Iguazu falls is one of the most impressive natural phenomenons on earth. The combination of the more than 270 waterfalls is so large that they make up the largest water system in the world. While the colossal nature of the waterfall is what draws in visitors from all over the world, the large rainforest surrounding the falls also lines up lots of outdoor activities to keep visitors exploring. Grab a camera and take pictures and videos but be sure to experience these things while on this wet and refreshing border of Brazil and Argentina.

10 Hike The Trails To The WaterFalls

Trails at Iguazu falls present scenic views of the greenery and lushness surrounding the waterfalls. Wildlife encounters are also common during these treks due to the region’s amazing biodiversity. The Devil’s Throat Trail is one trail not to miss out on as it presents amazing views of the Devil’s Throat waterfall which is also the tallest of all the waterfalls in Iguazu falls. More trails to explore here include the Iguazu Falls Trail and the Catwalk Trail.

9 Kayak And Rafting On The Waters

Many Kayaking tours are offered both on the Argentinian and the Brazilian side for a close exploration of the waterfalls. This water activity is thrilling and will have adventurers paddling through the enormous Iguazu River and seeing the numerous waterfalls on the way while also enjoying views of the beautiful towering hills and the surrounding rainforest. The experience takes adventurers to the very foot of the waterfalls so prepare to get a refreshing and powerful shower.

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8 Take A Helicopter Ride To See The Falls From Above

The helicopter flight over Iguazu falls offers a bird’s eye view of this magnificent wonder and reveals the enormous force of the river’s flow down to the lower Iguazu. It can be both thrilling and scary seeing the strength of the waterfall from such a height on a helicopter but for those who do not want to get soaked, there’s no better way to see this waterfall than this. The ride is offered at Foz do Iguacu and only takes about 10 minutes but the memories last for a lifetime.

7 Experience A Jet Boat Ride

A Jet boat ride is one of the safest ways to explore Iguazu falls. The ride takes adventurers on the majestic river and gets them drenched in the falling waters. From the boat, the views of the falls are the closest. Basically, it’s a showering ride so prepare to get soaked as the boat tours explore many of the falls around the area.

6 Engage In A Rock Climbing Adventure

Rock climbing tours at Iguazu falls present adventurers with a nice view of the waterfalls and the beautiful rainforest while offering a thrilling climb at the same time. There are different climbing routes here for both beginners and experienced climbers and guides are usually available to accompany those who need help on the adventure.

5 Explore The Wildlife At The National Parks

Due to the rich environment surrounding the waterfalls, wildlife thrives here which is why lots of parks have been created to preserve this ecosystem. Adventurers will be presented with animal species ranging from wild cats such as - Jaguars, Ocelot, and Pumas, to Harpy Eagles, reptiles, Deers, monkeys, giant Anteaters, and lots of Coatis. Bird species at Iguazu falls are also remarkably diverse. The most common birds to see here include - Toco Toucan, Chestnut-eared aracari, and Plush-crested Jay. The abundance of butterflies is also one more thing to enjoy here. While there are parks to specifically explore the wildlife, biking, and hiking across some of the trails will present enough wildlife encounters for many.

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4 Visit Itaipu Dam

Ranking as the second largest power processing plant in the world, the sheer size of this man-made structure is mind-blowing. It has been labeled one of the greatest modern engineering feats in the world. Located between Brazil and Paraguay, this hydroelectric Dam is 4.9 miles long and is 196 meters tall while its reservoir has a length of 1o5 miles. Engineering enthusiasts and even curious travelers will find the sight of the Itaipu Dam inspiring.

3 Zipline Across The Rainforest

Ziplining at Iguazu falls is an exciting way to see the lushness, fauna, and flora of the forest. Most Zipline experiences here are usually included with waterfall rappelling so adventurers are always guaranteed to get wet. It is inevitable! The lines are hundreds of meters long and stand at a terrifying height of up to 20 meters but the views are nothing short of amazing.

2 Ride A Bike Across Iguazu Rainforest

The Iguazu National Park has many paths that cater to the needs of bikers from paved, red sand trails to muddy and bushy paths. Biking through these paths offers a full immersion in nature and is an opportunity to enjoy a refreshing exploration of the jungle surrounding the waterfalls on wheels. Those who begin the ride early in the morning might also be lucky to spot some wildlife while enjoying the cool morning breeze of the forest.

1 Horseback Riding

For those who prefer to go all-natural, horseback riding is a tantalizing thing to experience at Iguazu and a way to explore the beautiful rainforest. This experience is offered on the Argentinian side and will take adventurers through the jungle to Guarani village where they’ll learn about the interesting culture and history of the people there.

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