10 Things All Traveling Couples Do Wrong On Vacation (10 Ways To Avoid Them)

The difference between a good trip and a great one can be so simple. In this article we identify 10 problem areas and how easy it is for a couple to avoid these wrong patterns. Common mistakes consist of changing too much money, booking cheap airfare and opting for expensive transportation. Among other vacation mistakes we’ll also discuss other problem areas such as letting the rain (or the weather in general) dictate one’s mood, along with various other problem areas you might not have realized.

For the most part preparation can make all the difference. Yes, it is great to visit a location completely blindsided by its beauty but that can also lead to being naive and making questionable decisions. A traveler can easily avoid problems by asking around and reading user reviews even before a couple’s trip gets started. We’re all about finding solutions here at The Travel and we hope these travel hacks enhance your next couple’s trip.

Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveler or even traveling companion. Some of these tips can make all the difference. Without further ado here are 10 things all traveling couples do wrong on vacation and 10 ways to avoid them. Let’s get started with a common mistake!

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20 Wrong - Putting All Your Belongings Together In One Suitcase

This might seem like a smart option for traveling couples. You don’t want to over-pack or bring too many suitcases so instead you compensate by putting everything altogether. This is a classic mistake and one you need to avoid. In the event that a bag is lost the last thing you want is both travelers losing everything they own.

Instead it might be wise to bring separate suitcases of a smaller size while mixing in items from both suitcases. This can ensure that in the event you lose a bag you’ll have another one with some items at the very least.

19 Ways To Avoid – Bring A Carry-On


Along with bringing an extra suitcase you can also opt to bring a carry-on instead. Along with a suitcase a traveler can bring a carry-on with essentials from both travelers. In the event you lose a luggage at least you’ll have a bathing suit and a couple of clothing options nonetheless.

It might seem like a nag to carry around a bag however this can make all the difference in the event that a bag is lost or stolen. Especially for a trip that is short in length, make this a priority.

18 Wrong - Agree To Things Without Asking For The Price


Whether it be a language barrier or just the excitement of it all, traveling couples have a tendency to accept certain things without really asking for the details. South Beach is a classic traveling destination that features such a problem. Numerous restaurants lure travelers in and offer a stunning beverage. You accept the drink without knowing the high cost attached to it.

Take a step back and beware of what you say 'yes' to. If you’re headed to a different country with another language be sure to at least know the very basics. It’ll save travelers the hassle of dealing with predicaments they want no part of.

17 Ways To Avoid – Get Informed Before


Yes, it can be that easy. Heading into South Beach all you’ll have to do is ask the pushy waiter or waitress before agreeing, "how much for the drink?" That alone is enough to let you decide properly. A cab is another area couples tend to lose out on. Travelers at times accept the taxi ride without asking for a price. You then get dropped off only to pay double than you did before heading there and traveling the same distance.

Again get informed before whether it be at the front desk or even before the taxi ride starts. If the price isn’t to a traveler's liking, wait for another cab.

16 Wrong - Keeping a Low Profile


This tends to happen with some couples particularly during resort-types of trips. You keep a low profile and don’t want to be bothered. Although that’s understandable it is the wrong thing to do especially with the staff. Being friendly and displaying a bubbly type of personality can go a very long way. Before you know it this can result in a room upgrade or even some free gifts, like a bottle of champagne.

Keeping to yourself adversely can cause the staff to forget about you. How many times have you been told that you’ll be changing rooms only for your stuff to be in the same room hours later? That tends to happen when you fly under the radar.

15 Ways To Avoid - Show Personality

If the resort staff knows a traveler by name or even face that is definitely a good thing. That isn’t only with the front desk; being generous can cause tremendous service at restaurants and buffets. It can also result in the barkeep making it a priority to please you. The same goes for the resort animators that will make your stay a memorable one based off of your attitude alone.

Showing personality can alter a couple’s trip in almost every single category of the resort. Even by giving a little tip it can make all the difference as well. Travelers needs be seen and in good spirits, make this a priority the next time.

14 Wrong - Don’t Reserve Airplane Seats


Booking without a travel agent, traveling couples might neglect certain things, one of them being reserving seats on the plane. This can be one of the biggest nightmares and a common mistake for traveling couples. The best part of a trip is creating that connection but without even knowing you’re sitting all the way in the back next to the bathroom while your partner is located on the other end of the plane.

Such a start to a trip can just let out bad vibes while getting things started on wrong foot. Again this is a common traveling mistake and one that can easily be altered.

13 Ways To Avoid - Reserve Ahead Of Time


Oh yes, you can simply book ahead of time without having to worry about being seated together. You can do so just before the trip or while booking the ticket months in advance, though you might have to pay a little extra depending on the flight company.

It is also crucial that a traveling couple keeps a cool head when dealing with an airline representative. You just never know and a positive attitude can result in a first class upgrade. You’ll go from sitting alone to right next to a loved one with first class accommodations. Not a bad trade-off!

12 Wrong - Letting The Weather Get You Down


For so many traveling couples this can make or break a trip. Especially when a couple books a resort destination, what tends to be of the utmost importance is the weather. Yes this is a key part to a trip but don’t let it be the be all, end all. As you’ll see in the 'ways to avoid' part, planning ahead of time can make all the difference when you get caught in the rain.

It is important to remember that you are on vacation no matter what surprises the weather might have. It truly isn’t worth ruining a trip and the mood for something a traveler cannot control.

11 Ways To Avoid - Plan Activities Beforehand


This can be a nightmare for traveling couples. You book the trip months in advance and the week prior, rain is on the forecast every single day. Instead of desperately trying to get out of the trip make it a priority to create a fun itinerary list for the trip.

When it rains keeping active is what counts the most. So perhaps you can book a massage one day, eat off the resort the next and enjoy some time shopping on the third day. Keeping that excitement level is a pivotal factor when it rains. The last thing a travelling couple wants to be doing is lounging around waiting for the sun.

10 Wrong - Booking The Cheapest Flights


Saving money tends to be a priority for lots of traveling couples. However this can become problematic especially when looking for flights. The cheapest flights usually aren’t the most reliable when it comes to the airline company or timing of the flight.

A connecting flight can also seem to be appealing but the hassle of connecting to another flight can be detrimental. We’ve seen numerous examples of couples not only missing a connecting flight but losing their bags as well in the process. Booking cheap flights can turn into a nightmare both timing-wise and in terms of the company you choose to fly with.

9 Ways To Avoid – Look Around


The difference between a good trip and great trip can take place even before arriving to a destination. The decisions a couple makes prior to a trip make all the difference and that’s especially true with the flights you decide to book. Although price point is important quality and convenience should not be understated. A traveling couple should take their time to look around and a book a flight that seems right.

Also, travelers should be knowledgeable of user reviews and select a flight that features a positive customer experience and not a forgettable one. A perfect flight can set the mood for the entire trip.

8 Wrong - Shop For Groceries At The Local Hot Spots


Whether it be a hotel setting or an Airbnb rental, it is only normal that a couple decides to book in the middle of a vacation hot spot. Nobody wants a hotel or condo complex away from the action. If a traveling couple enjoys buying their own food they must be wise about where they make the purchase.

Although an establishment across the street might seem like the easiest option it might not be the best one. Consumers tend to be well aware of tourism and that causes an increase to the prices of most of the goods. You can likely buy the same products back home for half the price. However due to the convenience factor most traveling couples don’t make much of it.

7 Ways To Avoid - Go Off The Map

via:Culture Trip

Hitching a ride a little further can make all the difference. This can result in the same items being purchased for half the price. Do your homework beforehand and have an idea of how much some of your favorite snacks go for. If a location nearby seems to have inflated price points make it a purpose to go a little further.

In all likelihood going somewhere a little further can result in half the bill along with double the quantity. If a traveling couple tends to eat in on most nights this needs to be a priority.

6 Wrong – Changing Too Much Money Beforehand


This tends to happen more often than not. You don’t want to bring any electronic cards so instead you compensate by changing way too much money. Yes it is better to be safe than sorry, however making such a transaction will only see you lose money later.

Due to the exchange rate when you change the money back, depending on the value of the dollar, you might end up losing out. It is also important that travelers seek the best exchange rate; don’t settle for a hotel or airport exchange. Visit a local branch days before. It can result in more spending money.

5 Ways To Avoid - Bring A Credit Card


Changing too much money isn’t a great idea due to the constantly-changing conversion rates. So instead it might be best to bring that credit card while changing a modest amount. In the event that you spend all the money at the very least you’ll have a card at your disposal to change money at any point.

Once again make sure to visit an exchange place beforehand and monitor the trends. When the conversion rate is best, exchange the money but don’t go too crazy in the event that you’ll have to re-exchange the money.

4 Wrong - Dinning At Popular Restaurants


The same case can be made for which restaurants a couple chooses to eat at. Just because a restaurant is the most popular doesn’t mean it is the best. In most cases the popular restaurants tend to have the highest price points due to the inflated amount of tourists. That can cause a decrease in the quality of the food. That is something a traveling couple wants to avoid.

Again eating at a hot spot seems like the easy thing to do but in some cases it just really isn’t worth it with a better option just a couple of minutes down the road at times.

3 Ways To Avoid - Get Informed On Quality Restaurants


Getting informed can make all the difference. In this day and age it can be so easy with the advances in technology. Make a quick search and you’ll find that some of the best restaurants are a little further with a greater price point and much better quality. If you’re traveling in a city a couple can also ask for some advice at the reception or even a common citizen on the street.

However the best way would be to get informed online by reading customer reviews. This is another way that can enhance a couple’s trip both by saving some money and opting for an even better dining experience.

2 Wrong - Taxi Transportation


Traveling couples look for the easy way out at times. You arrive to the destination and after some long travel time all you want to do is hit the hotel as fast as possible. This might lead to a couple hitching a taxi ride. However little do they know that a bus transportation to the hotel is free of charge and the same amount of time.

Resort trips usually have this included, however a taxi cab is not. Cabs can also tend to overcharge without a flat fee price. You’ll over-spend way too much opting for a cab. Thankfully there are lots of cheaper alternatives out there.

1 Ways To Avoid – Do The Research

via:Everything Playa Del Carmen

Just by simply doing the research a 20 dollar cab ride can turn into a 2 dollar bus ride. That can be the case in destinations such as Cancun, Mexico. Cabs tend to overcharge for a 10 minute car ride. However you can easily spend two bucks on a bus ride that can be even faster due to the buses having their very own lane.

It is important that traveling couples get informed beforehand on the best transportation measures available. These days getting from point A to point B can be dirt cheap. You just need to be aware and do the research before.

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