Amsterdam is the city in the Netherlands that is home to some of the country's most popular tourist destinations. It is a culturally minded place and a sightseer's dream for every tourist. If tourists go beyond the primary attractions, they will find mysteries and stories around every corner. In this city, tourists can do everything from visiting some fantastic but lesser-known museums to discovering its street art and lovely cafes. To know further, here are some things to do in Amsterdam that only locals know.

10 Explore Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus is a substantial botanical orchard in Amsterdam's Plantage district. A lovely garden with flowers, herbs, and a massive greenhouse filled with palms and exotic plants. Hundreds of stunning butterflies may be seen frolicking within the Botanicus' Butterfly Greenhouse, in addition to a beautiful cafe, outdoor gardens, and a 'hothouse' that emulates three distinct tropical settings. Guests can also book the café and terrace for a garden party or reception. Tickets are sold in person or online for 5 euros to 9 euros.

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9 Drink Craft Beer

After establishing itself in an industrial canal-side site in Amsterdam Zuid, not far from the Olympic Stadium, Butcher's Tears, this modest, independent, and very trendy brewery has secured its spot on the Amsterdam beer trail. Every evening, excluding Monday and Tuesday, from 16:00 to 21:00, the tasting area are open, allowing beer enthusiasts to taste a constantly moving choice of brews with whimsical names like 'Lipreader,' 'Ditchwitch,' and 'The Flying Bed.' The brewery also provides live music and events regularly. The price starts at 3.75 euros.

8 Watch A Film At Theatre Tuschinski

The Tuschinski Theatre is a historic and exquisite cinema theater right in the middle of the city. This cinema is ancient, and the interior is designed with decorative elements reminiscent of the 1920s. It has been named the most beautiful theater in the Netherlands, thanks to its Art Deco façade and stunning interior design. Tourists may also find themselves staring at the sumptuous velvet seats and furnishings around the cinema rather than the movie itself. The ticket cost around 10 euros and is suitable for 3 hours. It is open every day, with varying hours of operation.

7 Visit Oudemanhuispoort Bookmarket

Another hidden in plain sight Amsterdam site is Oudemanhuispoort Bookmarket. An ideal area in the city for any traveler who likes art or literature since the entire walkway is lined with stalls selling used books and paintings. Despite being situated in Oudemanhuispoort, the center of Amsterdam, this hidden gem is unknown to most guests. Moreover, this path was visited by the great Vincent Van Gogh in the past, who loved wandering across it.

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6 Find The Tiny Hidden Houses

A stretch of tiny homes nestled up between two buildings is concealed in plain sight among Amsterdam's labyrinth of streets. Finding these houses can be difficult because they are small and well-hidden within the gap. Going on a hunt for them, on the other hand, might be attractive because they are located near Amsterdam's center but closer to the city's lovely Jordaan neighborhood. A marketing firm placed the houses there to fill the distance between the two residences.

5 Enjoy At A Comedy Club And Eat A Delicious Brunch

Comedy Cafe Amsterdam, located in IJdok 89, 1013 MM, is a club that also serves brunch. It is an excellent place for every tourist looking for something different, humorous, and pleasant in Amsterdam. Brunch includes a varied menu, but chicken and chips are the best, costing around 6.50 euros. They also offer an alcoholic beverage and a funny improv comedy act. The improved comedy act features a combination of singing and numerous sketches. They also engage with the audience often, which contributes to the show's highest level of comedy. The club starts to operate at 7 pm.

4 Stroll Around Jordaan

Jordaan is one of the city's most popular neighborhoods. Charming small lanes give way to flower-lined canals, and there are plenty of lovely stores and boutiques that will keep everyone interested, as well as cafés, restaurants, and artists' workshops. During the day, it's great to wander around Jordaan, where magnificent images of bridges and canals have been captured. It is also highly advised for every tourist to visit the place at night since it is incredibly stunning when all the street lighting is turned on.

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3 Ride A Bike

Biking isn't one of the most uncommon things to do in Amsterdam for locals, they're doing it almost every day, and it's just how they live. Even if they have a few hours to spare, riding a bike is a must-do in Amsterdam. Renting a bike that costs around 10 euros per day or going on a guided cycling tour are fun and exciting things to see in the city. Bikers, not pedestrians, have the right of way in Amsterdam. Locals are fully aware of this, so if tourists want to ride around the city but are apprehensive about it, there are specific areas for them to do so.

2 Outdoor Market Hopping

Shopping at Amsterdam's vibrant markets is a fantastic opportunity to score a good deal while also bringing back some Dutch souvenirs for family and friends back home. Amsterdam's street markets range from high-end and specialty to day-to-day classics filled with every good conceivable. Amsterdam's year-round and seasonal markets provide tourists with the opportunity to sample diverse delicacies and buy locally crafted artwork. Indeed, it's a great deal of fun to walk around the city and explore the attractions. Between April and May or July and September is the best time to visit the market, just before or immediately after the peak tourist season in the summer.

1 Attend At A Live Flower Auction

Amsterdam is well-known for its magnificent tulips that bloom during the spring months. Aalsmeer Flower Sale is a flower auction held in the city of Aalsmeer. It is the world's biggest flower auction. Their flowers were subjected to approximately 30 quality inspections before being evaluated on a scale. The auction is set up in a Dutch Private deal style, with the price starting high and gradually decreasing. Bidders only have a few seconds to place their bids on the flowers before they are sold and handed to the next owner.

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