10 Things Hotel Staff Choose Not To Tell Guests (10 They're Not Allowed To)

Hotels are places that a lot of people use. But according to stuff.co.nz, there are some people who are choosing to stay in Airbnbs more often than they are choosing to stay at hotels. But that does not mean that hotels are becoming a thing of the past since there are still plenty that are very popular.

It is easy to see why so many people tend to give them a lot of business. Traveling is something that numerous people have to do all the time. Sometimes they do it for work, and sometimes they travel for pleasure. Either way, hotels are usually involved. They’re not always that great though. Here are some of the things that hotel staff members do not tell their guests.

20 They Won’t Mention Accidents


Bad things happen in hotel rooms, but that is not something the staff members will discuss with guests. According to independent.co.uk, hotel employees will not speak to guests about unfortunate things that may have happened in their rooms. That is because it could make them decide to stay somewhere else.

19 Employees Are Not Allowed To Tell Guests They’ll Go Out With Them


According to cheatsheet.com, people tend to flirt with the staff at hotels. That’s not very surprising, but they are not allowed to tell guests that they will go out with them. That is because those who work for hotels would violate company policy by doing that, and they’d probably be fired.

18 Customers Will Likely Never Know When There Is A Celebrity


Staying in the same hotel as a celebrity would be cool, but others would never know that the famous person was there. According to independent.co.uk, that is one of the things that employees are not in the habit of discussing with their other customers, which is great for the celebrity.

17 The Maids Aren’t Allowed To Ask Guests To Leave Snacks For Them


The maids that work at hotels would actually be quite happy if people left snacks for them when they come to clean their rooms. But according to businessinsider.com, this is not something that they are allowed to mention to them. This is definitely something guests should do before checking out.

16 Certain Things Should Never Be Touched


There are lots of things that shouldn’t be touched since they rarely ever get cleaned. According to independent.co.uk, some of those items are things like the tv remote control and the cover that is often on the bed when they get their room. Those are good spots for unhealthy germs.

15 The Staff Can’t Tell Customers Not To Dye Their Hair There


They cannot tell their guests this, but some hotel employees wish people would not dye their hair while they are staying in that hotel. According to businessinsider.com, it’s very hard for them to clean out the tub, and whatever else the hair dye might happen to come into contact with.

14 The Staff Members Can Give Out Free Stuff


The staff members at hotels will not tell anyone this, but guests can actually get free things. According to independent.co.uk, if they are nice to those who work there, they can get things like tampons, rides, or a room upgrade if they are simply kind, instead of rude and mean.

13 Guests Need To Make Sure Everything Is Turned Off When They Leave, But Employees Can’t Tell Them That


The maids who work in hotels cannot say this, but they do wish people would make sure everything is turned off when they leave. According to businessinsider.com, if the tv is left on, they will not know that the guest has checked out. The tv needs to be turned off.

12 They Are Not Always Telling The Truth


The signs that say “No Vacancy” might not always be trustworthy. According to smartertravel.com, sometimes rooms are being held for someone, or someone canceled something at the very last minute. Calling the hotel might be a way to get a more accurate idea of what is available at the moment.

11 The Staff Members Wish Customers Would Clean Up A Bit


Those who wish to make things a bit easier for the maids can do that, but maids are not allowed to tell them this. According to businessinsider.com, the maids would appreciate it very much if hotel guests would pick things up before leaving the room, so their job is easier.

10 Bad Reviews Don’t Always Bother Them


According to smartertravel.com, bad reviews are not very important to people who work at hotels. They tend to deal with unhappy customers all the time, so this is not a big deal to them. People with complaints should simply take it up with the manager since they’ll probably care more.

9 The Staff Can’t Tell Customers To Be Nice


According to businessinsider.com, one of the best things a guest can do at a hotel is to treat the staff with some respect. That’s something they are not usually allowed to mention to guests, but it should not have to be mentioned at all. Everyone should be nice to one another.

8 The Coffee Maker Does Not Always Get Cleaned


According to smartertravel.com, the top of the bedding is not the only thing that does not get cleaned. The coffee maker also doesn’t ever really get cleaned out, so guests should probably bring their own coffee maker, or buy some if they want it. Doorknobs don’t get cleaned much, either.

7 Employees Can’t Say This, But Guests Need To Leave Their Beds Unmade In The Morning


The maids who work at hotels do not want customers to make their beds when they wake up in the morning. According to businessinsider.com, that is because they might think the bed has not been used, so that means they also might not clean the sheets for the next guest.

6 Not All Of The Staff Members Go Through Background Checks


One might think that people who work in places where families stay have had thorough background checks. But that is not always the case, according to smartertravel.com. It is for this reason that guests should be careful with their belongings. It is possible that something could get taken from them.

5 Staff Members Like It When The Bedding Is In A Pile


Maids don’t expect people to leave some of the things in a hotel room in a pile, but they wish the guests would do it to make things a bit easier. According to businessinsider.com, they only have a short amount of time to clean each room, so this saves time.

4 Lots Of People Leave Their Belongings There


According to travelpulse.com, guests leave a lot of things there, and this isn’t something that staff members talk with them about. Two of the things that people leave behind most often are their toothbrushes and their cell phone chargers. Guests should check their bags before they head out the door.

3 They Want Customers To Use The Do Not Disturb Sign


The “Do Not Disturb” sign is there for a reason, and some employees wish people would put those things to use. According to businessinsider.com, this makes them think that it’s safe to knock, which has angered some of the guests. If they see the sign, they won’t bother the guest.

2 Guys Are More Likely To Admit They Forgot Something


According to travelpulse.com, guys forget stuff in their hotel rooms, and they are more likely to admit to doing so. Women also do this, but it does not seem as though they are as likely to admit to doing it. People with children are also very likely to forget stuff.

1 The Maids Want Customers To Get Rid Of Disposable Medical Equipment


According to businessinsider.com, it is not uncommon for hotel staff member to come across medical equipment that gets left behind. The hotel maids wish people would properly dispose of these things themselves before they leave the room. One item that gets left sometimes is needles, which can be very dangerous.

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