ears off maybe close your mouth. You will know what they like and don’t like because they either won’t engage or, you will get a dirty look. People don’t always vocalize how they are feeling but their body language will sure tell you a whole lot.

3 DON’T Reach Over And Open The Window

If you wanted to control the window you should have gotten the window seat. Most people who want the window seat usually want it to look out of the window. However, there is the odd person who wants the window seat just so they can close the window. They may hate the bright sun, they may want that tiny bit of extra space. Who knows. The point is, they made the extra effort to go online and pick their seat. You reaching over them to control something they paid to control is annoying. No one likes a space invader and really it isn’t proper etiquette.

2 DO Dim Your Laptop Screen

Usually on a long flight or an overnight flight people will bring their laptop and try to get some work done. However, the light that comes off of a laptop can be very bright. Keep in mind the flight attendants normally turns the lights off on a flight that is at night or overnight.when the lights go out a majority of the passengers go to sleep so you shining your bright AF laptop light is unacceptable. It's distracting, harsh, known to give people headaches and it’s just rude. You don’t need your light at full capacity to get your work done. In fact, the light above your head is probably the best light to turn on for your sake as well as others.

1 DON’T Eat Smelly Foods

If you want to bring your own food on the plane, by all means, do so. We aren’t sure why you would. There is no microwave, there is no hot plate, your food will be cold. Really, airplane food has come a long way there are options for everything now; vegan vegetarian, meat lovers, less salt, more salt whatever your feeling. Why would you want a cold meal over a hot meal? It’s beyond us but if that is what you choose, so be it. But please do not bring extremely aromatic foods on the plane. They are bothersome to most people and the smell lingers. No one wants to smell something pungent the rest of the plane ride.