10 Things Travelers Need To Look Out For At All-Inclusive Resorts (10 Things To Take Advantage Of)

Like with any other trip or vacation, there are pros and cons to booking at an all-inclusive resort. If a traveler wants to relax and lounge by the beach then an all-inclusive is something to look into. However that shouldn’t be the only reason. There is a lot that goes into booking a fine resort. In this article we identify 10 things that a traveler needs to look out for while on a resort. Certain factors such as food freshness, water, Wi-Fi charges and resort security need to be monitored. These could make all the difference in one’s experience. It separates the great resorts from the good resorts, in truth.

On the other end a resort trip can be a beautiful thing filled with activities to take advantage of. No need to go too far when everything is provided (and all within a couple of footsteps from a traveler's room). This is what makes all-inclusive trips so enticing. Everything from pool, beach, restaurants, entertainment and all-you-can-eat buffets tend to be included in the price that the traveler pays. Forget about hitching a cab to get some food, it’s all just a short walk nearby; we identify 10 things travelers need to take advantage of when on a resort. Be sure to keep these 20 points in mind the next time you book an all-inclusive vacation.

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a fellow travel buddy. Here are 10 things travelers need to look out for at all-inclusive resorts and 10 things to take advantage of. Let’s get started!

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20 Look out For – Water


No matter what resort a traveler is headed to, the water situation is always something that needs to be acknowledged. On several resorts they discourage the consumption of tap water. Therefore all water intake should come from bottled water.

The same works for the ice in the drinks, a traveler should be on the lookout early on just to make sure these requirements meet the standards. In the past lots of travelers posted questionable photos of the water color coming out of the taps (particularly in Cuba). If it’s brown, it’s not good!

19 Look out For - Merchandise Beach Sellers /Excursion Salesman

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This is a part of a trip a traveler needs to be on the lookout for. Lots of salesman exist whether it be at the airport or even on the beach. A big factor you want to avoid is booking an excursion off the resort with a local. Prices are usually inflated and it can also be dangerous. Always book excursions with personnel at the resort. Recruiters usually hang out at the resort daily and speak English as well. You want to book with those people.

It is also important to keep an eye out for those selling items on the beach. Although the price point can be very enticing sometime the quality isn’t.

18 Look out For - Bracelet (Exclusive)


If a traveler doesn't get a bracelet upon arrival that is not be a good sign. Make sure to get informed beforehand that the resort is a bracelet exclusive one. If not, this means that the beach is open to all and that includes the local community. If a traveler wants privacy then this can hurt the trip experience severely.

It is important to pay attention whether or not bracelets get provided for safety measures as well. Bracelets can also play a role in the resort security knowing who belongs on the resort. Without it this can turn into a free for all and one most travelers want no part of.

17 Look out For – Make Sure Everything Is Actually 'All-Included'


It is important to look out for this at the resort but it is even more essential to keep an eye out even before booking the trip. The best part about a resort all inclusive is the simple fact that everything is all included without the hassle of having to pay for anything. However some resorts keep extra charges hidden. Classic examples include needing to pay extra for “premium alcohol” or having to dish out money for a certain exclusive restaurant on the resort.

This can defeat the entire purpose of a trip. Make it a priority to get as much info as possible on what exactly is included in the trip's total cost. Even some of the best hotels tend to hide certain extra fees.

16 Look out For – Adults- Only Resort

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If a traveler isn't careful this can turn into a nightmare especially for a couple looking to get some peace and quiet. Before booking a trip make sure to read the specific criteria of the resort. Some clearly state that the hotel is meant for those 25 and up. If a traveler desires a calm trip then an adults-only resort is for you. All the kids jumping around and playing at the pool area won’t be a problem - just be sure to look out for this when booking a trip beforehand.

However a traveler should also inquire about the "quiet areas", which could be found in most resorts. Some offer this section free of charge while other resorts make you pay an additional fee. Depending on what the traveler wants, this can be a good investment.

15 Look out For – Room Safe

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Keeping personal belongings in tact is essential. This can become a traveler’s nightmare and something that happens for too regularly. Losing a valuable certainly happens. However it shouldn’t take place in the comfort of your own hotel room. Resorts usually offer a safe inside each room. The safe provided fits a traveler's personal belongings such as money, passport and personal IDs/electronic cards. You simply enter a code and ensure that the valuables are safely stored away.

Make sure the safe is provided and most of all be on the look out to see that the safe actually works. If it’s defected call the front desk immediately. This is something a traveler should not have to risk no matter what.

14 Look out For - Plastic Beach Cups


Safety is of the utmost importance while on a resort. Several all inclusive offer tremendous service particularly on the beach. A worker usually goes around asking the customers for a beverage they desire.

It is important to take note of what type of glass a traveler receives. If it isn’t plastic and instead glass ask for a plastic cup as a safety measure. The last thing a traveler wants is to get cut or someone around you gets injured by the glass. It is a safety hazard and one a traveler shouldn’t have to deal with while on the beach.

13 Look out For - Food Freshness


Top tier resorts make it a purpose to keep the food fresh at all times. Especially with the buffets it is important that the food is constantly replaced. Seeing the same items for breakfast, lunch and dinner is never a good sign. That might indicate that the food isn’t fresh. Just by telling an on sight worker can go a long way in improving the situation.

The last thing a traveler wants is to get sick while on a trip you’ve waited all year for. Be on the lookout for food quality especially at the daily buffets and snack bars. The snack bar tends to be 24/7, a traveler should be on the lookout for freshness at all times.

12 Look out For – Exchange Rate


Exchanging money in the wrong place can lead to less goodies being purchased. Be on the lookout for the exchange rate provided at the resort. Usually the resort inflates the rate making the exchange quite terrible. However some travelers tend to be stuck with no other choice but to make the change regardless.

Don’t let this happen. Even before the trip monitor the exchange rates at local bureaus. Don’t wait for the airport either as you won’t get a similar rate as opposed to a bank branch or local exchange shops. Take advantage of the lower rate nearby, it can lead to more spending cash on a trip.

11 Look out For – Wi-Fi Charges


Depending on where a traveler goes it is essential that information is provided pertaining to the Wi-Fi charges. Some resorts can be sneaky making the customer paying per hour. However other resorts make you pay a flat extra fee at the front desk when entering the resort. This eliminates the hassle and a traveler can enjoy the Wi-Fi throughout the stay.

It is also important to get informed before booking. Certain resorts include Wi-Fi in the price point. Why pay an extra charge when you could get the very same service for free at an equally impressive resort? Get informed before hitting the resort and be aware once arriving to the destination as well. Getting slapped with various charges for roaming is no fun!

10 Take Advantage – Fully Stocked Mini-Bar


Fueling up properly while on vacation is very important. Particularly in the hotter climates, hydration is key. Without a healthy water intake it can hurt one's trip experience leading to drowsiness, fatigue and lots of other deficiencies.

Although the tap water isn’t the best and not recommended, bottled water definitely is. The best part is that the mini-bar is filled with water and lots of other beverages, daily. This is the great part of an all-inclusive and one a traveler needs to take advantage of. If it doesn’t meet the requirements, let the reception know and it’ll be adjusted in no time. Most 5-star resorts have workers passing by the rooms daily to restock the mini-fridge.

9 Take Advantage - Transportation

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This is one that a traveler should not only take advantage of but also be on the lookout for. First time travelers usually make the mistake of hitching a cab to the resort from the airport. This can be costly depending on the proximity of the resort. Cab drivers usually don’t have a flat rate either and it is very possible that they try and take advantage of a first time traveler.

Instead a vacationer must take advantage of the transportation which is usually factored in to the total price. Buses are at the airport and usually free of charge, yes free! A bus can also be a greater option to ride into the city from the resort. Travelers are known for spending $30 on a cab when they could have spent $2 on a bus while getting there at the same time...

8 Take Advantage - Night Time Entertainment

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No need to go off the resort when the night time entertainment is already provided. This is another tremendous element to booking an all inclusive type trip. Night time entertainment includes fun shows put on by the animators at the resort. It can feature a play, concert or even fun game meant for everyone. This can enhance the resort experience for the better. Be aware of when they take place and be sure to take advantage.

Some resorts also provide a nightclub setting as well. You can chat with other tourists while enjoying a fine beverage at the club. Again there is no need to leave the resort which such services.

7 Take Advantage - Eating Whenever You Want

This is one of the best parts of an all-inclusive type vacation. Instead of going out to restaurants and buying snacks for the night time, such problems do not exist on an all-inclusive type trip. The food is provided 24/7. You won’t need to bring any snacks let alone leave the resort and pay for a meal. This is the best part of a resort type trip especially for all those foodies out there.

Resorts normally offer a variety of buffets (breakfast, lunch and dinner) along with several restaurants. The real kicker is a snack bar is also opened 24/7. So if a traveler wants something to munch on it is always opened at your convenience. Take advantage! There is no need to bring any food.

6 Take Advantage – Room Service


Travelers tend to forget about this one but room service is another strong part of an all inclusive. Say a group of fellow travelers get tired from a long day they can always call the front desk and they’ll bring you whatever it is they desire. Whether it be a meal or beverage such a service is usually included. If the service meets expectations then perhaps leaving some tip is the way to go.

Room service is usually 24/7 depending on the resort. Meaning your needs can be met in the comfort of your own room during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take advantage of the service especially on a rainy evening or activity filled day!

5 Take Advantage – Daily Activities


If you’re a sun lounger disregard this one. However those that want to have a good time and not lay around be sure to take advantage of the daily activities provided by the resort. All inclusive trips go the extra mile to ensure the well-being of their customers by providing various games and activities throughout the day. Just playing a game of bingo or taking part in a volleyball tournament can easily enhance one’s experience and perhaps form a bond between different travelers.

Take advantage of the activities and be aware of which resorts offer top of the line daily rituals. Read user reviews beforehand.

4 Take Advantage - Unlimited Beach Towels


If an all inclusive is the destination for a traveler then leave the towels behind. No need to bring a towel as maids full restock the room towels daily. Also you don’t need to bring one on the beach or pool either. Resorts provide clients with a towel key which allows the traveler to get as fresh towels as desired. If your towel becomes damp and moist not to worry you can simply go the towel hut and replace it ASAP.

Be sure to take advantage of this and don’t settle for a towel you brought from home or one you’ve used repeatedly throughout the day.

3 Take Advantage - A La Carte Restaurants And Buffets

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This can make or break a trip experience. However if the restaurants meet the traveler's criteria then it is something to take advantage of. A la carte restaurants are included when booking a resort trip. Hotels provide a variety of different restaurants. Usual restos include Italian and the classic steakhouse setting. Get information beforehand as different resorts offer different booking measures. Some ask that you reserve beforehand the day of while others require a first-come-first-serve type of ordeal.


Buffets can also be great. Some resorts go the extra mile offering different themes every night. Even if a traveler eats at an a la carte they can always hit up the buffet regardless for some fruit or dessert.

2 Take Advantage - Bathroom Amenities


No need to over-pack that bar of soap or that box of q-tips. Chances are this is already fully stocked and ready for a traveler. Blow dryers and as we mentioned earlier towels are also provided in the room bathroom normally. Not only are the bathroom amenities usually great but the room cleanness is also of the utmost importance.

Make sure to not only take advantage of this factor but also be aware if it meets the quality that you desire. If it doesn’t, the hotel will quickly provide the client with whatever it is that they're missing in the room.

1 Take Advantage - Everything In One Location

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This is the best part of an all inclusive. Unlike other trips in which a traveler is always on the go all inclusive provide the opposite experience with everything a traveler needs all in one location. No need to hitch a ride anywhere when the room, restaurants, activities and beach are all in one place! This is the part a traveler needs to take advantage of especially in terms of relaxation.

Make sure the hotel choice offers everything you need. If enjoying a workout is something a traveler desires then be sure that the resort also includes a gym. This can be another great part of a trip with another favorite location just a couple of steps from a traveler's room.

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