What to cheap out on and what to splurge on? Come vacation time most young couples aren’t even thinking about cheapening out on anything. Instead it’s all about the splurge lifestyle, whether it be at an all inclusive vacation or on a sightseeing-type of trip. However the more experienced traveling couples get, the more splurges tend to diminish. All of a sudden traveling couples start to get a little wiser in terms of the things that are worth spending top dollar and those that just aren’t.

This article is meant for both inexperienced and experienced traveling couples. These tips can make all the difference. In truth as you’ll see, cheapening out on some things can lead to a greater good which can be splurged on in other areas. In terms of cheaper options we discuss topics such as connecting flights and transportation. We’ll discuss how the cheaper option might be better due to a variety of reasons. We’ll also discuss vacation things that are worth the splurge no matter what the price. Among the topics in the discussion includes quality vacation items, hotels and everything in between. These are 20 travel hacks every couple needs to keep in mind!

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here 10 things couples should cheap out on while traveling and 10 things worth splurging. Let’s get started!

20 Cheap – Transportation

This can be the quiet killer when it comes to spending on a trip. For that reason traveling couples need to be wise especially if they plan on taking a sightseeing-type of trip. Transportation can become quite expensive if not done properly. Traveling couples can easily pay $20 dollars for a ride that’s the equivalent of a dollar with a bus! Yes, we have seen examples of that in the past.

Taxis tend to overcharge with no set price while buses or even subways include a stable price point while getting you to the destination in the same amount of time. If a traveling couple desires a cab for a restaurant on a certain night, that’s okay to splurge on. However it should not be a common occurrence, it can make all the difference in terms of money spent. Renting a car can also be a cheaper option in some instances.

19 Splurge – Clothes

With all the money you’ll save on transportation it’ll leave room for more purchases to be made. Couples need to be wise when buying items. Travelers need to think: 'what can I buy here that I can’t back at home?' One of those options might be clothes. Certain brands only exist in certain parts of the world, and for that reason it can be a worthwhile purchase. Some countries also have cheaper price points making it that much more worth it to splurge.

At the same time traveling couples are encouraged to bring some fine clothing options while on vacation. This will enhance an experience as a traveling couple enjoys a night of fine dining in their top outfits.

18 Cheap – Connecting Flights

Lots of travelling couples despise the term “connecting flight”. Instantly the mind thinks of delays leading to an extended traveling time. However this doesn’t have to be a con if done properly. In fact, it can be one of the smartest parts of a trip. Not only might a couple save some money by booking a connecting flight but it’ll also give them some time in another area.

With all the money a couple may save it can lead to an extra sight-seeing opportunity in the layover destination. This can be a cheap option that’s truly worthwhile. Maybe connecting flights are worth splurging (or not splurging) on!

17 Splurge – Booking Seats In Advance

Saving money on a cheaper flight can also lead to more benefits. One of them can be booking your seats in advance. This might be an extra fee but one that’s worth it and ensures a traveling couple sitting together. There is nothing worse than starting off a trip with a couple sitting on different ends of a plane.

If a traveling couple books a connecting flight, having their seats reserved in advance will put the travelers at ease - this without having to think about being seated next to a random traveler during a lengthy flight. Get information in advance as to how to reserve seats - it is certainly worth splurging on.

16 Cheap – Tour Bus/Tour Guide

This can be another expensive part of a trip. A couple wants to ensure they see everything. With that mind-set they book a tour bus or guide. This can lead to a lackluster experience and a pricey one as well. Who wants to spend hours at a location they have no interest in? This might be worth the splurge at a specific traveling monument or hotspot.

However, an entire tour bus or guide can give out mixed results with a hefty price tag. It might be best to opt for a cheaper experience while getting a tour of the sights a couple really wants to see without wasting time on the other stuff you might be forced into with a tour group or bus.

15 Splurge - Create an Itinerary

As we discussed, a tour group or bus can be a pricey option and one that a couple might lose interest in. Instead, this can be a far greater option as a couple creates their very own itinerary. This can allow a traveling couple to splurge on the spots they really want to see while avoiding the ones they don’t. It can also lead to cheaper transportation costs unlike tour groups or tour buses.

And hey, the creation of an itinerary can be one of the most exciting parts prior to a trip even getting started - this as opposed to entering a tour group blindly.

14 Cheap - Extra Roaming Data

Oh, how things have changed. Today travelers can purchase unlimited roaming data during a trip or at a hotel location. When it comes to a couple's trip, this kind of defeats the closeness part of the trip. Instead of being glued to a cell phone with unlimited roaming, a traveling couple can profit by spending more time together. Also, let’s be real, so many Wi-Fi areas exist.

The hotel a couple stays at likely has Wi-Fi. Even if they don’t, making a short trip to a Wi-Fi friendly location is a cheaper alternative with no added expense. Unless a couple really needs roaming it might be best to avoid it and splurge on other things.

13 Splurge – Room Service

Instead of paying extra for hotel roaming and being glued to a cell phone, laptop or tablet, a couple can instead opt to indulge in room service with the money saved. After a lengthy day of sightseeing, does it get any better than being pampered by the hotel staff in the comfort of your own room?

A traveling couple can indulge, whether it be on some fine room service wine or even a nice meal. Again this can enhance a couple’s connection making for a trip travelers will never forget. A pretty good trade-off compared to some extra Wi-Fi time!

12 Cheap – Money Exchange

This one requires a little more awareness before a trip starts. Some traveling couples opt to change their money at an airport or even in the foreign location hotel. This should be discouraged as the exchange rate is usually flawed. Instead, a traveling couple needs to maximize the return rate by seeking the cheapest rates. This can be found at a local exchange branch or even whichever bank a traveler is a part of.

Traveling couples should exchange their money before the trip starts instead of leaving it to the lackluster airport or hotel rates.

11 Splurge – Travel Agent

With the money saved from a better exchange rate a traveling couple can then splurge on a travel agent. This can be a great pre-vacation part to splurge on. Travel agents are usually able to get the most accommodating flights along with top tier hotels in the local hot spots.

Couples might be better off splurging on such information instead of paying top dollar for a hotel that’s completely out of the tourist attraction areas. Travel Agents can ensure a top tier trip while visiting the must-see destinations.

10 Cheap - Airport Or Airline Food

This can be one of the exciting parts of a trip. A traveling couple arrives to the airport early and splurges on breakfast. The only problem, a couple gets an egg with a couple of pieces of toast only to see a shocking bill. This tends to be a problem with airports as the costs tend to be overblown. Instead, why not indulge at a local breakfast spot before hitting the airport?

It would also be worthwhile doing the same on a plane. When meals aren’t included, price points tend to be elevated. Instead, a traveling couple can easily pack a snack or pick something up at a boutique just before. Going cheap at the airport and on an airplane can lead to a greater and splurge-worthy lunch or dinner once a couple arrives to their destination.

9 Splurge - Luggage

This applies to the occasional traveling couple as well. Splurging on top tier luggage is definitely something to consider before a trip begins. Luggage can last for several years and that’s especially true for some of the top tier luxury luggage available.

It can be a wise investment and one a traveling couple doesn’t need to keep making year after year. Buying a cheap piece of luggage can prove to be costly due to the poor materials being used. This causes a traveler to overturn their luggage on the regular. Traveling couples won’t face this problem by splurging on quality.

8 Cheap - Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast and lunch might be meals worth the lowered cost. In truth, when a traveling couple is on a sightseeing trip they don’t want to waste hours pounding down breakfast. Overdoing it during the first meal of the day can also lead to lots of fatigue. The last thing a traveling couple wants to have is that sluggish feeling throughout the day because of those massive pancakes.

The same can apply for lunch. This type of meal can be a momentum killer for tourists looking to sightsee as much as possible. Instead, it might be better to go cheaper and perhaps pre-make a quick lunch when starting the day. Not only is it a time saving move but it can allow a couple to splurge later in the day!

7 Splurge – Dinner

Going for cheaper breakfast and lunch options can not only be time-effective but cost-effective as well. Saving some bucks on those meals can lead to greater splurging later on in the night come dinner time. It’ll make the experience that much more worthwhile and prestigious. A traveling couple won’t get the same type of feeling eating out at expensive restaurants throughout every meal of the day.

Splurging on this part of the vacation can lead to memorable dinners in some of the finest vacation restaurants. When overseas, this is definitely something worth splurging on.

6 Cheap - Hotel Mini-Bar

This tends to be one of the most ridiculous hotel accommodations. Hotels stack the mini-bar with common items such as water and peanuts. The only problem? They aren’t free and in some instances, they are triple the price. Really, $5 for a bottle of water? No thanks. There is splurging and then there is nonsense. The mini-bar is usually nonsense.

Instead just a short walk across the street might lead to a grocery store. A traveling couple can buy the exact same mini-bar items at half the price. The same can be said for the mini-alcoholic beverages. The mini-bar definitely isn’t worth the splurge and should be avoided.

5 Splurge – Quality Camera

A couple’s vacation is all about those priceless memories. For that reason alone, capturing those moments on a quality camera or device can definitely be something worthy of the splurge. Yes, phones are great but a traveler can easily lose the phone or lose the memory on the phone.

Cameras ensure the memory being saved while improving on the quality as well. Travelers can also get a kick out of selfie sticks or devices meant to record and capture underwater moments. This is something definitely worth the splurge whether it be on a sightseeing trip or vacation resort.

4 Cheap – Night Activities

Dining at expensive restaurants can be worth the splurge due to the fine dining experience you just can’t appreciate anywhere. However, once that meal is done a couple looks for the next activity. This is usually a bar or club setting.

This might not be worth the splurge just due to the ridiculous prices that are at times attached. Popular bars and restaurants use ridiculous price points, not to mention the places are usually packed. A couple can opt for a quieter location that can be half the price as well. Some couples might also be better off indulging at a hotel bar. During all-inclusive trips the hotel bar is completely free, unlike paying top dollar at some club or bar off the resort.

3 Splurge – Day-Time Activities

It might be best to cheap out when it comes to night-time activities, however day-time activities are definitely worth the splurge. These are the moments that can make or break a trip. Going cheap on a day-time activity can seriously hurt the overall experience of a trip. If you cheap out, it is likely that a couple will get a cheaper experience.

Splurging can ensure an activity a traveling couple might never forget. These types of moments are definitely worth it no matter what they might be. All the money a couple can save at night can make the day-time activities that much better and more memorable. With so much more to choose from, day-time activities are worth the splurge.

2 Cheap - Souvenirs

Now we aren’t suggesting buying cheap souvenirs. Instead it might be a better idea for traveling couples to bargain or at least shop around a little bit before purchasing a souvenir item. A couple can buy the same item at various souvenir shops; don’t just settle for the first one available. Lots of different price points exist.

When taking a trip to a destination such as Cancun, it is also key not to opt for the first price. Those selling the items aren’t opposed to dropping down the price. Make it a point to get the cheapest price possible for souvenirs.

1 Splurge – Hotel

A hotel can make all the difference and that’s especially true for couples. It doesn’t get worse than a vacation being ruined due to an obnoxious hotel staff or even travelers at the hotel. Paying a little extra for a quality hotel can ensure top quality and make all the difference. Some hotels also make it a point to include 21 and older policies for a more mature audience.

Splurging on a hotel can also lead to a greater experience due to location and amenities. Having everything just a few steps away can create a better experience as opposed to paying 20 bucks for a cab every time a couple wants to enter the downtown area.